Ghulaam 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Shivani helping out his uncle with his physiotherapy Session. One of her aunt’s friends informs Shivani’s aunty that a guy from Delhi whose name is Veer Pratap Chowdhary Wants to marry Shivani. She also informs her that She must have already met the guy in Delhi . Shivani’s aunt recalls the guy whom she offered food. Shivan’s aunt informs her husband and Shivani about the marriage proposal.

Rangeela bribes a pandit to prepare a fake kundali that matches with Shivani ..Pandit unknowingly prepares a Kundali which coincidentally matches with Rangeels’s real date of birth.

Shivani’s family meets Rangeela’s fake family in a temple. Rangeela’s fake family announces that they would be travelling back to Burma in two days and so they want this marriage to happen within two days. Rangeela assures Shivani’s uncle not to worry about the marriage preparations as he would take care of it.

Rangeela and Shivani spends some time with the parrot Bhole. Shivani asks Rangeela Why he wants to marry her to which he replies that it’s his God’s order and he is a slave of his God.

Marriage takes place in the temple where Shivani vows to be with her husband forever while Rangeela vows to take her to Veer as soon as possible .

Rangeela registers his marriage with Shivani faking as Veer with Veer’s fake signature.

Scene shifts to Rangeela driving a car and Shivani sitting beside him and crying. Rangeela gets angry on her as she has been crying throughout the journey of 150 km. An irritated Rangeela stops the car and asks Shivani that until and unless she stops crying he won’t drive ..and she is not allowed to cry once he starts driving.

Rangeela asks Shivani to take some rest and she can sleep if she wants to but Shivani denies saying that her uncle says people should not sleep beside the driver . Shivani enquires about Rangeela’s family members but he avoids answering stating that people should not talk sitting beside the driver either as that might cause an accident.

Rangeela suddenly finds his car being surrounded by the goons. Shivani gets scared.

Precap:Shivani in Behrampur.

Update Credit to: BornAries

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  1. Thanks a lot for fast updates…try to maintain this speed…yesterday update was so late…
    Coming to episode it’s awesome…
    This pair is really making viewers crazy..
    Feeling worried for Shivani…bechari don’t even know wht happened nd wht’s going to happen we her in behrempur…

    Richu di,khushagra,naa,Sara,soha,himanshi,divu,sweetuishka..esther..nd all ghulaam fans hws u all???

    1. Sorry it’s naz not naa..

    2. Esther

      Haii Saakshii…..I’m fine 😀 …howz U…

      1. I m fine dear…u can call me saku…everyone on IB page call me saku only..?

    3. Sweetuishkara

      hi m fine dear iam fine

  2. Antara

    hai friends 2days episode is Nice OMG NOW WAT WILL HAPPEN ? she reached hell can’t see this tortures feeling so sad ghulaam ji help shivani she blindly trusted u she is alone i think somewhere rangeela likes her slowly slowly he will understand

  3. This serial is too good and every epi is running like a bullet train no extra scenes just perfect epi loved it 4 days and already story is soo ahead rangeela and shivani both got married but now prob will start when she will come to know the truth..

  4. interesting ghulam

  5. nice epi and thank u for the fast update….like i said befor the show has a nice concept and the cast is doing a good job but i think is moving to fast…i mean the marriage was made to fast, thats my opinion…
    hellooo everyone…nice to meet you all…

    1. Richu

      Karuuuuuuuuu!!new u would surely comment here…….hru?
      N wat about nisha richa liya suru nd all?

    2. Richu

      Karuuu!! How r u? Missed ya

  6. Ohhhh my god,poor shivani what will she do after knowing rangeela’s truth that he married her to become veer’s bride.


    Poor shivi feel in trap of our handsome devil .really engaging show lets see how things change for RanSh

  8. Can you please write the full conversation between shivani and rangeela because i don’t understand hindi and im watching the episode without subtitles ….i will be very grateful if u started to write the exact conversation between the characters in the serial ❤️??

  9. Himanshi shrivastava

    Heyyy guys!! Hi I’m fine sakshi. I’m just worried about shivani. Ohh God plz help them. Pls do something for both RANGEELA and SHIVANI’S marriage. ??? dieing to see them falling in love?????????✌

  10. Himanshi shrivastava

    Heyyy guys! Hello everyone
    Hi sakshi hi karu di. I’m fine. Good to see u here.????.I miss dhruv bhai aaliya mayuri Liya richu sanyu and ofcourse our princess! !!???
    I too believe that show is moving fast. But pls anyhow save RANGEELA and SHIVANI’S marriage. They r doing great.? poor shivani she even don’t know what will be going to happen!?

    1. Richu

      Hey himanshiiii gud to see u here…….How r u?

    2. Hi dear!!!..dont call me me saku ?

  11. Himanshi shrivastava

    Nice name randh.
    Great kushagra?

  12. Himanshi shrivastava

    I mean ransh?

  13. SidMin

    Just awesome the story is going on so well and My Param is just too good …… ????

  14. Its story is slightly matching to movie koyla of shahrukh Khan and madhuri dixit

  15. Like movie koyala

  16. Esther

    Oh God everything happened so soon…….I’m excited…I found this show exciting and suspense waala one after Beyhadh…great going

  17. Richu

    Hiiiii karu dear……
    Saku kushu himanshiiiii….u here? Woow how r u ?

    1. I m fine richu di…hws u??..
      Nd congratulations after all u got some people from ur SH family soon u will get all the SH members?

      1. Richu

        Hey dr thanks. …soooo sweet of u

  18. Richuuuuuuuuu my crazy girl 🙂 im sooooo happy to see u here…i ve missed u……i dont know what happend to all our friends from SH page…i miss them…hope they ll find this page too…im fine dear…and h r u ?

    Himanshi sweety so glad to see u…h r u dear ?

    Hello everyone…nice to meet u all 🙂

    1. Hii di…hws u???..btw I m saku…frndz from today??

      1. hey dear saku 🙂 nice to meet u…and of course we are friends from today 🙂

      2. hey dear saku 🙂 nice to meet u…and of course we are friends from today…im fine dear and h r u ?

  19. Richu

    Hope for the best….
    Nisha richa sheena mayuu shivu richu dhruv bhai sanyu aalu shreyu aishu aparna ayeesha rakshi mukti aastha liya suru bk kushagra sid princy miley rochelle dia devga n many more find us soon

    1. yes dear i alsp hope our friends will find us soon….im so happy i found you and himanshi….and also kushagra 🙂 h r u dear ? i know we havent talked a lot but i hope u still remember me 🙂

      A big hi to all of u gulam fans here 🙂

  20. Karina

    Hey guys i ve also made an account here…so yeah 🙂 hello again 🙂

    1. Hi kAru

      1. Karina

        hey dhruvv…good to see u..

  21. hi director sir , i watched SADDA HAQ IN THAT SERIAL RANDHIR SINGH ACTEING WAS SUPER AND MAKE UP ALSO nice here rangeela here he is a cheater i think so first and then he will become very nice guy . i think so bcz he is orphan here
    plz director sir the story is completely diffence sadda haq and gulaam .. ego , and angery young randhir changed in to caring, loving person ,, just like that this rangeela also becomes helping ,no cheating ,, loyal to evry person plz prove him as a good person bcz i love
    randhir acting ….here his make up is so rough stiff face .. take little care about make up also he sees to be too elder than shivani she looks too young…….sadda haq serial actress actors pairs ,, proffesers all are 100% perfect . clean. that is every one tea cup .. just like that ,, this serial should scripted that is my wish .

    1. this serial is different and you should respect that .moreover why always a lighthearted fairytale story of good boy and good girl let it be different as harsh story of love in real life .why always love story’s of hero’s . can’t love happen in Villain’s life also .

  22. Angelk1

    So rangela marries shivani undder veer name. So when veer takes a liking to her, he will tell her shes his property an rangeela is his slave. She will probably challenge him saying my husband will only be rangeela a.k.a veer.

    I hope rangeela saves her from veer torcher. Because shivani so innocent. I think the girl from eps one will help her an they will become good friends.

  23. Hello friends ………….
    So confusing age kya hoga no idea
    Plz God shivani ki raksha krna

  24. Himanshi shrivastava

    Heyy Everyone sorry I was alil busy but I missed u guys.
    Hi richu di dhruv bhai karu di I’m fine and better after talking to u guys ????
    I’m excited for this show.

    1. Karina

      hiii dear…h r u ? im also waiting for the next epi…

  25. Richu

    Karu dear I nvr missed u coz u all were always in my thoughts
    Saku dear I know u were not in the Sadda haq family but u r a rightful mmbr to ghulaam family dear…
    Dhruv Bhai hiii yaar….u commented now after telling u soo many times
    Himanshi dear hru?
    And all ghulaam commenters(family mmbr)how r u??

    1. Karina

      Thats so sweet of u dear…nice to know you remembered us 🙂

      Hello to everyone…i hope u all have a great day 🙂

    2. Hiii di!!!….i m fine…hws u??…waiting for nxt episode eagerly….
      Nd I m so happy Dar I got a di like u???
      Luv u….
      Soon we all will become more friendly…

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