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Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Anshu was with her grandma and grandpa that night. That night was the most lonely night of/in Shivay’s life. After Tia’s death also he never felt that much lonely but his guilt and the ignorance was killing him from inside. He couldn’t  reveal the actual motive of him behind everything , neither he could go forward and accept Anika back. He was stuck, really and very badly. Days passed. Everyone says the morning Sun represents the start of a new day, a new journey but in the life of both the families, it started with the end of one relationship.

“No… no samdhi ji, why will our Anika suffer for whatever Shivay has done?” Shivay heard Pinky saying this line while he was going to kitchen. He turned and went towards hall. “Unc… uncle ji” he said and folded his hand. “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi, as I promised here are the divorce papers, please do sign them and get yourself freed from this burden of the unwanted relation” Anika’s father kept the papers on Shivay’s hand uttering these (harsh)words. He held those papers and looked at Anika’s father in disbelief. “Why are you looking at me like that, you may have thought that we middle class people never keep our words ? but we do so and this is  its biggest proof, do sign these soon… I am waiting” he ordered. Shivay held those papers tightly and clutched his fist and started to his room. “Shivay you won’t sign the papers, Shivay” Pinky followed him saying this sentence until he reached his room and closed the door on her face. She lowered her eyes and again looked at the closed door and came back to the hall.

“Please samdhi ji, Tianshi is your’s daughter’s daughter, think about Tianshi once” Pinky folded her hands while tears ran down her eyes. Shakthi held her by her shoulders and gave her support. “Pinky, let Anika get freed from this relation where nothing exists, forget about love, not even trust exists… there are many children in this world who grow up without mother our Anshu will also grow up without her mother, and you are there to take care of her, so let Anika live her own life, may be a peaceful life” Shakthi said while Pinky broke down crying bitterly. Anika’s father himself was getting broken from inside but his self respect did not allow him to shed a single tear, he went back.

“You… so you have planned to go far away from me finally, I am successful in my plan, Shivay be happy, you should be happy today Shivay, see your Anika is ready to leave you forever, she is ready to divorce you, be happy Shivay” he spoke to himself and broke down hugging the divorce papers. His tears were making the papers wet, but that day he did not allow anything or anyone to stop his tears.

Shivay was passing by Pinky’s room where he heard Anshu’s cries so he got in to check. It has been days that he has not touched his daughter, he has not tickled her to make her smile. He walked in and was looking at Anshu when another tear oozed out of his eye that he wiped away soon and pulled up Anshu in his arms. His hand touched her diaper and it was wet. He looked around to find no one in the room. The diaper was on the bed, he opened the wet diaper when Anshu was moving continuously making it difficult for him to do his work. “Anshu, don’t move beta” he said calmly after finishing opening her diaper. He started to put the new one when Anshu started to cry as loud as she could and not allowing him to put in the diaper. “Anshu…” he said in a rude voice. He again tried to put in the diaper to which Anshu threw her right leg which hit his nose and “Tianshi…” he said aloud pulling up his hand to slap her while a hard slap landed on his cheek. “How dare you try to slap Anshu” Pinky said and took up Anshu in her arms and started to pacify her.

Shivay went out of the room and went to his peace place, the terrace. He felt the breeze closing his eyes and the smiling face of Anika, the Anika-Anshu moments got played in his mind. His eyes were red when he opened those and hit his fist against wall hard uttering “sorry, I just wanted to make everything fine”

Here in Anika’s house the scene was no different. “Anika beta come here and have food” Anika’s mother called her but no reply came. “Anika…” her mother repeated. Soumya and Ishana looked at each other and bowed their head down. “Maa… I am calling di” Soumya went inside followed by Ishana. They went close to her  while she was lost staring something looking at her phone and tears were flowing down her eyes. “Di…” Soumya jerked Anika and with a very pale and blur vision Anika looked at Soumya “I don’t want to get divorced, please ask baba to bring back the divorce papers… I want to be Anshu’s mother, forever, please ask baba to bring back the divorce papers” Anika kept on saying these words. Ishana and Soumya hugged her from either side and started to brush her back to calm her down.

“Didi, mausa ji will never want bad for you. He is doing everything for your good di… please trust him” Ishana said brushing Anika’s head. “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi has not only insulted you di, but he has insulted us, our family and you only always used to say right that let we die but our family should always be proud and reputed” Soumya soothed her more. These words were true but every situation demands different reaction and so was Anika’s. The trio broke the hug and Anika looked at her phone again.

“What’s in your phone?” Ishana asked. “Di… what’s in your phone?” Soumya repeated the question. Anika without uttering anything showed them the message Shivay has sent her before their marriage to make her agree for the marriage. “Are you crazy?” was the first sentence that Soumya blurted out reading the message. “Why the hell you took such decision then?” she asked again. “I… I…” Anika sobbed and left the sentence incomplete. “But di the decision of marrying him was completely wrong, you should have told about this message earlier” Ishana said. “I am sorry… I just thought…” Anika was saying when Soumya interrupted her in between “why do you even thought to… okay leave it, now everything is done and none of us can change the past, Ishu di and di… let’s go” Soumya pulled Ishu and Anika along with her.

They went out and sat on the dining table to have lunch. Anika went back to her room while Ishana and Soumya went to Soumya’s room. “Why did your face dropped suddenly after reading the message?” Ishana asked Soumya. “I misunderstood Rudra, and I behaved in wrong way with him , so feeling bad” Soumya said. “Let’s call them and let’s sort out everything” Ishana said. “But will he come?” Soumya asked. “If I call then he won’t deny, let’s make  a try at least” Ishana said and dialled the number. Their conversation ended and Soumya apologised to Rudra. “Let’s go” Ishana said and both the sisters went out to meet the two boys, Om and Ru.


There are many questions and every question has an answer. To know more stay tuned for the next episode.

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