(KaiRa)(ff)Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 11

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(KaiRa) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 11
Recap: KaiRa BreaksDown
Thanks for all ur comments I m happy that few people like my ff please keep supportin guys love u all

Its raining n cold but both r hugging feeling each other warmth
Naira: Kartik i always wanted to be only yours…
Kartik: Naira even i always wanted to make u mine…
Naira: then make it out tonight..i m allowing u fulfill my desire n complete our love
Kartik breaks the hug n looks at her… Both were craving for each other n then their love n emotions over powered them n began to kiss from slow to wild n passionately He lift her up in his arms n they go to a hut where he make her stand both were looking at each other with many emotions n desires they badly needed each other love

He hold her waist she grab his shirt he pulls up her crop top throwing on floor n she was now in bra n she unbuttons his shirt n now he was nude from top for her they hug n he started to give passionate open mouth wet kisses to her both shoulders n neck n his hands were roaming on her back like her hands were n she was feeling him then they lie n on floor he was on top kissing her cleavage n she moving her fingers on his body n forcing his body on her…he went down kissing her belly button n giving love bites he moves up again kiss her cleavage n she was mourning in pleasure then she turns n comes on top of him n starts kissing on his chest n then again a lip lock n now he comes on top just then kartik’s phone ring that was in his jeans pocket naira bring it out n decides to cut the call but stops seeing negi uncle name flashing
Kartik was busy in kissing her neck so naira called him
Naira: kartik we should inform him he must be worried
Kartik: gets up n receive call..ng questions to which he replied..yeah we r fine just coming as rain stops n cuts call then he stands up n wears his shirt n pass naira her top naira become confuse n ask what happen
Kartik: sorry naira that was a weak moment that we decided to cross all limits but no its a sin before marriage
Naira: but we love each other so its not a sin

Kartik: yes i love u not lust for u… Our love is eternal naira not physical… We don’t need to go ahead … I don’t want u to regret later naira this will b insult of our pure love
Naira: realises that she was being emotional n doing wrong so wear her top n cries…u r right we shouldn’t forget our values..n from today i will respect u n ur love even more
Kartik: pls don’t cry it hurts me n now i can’t bear more pain … Just forget it what just happened come we need to go
N they leave n reach asharam Naira ask kartik to sleep in her room n he agreed cuz naira was disturbed they slept in each other embrace without talking whole night but still in silence their love was speaking
Precap: naira engagement n emotional KaiRa

Pardon my mistakes n do comments guys

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  1. Vinni05

    Lovely part can’t wait for next

  2. Anyan

    Awesome part
    can’t wait for nxt

  3. Oh my god superb

  4. Fenil


  5. Sethidisha002

    plz dont separate kaira

  6. Great one. …..good writing

  7. Hales

    Amazing! Just amazing! M falling short of words to express how much i loved it…this is one of ur best epi of ur ff?
    Waiting for ur next part ..n also waiting to see how kaira unites ?

  8. Good….. waiting for kaira reunion…

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