Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivaay quickly started searching for ingredients while Anika tried to sit in high chair…
Shivaay “what the wuck …what are you trying to do?”
Anika ” i am trying to sit in high chair”
Shivaay ” you cannot sit in high chair during this stage”
Anika ” but i want to see you cooking…what if you do cheating”
Shivaay ” only you can get such sort of thoughts…how will i cheat?”
Anika ” you only say are SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI..nothing is impossible for you…so even cheating too”
Shivaay ” ok cut it…i will help you in making you sit in high chair…but for God sake be careful while being seated”
Anika ” okay”
Shivaay held her carefully, when she put her one leg on the support stand and raised high…when she put her other leg and was about to sit she was feeling uncomfortable…Shivaay seeing her state put hand on her tummy and the other on her shoulder…Anika looked at him with nervousness running down her spine…Shivaay too reciprocated the looks…after a brief eyelock…both composed each other and Shivaay went to the kitchen platform , to start cooking

Anika “Shivaay you sure you will make it?”
Shivaay “sure”
Anika “pakka?”
Shivaay “yeah yeah”
Anika “confident”
Shivaay “100%”
Anika ” lock kar diya jaaye?”
Shivaay “”whaat…have you gone mad?”
Anika ” Haaww…you don’t know these dialogues?”
Shivaay “what are you saying Anika?”
Anika ” haaww …matlab aapko sacch mein nahi pata”
Shivaay ” nahi pata ”
Anika ” what sort of person you are? Donno the great AB sir’s dialogue…matlab you are not normal”
Shivaay ” now who is this great AB sir?”

Anika ” fail gaya raita…you donno AB sir?”
Shivaay ” now will you kindly explain before i complete chopping veggies”
Anika “okay okay…AB sir neans Amitabh bacchan Sir…kya acting karte hain..his famous dialogue…ham jaha khade hote hain”
Shivaay “wahi se line shuru hoti hain”
Anika’s eyes opened wide in shock
Anika “matlab you know AB sir?”
Shivaay ” no ..i mean ..i have not met him in person..but yeah i have seen him in TV and this dialogue i have listened when my mom watched that movie ”
Anika “okay..waise how much more time for pizza ”
Shivaay gave her a chocolate and said ” eat this till i make the pizza ”
Anika “chocolate…mmm…yummy…i love chocolates ..i wish my baby loves them too”
Shivaay ” no way..i want my baby to eat exotic food like guacamole with tortilla chips, tacos, spinach triffles, croissants”

Anika ” ye sab kya hain..gokamala..”
Shivaay “it’s guacamole”
Anika ” haan wahi..i am not going to make my baby eat all this”
Shivaay ” hey it’s my baby too”
Anika ” no baby..”
Shivaay “okay fine OUR BABY..happy.”
Anika was stunned and Shivaay also was taken by surprise…an uneven silence prevailed for rest of time , as they both tried to avoid looking at each other
Shivaay took the instant Pizza flour mix and prepared the dough and rolled it, while Anika kept a watch at him, enjoying the chocolate…he quickly rolled the dough and placed the chilli panneer he prepared and put it for baking… Shivaay was feeling uncomfortable for the silence, so he cleared his throat and said
Shivaay “20 minutes and Pizza..i mean your chilli panneer pizza will be ready”
Anika smiled still enjoying her chocolate …Shivaay looked at her and smiled
Anika “why are you smiling?”
Shivaay “looking at you”
Anika “what?”
Shivaay ” i swear , i have never seen even a kid eating chocolate like the way you are eating…your hands, mouth , face, dress all smeared with chocolate..i wonder are you eating chocolate or applying …applying..what do you call that ..applying”
Anika ” face pack”
Shivaay “”exactly face pack”
Anika “may be you donno…chocolate is eaten this way…not like cut it , put it , gulp it” she made faces
Shivaay murmured “so cutee”
Anika “did you say anything”
Shivaay “ if you are done…shall we proceed to dining area to have the pizza”
Anika ” i am so hungry that i am not in a position to walk till dining area…can’t i eat here?”

Shivaay ” i cannot believe , you just had chocolate”
Anika ” did i eat…our baby ate”
They again looked at each other
Anika ” i mean my baby ate…what can i do if baby is hungry again”
Shivaay “okk fine…atleast get down that high chair…and clean yourself …i just cannot allow you to eat in this state”
Anika pouted her lips and went to wash basin to clean herself….while cleaning water fell down….Anika turned to return when she slipped …she was about to fall…when Shivaay screamed “anikaaa” and held her
Anika was scared and closed her eyes holding his kurta as tight as possible…
Shivaay made her stand and out of pretty much concern asked ” are you alright? you are not hurt right? Shall i call the doctor”
Anika ” i am fine Shivaay..and so is our baby”
Shivaay hugged her and said “thank God…you are fine..i thought everything …”
Anika “shivaay i am fine…so is our baby” she held his hand and placed her on her tummy
Shivaay touched the tummy with affection ..he touched his mouth with his hand and placed the same hand in tummy of Anika….
Anika looked at him with tears of happiness and smiled
Shivaay after a while composed and said ” your pizza is ready…have it…it’s at apt warm to have it right away”
Anika ” wouldn’t you have it”
Shivaay ” have it”
Anika ” wouldn’t you give company to baby…waise bhi..I don’t want to eat alone”
Shivaay smiled and sat to enjoy the Pizza along with Anika…


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  1. Niriha

    Lovely update ??

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niriha

  2. Superb superb superb…….. update …..wat a episode…..CARING SINGH OBEROI……?????cant wait for next update………..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Mahila, next chapter is posted

  3. Shivaaysingh oberoi se sweet Singh oberoi ban gayi hai pyari anika may bachii ke Liya. What an marvellous change between shivaayanika. Keep it up. Let’s see what will happen to such an extent they became one to each other. You authors fabulous fantastic n already fallen for you yaar

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hahahaha…. haan, abhi to aur bhi bahut kuch banna baaki hai 😛 Thank You so so much Raji. Yeah, let’s wait to know what will happen. Arre yaar, thank you hume itna sara pyaar dene ke liye.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki dear

  5. Awww such a cute part.
    Specially that chocolate and our baby one.
    Waiting for next.
    Was busy so commented on the last chappy late.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Awwwwww thank you
      Next one is posted
      It’s fine Ritu
      Love you too

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