Ishqbaaz 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sharda slips in coma

Ishqbaaz 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rimi compliments Shivaansh’s family. He says your family will find a joke in any question, they are good at creating one liners, quotes and shayari. Shivaansh jokes on Dhruv’s shayari. Rimi says all your fans want to know this. He says sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. The girl sees Sharda and hits her with the car. Sharda falls down and gets hurt. She gets up to leave. The girl takes the car reverse and hits her again. Sharda falls far. The girl goes to take her bag. Sharda sees her. The girl checks her purse. Her mask falls down. Sharda sees her face and says you….. The girl hits on her face.

Rimi says my question is very simple, its wedding season, the lover boy of Bollywood, the grand ambassador of love, why didn’t you get married, what’s the reason. He thinks of doctor’s words. He thinks I can’t fall in love, I m not destined to love and marry. He says I m waiting for this interview to end. Rimi asks are you hiding something. They say he is just shy. Nani says I will answer you, he hasn’t got married as he didn’t find any perfect girl, she should be exactly like him, she should be stunning. Dadi says she should be beautiful and cultured. Nani says she should be a superstar too, superstars aren’t limited to films, one should be the best, no matter which field, she should have swag and personality. Dadi says we are tired praying that he finds a perfect girl for him. A girl is seen…. Chali re….plays…..

Nani says when she smiles, sun will shine bright. The girl dances in rain. Dadi says the world will standstill when she stops. Nani says when she would walk, the time will start moving, she will be very disciplined, she will be taking care of Shivaansh’s eating, she will be perfect. The girl takes her food. Nani says Shivaansh will meet her and he will become the biggest Ishqbaaz. They laugh. Shivaansh says Nani should be my dialogue writer, this didn’t happen even in my films, if this happens… Dhruv asks will you propose her. Shivaansh says no, I will run away. Nani says your life will change when this happens. Rimi asks how can you say this being so sure. Dadi says we are sure that our prayers will be answered. Rimi thanks Shivaansh and says this episode will break all TRP records. She leaves. Sharda comes home in injured state and shouts to Shivaansh. They get shocked. Dhruv calls doctor. Sharda says there is someone….

Shivaansh asks what. Sharda faints. Nani prays for Sharda. She asks how is Sharda now. Shivaansh says she has slipped in coma. Dhruv asks when will she get fine. Shivaansh says don’t know, she wanted to tell us something. Nani says I wanted to tell you something, I think someone is there in our house. He asks you mean intruder. Nani says yes, I saw someone during Shivani’s engagement. Khanna says I don’t know. Shivaansh asks why didn’t you tell me. Nani says they thought I m mistaken, Aditi is also finding someone, she knows it. He says she didn’t tell me, I will tighten the security of the house, we will find the intruder. Dhruv says Shivaansh will set everything fine, come.

Aditi comes and says I checked the staff list, I think… He throws the list and asks what are you doing here. She says your protection. He tells her what all happened. He asks what are you doing, this would have not happened if you were doing your job, this would be a case for you, for me, its my life. She says calm down, I think its all connected. He says I don’t care, the problem is you and your carelessness. She says I don’t care what you think about me, I m here to fulfill my duty. He says don’t come into my sight. He goes. She says the problem is already there in this house, I swear I will find out, Sharda wanted to tell something before going in coma, I have to go to hospital so that I can take her statement when she gets conscious. Shivaansh comes to Nani and cheers her. She says you are like Shivaye, you don’t shatter on seeing problems, its good Kalyani has gone to ashram, she gets worried too soon. He says I will set everything right. She says I know, there is a wedding in the house, how can we think of functions, what if the intruder does something. He says don’t worry, you get busy with preparations of wedding, call pandit and ask him to do a puja. She says yes, we shall keep a puja and fix Angad and Shivani’s wedding date. He says yes, you need to have food first, I will be feeding you. Shivani, Radhika and Dhruv join. Shivaansh jokes on Shivani. Nani hugs Shivani. They all laugh.

Its morning, Nani checks arrangements. Pandit comes. Nani says you have to find Angad and Shivani’s marriage date, but you have to do something imp. Shivaansh asks about Sharda’s state. He asks did you find Aasya, just fine her some how. Nani gives Shivaansh’s kundli. She says he never shows his kundli to anyone. Dhruv asks how did you get this. Radhika says he locks it in safe always. Nani says I have stolen kundli, I had to show it to pandit. Dhruv says I m so proud of you. She says don’t tell this to him. Dhruv says don’t worry. Nani asks what about Khanna. Shivaansh calls Khanna. Shivani asks Khanna to stop. She says don’t tell him anything about kundli. Shivaansh asks where were you. Khanna says pandit has come. Shivaansh says he would have come to get Angad and Shivani’s marriage date. Khanna says and your Kundli. Shivaansh asks what. Khanna says Nani has shown your kundli to pandit. Shivaansh rushes. Pandit asks is this Shivaansh’s kundli. Nani says yes, what’s written in it, tell me. Shivaansh thinks if pandit tells them that I m going to die soon, my family won’t bear this shock. He takes kundli and asks Nani what is she doing. Nani asks so what. Pandit says you can get saved from harm by showing kundli. He takes kundli and checks it again.

Shivaansh says agency is sending someone else as a replacement for Sharda. Nani says even that new lady is also missing. Avi says that lady should have reached here by now. Shivaansh says Aasya….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh god finally chhutki is here don’t want her. Bohot jldi donor bhi mil jyega, heart transplant bhi ho jayega aur phir gul shuru kregi sso ki dhinchak ishqbaazi???????meri aditi ne kya glt kr dia. Donkr jb mannat se pyaar krta tha toh mtlb uske dil ki wajah se jo sso ke paas hai woh mannat se? krega.

    Mtlb bilkul clear hai ki SSO ko nhi pyaar hoga uske dil ko pyaar hoga jo donor se mila hai.

    EK BAAT BDI ACHI LGI JB PN NE KAHA KI SSO EK SUPERSTAR HAI AUR USSE SUPERSTAR HI CHAIYE PHIR CHAHA KISI BHI FIELD MEIN HO SUPERSTAR TOH SUPERSTAR HI HOTA HAI??????thoda relief mila ki shyad iska mtlb aditi se kuch✌✌✌✌✌???sch hai toh I’m happy?????????
    Aditi ko toh maine start se hi accept kr lia tha then why. Yeh sb shivika ke fans ki glti hai aur bolo ab ho gya naaa..
    Why sso is behaving like this thodi toh respect kr le acp hai suspended hai toh kta tune hi toh fake charges pr krvaya hai. Pd toh theek hai magar uss bechari ka kya jaise sso ki kuch responsibilities hai duty hai family ko protect krna waise acp ki bhi hai. Usko kya pta aur tujhko kya pta kis ne kia hai. Aise moment dikhane hai toh mt dikhao ?????
    Pta tha kuch toh hoga sharda ke sath itni jldi kyun krenge reveal.

    PRECAP: New Lady jaise ki pn ne kaha gayab ho gyi mtlb agar red girl actual mein girl hai(coz we dont know shyad boy bhi ho skta hai jaisi chaal hai hath thode thode notice kiye maine) toh shyad woh aaye sharda ke liye treatment ke excuse se taki safe ki keys chura kr papers le jye.
    Yaa phir shyad unfortunately mannat????aa gyi ho NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
    Dont change aditi -ve at least. U can show sso in 2 minds as ki who’s right for her
    ADITI??? yaa MANNAT???

    woh bohot acha lgega like kbhi aditi kbhi mannat ??

    1. RV
      Ur comments like
      Ek baar khush ho rhi doisri bar ro rhi

      Or PN k prediction mannat k liye tha not aditi
      Gul shyed confused h kis ko lead bnnayi…

      Mein bi confused ho dib ko lekr

    2. Kaun khush ho rha hai I’m trying to come in terms of reality. Kyy bhi maine sirf parth le loye dekha and niti ko bhi issi wajah se accept kiya tha but yaha koshish kr rhi hoo.
      PN ka statement kh rha hai superstar is superstar no matter which field mtlb ho skta aditi bhi ho coz she is also a top cop.
      Kisi ke liye bhi ho hume expectations nhi chodni chaiye. Mannat ka field toh abhi pta bhi nhi hai.

  2. Great!!!!! hogaya shivaadi??????? great job Gul great job

    1. RV
      Then oke…u ll gonna watch…. keep it up………..

      Har field se superstar
      Aditi bi h
      Or mannat bi h
      Who gonna love…
      Niti is small gal lggti h…..
      Or aditi fit
      Don’t know kya karo….

  3. I’m loosing interest already. Fl change will be the last nail in the coffin. Then good bye dib☹️

  4. Dear friends I am surprised that u r still watching it?? How easily u forgot our beloved surbhi??? Already quieted a long ago. Even so much happen with surbhi u accept manjiri. I can understand. But do u realize that ghatia aurat isse bhi replace kaar dia…but still u will watch this ghatiapan. No respect for woman. Just use them n throw them like they r just a tissue paper. I know still u will watch it but please if possible don’t watch because in this show no woman is respected ever. 1st vrushika, nehi, surbhi n now manjiri…Please don’t watch it on tv or hotstar n give them trp. They should know that woman r not a toy to be used.

    1. No one has forgotten Surbhi here…. All still love her as Annika…. If we can accept Gauri instead of Ishana, Bhavya instead of Soumya, why not these Aditi or Mannat?? At least Annika was Shivaay’s pair till the end…. But Ishana and Soumya??? Vrushika has been asked to leave the show and Soumya has been changed into negative….
      I agreed with you about Gul…. She has turned the entire hatred towards Manjiri and brought Niti as Nakul’s new pair….

    2. Sneha
      Ur right

      Everyone is accepting manjiri then change lead…why she do… mujhe laagta h gul k pass aisa creative mind h jo kisi k bi success dila skti h..but now she’s change……..

      Don’t know what going on her mind…..

  5. G m guys..arish nessa.. Mein new lead ko accept nahi kr rh h..par hamari fate k hum accept kr ni hogi.. Jaise k hum leap accept ki Waise.. Warna jeena mushkil ho jayegi.. Mujhe bohot gussa a rah h.. Par gussa mood spoil kr the.. Koi kam me focus nahi ho rh h.. Hum serials entertainment k liye h dekh th k liye adjust kr ne k koshish kr rahi hu.. Kya karu..dib is my breath.. Cant live without it.. Take care

    1. Ibfan
      U mean ib m koi bi gl lead aaye aapko problem nhi h
      But nakuul replace hui h toh thb kiya karte????thb bi aap ib dekhkte???
      Fate always against our..why don’t bi ho Allah better kuch rakha ho…hope aditi lead bnna de …aisa kar do

  6. Niti Taylor entering dib yesterday…
    I’m so much irritating with this……how could i watch dib….
    Meri riesht ib se door goyi or toot gyi h
    …i feeling very very?????……niti?…
    PN k baaton se aditi nd mannat dono h..kyu ki mannat h ek ordinary ladki h.. aditi bi h…so confused
    Gul kiya chll chali h yro… aditi fans bi ib dekhr..niti k fans bi ib dekhke..dono k trp or famous count kare g fr jake main fl lead dikhye g….
    I’m sure, my prediction ll be true

  7. Some one replying my yr o…. please

  8. Good morning guys… So trp has increased.. Laptha h dib dekh kr khush hona hamari kismat mein nahi.. Sare fans k man dukhi kr di gul ne

  9. Shn khtam ho gye j
    Shivika chli gyi… Mein leap accept ki but now no more accepted it…so i decided no more ib…when fl lead finalise than why im watching this…jo I’m bk up here nd I’m want to free from tension nd force on other sources….
    Take care……
    I want to stay away from negativity…i can’t take this anymore……

  10. Arish nessa yes yr.. We can think like that..aur kya kr th..if u have insta id please share our protest.. I dont have any.. Next week we will get a clear idea.. Udas math h take care lots of love…

    1. No use…gul alwyes do what she wants nd never change her mind she do it…..
      Behns k samme binn bja k koi fyda nhi h aisa ho gye h… Meri halt….
      I’m gonna comments here nd read written update…….
      When final romance air i mean niti ll marriage with jsso i not watch… however my mind ll change then i sty
      Thanks replying

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