Ishq Subhan Allah 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir goes to Dubai

Ishq Subhan Allah 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zeenat that your passport expired so you cant go. Zeenat says there is no way? Zara says dont worry, Kabir is going there. Zeenat says I cant meet Ruksaar? Kabir says dont worry, I will bring Ruksaar at any cost.

Zara and Kabir are in car, Kabir says I am sorry, everything happened so fast that I have to go there for Ruksaar. Zara holds his hand and says I know Ruksaar tried to poison our lives but I have forgiven her way back and I want you to forgive her too and I know you will never take side of bad, if she really needs help then go and save her. Kabir is surprised by her genuine words.

Kabir stops car at airport. Zara gets down from car and asks Kabir to take off his jacket, she makes him take it off, he says people are looking. she takes his jacket and says our wedding rituals might have stopped in middle but we will complete them when you comeback with Ruksaar but if I mistakenly remember you then this jacket will make me feel you near me, she hugs his jacket and sighs. Zara gives him another jacket, he smiles. Kabir kisses her cheek, she smiles. Kabir says maybe you are the best wife of world.. no best wife in universe. Zara says you are best husband of world too. They share an eyelock. She makes him wear another jacket. Zeenat’s car arrives at airport. Zara says bhabhi? Zeenat comes to them and says to Kabir that you know our father died before Ruksaar was born and when my mother gave birth to Ruksaar, she said to me that I am guardian and mother of Ruksaar so please even if anyone says anything, remember she is very important to me, if anything happens to her then my life will be destroyed. Kabir says I will put my life in saving her. Zeenat says I know but you are a human and humans tend to flow with emotions, I know what Ruksaar did with you was wrong, she is my sister so forgive her and please dont have any grudge against her. Kabir says you might feel it weird but sometime back.. Zara stops him. Kabir says we dont have any grudge against Ruksaar. Zeenat asks Kabir to put hand on Quran and promise it. Zara says its not needed. Kabir says I have already promised. Zeenat says please I just have a small fear, just promise that if any relation or any problem come inbetween saving Ruksaar then you will not stop and bring her back to me. Kabir says you know its not right to swear on Quran, she begs him. Kabir puts hand on Quran and promises that he will not let anything come inbetween saving Ruksaar and he will not think about anything else. Zara is tensed. Zeenat is elated and says bring my sister soon. He nods. Zeenat eyes Zara and leaves from there. Zara smiles at Kabir and cups his face, he kisses her hand, she blushes. Kabir says take care, I will take care of myself. Zara says I know you will never go wrong and save Ruksaar then we will fulfill our life dreams together. Kabir says hopefully, tu thori dair or ther ja. Zara hugs him and says bye. He says bye and starts leaving with his luggage. Zara sadly smiles.
Kabir sits in airport and looks at Zara’s picture on phone.

Scene 2
Kabir arrives at Dubai. He goes to Dubai police station and goes to inspector. He says I want to meet a prisoner, I am Indian. Inspector is Indian too. Kabir says I want to meet Ruksaar, he tells her passport number. Inspector asks if he has court permission? Kabir says I have to go to court? Inspector says go to police station where complaint was filed, they will help you, Kabir asks which police station? inspector tells him, Kabir leaves.

Kabir is going to other police station. He says to inspector that Ruksaar’s sister gave me chance to come here for Ruksaar, inspector reads Zeenat’s letter that she couldnt come to Dubai so Kabir will handle her case. Inspector says give this affidavit in sharia court, its not attested from Delhi council so get that first. Kabir says councils are closed on weekends so please help me. Inspector says its Ruksaar’s bad luck, you cant meet her without papers. A man looks at Kabir. Kabir says to inspector that its about a life, please dont stop it because of papers, inspector says you can leave. Kabir thanks and leaves from there. Man (spy) goes behind him.

Kabir is walking on road and man(spy) follows him and calls someone.

Ayesha have arranged prayers for Ruksaar’s safety. All guests come there to pray. Zara says we have to be careful that no bead on which prayers will be recited goes missing. Kabir calls Zara, she asks he is fine? Kabir says ask Zeenat which company was Hamdan working in? Zara goes to call Zeenat. Zeenat takes call and asks if met Ruksaar? is she fine? Kabir says I couldnt meet her, Hamdan was working in which company? Zeenat tries to remember and says it was ‘Global Engineering corporation’, Kabir thanks and ends call. Zeenat says he didnt say anything else, Zara says lets pray for Ruksaar.

Kabir comes to Hamdan’s company, he goes to manager. Manager says I was gone to Pakistan to my home, when I cameback 10 days back and got to know about Hamdan’s death. Kabir says you didnt have duty to tell us? Manager says Hamdan left our company 3 months back, he wanted to open his own company. The spy who was following Kabir is there too. Kabir says to man that you dont know anything about Ruksaar when her husband Hamdan used to work here? Man says Hamdan used to say that he got a bad wife and see fate that she killed him. Kabir leaves and thinks that God help me please.

PRECAP- Kabir comes to jail. Ruksaar cries and says I am sure that you will save me from here, Kabir says I will take you from here but just tell me you didnt kill Hamdan, I just need to know before starting process. Ruksaar looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Christie, this is the problem with these serials, writers cannot fathom bringing a couple together to fight their battles, they think it’s sensational to separate them and create unnecessary drama to keep us watching. Seriously, in real life, if lives of people were really textbook soapland, we never make it to 30 yrs old, definitely we’d age beyond our ages, some people would end up in mental institutions ,even a lot would be murdered for the things we see passing as normal here. We look at it as entertainment but even this is dynamite when it comes to us really trying to find some relaxation at the end of the day, after a hard days work and the endless crap happening in our lives, we don’t want to come home to this… Sadly things would never change in these serials, sensationalism sells and that’s what we get, if only we had the discipline to turn away from watching stupid illogical stuff here, there are other factors which will still make it possible to be aired, it’s a no win situation….

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz these writers dont know wat else to write to make a gd storyline so dey keep repeatin in diff serials not understanding dat for us its been there done dat and dont want to c it again. Just as in kumkum bhagyi we had pragya fighting to keep tanu from marrying abhi over and over and then boom abhi marry her easy easy. Now we have d same ting in ISA with ruksaar having her way and winnin by marrying kabir after all zaras fights. Definitelynot makin me interested in watching so imma keep reading

  2. Leisa s morris

    One hamdan really dead? As I said I havent watched in awhile so did dey find his body or was it hear say,speculation or reality. And y kabir have to marry ruksaar wen he already has a wife these tings just dont happen in.real life but with these serials anyting goes. Y also didnt kabir call zara let her now so dry can both make dat decision together. Zeenat already made him pronmise to not let any relation stand in d way of getting ruksaar home and kabir fell straight intotheir trap.So ruksaar is gonna come and try to get zara out claimin her wifely rights, wonder if kabir will divorce zara first or just make ruksaar his second wife.I wonder wen zeenat will get a taste of her own medicine? Y do couples have to b torn apart in these serials its like without dis dey cant think of anyting else to write

  3. Very true

  4. I have to ask this question… Do these writers have memory loss? Didn’t we come out a mean saga with Rukhsar as primary culprit? And sending Kabir to rescue the wretch, is it the correct thing to do? This time she’ll be damsel in distress and in a weak moment, through a well orchestrated plan, she’ll definitely bed Kabir or at least try to, if that doesn’t happen, well good for us. I really hating having Rukhsar back…what a headache!! Anyways… Adnan would be in his homeland, I don’t mind seeing some of Dubai, just like we all enjoyed our trip to Kashmir with the newly wedded couple, at least we would be see unadulterated scenery as opposed to the CGI we are accustomed to seeing on the big screen.

  5. Naz,I have been hearing that Kabir would come back with Ruksar and marry her…But why should he marry her unless Ruksar seduces him in a weak moment which Ofcourse should not happen as Kabir is strong willed and loves Zara more than his life itself..But he should n’t have promised Zeenat on the Quran that he would n’t allow any relationship to stand in his way …..means he will have to sacrifice Zara for / after bringing back Ruksar from Dubai..May be I am missing something but I have n’t understood the link between Kabir going to Dubai to bring the witch back and sacrificing his first marriage fior that….I hope this is not all per planned and Zeenat not hand in hand with Ruksar to trap Kabir into marrying her….I am really getting tired of Zara’s generosity even to undeserving people who are much worse than poisonous snakes….She should not have allowed Kabir to go on this ‘save Ruksar mission’…..Doesn’t she know that some people will never ever change…As you pointed out ,.She should have suggested Kashan’s name ,if she were smart……But as we know no one can be as proficient as her in inviting trouble for herself……..Another long and ugly ordeal awaiting her…

    1. Oh gosh Lakshmi… I just know that the Zeenat has a hand in this hateful track coming up, it smells like Zeenat and it looks like Zeenat’s trademark. Just imagine, when Kabir brought back the news that Zara died, the damn wretch of a woman said mean things about Zara, who says things like that about a deceased? I also don’t understand the link in Kabir going to Dubai, something to do with Zeenat’s passport, maybe it needed to be renewed.. ??…and I’m also bored of Zara’s mahaan thinking, if I may say so… Sometimes I feel like literally going into the TV to slap some sense into characters like her… Grrrrrrrrrrr….. Anyways… I had to read up on kaleerein when you mentioned what was happening there and oh lordy, I feel like literally shooting these writers for their rather dumb and pathetic virginity track… I really LMAO…. You have to ask yourself, do these writers know how stupid they look writing stuff like this, for goodness sake, Vivaan was…i have to say was because apparently he isn’t…the most hotshot debonair and dashing bachelor England ever possessed so whatever happened to him? In this modern world, he’s asking his wife for a virginity test? Uhhh… Didn’t they consummate their love already, some time back?? I also am tired of YTG… I’m reading updates halfway, zeal is diminishing but when the leap occurs, I’ll try to join back in the conversation.

  6. CRAP!!!!!!

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