Preeran SS ; Realization Part 17


Preeta stands still hearing his confession knowing he is desperately waiting for her to answer.

Karan ; you don’t have to feel bad,  my respect for you will always be same

Preeta ; I really don’t know what to say, I never felt something like that

“Thats okay, I was just sharing my feelings anyway lets start heading back” Karan starts leaving

Preeta : I need some time to think about it, if you are willing to wait

Karan : as I said I have nothing against you, just do what your heart says come

Both leaves for their home

Shrishti rushes to meet Sameer in the guess house worried.

“Sameer I am here, where are you” Shrishti starts shouting

Sameer : down here (says from other room) come fast

Shrishti sees him with blood on his head and injured hands.

Sameer : its paining a lot

Shrishti : how did this all happen? just tell me the name I will set him up straight

Sameer : first help me with this

“Okay wait” Shrishti helps him get up

Sameer : I am okay now why are you crying (wipes her tears)

Shrishti sees bottle of blood and starts hitting him badly

Sameer : stop or else I will really start bleeding

Shrishti : good then I will not come when you are really in problem

“I will die then” Sameer pulls her closer

Shrishti goes near the window getting embarrassed. Sameer bends down on knees proposing her

“Will you marry me tall pole” brings his hand forward

Shrishti nods with shy when Sameer puts ring on her finger

“Not just him you have to also accept us” Rakhi comes there with Luthras and Aroras much to her shock

Shrishti : mom, dadi

Rakhi ; say yes dear you are very lucky, your Mahesh uncle didn’t propose me till today (teases him)

Mahesh : whats the big deal I will do that deed today

Rakhi : let it, you are too late

“You are happy na, we all accept this relation” Sarla asks her

Shrishti leaves saying yes

Kareena : so when can we take our daughter to our house

Sarla : not so soon Kareenaji, I will marry my daughter very grandly and with all rituals and ceremony

Kareena : of course why not

“Okay then we will wait two years what say bhai” Kritika teases Sameer

Sameer : no I cannot wait that long (looks around seeing everybody) I am going

Kritika ; aunty we should not delay, get them married on my marriage day

Sarla : we will talk to Panditji, lets get them engaged first

Rakhi : Kritika dear what are you standing, get sweets quickly

Shrishti : this was your surprise, you planned everything

Sameer : you didn’t like it? (holds his ears)

“No I loved it just never expected that from you” Shrishti hugs him

Sameer : you are happy ?

“This is best day of my life thank you but there is problem” tells him

Sameer : that you want Preeta di to marry before right

Shrishti : you know me so well, I cannot settle down before my sister

Sameer : even I cannot marry before Rishab and Karan bhai does

Sherlyn : you both are here, Rakhi aunty is calling downstairs and congratulations

Shrishti : thanks (holds his hand tightly)

Arora house

Karan comes to drop Preeta at home. Both share awkward moment with each other with confession.

Karan : your home is here

“You are okay” Preeta puts hand on his

Karan : I am fine don’t worry, good night see you tomorrow on field

Preeta stays back till he leaves from place

Families decide to get Sameer Shrishti engaged first and not rush for marriage.

Roo : wow bhai amazing, I told you before for your engagement I will do everything

Kritika ; oh hello where you came from?

Roo : god’s house Kritika di, now you will also go to your house

Kritika ; I am not going right now, till I am here its my right

Roo : you forgot our deal for Rishab bhai’s marriage you will do everything and I will handle in Sameer bhai

Kareena : what about my Karan?

Mahesh : he is spoiled brat thats why and first ask him will he get married

Karan comes there hearing conversation feeling bad first time

Mahesh ; there he is, so much is happening in family but momma’s boy have no time come, this is your house

Rakhi : why are you always behind my son? dear you don’t pay attention to his words

Karan : mom I am tired good night (leaves without talking)

Rakhi : what happened to him

Kareena : bhabhi he must be tired, its okay after all he have been on practice whole day

Rishab ; not today but from tomorrow he will be under strict observation

Mahesh : how

“Coach told me, Preetaji have joined their team as physio and she will monitor him strictly from now on about being physically fit” Rishab informs everybody

Rakhi : thats such great news, she got job but tell her she cannot leave her work here

Rishab ; mom what are you talking about? of course she won’t but from now till finals she will help Karan

Mahesh ; thank god for some time there will be peace in house

Rishab : hello what problem you have with my brother does he ever bother anybody except me

Arora house

Preeta feels restless whole night with Karan’s confession running in her mind. She is still happy with Sameer and Shrishti’s alliance.

Malhothra house

Sherlyn is lost in thoughts of Rishab and is not able to sleep

Sanjana : are you okay?

“Mom I feel so helpless today, only I know what I lost gem like Rishab, he is so caring, nice, now when I want to be with him fate does not want that” Sherlyn  shares her feelings

Sanjana : I know you did mistake but good thing is you realized on time even if your marriage didn’t happen with Rishab but on time you got to know reality

Sherlyn : only because of those two girls, I could not even thank them

Sanjana : see if you really want to be with Rishab you have to win his heart with all love, before it was charade but this time do everything you can without hurting anybody

Sherlyn : if he does not agree, I know his heart beats for only Preeta

Sanjana : then consider he was not your destiny, god might have planned something else maybe even better

Sherlyn nods

“Now go to sleep, good night” Sanjana leaves

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain

Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain

Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon

Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain

Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain

Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho

Kyun Poori Ho Na Payee Daastan

Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyaan

Karan and Preeta think about each other leaning on window of their room. From first meeting to confession

Donon Ke Dilon Mein Chhupa Hai Jo Ek Anjana Sa Gham

Kya Ho Payega Wo Kam, Koi Kya Kahe

Donon Ne Kabhi Zindagi Ki Ik Mod Pe Thi Jo Paayee

Hai Kaisi Wo Tanhai, Koi Kya Kahe

Kitna Veeran Hai Ye Sama

Saanson Mein Jaise Ghulta Hai Dhuan

Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain

Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain

Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon

Sherlyn looks at Rishab’s picture from their engagement. He supported her every time.

Rishab is lost in Piyali’s thinking trying to call her but is not able to reach her.

Tumse Aaj Yun Milke Dil Ko Yaad Aaye Lamhe Kal Ke

Ye Aansoo Kyun Hai Chhalke, Ab Kya Kahein

Tumne Hamko Dekha Jo Aise To Ek Umeed Hai Jaagi

Meri Tumse Pyar Paane Ki, Ab Kya Karein

Aa Gaye Ham Kahaan Se Kahaan

Dekhe Mud Ke Ye Dil Ka Kaarvan, Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan

Kitni Baatein…Aise Gumsum Ho

Kitni Baatein …Kya Samjhaon

Next day Karan and Preeta meet at ground sharing another awkward moment

Preeta : hi (says softly)

Karan : hey good morning (get ready for practice)

Preeta : when do you want to start exercise?

“I am doing some warm up little later” Karan goes outside

After a while Preeta makes Karan run whole ground on timer and other exercise. He starts sweating due to tiredness

Preeta : you can take a break (gives him water)

Karan ; thanks sit here, I am sure you might have got news about Sameer Shrishti

Preeta : yea but I feel they are rushing for engagement

Karan : there is no auspicious moment yet, and Sammy won’t get married till Rishab does

Bharadwaj house 

“Bhabhi please save me” young guy runs around Elina saving himself

Suraj : move from between honey, today I won’t spare him

Elina : quiet both of you (makes them calm down

standing in between)

Suraj : thats not fair you always take his side, I hope at least his bride will be on my side

Elina : shut up first tell me why are you both fighting in early morning

Kabir ; I just asked for some money and he is shouting like I am asking his fiancé

Suraj : see his tongue is so sharp, you have spoiled him with your love

Elina ; aww you are jealous (teases with Kabir)

Kabir : bhabhi don’t say that or else he will revenge on you after marriage right bro

Elina : then give him na, whats big deal? only if he is using for good things

Kabir : my friend need some to open new business thats it

Elina : what business?

Kabir : he wants to open clinic for people who cannot afford hospitals

Elina : okay fine first tell him to talk with Suraj and deal with him directly fair enough

Kabir : love you bhabhi (hugs her)

Suraj stares at him for embracing her

“Come on cheer up, I made your work easy, my grumpy fiancé” Elina pulls his cheek

Suraj : send him to my office, lets have breakfast I have meeting not free like you

Elina : chill and hey Mr graduate, you were supposed to hunt for job what happened

Kabir : hunting is still on bhabhi but who knows in process I find a hunter girl

Suraj : no girl will wander around you if your attitude stays like you

Kabir : why? just like you got such a bomb I am sure I will get one

Elina : I would have recommended you for a company my friend works but I want you to do something by yourself and mind it without any shortcuts

Kabir : anything for you bhabhi

Elina : okay listen I have to rush, staff is waiting for me see you guys, bye love

Suraj : drive safely love ya

Kabir : how romantic bhai, I wish I get somebody who can tell me like this

Suraj taps his head lightly and leaves

Luthra office

Omisha works in her cabin when Sameer comes to meet her

Sameer : whole staff went to lunch but new comer is so busy

Omisha ; just little bit, Rishab Sir said he wants this presentation ready

Sameer : he is not that grumpy, finish after lunch come on get up

Omisha : just few more minutes

Sameer : I don’t want to hear anything come (takes her to cafeteria)

Omisha : you are very stubborn

Sameer ; of course I am with people who I consider my friends

“Friends? with me” asks him

Sameer : of course why not, we are Luthras, we take care of our every employee

Omisha is taken aback touching his hands

Sameer : what will you eat?

Omishab : I will have coffee, let me get one

Sameer : sure

Sherlyn offers to take Rishab for lunch which he agrees to divert his mind

Rishab : by the way any reason for this

Sherlyn : I know we could not get married but at least we can remain friends, give me also one chance to rectify my mistake

Rishab smiles

Sherlyn : lets order something I am hungry

Rishab : its your treat you can order whatever you want

Sherlyn : one manchurian rice and noodles, by the way what happened to that contract you were supposed to get from Bharadwaj’s

Rishab : we will have meeting soon

Sherlyn : I am sure you will get that

Rishab : lets have deal if our deal get finalized I owe you treat

Sherlyn : really? how sweet

Both enjoys time together and reach office. Sherlyn bumps into Omisha while leaving feeling strange about her

Omisha (in mind) : oh no, this is bhai’s ex girlfriend Sherlyn what if she recognize me

Sherlyn : I think I have seen you before

Omisha : no I have just joined here (runs away before things out)

Sherlyn : I am sure I have seen her before but where and how

Luthra house

Rakhi puts proposal of Rishab and Preeta’s marriage in front of Sarla after Kareena tells about his feelings

Sarla : what are you saying? but Preeta never told me anything

Rakhi : neither did Rishab, I found out from Maheshji and Kareena di, both had hard time dealing with this mess

Sarla : If Preeta is fine why would I mind, my both daughters will come in same house

Kareena : we would be very lucky to have your girls in our family

Rakhi : but I don’t want you to pressurize Preeta on anything its her life also

Sarla : I will talk to her soon don’t worry

Practice field 

Karan : baby doll how much will you make me work out (makes him do push up)

Preeta : no baby doll here, I am your doctor and you have to do as I say (keeps eye on watch)

Karan : you want to make me fit only in one day, lets leave it for today please

Preeta : okay then I one condition

Karan : now what?

“From tomorrow you will wake at 4 and we will do this exercise before practice so whole day you don’t have to hear my tantrum what say” sits on his back

Karan : get down please and I don’t wake up so early you know

Preeta ; alright then keep doing this I will make you stay back after practice

Karan ; you are such kareli okay fine, from tomorrow at 4

Preeta gets down and makes him stop

Precap :

Piyali makes entry in front of Luthras

“According to this contract as a fiancé of Karan Luthra I can stay here as much as I want” Piyali claims to be his would be wife

Omisha starts creating misunderstanding between Sameer Shrishti

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