Ishqbaaz 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra hurts Shivaye’s heart

Ishqbaaz 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi stops Shivaye from crossing the line. She tries to open the bottle. He says give it to me, I will open it. He pulls the table and gets the bottle. He opens the bottle lid and keeps it back. He slides the table and says I have removed the cap without crossing the line, you taught us, that its fate to get pain, but bearing it is our wish, don’t bear more pain, apply the oil. Rudra comes and throws away the bottle. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Rudra says tell this man that even Amrit touched by him is poison for us. Shivaye says I m your brother. Rudra says you aren’t my brother, but my dad’s murderer. He asks Dadi to come, he will get a new bottle for her. They go. A man says there is a courier for you, please sign to receive.

Shivaye signs and asks whom is this meant for. The

man says its Tej’s insurance papers. Shivaye gets shocked and starts seeing blood. A vase breaks. Anika comes and asks what happened. He says Tej’s blood are on my hands. She says there is nothing. He goes to wash hands and sees Tej’s murder in the mirror. He breaks mirror. Anika comes and says there is nothing on your hands. He says its not coming off.

She says look, tell me. She makes him hold her face and asks is there anything on my face, there is nothing. He says there is nothing and falls back. He says just leave me alone. She leaves. Its morning, Rudra attends call. Om asks about new tender. Rudra says we will know about it in few days. Shivaye comes. Anika asks him to have breakfast. Rudra pulls the chair and sits. Bhavya says Rudra…. He asks what happened. She says nothing, have your breakfast. He asks her to serve it. Priyanka comes and greets everyone. Shivaye looks on. Anika asks him to come. Rudra asks Om when are we appealing in supreme court, I don’t want our dad’s murderer to roam free in our house and eat food for free. Anika says don’t forget Shivaye is your elder brother. Om says we can’t forget that this man killed our dad. Gauri asks what are you saying. Om asks her not to take Anika’s side. Dadi asks them to have food. Rudra says I m not hungry. Shivaye says I should have not come home. He goes.

Om asks manager to send invitations for founders day event. Manager says everything is done. He goes. Rudra says we shall personally invite Agarwals. Om says I m going to invite, who will deliver the speech. Rudra says we will deliver the speech even this year like we are doing since last five years. Om says this year, even he is here. Rudra says I won’t even let his shadow fall near Oberoi industries, if anyone sees him, we will lose the contract, make sure, he is nowhere close. Om says he still has 50% shares. Rudra says I don’t care, I will deliver the speech.

Anika comes to room and looks for Shivaye. Rudra asks Bhavya to make sure that every guest gets a return gift. Anika stops at the line and goes. Rudra says don’t know, what new drama is going on. Bhavya makes excuse of aunt and talks to Anika. Rudra goes. Anika says Shivaye isn’t anywhere. Bhavya says I will look for him. She collides with Rudra. She says aunt lost the necklace, I should look for it, I will get the gifts too, I will deliver necklace to aunt. She goes. Anika says where did Shivaye go. Om asks Gauri to get invitation card for Mr. Agarwal. She gets it. She gets Anika’s call. Anika says don’t know where did Shivaye go. Gauri asks what, there is nothing to worry if you don’t find medicine there, I will find it and get it for you. She says aunt is unwell, she needs the medicines, shall I go to her and come. Om says how can I refuse to you. He stops the car. She thanks him and goes.

Bhavya says Shivaye isn’t here. Gauri says I m near the park, I m finding him here. She sees Shivaye… and says I found him. She goes to Shivaye and calls him out. He says you here. She says I was looking for you. He asks why. She says you didn’t inform Anika and came here, she is worried. He says I told her not to worry, I worry for you all. She says you roam around, do you think we get happy seeing this, are you upset with me, when you were in jail, Om and I got married, I didn’t even visit you, when you returned home, we didn’t welcome you well and hurt your heart. He says I m not annoyed with my family even if they are annoyed with me, I m happy you are with Om, Rudra expresses anger, but Om doesn’t express, I know you are helpless, I m the reason that two sisters aren’t able to meet. Anika comes. Gauri says we are meeting each other in the garden because of you, you have made me happy, thanks. Anika asks why are you running away, I told you not to go without informing me. Om calls Gauri. Anika asks Gauri to go. Gauri says we Obahus kept code words and meet secretly, your brothers don’t know this, don’t tell them. He says I will be able to tell them if they listen to me. She goes. Anika says we shall go home.

Anika gives phone and says how will office staff contact you. Shivaye says I can’t go this. Om says we will destroy Shivaye, I have hired one of the best corporate speech writers for your help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    So my numbering comments are back after so many month..
    1.Rudy.. you are totally cancelled for me in AU ..what ever you are doing is not because of anger hate but it is pure Kurdish and just want to satisfy your hate but you are failing badly….I bet you the amount of guilt you will face will be unbearable for you..I swear…
    2.Om I don’t understand you….and Rudy too YOUR WIVES ARE NOT YOUR PUPPET…they have also right to speak have no right to command orders on them….you both are really gone mad…I still can’t able to understand why Gouri Married Om and Bhabya married to Rudy.yesterday Rudy’s behaviour towards Bhabya at night was really disgusting .
    3.Noks bhaiya take a bow you really did a fantastic job as showing Sso’s messed up condition hats off to you.
    4.Sso I know you are suffering from.PTSD( post traumatic stress disorder) and it will take time to go back to normal stage bcoz those hunting memories + jail+ family’s hate.
    It is unbearable .
    Just for Once PLZ Talk with Annika..just for once Think about her..She is trying her best to make you feel better.if you were in pain then she was also in pain.
    Just for once the way to talked with Gouri talk to Annika..listen to her. Share your pain with her ..she will heal your wound.PLEASE SSO….
    5 I really loved Gouri today..the way She talked to Sso and tried to make him feel better.. it was sweet
    6.Annika..don’t be sad you know Sso na.he always take time to realise anything…you have to be strong..
    7.PRECAP- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣sry but Om’s line cracked me…..what the hell was that.. it was looking like they are drunk….

    1. Sindhudi

      Congrats for being number one Appy aka Arpu! Your points are all valid. Actually I also was wondering why Om married Gauri after knowing Gauri is Anika’s Sister and Wife of Shivaay. How did that happen? I thought Om would not have anything to do with Shivaay or Anika or her relations. Rudra who hated Bhavya so much end up marrying her. Is it because she arrested Shivaay and he did marry her to thank her. Puzzling but cvs never show that part.

      You are also right about SSO. He can sit and have a chat with Gauri but not with Anika. What did Anika do? She is the only one who is supporting him but he is not even talking to her openly. He is feeling worthless that why he married Anika and why she is still stuck here with a murderer. He is not even giving her a tight hug each time she reassures him. He only tells Anika to leave him alone. Poor Anika!!! I actually feel sorry for her than Shivaay. Here is a Wife who is constantly taking care of him as a Mother and there he is always running away somewhere.

    2. ShinyTirupathi

      Hello Ji How R u? Ur Analysis Is Superb Dear As Usual…

    3. NSK

      Analysis on point😊loved reading your comment😊
      Take care😄

  2. Appy

    @NSK dear thank you so much for support dear.
    Love you.

    1. NSK

      Welcome and love you too di.😄
      Hope you have gooood days tan tana tan tan tan Tara 😂

  3. Nice episode

    1. NSK

      Partly agreeing😄
      Keep commenting dear😊

  4. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone to Banita, Luthfa, Arpu, NSK, Agga, Shiny Jeevi dear Pushpa Kadhambari Shivya and many others.

    Today’s episode is another emotional episode. I am feeling sorry for Shivaay. He is not respected anywhere in that house. It is so hard for him to roam freely in the house. It is very hard for someone to digest food when one says I don’t want a murderer to roam in the house freely and to eat for free. It is not something pleasant.

    Poor Shivaay, in the end has to end up at the park. He looked so pathetic. Rudra shows his anger but Om is calm. He is angry but he does not show his anger in a very outright manner. Poor Anika always trying to locate Shivaay.

    I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see who is going to do the speech and how Anika is going to deliver the speech.

    Dadi na… I had great hopes on you. As an elder I thought you are more forgiving than OmRu but you are worse. Your age is definitely older than Omru. They may not forgive Shivaay but Dadi what happened to you. When children make mistakes won’t you forgive? You are also showing your incest on Shivaay.

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Hello Sindhu Di.. Ur Absolutely Right.. I’m More Angry On Dadi.. At least She Can Understand Him.. She Can Stop Rudy From Using Harsh Words Each time.. its Going to Far Now Days.. Shivaay What Can ISay.. Once a Dashing Business Man Now Lost His Own Self… Due to Love For Brothers..

    2. NSK

      Lets hope for the best 😊
      Maybe we will get what we want to watch 😃
      And yeah all except annika is hating shivaay😞no worries,they’ll love him again too😄
      Loads of love😆

    3. Hi di how are you? Hoping you are enjoying day. Wow superb analysis every emotion you potrayed very nicely. Even i am hoping mi tadibazz billu comes back with a bang.

  5. Sindhudi

    Hello NSK, sorry that I did not reply to you. Yesterday you had a nice comment and analysis. That was the longest so far I have read from yours.

    1. NSK

      Thank u di😄 ur analysis are also very meaningful😊
      And abut that long comment, i unknowingly write huge ones 😂happened with me several times 😂
      Take care di 😄

  6. Hlww…..pkj family…..
    How are you all,,,,
    I hope you all remembered me….
    Vul to nahi gaye na😯😯😯

    Actually mera ph kharab ho Gaya that’s why I can’t comment here.. but now I brought a phone finally…and don’t waisting much time I came here to comment here…

    I regularly watch ishqbaaz but…aj kal o bat nahi hai story line mai…mujhe bilkul a66a nahi lagta…😥😥
    I really miss old IB…Woh tashan,romance,nok jhok..and my most favourite thing I obro moment…uffff…pata nahi yeh kaya hua…..story line ki itni changing ki bajase trp bhi Kam ho rahi hai….kuch a66a likho writers plzzz………🙏🙏🙏

    But I am excited about star parivar awards…. hope isme kuch a66a dikhne k liye mil Jaye…..

    Ok guys….. good night…
    I miss you all….but not now…😁😁😁

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey tania how are you my dear? What a pleasant surprise! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you are fine

    2. NSK

      Hello dear how r u?😄
      Lets hope for good up comings😃
      Keep commenting if its possible😊
      Take care dear
      Nice comment😆

  7. First commenting on episode cant see our shivay ‘ THE GREAT WALL OF SHIVAY’ has broken into pieces by seeing hatred in his loved one eyes for him but there is a spoiler that says TADIBAZZ SSO will be back in upcoming episodes waiting to see that SSO who doesnt bend in front of anyone and i know only that SSO can win back his bro and family love back with his tadi and the cutest part of today episode is SHIVRI talk after ages we are able to see there scenes just love there bonding to the core atleast by gauri shivay lauged that’s what i wanted to see from past one week and guys please change shivay look we cant see shivay in these hairstyle,beard and dress give back his suit
    And secondly congrats guys IB has completed 650 episode by facing all rumors and hurdles from 1 year there was a rumor saying taht IB will be shut down for low trp but now one one can say that beacuse iB just not made place in trp but also it has made place in fans heart which is a great thing for me IB was always a stress booster and i loved to see IB everyday IB has thaught me value of relationship and family and thanks to cvs gul for this wonderfull show whereas not like ekta where she shows that having a family and relationship in biggest sin in life and the way she show sibilings relationship is just disgusting in her show sibilings plot among themselves which is a piece of shit but IB made me realize thr importance of siblings in life and thanks to SHIVOMRU (nakulee) for that my favourite obros moments are maha arthi scene and kichen scene and saw the video of NAKULEE having masti and celebration of 650 episodes in off screen when we will get to see the same masti of SHIVOMRU on On-screen

    1. NSK

      Lets hope for the best
      Keep commenting and TC

  8. Hello my ishqbaazians
    Luthu, noushin, shiny, banita, arpu and all others how are you all and have a happy wala, masti wala day.
    Coming to episode omru ko ek glass pani phakeke ek jaap me divar par sata dena chaheye.
    Both raita phaela rahe hai sametna tum dono ko hi padega.😃😃
    Just missing this dilogues redux me khidkithod dialogue nahi hai na.
    Loved sso full of emotions and anika supports her like wall but think sso even anika needs your support too she is also broken but acting like a brave girl.
    Ye omru ko sach kab pata chalega
    I want sso and anika should leave om and stay in another state happily and then truth should be revealed and shiv should show nakhre noor jahan ke to omru. Then it will be a fun
    Lets see when and how it will happen 🤔 little bored after seeing so much hatred and broken sso🙂
    Bye love you all keep smiling and have a energetic day 😊😚😊

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Hai Dear.. Ur Comment Wa Funny.. Seriously I’m So Pissed Off From Morning.. Thanks For Making Me Crack up.. Ur indeed an Angel To Me today.. Its Superb.. Love U Keep Smiling…

      1. Awww 😄😄😄😄😄
        your day will go fine in the end of the day you will be smiling and laughing around.
        Till then have patience and relax bunny.😊

    2. NSK

      A comment which consists of IB’s legendary language😂
      Loved reading it 😁
      And yay , lets hope for better episodes in future😄
      Take care and have good days too😊
      Love you ☺

    3. ShinyTirupathi

      Thnk U So Much Dearie….

  9. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello My Pagals… How are U… Arpu.. Banita.. Sindhu Di.. Jeevi… Ishu..Medhangel.. Luth… NSK.. Many More.. List is So Long…
    So Epi Is So Emotional to Me.. I Could not See My Shivaay Like This.. That TaadiBaaz Who Doesn’t Bend to Any One.. OmRu.. Using Well of Shivaay’s Silence.. U Guys are Going to Feel For Each thing U Do.. Karma Is Bad..
    Dadi.. I’m So Disappointed with U.. Don’t U Know Ur Billu.. U Should Have Understood Him.. and Rudra is Insulting Shivaay in front of U.. U are Silent.. Can’t U Stop it… Breaking Ur Medicine Even U have Knee Pain.. U just went with Him.. Rudy U are Going into My Brains.. U are Going to Suffer Badly.. Om U too..
    Nakuul Was So Good In Showing that Trauma Shivaay Went.. Remembering those Bitter Gun Shots.. It Was So Intense.. Brought So Realistic and I Couldn’t Sleep Whole Night..
    So Bye Guys.. Take Care .. Love U All

    1. NSK

      Yes nowadays we are getting intense emotional episodes 😢
      But thier behaviour towards SSO can be justified, they aren’t aware of the truth neither Shivaay let them know 😞
      But don’t worry we will get better happy episodes😃
      Love you too and take care😇

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Yeah Dear Staying Positive

  10. I hate the way OmRu are ding Shivaaye like that. The precap does not seem pleasing at all. Shivika should have some positive, cute moments to liven up the atmosphere.

    1. NSK

      Partly agreeing😞
      But don’t worry we will get better And Stronger ShivOmRu after this track😊be positive dear😄
      Yes Shivika will also get their screen place😇
      Keep commenting and have a good day
      TC ☺

  11. NSK

    Such an intense emotional episode😭
    The fear of Shivaay killing Tej,the thoughts are nightmares to him.He is imagining those and getting traumatised. He is not able to get out that,he’s stumbling. Where only Annika is there for him,trying to handle him like an angel , with great care and utmost love.she is the only one who’s currently like a wall for Shivaay, where he can rest himself when he’s about to fall.
    This little things will surely bring Shivika closer.😄
    Words always hurt the most,they give the invisible pain.U can’t see the outer physical pain of someone by hurting one through your words.u can’t imagine how your words stabbed deeply one’s heart. U can’t see his heart bleeding because its the mental pain u gave him.
    Same goes with Rudy and Shivaay.I mean “muft ki rotiya khaye” that line is so much hurtful! I wonder what would have gone through someone if it happened in reality.😭
    When your are broken,u keep running .Shivaay is doing the same,But this can’t result in success fr sure.All its outcomes will be hurting himself and Anika even more.😞
    ShivRi part was really touching. And that line “agar WO mere baat sungenge toh kahunga na”😢 its so disheartening!
    Shivaay blaming himself for being the reason for which two sisters cant meet despite living under the same roof,yes he can blame himself. But i blame OmRu for this,Why do they have to break ties with Annika?what did she do?She is wife of Shivaay so what!Has she any relation with TejBeing killed?so why are they showing hatred towards her?Because she is standing by Shivaay? Really???
    Just because you hate someone doesn’t mean that another person who has relation with both of you guys , has to hate the person you hate!
    Let AniRiVya meet without any interference!!! They aren’t puppets!!!😑
    (Sorry if i hurt anyone but that’s my opinion.OmRu are RiVya’s husbands but they are nobody to control who they meet and what they do as per me)
    It really hurts seeing two sisters unable to meet freely because of so called hatred among their husbands!!!👹
    PS.No harsh feelings towards OmRu’s behaviour with shivaay,but with RiVya.
    Yes destroy shivaay instantly rather than killing him every moment.😃that would be better.Oust him of the house than behaving like a stranger to him.😃
    U may hire a good speech writer but your heart won’t be satisfied if u don’t burn Shivaay’s speech?isn’t it?😃
    (Sorry but lemme be a bit question Kumari too😂)
    Anyway I am hoping for good upcoming and hope CVs won’t disappoint the viewers including me.😇this twist is really good.ShivOmRu’s bond will grow much more stronger!😄thats the benefit.😁
    And hats off to their hard work😊really all of them are doing amazing jobs!😆
    Love to all the pkjians😊
    Have good days.😊
    Balti bhar ke pyar.💚
    Take care everyone.😇
    Tata for now.😁

    1. One word to say wow bolti hi band karde yrr what an analysis and feelings expressed for shivika🤗🤗🤗
      Seriously even i am hating omru currently for all misbehaviour with anika and not letting aniriya to meet.
      Its ok in the end both will run after anika for apologies

      1. NSK

        Thank you soooo much for your appreciation😄😄😄
        Yes they will have to run after Shivika for their apology😉
        Hope CVS has better things for us 😊
        Take care dear 😃

    2. Sindhudi

      Wow NSK what words and inner most expressions of emotions you have let out. Nice analysis. Keep it going my dear.☺️

      1. NSK

        Thank you so much for your lovely appreciation😃
        Take care di 😊

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