Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 3

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Heyy guys
I am back with the third episode.
For the second part here is the link:
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Part 3
Shivaay’s bedroom
shivaay enters his room he sees om busy sketching and rudra well he was pretending to check some random girls profile but in reality he was wondering how to find out if there is really any girl in Shivaay bhaiya’s life. He was getting a strong feeling that there is. Seeing shivaay they both looked up frm their respective works
R- bhaiyaa i am very hungry chalo naa lets eat something
S- ok so lets go to the kitchen
The three of them head to their fav place – the kitchen.
They share an Obro moment singing and dancing while
cooking noodles for themselves.
Dadi admire them from a distance and hopes that these three would be together always and keep up the unity of Oberoi family.
R- waise bhaiya when we three are together we just dont need anyone else. I love you guys. I just hope we all stay like this forever
S- Oye what do mean hope. We will always be together. We are one for all and all for one.
O- rudra btw why are you getting senti
R- you know O sometimes seeing our house conditions I get scared what if..
O- rudra every relation in our family may be dysfunctional but our relation will never break no matter what happens no one is this world has the power to separate us
S- yeah rudra never ever forget.- “hum ek doosre k zaroori hisse hai”
O-“hum ek kahani k teen kissay hai”
R- toh iss baat pe toh banta hai naa. Obro moment
Shivomru- Dil Bole Oberoi! and hug each other.
S- guys i have to sort out some stuff. See you in a while

Later when shivaay returns to his room after finishing his work, he sees om sitting there busy sketching
S-where is dumbell oberoi and -(looking at the sketch) what are you drawing.
O- rudy is sleeping really tired after his workouts n all and this sketch well its sure going to be my masterpiece. You get to see it only after its complete. Anyways shivaay since rudra is asleep lets continue the discussion. Hmm
S- (innocently)which discussion ?
O- dont act smart aur agar jada bhaav khaya naa toh rudra chod seedhe choti maa ko hi bata duga ki unka “heera beta” bigad gaya hai samjha. Phir toh tu janta hai naa ki…(dont act smart shivaay if you aren’t telling me I will surely tell rudra and choti maa also and then you know naa if your mom gets to know abt it..)
S- relax o just kidding bro come lets go to the pool area waha no one will disturb us.
They sit comfortably near the pool .
O- now start but before that I want to see my would be bhabhi’s pic. Whose that lucky girl afterall?

Shivaay smiles as he heard om address Anika his bhabhi n also blushed slightly
S- ok here ,he shows him the pic
Om is stunned to see the pic as he remembered this girl very well after all she had the courage to break the windscreen of SSO car. But then she was shivaay’s equal so she had to be daring
O- shivaay isn’t she the same girl who broke the windscreen of your car.
S- yeah but how do you know that?
O-woh actually.. leave it anyways I am impressed I must say you found in dadi’s language taakar ki jodidar in Anika
S- how do you know her name.
Chukling om replied , this folder in gallery says – Anika….my life. Anyways I must say Anika would be someone really spl afterall usne woh kar diya jo kabhi koi sooch bhi nahi sakta( she did a real impossible thing making you fall in love )
S- are right meri anika bhaut spl hai (my anika is very spl)
O-Oooo meri Anika hmm good going shivaay so have you confessed it.
Shivaay nodded in yes, Om was elated .

S-I told her a few days back and trust me this feeling is like really awesome. What you said is 100 percent true you know – “ishq par hoga yakeen ishq ho jane k baad”
O- Btw when did you realise that you are in love
S- I dont know like I cant tell the exact moment I mean we became great frnds long time back but I dont know when I started falling for her. Earlier her antics and talks used to irritate me but later all her nonsense talks gave me a reason to smile. There were times when I would just sit back reminiscing our moments together and smile. I finally realised that I love her after her accident it was a mild accident but you know seeing her unconscious I felt my life slipping away from me thats when I realised I cant live without her. That I love her truly, deeply, madly , unconditionally
O-really happy for you bro. Finally you found the love the support you deserved. I am sure Anika will bring sunshine and warmth in your life she will make you feel complete. The feeling that no matter what someone will always be there for you is really heartwarming.

S-yeah Om it surely is. Anika is my anchor . She makes me feel that I am alive. She is really different from all the other girls I have met. Name , money , fame ,power hardly affects her. She was like a challenge you know. She had the guts to break my ego.The fact that I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi hardly mattered to her. She made me a better man. After I met her I realised that family name is not important, capable people can make their own identity. She made me realise that money can never bring happiness. She taught me the real meaning of frndship n love.
O- Well shivaay I am really looking forward to meet her and i gotta thank her she really changed you man. Now you are Shivaay more and Shivaay Singh Oberoi less. So now even you agree love is beautiful
S-Yes it is. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. The beauty of love is that you never know when where how a person becomes the reason of your existence. Me n Anika we can just sit together for hours silently without getting bored. I feel sometimes its better to talk through eyes they convey emotions better than words. I feel secure whenever I am with her.Its just beyond words. We compliment each other so well and its like we can understand what the other one wants even before they realise it.

O- I am glad that now you won’t consider love or marriage to be a business deal
S- No its beyond any business deal. Because love doesnt understand business. You just fall in love and dont even realise when you heart started beating for someone else.
O- Omg shivaay I cant believe it. I mean look at yourself dude the ruthless businessman , the young business tycoon who considered love as hypothetical concept has become the real Ishqbaaz of our family.
S- I think so yeah I have. I mean even I didnt realise when her smile became the reason of my happiness. Or my pain became the reason of her tears. She is my frnd,my support , my strength my love …practically my everything.
Om smiled -I told you naa shivaay that one day your life will become someone else’s and that day no name , bloodline or lineage could hold you back. See it happened
Both brothers smiled. Tears of happiness forming in their eyes
O-told you that when you will fall in love you would come to me crying.
Om hugged Shivaay really happy for you yeah n would love to hear more anecdotes abt your journey. Lets start
S- ok so we met …

Pi-Oh my mata shivaay?Mai pure ghar me tujhe searchs kar rahi aur tu yaha omkara k saath times pass kar raha hai.(shivaay i was looking for you in the entire mansion and you are sitting here chatting with om)
Stunned they turn n see pinky standing there.
S(mind) Fhat the wuck! Whats mom doing here. I just hope she wasn’t eavesdropping our convo. I know she will not accept the fact of me dating Anika easily ,she want that silly Lady Baba as her bahu. I dont really care whether she likes my choice or not but this is definitely not the way I want her to know abt my relationship status.
S(aloud) Mom aap yaha? Had some work? Wanted something?
P-oh my mata shivaay itni der tak jagna not goods for healths. Tum dono so jao. Waise shivaay woh Tias hai naa Kapoor group wali Mrs kapoor ki daughters woh kal india aa rahi hai (it quite late so enough talking you two go to sleep. Btw Tia is coming back to india tomorrow.)

S-haan so what. I dont have time for some random girl but why are you excited abt it anyways
P- woh tia ki moms naa teri aur tia ke rishte k bare me baat kar rahi thi you makes good pairs(Mrs Kapoor was considering match between you and tia. You make a good pair)
Shivom shocked. Shivaay who was casually sipping his Americano choked.
S-What Me and her marriage now way Mom.
P- But whys? I sure she woulds be a nice bahu.
S-mom let me get this very clear i will decide when to marry and whom to marry. Yeh decision sirf mera hai so dont keep any false hope that i will marry the girl you decide and esp that ultraspiritual Tia Kapoor ok
I will marry a girl of my choice and my type and you kindly stay out of this marriage business plz. I won’t let anyone take this decision for me not even my mom.
P- but Shivaay…
S- no more discussion mom. Good night . Chal Om
P- why is he so stubborn never listens to me. Issay toh sirf apne bhaiyo ki padi rehati hai .
Shivom go to om’s bedroom coz its the most isolated one so risk of eavesdropping is less
O- i think you need to disclose your relationship status quite soon else choti ma teri Oh my mata kar degi.
S- i know O i think prinku k bday k baad I’ll tell them. Atleast to dadi Rudy and prinku.

While the two brothers were having a heart to heart conversation the person in their discussion was lost in her own other dreamland. Since the last few days she was feeling very happy. After making her little sahil sleep she decided to go out
When Anika first met Shivaay she never thought that they both would come this far. Sitting outside her humble abode under a tree she was gazing at the moon she was thinking abt her moon-Shivaay, for just like the moon shivaay lit up her dark world with utmost tenderness. Just as moonlight is extremely serene and soothing so was Shivaays love- it soothed the pains in her life and was extremely pure n serene.
She looked up at the night sky and thanked god for sending a guardian angel in her life.
She closed her eyes and remembered how Shivaay proposed her in full tadi.

Shivaay took Anika out for dinner almost a week after her accident to celebrate her recovery. Soon after the dinner they decided to go out for long drive after an hour drive they reached a cliff.
It was a full moon night and gentle breeze was flowing.
Shivaay casually took Anika’s hand into his and tenderly gazing into Anika’s eyes said-
Miss Anika naa toh mujhe aapne bhai Om ki tarah koi poetic bate karni aati hai aur naa hai Rudra ki tarah ladkiyo ko impress karna. I know I cant express myself. But I just want to tell you that Anika I love you and you are my life.( anika i dont know any poetic thoughts like Om nor do I know any of rudra’s antic abt impressing girls , i know i cant express myself but i want to just tell you that I love you.)

For a moment Anika was stunned. She was rendered speechless by what she heard.
A-Shivaay aap naa pakke tadibaaz hai par mai iss tadibaaz bagadbille say bahut pyaar karti hu. I love you too shivaay.(Shivaay you are the biggest tadibaaz I have met but I really love this tadibaaz bagadbilla a lot, i love you too shivaay.)
Shivaay hugged her tightly expressing all the unsaid emotion in the hug.
That was one of the most memorable night for both of them. Sitting under moonlight secure in each others love, far away from the world they spent the entire night silently cuddling each other and gazing at the stars: for the first time letting the silence to convey all the unsaid emotions.
This memory brought a beautiful smile on her lips which widened as her phone rang-
“Shivaay”flashed the name on the screen.

I hope this was long enough.
I wont be able to upload for about 7-8 days as my exams are starting.
But would update regularly after that.

Do read and give your valuable feedback.
Until next time….☺

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