Ishq Subhan Allah 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar takes divorce from Kabir

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Ishq Subhan Allah 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara looks at Kabir but he looks away. She serves him tea. He takes it and puts it away. Zara sits beside him and puts tea in plate from cup. Kabir smiles and takes it. Zara leaves from there. Kabir thinks I will pray for your happiness.
Shahbaz thanks Irfan for serving them and says call our daughter in law. Irfan says we have morals unlike you, people are lucky from where daughters leave. Ruksaar comes there. Irfan says you are like my daughter so I will give your hand to Kabir. Ruksaar says you really want to send me off as your daughter? He nods. Ruksaar says I lost my father in young age and never thought I would get father’s love again. Zeenat hugs her. Ruksaar kisses Irfan’s hand and says you have done favor on me by calling me your daughter, I cant lie, I lied to you all, my plan was something else, I said yes to go with Kabir because I needed time, I cant go with Kabir as I am not his wife. Kabir says you are playing again? You can play but I will take you from here, you are my wife and have to come with me. Irfan sits down. Ruksaar brings papers and says read them carefully. Kabir sees divorce papers that he signed before. Ruksaar says to Irfan that my relation with Kabir was on paper only, I have got witness too as priest. She shows divorce papers and says my nikah is nullified and I am telling truth, I just want Kabir and Zara to become one, Kabir I wont hurt Zara, I really want you and Zara to become one.. can I leave now? I want to go back to my small house. Kabir takes divorce papers and leaves.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir and says you will not ask how I got these papers made? Kabir says I made these papers, when I saw you after eid, I requested for this certificate but how you got it? Ruksaar says I got a call from priest if I agree with it then you came here to take me back but I knew it was because of Zara, I went to priest and pleaded him that we need this certificate as I want to reunite Zara and Kabir. Kabir says it means you are not playing any trick? Ruksaar says I promise. Kabir says maybe you have really changed, its difficult for me to accept it but if I get to know that you are about to hurt Zara or anyone else then it will be bad for you. He leaves.

Scene 2
Zara is crying. Azra says dont cry, what Kabir did with you, Ruksaar did it with you. Zara says Kabir is doing all this as a duty, he was ready to accept her when he hates her just because of duty.. then why didnt he think to come and see me when I was in coma? Azra asks her to not cry, I will cheer you up.

Kabir offers prayer in mosque and thank God for sending Ruksaar away from his life, he prays for Zara’s happiness.

Irfan comes to Ruksaar with Zara. Irfan says you can live with us till rain season ends. Zara says yes you are living here.

Kabir gets call from a priest. Kabir says lets meet in cafe.

Kabir comes to cafe. Irfan and Salma is there too. He hears them. Irfan says he didnt come till now? Salma says what if Zara doesnt agree? Irfan says Zara shouldnt know about this, thats why we are here. Salma says our troubles are increasing, till when we will keep hiding this from Zara? Irfan says our problems can increase but Zara shouldnt know about this, Kabir have given her so many wounds so let her heal. Salma says till when we will keep hiding this? Kabir thinks what they are hiding from Zara?

PRECAP- Salma says to Irfan that if name is not good then its not good. Irfan says we dont have a choice, Zara’s treatment costed us a lot, I had to sell my printing press, I want to pay this debt before I die. Kabir is shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Writers, while we are thankful that y’all rectified ur mistake with Rukshar’s forced marriage to kabeer (and also made us totally hate her character ?) this is not the revelation we expected ? this is minor compared to what we want to see… Shahbaz is the main culprit and needs to be exposed now !!! btw, I hope this does not mean that Zara shud go running back to Kabeer either… I hv had enough of him humiliating his own wife ? n I am totally ready for another makeover for her, as well as a new love interest ?

    Precap: OMG !!! I do believe that Qazi Irfan has taken a “proposal” for Zara by selling off the press business to “new guy” when she was on her deathbed and in order to cover her medical expenses ??? omg!!! Qazi sold his daughter !!! ??

  2. Leisa s morris

    Even though I had hoped im surprised and happy ruksaar give him divorce.Now time for new man in zaras life and kabirs pain. Wonder who bought d printing press maybe shabvaz. Kabir I wouldnt put anytinh pass dis snake of afather of urs.

  3. I wonder why it’s a problem to bring kabir and zara together. it is often the same problem with all those series.neither can kabir find out that his evil father is doing this to him.
    how can you as a writer make such a series. fathers protect their children. the thoughts of this writer are terribly dirty. bring the couple together and let them solve the problems together. and writer please stop this topic from kabir his father. it takes way too long and it gets boring.we don’t need a third person in the marriage. every time they promote triangle love. you can never be a good writer.

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