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Recap : Swa-lak new relation..

Episode started with swasanraglak were talking in their clg canteen..

Swara : Sanky, today after clg u hv to take me fr longggggggggg drive.. ok?

Sanky : ( rolling his eyes ) And may I know.. kis khushi main???

Swara : Arey.. ye kya baat hui? M ur girlfrnd? We dont need any reason to roam around okay..

Lucky : Yeah.. u shd take her sanky.. I'll also take ragu out..

Swara : See.. my bhaiyu is with me.. ( side hugged him )

Sanky : Abey sally.. pehle tu mera dost hain badme iska bhai ok? N u r taking her side? U shd be at my side..

Swara : Oyy hello mister.. he may be ur frnd bt now he's my brother.. my bhaiyu so he'll take my side.. ok?

Sanky : No.. my side..

Swara : my side..

Sanky : my side..

Swara : my side..

Sanky : no no no…

Swara : yes yes yes..

Sanky : Swaraaaa..

Swara : Sankyyyyy…

Lucky : Arrrr… Stop u both.. Now I wont take anyone's side.. got it?

Ragini was laughing seeing this…

Swara looked at sanky , gave him death glare n left from there stamping her foot on his..

Sanky : Aaaawwww… ( shouts in pain )

Raglak laughs.. Sanky glared at them..

Ragini : Sanky.. now u r gone..

Sanky : All bcz of this donkey lucky..

Lucky : oyy hello? What I did? U were fighting wid her.. dats y she's angry.. now go n convince her..

Sanky : ( murmurs ) Aur kam hi kya hai muze.. ( what else work I hv )

RagLak : Sankyyyyyyyy…

Sanky : Ha. Ha. Leaving.. huhh..

Whole day sanky was walking behind swara trying to convince her.. bt no use.. she was so angry on him.. watever the reason is.. pr jis pyaar main jhagde aur nok-jhok naa ho,pyar bhari takraar na ho, usme maza hi kya?? ??

In evening clg got over.. Swara started to go out.. by walking..

Sanky : ( buttering ) Jaan… cm na.. we'll go fr long drive.. den I'll drop u at home..

Swara : ( snaps ) no thanks.. I can go by myself.. God gave me my own legs..

Sanky : ( hits his head ) Beta sanky.. kuch kar kuch kar.. ( gets idea ) Aaaahhhhh… ( holds his leg )

Swara : ( turned n rushed to him) Sanky.. wat happened?  Show me?

Sanky : ( acting n smiled in mind ) aaahhh.. vo..vo.. Stone.. hitted my leg..

Swara : ( concerned n started blabbering ) show me? U na.. so careless.. can't u see n walk properly? Bt no.. sir will do as per his wish.. huhh.. arey now show me na.. where it hitted? Here?? ( touched his feet)

Sanky : ( admiring her n was smiling )

Swara : Aah.. now spk na.. y r u smiling?  Where it hitted?  Is it paining so much???

Sanky : ( take her hand n placed it on his heart ) It hitted here.. ( looking at her lovingly.. )

1st swara got confuse then she got to knw his plan.. she fumed in anger.. tears brimmed in her eyes…

Swara : ( jerked his hand ) U lied to me?

Sanky : ( tried to cup her face ) Jaan I..

Swara : ( jerks ) U made my fun.. ryt? U knw I can't see u hurt? Takleef hoti hai muze tumhe zara si bhi chot aayi to.. agr tumhe chot aayi toh dard muze hota hai.. Bt u.. u.. leave it.. y m telling u.. u only knws hw to make fun of others' feelings..

Sanky : Swaraa.. m sry.. I dint mean to hurt u I was jst..

Swara : joking?? Ryt?? ( chuckles with tears ) U donno hw I felt when I heard ur scream.. I cant see u in pain.. bcz I love u like mad.. suna tumne.. U'll get to knw this when I'll get hurt.. ( leaves )

Sanky : Swaraa… swara.. listen.. plzz..

She was walking fast while crying.. Sanky too was behind her.. Suddenly she dashed wid sm1.. Person was shocked to see her..

Person : Swaraa..

Swara : Hey.. Abeer!

( remember abeer? Bcz of him sanky got jealous B4 love confession of swasan )

Abeer : Y r u crying? Anything serious?

Swara : ( wiped tears ) No.. nothing.. jst mood off..

Abeer : Okay.. then take this.. ( gives her rose ) may be ur mood will lit up..

Swara : aww.. thats so sweet of u.. thank u..

Abeer : my pleasure dear.. ok bye.. m getting late..

Swara : ( smiles ) Bye..

Sanky witnesses all scene. He was fuming in anger.. or we can say jealousy.

Sanky : wat was he saying?

Swara : tumse matlab???

Sanky : Swaraa.. y r u stretching this matter.. I saiid sorry ryt?

Swara : ……….

Sanky : ( gets angry n holds her shoulder tightly ) enough is enough swara! Y r u so stubborn? I knw I hurt u n m sry fr dat.. bt u.. u r so adamant on ur decision. Atleast talk to me..

Swara had closed her eyes tightly.. n tears were flowing from her eyes.. suddenly sanky looked down n he gets shocked seeing blood..

Sanky : ( whispers ) blood!! ( suddenly he looked at Swara's hand which had rose n she was holding it tightly n cz of this thorns of rose hurted her.. n blood was oozing out of her hand.. he gets shocked n take her hand in his n opened her grip ) Swaraa.. ye.. blood.. r u mad?? Aise tightly koi rose pakadta hai kya?? See Hw much blood is cmng out.. God! Cm here..

he make her sit on 1 bench.. he take out his hanky n dressed her wound.. His eyes were all teary..

Sanky : Swaraa.. meri vajah se.. na.. jst bcz of me.. u got this wound.. m sry.. plz.. give me any punishment. Bt plz dont hurt.. urself.. I can't see u in pain.. I.. love u so much.. ( hugs her tightly )

Swara : ( hugged back ) I love u too.. bt plz dont do that things as a joke.. plz.. I'll die..

Sanky : Shhhh.. never..

Both hugged each other again.. Suddenly they heard 1 voice.. N sanky gets shocked.


Sanky : ( parted the hug n turned gets shock ) D.. Daddd!!!

Episode ends..


Swara was in tears while sanky looked worried..

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    Shaluuuuuu… !! SwaSan ki shadi kab hai?
    it’s enough.. i want their Babies.. i mean a new hockey team of India.. coach is Miss Kakali..
    better u plan something for SwaSan’s babies hocky team before i start tickling u.. huh.. Thnk u.. ;-*

  5. Zeestum2

    Swarmayi awesome their ruthna manana is shooo cute ?????? but precap is ???????? sab accha karna and update soon ??

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  7. Alku

    shalu nyc episode dear 🙂

  8. Shreeyu

    Wow… Awesome Sammy… Sammy this abeer is the one whom Swara met during music competition na? Well it was superb… Precap is really shocking… Post next one soon Sammy ji… And thnk u for posting*tight hug

  9. Abirsha

    Nice episode sammy

  10. Anniya

    Amazing part Sammy, now don’t take so much time. Update as soon as possible…

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    Superb shalu
    but his dad

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