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Recap-Adi tells Anjana that pooja broke alliance as she was suffering from brain tumour she decided to bring their baby in world as docs advised her that her disease Willnot pass to baby pooja didn’t want adi’s life to get disturbed so she left for usa After giving birth to pari She passed away in 6 months

Anjana feels guilty

She hugs pari

Anjana is busy in getting house decorated

Harshvardan -what is today

Anjana hugs Harshvardan-I have hosted a party to welcome our pari my adi’s pari my grand daughter

Adi smiles hearing this

He hugs n thanks Anjana

Pari gets excited hearing about party

Zoya tells Anjana not to exert much n she will help her with preparations

Adi notices zoya working with Anjana

He notices that Harshvardan is happily playing with pari

N Noor n Arjun are also happily making preparations

Adi’s pov-zoya u have filled my life my house with happiness n what have I given u Only pain n pain I just dnt know why does destiny not allow me to get separated from u

Tears fall from his eyes

Adi-Zoya its not easy to leave u n go i somehow manage it but destiny again brings me to u

But now this time I will free u very soon

Adi leaves from there

Zoya notices

She finds his behaviour very weird

All guest arrive at party

Pari is looking a real pari in beautiful white dress with a crown on her hair.

Adi hugs her

All guest clap for pari

Pari holds zoya’s hands

Arjun asks pari to cut cake

Pari holds one hand of zoya

n other of adi

Together she makes them hold knife n they cut cake

All smile

Anjana -Harsh now our Adi’s family is complete Krishna jii bless them always

Lord krishna is smiling

Harshvardan feels glad

Jasmine holds yash’s hand


Jasmine -They look so adorable together

Yash smiles n nods

Zoya pari n adi cut cake together

Pari feeds cake to both

She insist they feed cake to each other

Adi feels awkward

Zoya feeds him

Adi too does it without meeting her eyes

Jasmine -zoya n adi u both are typically rab ne bna di jodi types

Adi (sadly )-jasmine but at times God too does mistakes

Zoya is shocked to hear this

All are confused

Adi excuses himself

Yash finds something wrong with adi.

Adi goes to washroom

He looks in mirror

He sees zoya’s smiling face He sees zoya everywhere in mirror

He breaksdown

Pari enjoys with other kids

Zoya is puzzled up n confused about what adi said

Arjun n Noor notice it

Noor-I think we need to do something

Arjun -what

Noor utters something in his ears

Arjun smiles

They give eachother hi fi

Adi returns to party

Adi appears lost

Yash notices Adi ‘s eyes are red

Yash’s pov-something is definitely wrong with adi something is going on in his brain his leaving the house like this n now saying God can do mistake what does he mean I need to talk to him.

Noor tells something to pari

Pari comes N says

That she wants to play a game with everyone

She drags everyone

She drags adi n makes him sit on floor

He sits exactly opposite to zoya

All are seated in circle

Adi looks at zoya

She looks at him

Adi gets lost in her eyes

Bepannah si mohbaat Hui hain tumhse plays in a Bg

Precap -zoya comes close to adi Adi is surprised adi feels awkward zoya gently kisses him on cheek

All cheer for them

Adi is shocked

Adi recites a shayari for zoya

Zoya ‘s eyes are filled with tears


  1. Wowww very superb!!!!! precap was lit?????????

  2. Little AR what a awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee episode…!!!
    I completely enjoyed reading this..
    Precap made me awaken till next episode…
    Gone crazy for your story..
    Keep going..
    Wating for next episode…

  3. Wow so good , so excited for the precap adi reciting sayari for zoya ????? post soon

  4. Anuva

    Party for Pari is nice. Pari make them feed each other cake is super. As Anjana said they are complete family now. This Adi. When will he change? Please make him understand soon.

  5. Jasminerahul

    oh adi is again thinking of leaving zoya. when will he understand that God hasn’t done any mistake?nice to see yash Jasmine scene.pari making adiya hold the knife together. ..adiya pari cake scene were cute.adi lost in zoya’s eyes with bp se bgm was romantic

  6. Jasminerahul

    why didn’t you put banner today?

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