Ishqbaaz 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi returns home and blames Anika

Ishqbaaz 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavya looks for Shivaye. He hides behind the vase. She goes. Shivaye enters the room. Everyone sees the news. Om tries to talk to commissioner. Rudra handles media. Tej handles work on call. She says Shivaye isn’t related to it, I will handle that project. Om says its Shivaye’s dream project. Tej says you think he will deal with them by sitting in jail. Jhanvi says he has worked day and night for this project. Tej says profit is zero, the company wants to cancel the deal, I won’t tolerate this, so I m removing him from the company. Anika says Shivaye needs his family, he will break down if we don’t support him. Tej says we will shatter if we support him. Rudra asks how can you be so selfish. Tej says I don’t need to ask you anything, you can’t imagine how much time and hardwork is needed

to cover this loss. Rudra says you don’t realize what he is going through. Jhanvi says don’t know why is so bad happening with him.

Dadi comes and says this had to happen. Omru hug her. Dadi says I know why this happened, since Anika’s unlucky steps came in this house, we just got sorrow, I thought to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand way, but Shivaye is not at home. Tej says Ganesh ji will come home like every year, we will celebrate it grandly. Shivaye checks luggage tag by Mrs. Malhotra’s name. He thinks how can this happen, Mohit and Nancy were staying in Oberoi mansion that time. He sees a dress and says where did I see this dress. He recalls Nancy. He says maybe Nancy has worn this dress that day. Someone asks who’s there. He says whose voice can it be. Bhavya asks team to find Shivaye. Shivaye goes to check. Someone wearing hood comes from outside and hits the vase on Shivaye’s head. Shivaye faints.

Dadi asks what are you saying Tej, how can we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without Billu. Tej says we get Ganesh ji home, its a family tradition, shall we break it this time. Om says we can’t be stone hearted, Shivaye is in problem and you are thinking to celebrate. Rudra says we won’t celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year. He asks Anika not to worry, dad is angry, he knows what Shivaye means to us. Om says everything will get fine. She cries. Tej asks when will you stop praising Shivaye, like he is Lord. He asks Dadi to understand, he is also family member, why should everything be according to Shivaye. He goes.

Shivaye wakes up and sees Bhavya. She says you have run a lot, the game is over now. He says I didn’t murder Nancy, I m finding her murderer, its a big conspiracy against me, I m sure that person has hit me and I fainted. She says I would have believed you if you didn’t run away, criminals run away this way, its our work to find murderer. He says law wants evidence and evidence can be fake too, if I didn’t run away, no one can prove my innocence, give me some time, I will bring the murderer out. She asks him to say everything in court. She takes him out. Media questions him. Dadi says Tej isn’t wrong, but we don’t wish to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without Shivaye. Khanna asks them to see news fast. They see Shivaye’s arrest news and cry. Rudra says I won’t leave her. Anika asks them to save Shivaye.

Dadi says you are responsible for this, he is facing problems since you came in his life. Anika cries. Om asks Priyanka to console Anika. Omru rush. Bhavya answers the reporters. Shivaye sees the key fallen out of constable’s pocket. He says your key has fallen down. Constable bends to pick. Shivaye hits him and picks key. He runs away. Bhavya follows. A car comes in between. Shivaye disappears. Bhavya gets shocked. She calls commissioner and says Shivaye has escaped again, don’t worry, he can’t hide for long, police is posted everywhere. Shivaye hides seeing police. He hears men talking about him. He says police is finding me everything, I can be safe only at one place, Oberoi mansion, but how will I go there.

Its morning, everyone sits sad. Dadi says its first time that Ganesh ji didn’t step in this house, we have to break this tradition unwillingly. Tej says we are breaking it by our wish. Jhanvi asks how can we celebrate this festival. Dadi says we can’t celebrate happiness with a sorrowful heart. Om says if Shivaye was here, we would have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, how to celebrate when he is in problem. Rudra says Dadi always says, Lord listens to our prayers if made by heart, Shivaye is the heart of this house, if he isn’t here, what’s the use to get Ganpati ji here. Priyanka says its Anika’s first Chaturthi in this house, it would have been good if Shivaye was with us, we would have celebrated it together. Rudra says sorry, we are not celebrating it. Priyanka says yes, we know how much first festival matters to a new bride in her Sasural, sorry, it got spoiled. Anika says why are you saying this, festivals look good when family is together, in that case, every day is a festive, don’t cry, Shivaye can see anything, but not tears in your eyes, I have total faith that Shivaye will come back soon and we all will welcome Ganpati ji.

They hear dhol sound. They all see some people coming in and spreading colors. Deva shree Ganesha ……plays…… Someone gets Ganpati idol. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohit asks Omru to pray for family and his wife’s murderer. He says remember one thing, even your Lord can’t save your Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    I m very much dissapointed with this week TRP… It’s rating is stable ,i.e. 1.8 , but it’s position dropped… IB is out of 20 this week… Nd i think for d first time it’s out of 20….
    So everyone WATCH IB ON TV…. Becz online trp doesn’t matter…. Hope nxt week it will increase more..
    Now coming to epi ,
    Yrr ab Tej kam hain kya jo dadi vi…..
    So it’s clear that Nancy is alive…. Nd is that man is Mohit!!!??????????
    I m exciting to see Shivay bhaiya’s new avtar… Every time Anika took different avtar , now it’s time for Shivay….
    Ganesh Chaturthi at OM…
    Woww!!! I just remember first time Ganesh festivals of OM… That time Anishivomru team up to save Tej nd Shakti nd this time Tej is just disguesting….
    Precap –
    Mujhe toh bs new Shivay ko dekhna hain , i dont care about that Mohit…
    GN PKJ..,.
    Nd plzzz WATCH IB ON TV…

    1. Appy

      GBG.go bunny go…congrats
      Yes I also wanna see Sso’s new avtaar…

      1. Appy

        Haan yarr.pura ekta type bahu banadi Annika ko.
        Khidkitod Annika se rotlu Annika.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
        Thank you Bunny.

  2. Appy

    Hii mere khidkitod pagals
    I am.busy with exam could not came here.
    When I started to watch if my most dev character was Dadi.such a sweet and understanding
    I can’t believe now I am started to hate her.
    Pinky ponky’s spirit come in her
    And what the hell yarr.
    In RU ..Pinky always cursed Annika as manhoos.
    Here Dadi is saying same too.
    Like what ??????
    MY ANNIKA DI IS NOT A PROPERTY. she has some values.i am really disappointed what Cha are doing with Annika’s character
    I always felt proud that our Annika is not like other bahus.
    But CVS🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    You make my Annika rotlu like typical bahu.
    Ask is slovung all prblms fine.
    They you gave promo on the name of Annika??????Sso is trying to prove his innocence all by himself
    She will cry all the time..and when you want to show us any scene then she will be only there for any romantic sequence… really???????
    I don’t know what you will do with Annika in upcoming.till now Shivika are not even together
    I know I should not compare bit it actually hurts me to seeing Annika so weak…
    Don’t know how much Annika will cry in upcoming.but seriously it is getting out of control.
    AND CVs FYI.we have already two ghatia Insaan TAJ and TEJ.
    Can’t handle Dadi .plzzzzzz now SHE is getting into my nerves.
    .I am.apologies to everyone if I hurt your sentiments
    I just put my frustration. No intention to hurt anyone


    Precap- I am.excited for Sso’s new look.

    I will not say about episode.but NM did a good job.
    Finally Sso is on action mode
    Hope I will see shivika together solving cases.Annika will do something rather than standing or crying…
    ( finger crossed)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    .And trp.lo karlo baat.after very long period ishqbaaz got once again back to same place…..😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑….

    1. Banita

      Hlo Arpu…
      Totally agree with u…
      Yrr i don’t like a little bit d promo of #Saveshivay , where Anika said to save my husband nd all…. Cvs just totally made Anika as d helpless bohu for now nd i just don’t like this roltu shade of Anika…
      Nd ADBOL for ur last exm…

      1. Appy

        Yess.helpless bahu.which is not our Annika at all

    2. Rajvi_shah

      I agree with you I don’t like this rotlu Anika I want our khidkitod Anika back.

      1. Appy

        But Cvs and their love for one character…

    3. Riana

      Hey arpu…
      Totally agree with you..
      Cvs ne faltu mein anika ke character ki omm kardi aur trp bhi decrease hogayi !! 😭

  3. Stargazer

    The episode was too good….. Hate Bhavya and Tej.. What happened to dadi?????? y is she blaming Anika??? Waiting for 2morrow.
    By the way did u guys hear, Ishqbaaz is going off air in November??????? Why? I just hope the news is just a rumour but it’s also published in Newspaper….

    1. Banita

      Hlo Stargazer….
      Yrr sacchi mein i m really fed up with this stupid rumore….
      Just one thing… Don’t believe any such kind of things till d makers or team not confrom about it… Hope u understand my point…

      1. Stargazer

        Hi Banita,
        Yeah I know and really wish that the team deny such rumours… There r so many stupid shows with stupid storyline going for years and there’s this one which never repeats a single storyline……

      2. Riana

        Bani… I dont understand from where the hell do they collect the rumour !!! I mean let yhm go in vain we dont care !!! But IB !!!!!… Seriously !!… Indian media is too much !

      3. Banita

        @Stargazer nd @Riana I don’t want to comment on any other show…. I don’t care agar koi show 10yr to chal raha hain ya kisiki storyline kuch aur hain nd al… I just comment on IB… Nd now this off-air rumours of IB is soo common that mujhe ase rumours se koi farak nahi padta… That’s why I m saying don’t believe on anything before makers confirm it….

    2. Rajvi_shah

      WHAT?? Ishqbaaz is going off air in November. Oh no please don’t off air ishqbaaz. I love to watch it.

    3. Appy

      Actually now this offair news is actually scary…..
      But don’t believe all this till Makers confirmation
      They will let us know
      So at least for watch ishqbaaz on tv….give trp and keep voting for ITA and upcoming SPA

      1. Riana

        Arpu… Makers didnt gave any confirmation so lets chill !!! This rumours are too much !

    4. Starplus declared ishqbaaz not off air

  4. Shajessie

    Hi guys.. Ooh no 2day epi really terrible…
    I cannot c shivaay hv been arrested… Tej omg… I want to kill u… Dadi pls tis character not suite u well.. Anni dun worry.. Shivaay coming bc hm… Omru dun gv up…
    Dear Frens appy, banitha, sindhu, Laftan n all frens hv a great day.. C u all 2moro…
    Bye… 😍

    1. Banita

      Hlo Shajessie…
      Yup let’s kill Tej first only… 50% of problem will solve after killing him…
      GN dr…

    2. Appy

      Tej taj dadi.
      Three horribles at one place argghhh.
      Want to kill Tej ..seriously
      Want to give a solid punch to Taj
      Want to sunao Dadi her aukat.she is crossing her limits…

  5. Ajnabee movie

    1. Appy

      Hmmmm.track is like that….
      Nancy is alive.Mohit’s real wife is dead…..
      Let’s see how they will show this track.

      1. If the makers shows the same what you said, it means this murder mystery track is not their own thought copied from ajnabee movie.
        copy cat like rudra says. yes gauri is missing or we can ignoring as usual.
        missing rikara and ruvya track soooo much

  6. Sindhudi

    Today’s episode is just mediocre. I think Shivaay hiding behind the Ganesh statue and entering Oberoi mansion is a good idea. Next week should be better. Once Anika is with Shivaay then there is a renewed strength for Shivaay. Remember Anika is the one who first mentioned that what about the cameras outside the mansion maybe there could be a clue. So anika being with Shivaay will help Shivaay to solve the problem faster with the help of Omru. The obros and anika have to be together in order to fix this problem. So I am sure once Shivaay makes connection with Anika then things will get moving fast

  7. Instead of saving shivaay the dadi is critizing anika. Why the makers are making us put up with anikas insult instead they should let anika tell dadi chup kar bhudiya

  8. Shivaaye sneaking into Oberoi Mansion is a great concept so if Shivika and Omru, team up, then the mystery is going to be out for sure. Shivika have their supposedly dear ones as their enemies.

  9. Riana

    Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aata ye chal kya raha hai !!…
    Itni trp gir gayi but channel mein ib is still 1.8 and not named in the list !!!…

    That ANIKA’S ANURODH promo was totally bakwass !! Cvs is ruining anika’s character very well (slow clap)…All the time oberois are sitting in there hall and crying whereas shivaay is running to save his life… Wtf ! :/

    Wahi har roz ki nautanki !! Tej’s shout, omru’s back to back attack on tej, bhavya as tom and shivaay as jerry, priyanka as supporter of her bhaiyaa, jhanvi as cry aunty, dadi came suddenly started crying and finally anika’s unlookable rona dhona !!!!…

    Shivaay’s hands got cuffed omg but still he didnt got arrested !! Mohit’s drama is too much… Everyone had understood that how much concerned he is for his NANCY NANI !!!!…

    ONLY last part was fabulous !! Ganpati bappa morya ! ❤️

    Precap – Phir wahi bakwass !!… Shivaay’s new avatar excited to see that !… I think he will be doning a rajasthani avatar !! 😃
    Hey everyone…
    Happy Muharram !

  10. Sindhudi

    I don’t want to say anything about dadi. Her mind has gone bonkus after returning from ashram. When the murder has been solved, Shivaay will declare that anika is his Wife and give her that status. As for Tej he is just good for nothing soul who is not worth ranting about. Either Mohit’s real Wife died or Nancy died. Perhaps Mohit aka Taaj wanted Nancy’s money and he killed her. The voice that Shivaay heard in the room sounded like Mohit’s Wife and not that of Nancy. It could be either one of them killed and whoever the person is who killed that woman is for sure Mohit.

    I still don’t know what is Mohit’s secret agenda of murdering his Wife or Nancy: There must be a motive. One thing is for sure Shivaay is facing his karma. What he had done to Anika at the beginning of the redux is now affecting him very badly. He declared her as his Mistress and now Tej himself has said that Shivaay is just like his Father having a secret love affair Nancy.

    What happened to Gauri Alan sheenu? Did she go for a vacation? She is missing and I thought she would be supporting a distraught Anika.

  11. Riana

    Firstly i though that this mystery track will be amazing but no firstly its predictable by so many people… Accha let cut, secondly i thought shivaay will be under cops surveilance and will be jailed for his crime which he didnt do… Anika will help shivaay and will don a bold avatar to save him !!… But nooooo what they are showing… Tom & Jerry plus rona dhona !!! Uffff 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Ishqbaaz is NOT offair- declared by starplus. So don’t worry .

  13. Agga4102

    Can I join PKJ???

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Hey dear every one who comes here is already a ishqies pkjians… You are already in it… So no formality..
    Episode is ok.. Sso new look is funny and cute..

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