ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 9

Hello Guys Back.. With The Next Chappy…

To The Story…

Mr. Khanna.. Says About “Sahiri Wedding Planning and Decorations ” When Asked About The Decorations in Party… and Who Manages it…

Dadi- Who is It Tarun ?

Mr.Khanna – Annika..

S- Annika.. What ????? Annika … (thinks )This Girl Doesn’t Leave Me.. Why Is She Back Of Me These Days.. Every Where I’m Hearing Just Her Name…God I’m Struggling Between Two Annika’s..

Dadi- Haan Billu.. This Decoration is So Good and I Love it.. So Thinking Why Not Fix Them To Om’s Marriage… Functions..

S- Dadi Why These… When We Have So Many Planners in Mumbai.. We Can Try Some Other too and Fix The Final One..

D- Why Not This Then ? Billu.. See This One is Perfect and I Don’t Want Any Other Planners.. Fix Them.. Bas..

S- Dadiii.. Aap Bhi na.. Kyu Nahi Samaj Rahi Hoon.. (Dadi U Na.. Why Don’t U Understand )

D- Mein Samaj Chuka Hoon.. Yeh Wali Mujhe Bahut Pasand Hai.. Bas.. (I Understood.. I Like This One Very Much.. Enough ) (goes ) Billu Ask To Tarun Who is She.. and Ask Her To Come Home Tomorrow..

S- Dadi..

Dadi- Billu… Tum Kyu Ithni Zid Kar rahi Hoon.. Haan.. Ush Ladhki Se Kuch Hai Kya..? (Shivaaay Why are U So Adamant.. Is there Anything Between U two ?

S- Aisha Kuch Bhi Nayi Dai.. (There is Nothing Such Dadi )

Dadi- Then What.. Ask Her To Come Home Tomorrow..

S- Ji Dadi (Thinks) What Have I to See Now.. Her.. Every Day.. Let Me Stay Away From Her.. That’s Good..

Some where :

Riddhima- (in Phone )Yeah Baby !!! I’m Here… Where are U ?

Some One – I’m Already Here.. For Hours I’m Waiting Here.. Come Soon.. Can’t Wait To See U..

R- Me too.. Its Been Months.. I Can’t Hold My Excitement… too.. But I Can’t See U Any where….

Some One- Riddhi… (Comes From.. Behind The Pillar )

Riddhima Runs and Hugs Him…

R- Daksh.. How are U ? But Why This Unexpected Visit To India? Anything Serious ?

D- I’m Fine.. But Would U Ask Me at The Moment When U See Me.. U Won’t Let Me Even to Feel The Hug…

R- No Daksh.. I’m Scared Too.. Even though I’m Excited To See U ?

D-Oh!! is It…. So Heared That its Ur Marriage Soon ?

R- Dakshhhh.. Don’t Even Say About it.. Its All For Mumma.. She Is Pushing Me to Marry That Omkara Singh Oberoi…

D- What.. One of Oberoi Brothers… A Big Business Family.. and He is Artist Right.. Who Earns Crores through his Paintings and Arts…

R- Yeah.. That is The Same Stupid.. I’m Gonna Marry..

D- Wah.. What a Jack Pot… Riddhi… Marry Him.. We Can Get Lakhs and Lakhs in Just One Day.. We Can Rob For Our Life.. and U Come Leaving Him.. We Go Some where Away From All and Settle There.. We Can Live Happily..

R- Are U Kidding Baby ? U Know I Love U.. I Was Just Acting To Convince Mom.. U Too Don’t Be the Same.. We Don’t need Anything.. U Be with Me.. Lets Go Far Away From Here…

D- Ok.. Then Come Sit.. Near Me..

They Talks….

In Khanna’s Party :

Shivaay Was Searching For Annika Now..

S- Where is That Annika Now.. She Was Here Before Sometime.. Where is She Now ? What Has Dadi.. Made ? I Don’t Want Her to Do The Job.. Let Her Go.. I Will Be Happy.. Ek Second.. Ush Ladhki Mujhe Kyu Matter Karthi Hai.. (That Girl Why Matters to Me ).. Let Me Tell Her What Dadi.. Said.. Then its Upto Her and Dadi.. Woh Oberoi Mansion Bhi thi or Kuch aur.. Kal se.. (whether She is in Oberoi Mansion or Some Other )

Dadi – From Upstairs.. Billu Have U Said… Come Up..

S- Haan Dadi.. She is Not Here.. I Will Say to Her and Come..

Dadi- Jaldi Aana… (Come Soon) tum Se Kuch Zaroori Bat Hai…

S- Ji Dadi…

He Goes.. and After Some time Finds Annika Busy with Children There..

Shivaay Goes Near Her…

S- Excuse Me… (Nothing From Her Side )

S- Hello.. hey.. tum !!! (Nothing From Her Side Again )

S- Excuse Me.. I’m Calling U.. (Nothing From Her Side Again )

S- Annnnniiiiiiiikkkkka (Shouts)

A- (turns and Gets Shocked) U…. But Why are U Shouting Now.. U Can Call me Low too.. See Kids are Scared ).. ek Min.. U Said Me to Not Come Before U.. now Why are U Back of Me..

S- I’m not Back of U.. I Was Calling U For 10 mins Here.. U Didn’t Turn.. So I Shouted.. There is No Mistake in this..

A- Wahi Poch Rahi Hoon.. (that is What I Asking ) Why are U Calling Me… When I Don’t Matters to U ?

S- Ok Just Stop it.. Just Came to Say Dadi Wants to Meet U.. So Come To Oberoi Mansion Tomorrow..

(He Moves to Go..Annika Comes Front of Him)

A- But Why.. I Don’t Even Know Her?

S- Just Come..

He Goes…

A- Why Should I Go I.. Won’t … I’m not His House Puppy..

Some where :

Riddhima- So How Many Days U r Gonna to Be With Me ?

Daksh- Baby Lets not Get into this…. Come On Lets Enjoy..

R- No Daksh.. its Already Late.. Mumma Would Be Waiting.. U Know.. Marriage Talks are Going On.. Oberois.. Invited Us Tomorrow.. For Fixing the Date.. So I Should Go Soon.. I Came Out to See U not Listening Mom..

D- Accha.. But Just now U Said Marriage with Omkara Doesn’t Matters…

R- Yes Of Course it Doesn’t…

D- Then Come with Me… (He Takes Her).. See What Have I Made For U.. How Is it ?

R- Its Beautiful.. But What is the Need ?

D- Because I Wanted (In Stiff Voice ) Come On Baby.. Have Some Wine…

R- No Daksh.. its Ok..

D- Won’t U Have Some For Me.. (Smirks )

R- Ok.. Come.. They Drinks… (She Continues To Stop Him When He Asks Her To Drink More…She Gets Heavy On Drinks).. Baby Let Me Go Then…

D- Ok Baby.. Shall I Drop U To Home..

R- No No I Will Get Cab and Go..

She Goes…

D- (Laughs) Riddhima.. What Do U Think.. I’m Mad.. and U and Ur Mom Can Easily.. Make Me Stupid and I Won’t Understand.. Let Me See How.. Oberois.. Take This.. OH MY GOD as Their Hone Wali Bahu.. Is On Road Drunk… (He Takes His Phone to Call Someone )

Riddhima In Road… Walks Un Steadily.. and Was alone.. Waiting For Taaxi..

In Morning :

Annika Comes To Oberoi Mansion.. Looks For Some One In Home.. Shivaay Comes..

S- Tum Aagayi ?

A- Haan.. Mein Aagyi Sirf Aapki Dadi Kae Liye.. (Yes..I Came…Just For Ur Grand Ma )

S- Wow !! U Don’t Even Know Her.. Why I Think Something Other Way…

Dadi.. Billu…

Precap – Om’s Wedding Rituals Begin… Is It Good Start For Shivaay and Annika To Have Their Own Story..

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