Ishq Subhan Allah 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir marries Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Scene 1
Kabir gets inspector’s call and says only you can save Ruksaar by marrying her, her life is in your hands. Kabir looks at his hand where Zara wrote her name in heart with mehndi. He recalls Zeenat’s promise. Kabir is worried. Kabir looks around on roads, Tai hai plays as he recalls his moments with Zara.

Ruksaar is lying in cell in tears. An officer comes to her and says there is a good news for you, someone wants to marry you. Ruksaar laughs and says you are joking? who would marry a person dying tomorrow. Officer says its Kabir Ahmed. Ruksaar stops laughing and is shocked. She asks what? Officer says Kabir wants to marry you. Ruksaar says really? promise on God, officer says swear on God, Kabir wants to marry you. Ruksaar starts sobbing and

thanks God, she says God gave me the biggest happiness, I will become Ruksaar Kabir Ahmed. Officer says he wants to marry you today, he is waiting for you. Ruksaar says my childhood dream will fulfill, I dont care if I die, she lifts officer and hugs her, she says I am so happy.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir in cell and runs to him, she falls on his back. Kabir holds her, Ruksaar tries to hug him but he asks her to move back. Ruksaar says you have come to marry me? Kabir says yes. Ruksaar cant believe it and says to officer that you were right. Reema calls Kabir, she says Zara is not in hospital. Kabir says do anything, find Zara, I have to talk to her at any cost, ask Imran to find her, Reema says okay, are you fine? Kabir ends call. Ruksaar says to Kabir that Zara called? I have to tell her this news, I am so happy, I so elated, I am the happiest bride of world, my last day would become my best day, I would live my whole life in this day, I will go and get ready as a bride, she stumbles and leaves from there. Kabir is in tears.

Scene 2
Zara comes to dargah and prays for Ruksaar and Zeenat. A priest stops her and looks at her, he is stunned and says oh God, have mercy on this girl, he asks Zara to pray to end bad days for you, all problems to end for you, you are going to lose someone close to you soon, go and pray. Zara is tensed. Priest leaves.

Ruksaar is getting ready for nikah, she does her makeup and wears jewelry.
Zara comes to dargah to pray. She prays for Ruksaar and Zeenat’s life and safety.
Kabir is getting ready for wedding. His alter image asks him what he is doing? Kabir says marrying Ruksaar, image asks him what about Zara? the one you love so much, the one you promised to life with, if you do this then Zara will die while living, just think before doing it, dont try to save someone so much that you end up killing your love. Kabir shouts that God knows I am marrying her to save her life only. Inspector comes there and asks him to come for nikah, Kabir calls Zara but her phone is off. Kabir is tensed.
Kabir comes to wedding venue, he is tensed. Ruksaar smiles at him and cant contain her happiness. Kabir asks for water and calls Zara again but she doesnt pick up. Priest starts nikah but Kabir asks for water again, he keeps stalling so Zara can pick up his phone but she doesnt. Priest asks Ruksaar when Hamdan died? she says 3 months and 25 days, Priest says your iddat(mourning days) have ended and you can marry Kabir. He asks if she accepts nikah with Kabir for 25k AED with Kabir? Ruksaar instantly says that I accept this nikah, I accept it. Priest asks Kabir if agrees to marry Ruksaar? Kabir is tensed. He recalls his moments with Zara and is worried, then he recalls Ruksaar pleading to save her.

Zara is leaving from dargah but slips. Reema comes there and holds her. Reema tells Zara that Kabir have been calling you, why your phone is off? Check it. Zara recalls how she turned it off and didnt switch is on.
Priest asks Kabir if he agrees with nikah? Kabir doesnt answer, Priest says your silence can be taken as no. Inspector says to Kabir that we have less time, Kabir looks at phone and recalls how he promised Zeenat that he wont let anything come inbetween saving Ruksaar.

Reema sees Zara’s phone not working and says its gone, Zara says Kabir gifted this so it cant die like this, Reema says you trust him so much? Zara says I trust him more than my life.
Priest asks Kabir if he accepts this marriage? Kabir is sad and says yes I accept this marriage, I do, I do, I do. He sees his phone ringing and Zara calling, he is in tears while Ruksaar cant stop smiling.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Ruksaar that till I am alive, I am of Zara, my life is for Zara only, I did this nikah to save you, tell me why you were sent to jail? what were the conditions that you had to take that step? Ruksaar cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kabir got trapped by Rukhsar, Zeenat and Shahbaz

    1. What is all shown is thorough stupidity no religion teaches us to do all this

    2. I agree with that….so true

  2. This is all utter nonsense i feel the director never had any story to show further,is this the way to show that kabir getting married to rukshar,u think public are fools to take all this,In which community does this happen… something through which people who watch can learn something good rather then showing all this nuisance which takes people on the wrong track,why do u want to make rifts in people happy married life by giving all this foolish ideas,No religion teaches all this crap…..i am sure the trp of this serial will detoriate.

  3. I think they are promoting polygamy which is accepted in that religion….and that is probably the new topic…after triple talak…

  4. No woman wants to be the 2nd best in our husband’s life.
    Just as our husbands don’t want to be the 2nd best in their wives lives.
    Even if the 1st wife says “yes” to a second wife it’s to please her husband and not herself.
    We women go through hell in our own homes just to save our self respect.
    We fear the gossiping from family, friends and neighbors.
    Our nearest and dearest ones judge us the harshest.
    Can Zara have the same right to remarry without Kabeer’s consent?

  5. All the comments are so true!!! No religion teaches this crap!! Very poor writing. They should be ashamed of doing this to a religion!!! I hope this don’t get any high rating especially this week. Feel for Adnan and Esha they are such good actors telling people that it’s okay to have more than one wife. I know the Muslim religion says that but no one I know who are Muslim practice this. The writers went back 100 years!! I’m not from India and hope it’s not this way there.

    1. Unfortunately Indy, polygamy is legal in many and mostly Muslim majority countries across the world, in Middle East, Jordon, etc…
      in India it’s not legal but since India is a secular country and there is no uniform civil code the constitution cannot stop people from following religious personal laws… only Muslims follow polygamy in India…it’s a punishable offence for Hindus as per the law and Hindu marriage act…
      I know it’s a touchy topic but these are facts….even in 21st century….

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