Ishq Subhan Allah 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Eid Special; Kabir supports Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The special episode starts with Imran and Kabir discussing the rumors on social media that Zara was responsible for death of Niloufer.

Khalid miyaa and Qazi Hashmi are inciting the crowds to spread rumours.. this will compel Kabir to divorce Zara.

Zara wants to see Niloufer for one last time as she feels very guilty .. she puts on a burqua on Kabir’s advise and goes to see her dead body in the morgue accompanied by Imran and Reema
as she is leaving reporters bombard her with questions and demand replies.. Kabir comes to her rescue and asks Reporters not to believe in rumours.

Reporters then meet Police.. they are informed that when Niloufer was brought to hospital she was alive and was responding to treatment but she was murdered by some one. She died in hospital.. they were awaiting postmortem reports.

At Ahmand house Shahbas confronts Kabir for not acting as per his principals.. he desired Kabir to become sheher qazi but he was not doing anything for the benefit of kaum/society. Kaum was blaming Zara but he was protecting her!!! He orders Kabir to give divorce to Zara.. and work for benefit of kaum.

Shahbaz tells Kabir that it was Eid Ul Zuha.. Islam demanded sacrifice.. so was Kabir ready to sacrifice his love and his rishtaa with zara for the sake of his kaum? Kabir is stunned.

Zara tells Kabir that she wanted to change herself and do everything as Kabir desired. She seeks permission to visit her parents to wish them eid mubarak. Kabir agrees to accompany her to wish them.

It’s Side day.. Zara wanted to sacrifice of everything for her husband. Kabir wants her to give up her stubborness. Zara assures she will sacrifice this.. Aisha is preparing biryani… one part for family… one part for guests.. one part for homeless beggars.

Zeenat refuses to greet eid mubarak as she was mourning… all the rest family members greet one another Eid mubarak

As they sit down for their meal, Zara arranges their meal on the floor as Kabir liked. also she prepared dishes that he loved. Zeenat is annoyed by Zara doing her own thing to win Kabir’s heart.. and putting Zeenat down.

It is Eid celebrations and daawat at Ahmad house. Reema and Imran pep up the party by adding song and dance… all dance on the song…”Munda thore off beat hai… nach denge sare gal milke.”

Qazi Hashmi and Kabir have confrontation over blaming Zara and declaring her anti-Islamic for any one who supported this murderer. Zara feels boycotted by all guests.

Kabir politely gives it back to hashmi by reminding him that it was anti-Islamic to blame an innocent person.. also listening to rumours and acting on them was gunah-e-azeem.. Qazi Hashmi being qazi, it was a very serious offense on his part. Hashmi is cornered.. and he is furious. He says he will not say anything but the awaam might create problems for them as they did not think the same way as Kabir.

Angry Hashmi walks out of the daawat… Shahbaz, Kabir , Aisha are shocked at his action. All guests leave as hashmi walks out.

Shahbaz accuses Kabir of insulting Hashmi. Kabir replies that with due respect..he could not stand idle as some one was supporting the wrong.. this was against abbu’s teachings. He had to protect Zara.. it was his duty as her husband.

In their room, Zara tells Kabir that there was only one day for their second talaq to be due.. so Kabir had to decide whether he would complete their talaq or not. Kabir tells her lovingly that he loved the changes she was trying to bring in her behavior.. that she was trying to change for his sake. He had decided he could not live with out her. He was not ready to let her go. Zara is in disbelief. Kabir then asks Zara if she was willing to live with him all her life. Zara happily agrees. Manzoor hai manzoor hai.. They hug tightly.. Both get emotional.. romantic BG song plays…’Tumhe maine paa liya…”

Zeenat bribes a woman to incite Zara to fight for getting divorce/Khula for her. But Zara gives her advise to take family help to resolve this issue. Kabir is impressed by her ability to handle things against Divorce /Khula.

Precap: Police arrive at Ahmad house and accuse Zara of poisoning Niloufer to death. They have come to arrest her. Rioteers barge into Ahmad house and cause destruction. They ask them not to support a murderer. Shahbaz orders Kabir to give divorce to Zara immediately and get off with this problem for once and for all. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

  1. What manner of father is Shabaaz? When Alina marries how would he feel if she was treated this way by her in-laws?? Rukhsar did ask Ayesha that one day while they were talking on the bed…but it was in a different capacity, nevertheless, it’s essential message is the same… As with Zeenat, don’t understand her, she flip flops a lots when it comes to Kabir and Zara’s relationship, not that she should make it her business to do so but whenever she sees this couple trying to work out their issues, she has a problem with that, as if she doesn’t like to see them happy ?

  2. I’m very happy that Kabir standing up for his wife…that’s what is required of him as a husband. We know that he loves Zara, if only his ego wasn’t so big that his judgement becomes clouded, but this is how the story goes, there must be something to write about and negativity is there to balance the positivity in people’s lives otherwise things would just be boring…

  3. Naz,the Kabir we are seeing for the last couple of episodes is loving, caring ,etc….but. We need not get surprised if be behaves bull headed the next day….can you analyse this character’s dual personality….Ofcourse no one is perfect….we all have both positive and negative traits….if the positives outweigh the negatives,the person will be considered good and noble and the reverse to be called bad…but if both are in equal measures like Kabir is being portrayed…..When it comes to his ego ,he doesn’t care even if a woman is getting injustice in the name of halala..he wanted Zara to resign as he was intolerant to the reporters’ taunts….where his ego is not involved ,he is generosity personified……..Naz,to some extent all the men are same….no one wants his wife to be more sussessful than him…if they are in the same profession…..Anyways the precap shows public wrath against Kabir’s family holding Zara responsible for Nilofar’s death…a blessing in disguise for Shabaz to incite Kabir to give talaq to Zara….will he bow down to family and society pressure,we have to wait for Monday’s episode….

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