Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ tells Antra truth

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Antra says why are you behaving weirdly? AJ says your wait made me weird. I waited and missed you every moment. It only gave me pain. But time doesn’t stop for anyone. I didn’t want any change. But time changed me. He recalls how he met Guddan. AJ says the AJ you knew was only yours but.. Antra says but he changed? I know it’s not easy. I know time changed you but only thing that didn’t change is your love for me. All this pain, I will turn it into happiness. SHe hugs him. Antra says this distance will bring us together. AJ leaves the room. Antra sits in tears.

Durga recalls her insult. She puts water on her head. Saru says what are you doing and this milk.. Durga says Guddan did this. And she wont. ANtra couldn’t come close to AJ. She said ANtra can’t come between AJ and her. But what if we remove Guddan from between? We have to tell Antra. Saru says but she would die. Durga says someone has to take the pain so Guddan can be blamed. Tomorrow will be their last day of love.

Scene 2
AJ comes to Gudan’s room. He says what is my shirt doing on the bed. She says your take so much space on the bed I got used to of sleeping on side. So I kept it here. guddan’s slips on him. AJ says you won’t have to live alone for long. She says did I ask? I didn’t mind anything. I know you are in a trouble. He says thank you.

Antra sees the old photos. She says these look so good. Durga says you an AJ look good together. ANd your hand marks are still in the temple. Antra says yes this house couldn’t forget me. Let me go and see them. she sees another set of hands. She says are these of DILs? She asks all DILs to put hands on them but the size of the palm doesn’t match. Antra says come here Guddan. Sau says she is a guest. Antra says let me just check. Antra asks Guddan to put hands on it. The size matches. Guddan is worried. Antra says ma.. what are her hands mark doing here? What’s happening here? Gudan says this was a mistake. I was doing pooja and I did this. Antra says these were my right. These were my hands, how could you have yours next to mine. Stay in your limits. Remove them from your own hands now. AJ comes and stops Antra. He holds Guddan’s hand. He says Guddan won’t remove anything. She has an understanding of all relationship. She is saving your life with all this. Guddan says but.. AJ says I can’t stay silent anymore. Antra says leave her hand. AJ says I won’t leave my wife’s hand. ANtra says what.. He says Antra, Guddan is my wife. Guddan AJ, MIL of this house. SHe was living here as a guest to save your life. This house is hers and these marks her right as well. Antra starts crying. AJ says I am sorry I know you’re in pain. Life and time have changed in all these years. We hid it for your health. Antra says you married someone else? Dadi says you wrote these letters to AJ. You asked him to get married. You wanted him to move forward in life with a partner who can beat his heart again. And remove the pain of your loss from his heart. Guddan is that person. Antra says I wrote all this. But I didn’t know time will bring me back. AJ says I am sorry. Dadi says as your last wish, he agreed to this marriage. Their marriage had to go through a lot. And then we kept their wedding. It was their engagement when you came. They lied to save your life. Antra leaves. Guddan says I have to do something big to fix all this.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Dis durga really is a nasty piece of wrk she dont even care if someone has yo die as long as she gets rid of guddan smh. As for fake/real antra shes not gonna let it go just say and guddan will b d one to pay despite her wanting to ease d pain

  2. I really wish this Antara track Will get over soon…OMG there are clips circulating that shows her seducing AJ….she is clearly not ready to give up on him…is she real or fake Antara? And if he falls for her again? Bechare Guddan….so sweet and innocent! Really can’t watch this!!! Switching over to KumKum Bhagya….I can rather watch Abhi…..At least he is not blind to his family’s mistakes and evil plans and has slapped his evil sister Aaliya … How AJ has not realised that Durga is the biggest evil in his home is baffling

  3. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.
    because such shows are disappointing, just problems. Rawat and parv are coming back so only problems for guddan and akshat. they still can’t get engaged and have their first night. just because your own family doesn’t want you.Rawat and parv are coming back so only problems for guddan and akshat. they still can’t get engaged and have their first night. just because your own family doesn’t want you.Rawat and parv are coming back so only problems for guddan and akshat. they still can’t get engaged and have their first night. just because your own family doesn’t want you.
    is terrible.

    1. Greta, they already married….This is just formality…..why they didn’t have a proper suhaag raat, I don’t know? AJ and Guddan keep on falling into each other’s arms and that is where it stops…..he hasn’t even kissed her yet!!#… false Antara is messing with his mind and trying yo seduce him!! AJ doesn’t know how to handle the situation….Really AJ, you either love Guddan or you don’t….you make promises to Guddan and her father which by the looks of it you won’t be able to keep!!! I’m really disappointed in this track…..and now there are rumours of a leap, where Guddan has left AJ and is all alone while Antara and AJ lives a happy married life…I pray that this is fake news! If there is a leap, I hope that Guddan at least have a child that she raises with the help of her family and that she makes a great success of her life…Maybe she should become like AJ was before, alone, angry, strong with that soft loving Guddan traits reserved for her child only? I hope they bring in a male hunk for Guddan……so that AJ can really get jealous and realise what he has thrown away? This applies only if leap happens ….what do you think?

  4. Guys sorry that certain sentences are always repeated.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice and cute morning secene???? Akshat went to Guddan room like theif and they had sooo cute romantic moment….
    I hope Guddan doesn’t scarifice her love while saving Akshat and Antra…
    Sometime Antra look real and act soooo psycho that I believe she is obessessed for Akshat???????
    Today will be maha episode where Guddan will shoot Akshat??????

    1. Actually dis shooting and all is drama of akshan to expose oerv as he ran away or smtg and blackmailed guddan to shoot aj so akshan are doing maha natak in maha episode. And yes antraa will agree to akshan relation and they ll soon get engaged and rawats entry is for revealing antra biggest secret i donno whats that secret but he is not goin to be villaniuos this time, and for sure antra is doing some big Kaand by acceltin akshan relation and getting them engaged happily

  6. Leisa s morris

    Seeing dat antra is no longer ajs wife,she has been gone for longer than five yrs,and seeing dat she knows guddan is his wife now shouldnt she leave d house? But no zee writers always makes it possible for D OTHER WOMAN to always reside in d marital home causing problems. Either it wont b fair to just throw her out,or where would she go and so forth and so forth sighhhhh. Fake/real antra wants aj and dat is recipe for guddans broken marriage. Dont know bout d shooting scene,writers are always writing crap so expect anything. As for a leap as I always say leaps r unnecessary if it isnt needed and I dont c d need for writers to keep doing leaps in their serials especially with dis serial at dis point and time. But as I said writers will do their crap and we will just abide as we cant do anyting since dey dont even take our advice.

  7. Yes leisa you’re right. I suspect that Guddan Akshat shoots down the plan of the two. they certainly want antra to admit it if she is real or false

  8. Leisha you so right…but Antara fake or not has a brother….she,should stay with him!.. in South Africa we only see maha episide on Tuesday……also no need to bring in this crazy episode now. …Parv kidnap Guddans dad and forces her to shoot AJ….who clearly doesn’t die……as for Rawat, whether he helps Guddan or Antara remains to be seen…I don’t like AJ’s future character change…..I don’t like where this show is heading to…..reminds me of Piya Albela that also started brilliantly and then ended after only 2 years… sad right now

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