Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal gets divorce for Nandini from Rajdeep

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal finds Nandini trembling on the floor. He consoles Nandini and says she isnt wrong or sinful. He won’t spare the one responsible of all this.
Rajdeep was asleep when the doorbell continuously rings. As soon as he opens the door, Kunal breaks in and questions how dare Rajdeep harassed Nandini. Rajdeep insists that Nandini is his wife and he has been into her house for more than ten time since the restraining orders. Now he has the strength of women activists who pulled her out and blackened her face. He will continue running her image in front of the society until she loses all her respect and thrown out of the apartment. Kunal stood silently, and thanks Rajdeep for confessing everything. Police and lawyer enter the house then and had enough evidence to make a strong case

against Rajdeep now.
Mauli returns home. Mamma was worried where she had been. Mauli takes a seat and cries saying she ended up everything, her promises of seven lives with Kunal and their marriage. She has filed a divorce against Kunal. The court gave them one month time period to reconsider their case. If Kunal couldn’t understand his importance in her life in seven years, how he would reconcile with her in one month. He belongs to someone else now. Dida cries hearing this all, her limbs tremble while she goes faint on her wheel chair. Pramilla find Dida unconscious and calls Mauli for help. Mauli checks Dida’s nerve, she was taken aback.
Kunal tells Rajdeep that people like Rajdeep are defeated by brains. Rajdeep denies doing anything, it were the women activists. Kunal says he understand Rajdeep is a stupid man. The lawyer places charges of domestic violence, harassment of Nandini, breaking restraining orders, breaking into her house and attempt to murder (compelling Nandini for suicide) was all that he accepted. Rajdeep accuses Kunal of adultery. The lawyer says Nandini has served him divorce papers, and forces Rajdeep to sign them. He denies but the lawyer says Nandini isn’t a personal property of Rajdeep. Rajdeep signs the papers. Kunal says this is the difference between love and stubbornness, she might forget what Rajdeep did but will always be grateful of this freedom today. Rajdeep goes with the police. Kunal thinks Nandini is truly free today.
Mauli calls the hospital for cardiac doctor and emergency team to reach her home as they can’t move the patient. Mamma rubbed Dida’s hands and feet. Mauli says nothing can happen to Dida.
Nandini has a nightmare about the event on the day. She trembled in the bed. The doorbell rings. Nandini shuts her ears tightly while the lady’s voice echo in her mind. She gets a call from Kunal to open the door. She hurriedly runs to open the door. Nandini was cautious and tells him to leave, those activist may come here again. Kunal assures no one is here, only they are here. Nandini forbids him connect himself to her. She is a filthy woman. Kunal holds her there and says neither are they filthy, nor is their relation. They are only unlucky, their love isn’t wrong completely. They can be called as weak but now wrong. People might call them irresponsible, confused, selfish but not wrong or filthy. They have hurt their family and must bear the pains.
The doctor advices Mauli and Mamma not to give them any kind of emotional trauma and stress as her condition is stable but weak. Mamma goes to leave the doctor to the door. Dida wakes up. Mauli asks her to take some rest for a while. Dida requests her to let her speak and lighten her heart. Dida says it’s not the time for her to die, she only has a wish from Mauli. Mauli promises anything. Dida asks Mauli to give another chance to her marriage.
Kunal tells Nandini that people have no right to punish them, it’s only their relation’s right. Only law can control the rules, not society. He has gone to that same law today and got some space for themselves.
Dida says she doesn’t claim Mauli as wrong, or justifies Kunal. Marriages don’t happen again. She and Kunal married, but they all were tied through this one thread. If it breaks, everyone will scatter.
Nandini reads the divorce papers signed by Rajdeep. Tears fell off her face. Kunal promises to always live with Nandini now.
Dida asks Mauli to give the one month its full chance. Mauli says its really difficult for Kunal to return from where he has reached. Dida insists that Mauli brought her from death. She doesn’t advice Mauli to bear the unjust attitude of Kunal, but we sometimes forgive our blood relations and friends in life as well, then why now our companion?
Kunal asks Nandini to stay strong and fight with the world now.
Dida says they can’t deny Kunal is wrong, she joins her hands to Mauli to forgive Kunal. Both cry hard.

PRECAP: Kunal promises to live with Nandini, they are together for a new beginning. There at home, Dida asks Kunal to treat their marriage in the one month granted by court.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bull shit episode, hate dida today how can she force mauli to live with that man, dida go n see what ur grandson doing, pathetic promise by both cheaters,

    Guys nandhini will move away from mauli n Kunal life n after that she will become businesswomen spoilers are telling, so guys surely we won’t get maulis journey instead we will get to see that nandhini journey,

    1. Nandini a businesswoman? Even thinking about it makes me roll my eyes. If they show her growing realistically, it might seem possible. But taking the easy way out, and just transforming her through a leap is cheating. So may people profess this to be ‘realistic’. Well realistically, people take years, medication and counselling to get over such kind of abuse and trauma. They dont just automatically become successful because their abuser is gone. I still wont mind Nandini’s growth as an independent woman. It can be made inspiring for many other abuse victims. But leap? No.

    2. Well we’ll see the trp plummet from 2.0 to 0.2! You know the week of confrontation by Mauli got the highest trp for the show. People connected to Mauli’s character. She’s the most genuine character in recent years on Indian serials. Rest all were typical bechari abla naari, beginning she’s a strong woman later she’ll be fighting for her husband. Be it for his health, his business with 3rd grade villains who influence him. Argh. I think Indian serial writers are obsessed with the concept of woman being the weaker creature. Wearing exotic jewelleries, wearing makeup to bed and a rich Banda who is a business magnate but stays and gossips with households women all day long.

    3. Kunal is really wasting mauli time. He is a bleady b*t*her who falls for women’s beauty. Such a shameless character is kunal same applies to nandini.mauli shouldn’t have committed to dida’s word’s. Now it’s again dragging drama. Rajdeep did a good job by blackening nandini Face. Now both mauli nd kunal live in d same room but as stranger’s and kunal can’t tolerate mauli presence in nandini place. Hope he won’t harm mauli

  2. Well… I’m conflicted about today’s episode.

    I absolutely loved the fact that Kunal got the divorce…

    I hate what dida did. I know she’s only thinking what she thinks is best but mauli is going to suffer and it’s going to suck

    I agree that society cannot dictate the rules and I absolutely agree that only relations can.. I agree that love can happen anytime, any where and with anyone.

    I’m not begrudging Kunal and nandini their love. They could have been happy.

    But if relations had a right to scold them, the same relations had the right to know about your love for nandini.

    Mauli deserved to know the truth.
    Mamma, dida everyone did.

    Kunal and nandini had a responsibility which they unheeded.

    Their love is not wrong. But their actions are a mistake.

    Temptation is a seductress and I just wish they had thought once, just once about mauli..

    But I think, this was one of the better episodes in recent times..

    Have I mentioned how much I loved rajdeep going to jail?

    Also… Yesterday someone said nandini deserved to have her face blackened. I feel really bad that people can think like that even today.

    Wonder what’s going to happen from now on. Hope this one month thing doesn’t happen and they move on from their lives.

    What Kunal said was true. Nandini would forget the abuse but she’ll always remember the freedom.

    Mauli may not forget the past but she deserves freedom as well. Freedom from Kunal and nandini and freedom from guilt and obligations.

    Anywho, magnificent acting by all 3 💙

    1. Completely agree with you. i dont understand why people feel calling a woman names is acceptable. I dont think Kunal and Nandini were wrong to fall in love. But they were wrong in hurting Mauli. What i love most is that this show is unpredictable unlike most telly shows. I think it would be wonderful to watch Kunal and Nandini fight for their relationship and at the same time Mauli learning to move on and find the will to forgive. I so want to see her with another male lead. Someone as bold and fiery as her.

  3. Why Dida wants Mauli to forgive? Kunal has already promised Nandini he will live with her. Forcing Mauli to still try to live with Kunal is an insult to her. I dont want to see this track where Mauli tries for Dida but breaks down internally everyday. This will only give Mauli more pain because again and again Kunal will chose Nandini. But i can feel Dida’s pain too. Situations have reached a point where she has to either chose living with Kunal or Mauli, she is seeing her home breaking to pieces in her old age. It is hard to bear. Surprisingly, Kunal didn’t once think of the consequences of his actions on his wife, mother, or old grandma. Even now he is running for Nandini while his Dida is having heart attacks because of his actions.
    If Kunal will live with Nandini now, then why he was shocked when Mauli asked for divorce. Judge gave them time. But Kunal doesnt need time. He has already made decision.
    This whole sequence is so awful to bear. Thankfully Rajdeep is in jail and i hope Nandini/Kunal stop getting physically harassed to generate sympathy. Just end this sequence soon and show Mauli finding her way back to happiness.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally Nandini Got divroce from that Rajdeep, I hope every women should learn (not to towards extra martial affair) that its wrong to bear domestic voilence, harresments etc, as after effect is very bad.. I am hating dida today, she is repeating her mistake again, firstly she asked Nandini to do patch up with Rajdeep, now she want Mouli to do patch up with Kunal, how can she do that just because of old thoughts that they should give one more chance…. I liked the way Kunal handled Rajdeep and his words were true : pyar aazadi deta hai kaid nhi karta, and pyar or zidd me farq hota hai (most powerful dialogues after so many days)..

    1. Well his zidd is what made him break his beautiful house by his own selfish hands. Mauli granting him freedom for everything made him lose his sane mind and cuz of this the one who gave him that freedom is trapped in her own jail. Poor girl won’t be able to trust anyone without doubting their intentions. This dialogue not only applies to Rajeev but it also applies to @ss Kunal too. He is a perpetrator as well.

    2. Mauli ‘pyar’ is true.She gave Kunal his ‘azadi ‘ so that he will be happier free from her bond.Mauli is best.

  5. This show has so much potential. I dont know why the writers chose to show people falling out of love in a happy marriage and the relation being blessed by god. Nandini’s track was going good with her finding the courage the separate from Rajdeep. The scenes where she slaps him or breaks her mangalsutra are powerful. But they spoiled everything with an unnecessary EMA track, i wonder how the story will move forward (ignoring the rumors of surrogacy or Mauli getting Kunal/Nandini married or Nandini being a businesswoman.) I seriously dont want a leap at this point. I want to see each of their struggle. I want to see what happens to Kunal’s empty clinic. I want to see what happens if Nandini ever tries to restart her cooking class. I want to see how Mauli picks herself up. If her doctor friends support her. If Kunal is isolated because he is ashamed to meet his old friends now. If these experiences leave a bitter taste in Mauli’s subconscious
    The story had a big event that broke every relationship that existed in their lives yet. Taking a leap at this point would take away so much from the story. Most of all it will take away the pain that Kunal and Nandini’s decision will cause to everyone. After the leap, everyone will shown to have accepted the EMA and living their lives despite it.
    at this point I also want Nandini to undergo counselling and see a psychiatrist. The process of trying to get over the trauma is important. But in India, that part is often overlooked. People are expected to simply get over it. But if they see the process on their screens, it would send a good message. Sigh. This is me expecting something mature from a show that glorifies EMA. Such good actors, but all potential wasted on cliche story lines (If rumors are to be believed)

    1. First comment ever.
      So true. when will we fulfill the hunger of justified emotions, struggle and the flow of each character
      I used to wach n still watch any kind of serie, but Few series like this leave me like, ‘ no please this is not done’

    2. Well said.

  6. Extra slow claps for makers. They finally justified ema openly. So the story now will be gandhini becoming an extra successful businesswoman whereas Mauli will be stuck with this @ss Kunal? I’m extremely dissapointed. I expected makers to atleast show chapters of Mauli moving on. But no. Same old illogical stuff shown like the rest of the serials. I just don’t get how a business supposedly grows 1000 folds within a year. Yaar for this to happen gandhini is one heck of a masterpiece or is just plain lucky. I tell you, Indian serials and their logic never ceases to amaze me. And who would blacken face in cities? Just pathetic logic. Well if love can happen even if you’re happily married to the spouse you love, God bless those spouses who are going through infidelity from their partners. There is no justification for affairs. It’s better to accept that you just fell out of lust (not love) with your better half and fell in lust with another. At least don’t name affairs as love.

  7. Dida make mauli look weak as she post accept a man that cheats like nothing happened that not good for showing that men can get away with it not suffering their actions.also make women look dumb

  8. How can dida compelled mauli to live with kunal? I mean this is ridiculous. That man is ridiculous. He first broke Mauli’s trust. He was in an extramarital affair. And now saying to Nandini that they are not wrong. If they are not wrong then who is wrong? That girl who trusted her husband & best friend blindly? There is limit of shamelessness. But kunal & Nandini are beyond the limit of shamelessness

  9. Kunal can shout as a lion since this was done by rajdeep.instead of this was done by mouli What he has to say.

    Kunal and nadini must have forgotten that mouli is the first who went in front of law to get the justice for nandini from rajdeep.
    Mouli is the first one went infront of law to give the freedom for kunal.

    Society was seeing a happily married couple for past seven years.but due to woman who comes in to their life one month ago their happy life ended.which is love or lust whatever .why do not society will talk about such a thing.

    Police will act upon physical violence that they could vitness. But who will act upon sevear mental violence created and who is trying to bear with herself like mouli did.

    I agreed with one thing kunal accpted that they have hurt their families. That is they have done something wrong.he said they must bear the pain.that is they must get the punishment.

    Kunal and nandini will have to bear the pain until their death even though they have become successful in many ways.

  10. How selfish nandini is..she isn’t bothered about mauli…she just want kunal….she always tried to impress kunal….how shameless kunal soon as mauli filed divorce he promised to nandini to live with her..I wish nandini doesn’t get her luv as she snatched someone else’s luv..n mauli shouldn’t forgive kunal for wat he did…he is not worth for maulis luv…makers should bring de story as nandini never gets kunal n kunal should realise leaving mauli was his lifes biggest mistake n nandini was just an infatuation…

  11. I can see lot of hate for dida. But in reality this is how older one will react. I can understand didas pain because at her oldage time her family is breaking everyone wants to save it from breaking so she is requesting mouli but i guess dida will realise then there grandson has gone so far with nandini in this month then no one will ask mouli to give a chance to kunal again but its very sad to see mouli like this.

    No one words for kunal baabu its waste of time even to talk about him

  12. Actually I forgot to add one more thing
    We are in modern 21st century society but we are hailing from highly civilized nation which have a proud history. Still we value the concept of family.
    Through out this serial mouli was seen fullfilling all her responsiblities towards her family husband in-laws and for friend unconditionally while love boy kunal is hanging around only on one person.mouli is still doing it.
    At the end kunal is coming up only with thousands talks.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  13. DannyComments

    Damn..Nandini has gone through so body deserves to live like this..don’t care what people say but if Kunal is the only good thing in her life so be it! Mauli will be fine. People still move on after getting divorced. Don’t know why she should be forced to stay with Kunal and share him..not fair on all three of them!

    1. Well thatI doesn’t justifies Nandini of romancing her besties’ husband behind her back. Mauli loves Kunal unconditionally. No matter how much strong a person is. There is still a weakness. Mauli’s weakness was Kunal. She lost him. She’s tough and strong on outside bjt on the inside she’s shattered. Don’t know how you people justify it. Yes Nandini has gone through a lot but it doesn’t means she needs to find happiness by destroying someone else happiness

  14. Did you all think kunal spoke to general audiance or society so so funny how could he do.he talked to rajdeep and nandini only.he became a guru for another two cheaters.

    If mouli came with society women what kunal has to say

    When mouli asked about his and nandinis relationship he didn’t utter a word.

    When mama accused him he was silent

    He does not have any word for joyti

    When judge asked about reason for divorce he remained silent.

    Where were his justifications and explanations
    Why he did not come in front of all and talk about his true love.
    Must be geniuin kunal does not want to hurt anybody.innocent kunal must have planned to enjoy with nandini secretly with out hurting his family.

    Finally he became hero of cheaters.

  15. I bet Kunal said the same thing ( now we will live together forever) to Mauli too 😂 and then left her just after 7 years, & again going to leave Nandini soon too 😂👏👏

  16. Dida stupid, what if Mauli had affair with Rajdeep and if itvgets known, will u old shitty women ask ur grandson to give chance to mauli.Idiot old lady,u urself cant manage relation with ur Daughter-in-law who takes care of u like Daughter. Shame on such elders who by hook or crook would force their decisions on others.

  17. What kind of insensitive lady this Kunal’s granny is…As her grandson is strengthening his relationship with Nandini ,she is forcing Mauli to forgive him and give a chance to their marriage…What is Dida expecting from a guy who has not even cared to give a call either to his mother and grand mother,( leave alone Mauli) since he left home,…What difference does it make to the couple’s already damaged relationship at this juncture……Yes,she can emotionally blackmail both Kunal and Mauli into giving a second chance to their marriage,but Mauli as well as the viewers know that Kunal is a changed man now…. Like all the guilty try to justify their wrong doings ,Kunal is doing the same …..Just a few hours back he met Mauli in the court ….Except for a few exclamations of surprise,there was not much emotion in him….All through the proceedings ,he just stood there staring at Mauli….If he thinks that his relationship with Nandini is not wrong ,why did he keep quiet when the judge was asking them the reason for this drastic decision….He should have proudly announced that he loves another woman now after seven years of marriage ..What a hypocrite he is… the court he stood as if his mouth was sealed and after a few hours he goes to Nandini and justifies their actions….Just disgusting….I don’t know what Mauli is going to do ,but no woman with self respect should allow herself to be humiliated like this…..Once the trust iis lost ,the marriage is lost….may be in the olden days ,like Dida’s times , women might have lumped their husbands’ EMAs due to many social as well as financial constraints…..Now we are financially independent and so equal partners in a marriage..absolutely no need for compromise …A wife’s love for her husband should not become her weak point to be exploited…The writers have already hurt Mauli so much…I hope they won’t subject this graceful girl to the ultimate humiliation of sharing him with Nandini…..If that happens,I know ths forum will be almost empty …

  18. Like seriously….
    Kunal is so shameless…
    He is saying that he has to fulfill his promise made to nandini…what abt mauli 😡
    Did he not promise her toh be with her always when he married her??? And true love nvr dies….
    Did he ever lv mauli???
    And dida does not know how far his grandson has gone??? And nandini still doesn’t go away from kunal and mauli’s life….
    How stupid…😡😡
    Kk.. I agree that nandini did suffer a lot but that does not mean she will brk the home of others…nd her bff specially…
    This is ridiculous😠
    Only mauli is getting hurt..🙁🙁
    Kunal nd nandini r enjoying their togetherness….
    Nd kunal is trying to justify his pure love for nandini…whoaa…was his love for mauli a pure joke…

    Pls mkrs, introduce a new track..
    I hope kunal and nandini realise their mistake soon n there is some positiveness in the show…😕😕

  19. Dida shouldn’t have-forced Mauli, she don’t deserve it, she deserves happiness. I hate kunal to core, he is sure that he is not wrong, yes I too agree that society has no role in their lives, but what did he say, he hurts his close one, no man,Kunal you just killed them, betrayed them, broke their trust, their soul, you moron. How can he just forget Mauli, even after the court scene. You saw her state kunal, her sadness, but just by seeing Nandini miserable, you forgot Mauli. Shame on man Kunal is!
    Nandhini is very selfish, all she is worried is about the blame she got, but not at all bothered for her best friend, who came as an angel in her life. She still wants to be with kunal? How mean??

  20. We are not interested in Nandini’s journey. Just want to show mauli’s journey but if they dont show maulis journey then i will stop watching this show forever. Dont like to see nandini drasti ‘s face. Kunalnandini have no regrets and they want to make nandini mahaan lady nothing else. Dont want to spoil my mood so its better to stop watching this show. They are not going to show as per our expectations. Ok then bye bye silsila …bec of nandini only. I hate her character cant tolerate her and cant watch mauli weak.

  21. i hate Nandini for breaking marriges

  22. I hope Rajdeep gets released from prison and makes kunal pay for his bullshit. Yes! Rajdeep did his own wickedness but kunal is worse and without a conscious. He clearly got rajdeep to divorce nandini for his own selfish reasons, i mean who does that. Kunal is the worst player in history, his pure evil. To think he doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions, come on. And his going both sides professing love and commitment to both women, his getting the best of both worlds and dida doesn’t want to see that his grandson is wicked. He has been spoiled by all the women in his life that his doing worse than Rajdeep who has his shit together. I won’t blame him for being a man who wanted his wife’s love eventually and nandini couldn’t be bothered to see that. She is just a witch and I hope karma comes for both of them. If in real life you can do bad and pay for it eventually, kunal and nandini should too and with a heavy price. Mauli really deserves the world, she’s an exceptional woman, kunal doesn’t deserve him in anyway. He is a bastard and everyone is just trying to sugarcoat his nonsense. Nandini should grow up and get her shit together, she’s too dependant and pathetic. Mauli can do better than Kunal so much better. And kunal can go to hell because at this point even rajdeep has a chance of going to heaven as he has a conscious unlike kunal who treats others but couldn’t fix the mess in his own home. Who wants a useless man like him? His life is basically got no direction. It’s the women that hold it up. His just useless and immature.

    1. Totally agree and wish for same

  23. Like seriously….what the hell is kaunal dialogue coming from!!!!!
    is so shameless…
    He is saying that he has to fulfill his promise made to nandini…what abt mauli 😡
    Did he not promise her toh be with her always when he married her??? And true love nvr dies….
    Did he ever lv mauli???

  24. Many says why can’t we accept women (Nandhini ) she needs love so she falls… Please guys be generous ..A women can love any but not the one who is already in love and is in a relationship..Even if the male b**** came to her she should stay strong and she shouldn’t cheat on the one who trust her made her stand on her own..Mauli is love she deserves happiness not the homewrecker..

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