Ishq Subhan Allah 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar asks for a night with Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar says to family that I swear on Zeenat, if you give me a night with Kabir as his wife then I would leave him. Shahbaz says are you crazy? Ruksaar says you asked me to take divorce from Kabir but who would tell about this deal to Kabir? you cant tell Kabir about this openly, he takes Zeenat as his sister so she cant talk, Kabir wouldnt listen to Kashan, who would talk to Kabir then? this is difficult than walking on burning coals. Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that you call yourself a businessman but you are a helpless father, if you people cant then I will tell Kabir truth, I have one more condition. She says to Ayesha that you said so much to me for Zara’s love, but after today, till my night with Kabir, you will call me younger daughter in law. Zeenat asks her to stop. Ayesha looks away from her. Ruksaar says dont waste time, say younger bahu save my family, save Zara and Kabir’s happiness, tell it. Ayesha sadly looks at Shahbaz, Shahbaz nods. Ayesha reluctantly says choti bahu.. Ruksaar says put hand on my head and say it again. Ayesha says it again. Ruksaar says poor Kabir.

Kabir goes to his car and finds Ruksaar inside. He asks her to come out. Ruksaar says sit in car, its yours. Kabir says I am nicely asking you to get down. Kabir gets call from Shahbaz, Shahbaz says Ruksaar wants to go somewhere so take her, she wants to talk to you too, he ends call. Kabir says to Ruksaar you took permission from father? Ruksaar says I wont tease, I promise, sit in car. Kabir sighs and sits in car. He asks her to put on belt. Ruksaar says I am not scared of death till you are with me. She roams rose around his face. Zara and Reema comes there. Zara sees Ruksaar playing with rose and rubbing it on Kabir’s face. Kabir takes rose from her and eyes it, he smashes rose and throws it away. Zara doesnt see him smashing and thinks they are enjoying each other’s company. She hides so Kabir doesnt see her. Kabir leaves with Ruksaar. Zara is tensed.

Ruksaar shows a bridal dress to Kabir. She takes off her earrings and says I lost, I lost. Kabir says I knew you would say that, you can never understand depth of Zara’s love, let alone compare with it. Ruksaar says I lost to Zara and your thoughts, you saw Zara walking on burning coals but you couldnt see my bleeding wrist before your marriage, Kabir says I remember. Ruksaar says I have lost this love battle so I have decided to divorce you. Kabir says is this a joke? she shakes her head. Kabir says then lets go and take it. Ruksaar says but there is a problem, I promised myself that I wouldnt leave you till I dont spend a night with you, if you give me a night as a husband then I would leave you for Zara, I can write it that if you give me a night then Zara is yours for life. Kabir throws away earring she gave him and says I dont agree with this deal.

Reema says to Zara that why this happens with Kabir only? Zara says it might be his helplessness. Reema says why Kabir cant divorce her now when he knows you cant share him, why you have to take divorce from him? Zara says taking divorce is my helplessness and not taking divorce from Ruksaar is Kabir’s helplessness. She hears Kabir shouting.
Kabir comes home with Ruksaar and pushes her away, all come there. Kabir says how dare she ask for a deal with me? to spend a night with me so Zara and I reunite? how dare she ask me to have a deal to spend night with her? she should be ashamed, if Zara cant share me then how can I share her? Zara smiles. Kabir says I always thought she is crazy in love thats why she does all this but I realized today that her love is physical and not soul love, spending my time with Zara is love for me and spending time with Ruksaar is a sin for me, I wont forgive you, he angrily leaves from there. Zara smiles. Reema hugs her.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room and sees it decorated. He looks around and says Ruksaar is it you? I wont spare you if you are behind it. Zara comes out of cupboard and smiles. Kabir goes to her and lifts her. Zara says till today, you were in my heart and now you are on a pedestal for me. Zara pulls her closer and says you washed my feet with your hands? Kabir says this is not a joke? Zara says it is, you said no to Ruksaar, it means nobody can come in Kabir’s life too other than me. Kabir says never. Zara says I am so happy, she pulls him closer. Kabir hugs her tightly and says in Dubai.. Zara says dont worry, I trust you, I am sorry for asking for divorce. Kabir says no you asking for divorce was because of our love too. Zara says yes. Ruksaar comes there with a gun. Kabir and Zara are stunned. Ruksaar says I tried a lot to make you mine but you forced me to do this. Ruksaar points gun at them. Kabir says listen, Ruksaar says you forced me to raise a gun, either you be with me otherwise Zara will leave this world today. Kabir says listen to me. Ruksaar says no, now what I want will happen, either you become mine otherwise Zara die. Kabir says what happened to you? you loved me? Kabir caresses Ruksaar’s face and says this is not our Ruksaar, our Ruksaar.. he snatches gun from her and throws it away. Ruksaar runs and takes gun again. Kabir and Zara are about to run. Ruksaar points gun at them, Zara comes infront of Kabir and gets shot in stomach. Kabir is stunned. Zara says I love you Kabir.. Kabir holds her and cries.. it all turns out to be his dream. He sighs and says today I realized I cant live without Zara, God I pray to die before Zara dies as I cant live without Zara.

PRECAP- Ruksaar says to Kabir that you really agree to spend a night with me as my husband? Kabir says I agree, all are stunned. Ruksaar says you accept my condition? Kabir says I do. Zara is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. My god my god is it true, kabir will spend a night with that evil woman.i don’t believe it. Writer tell me it’s a joke. Or is this all kabir his plan. If is so that kabir sleep wit this woman I will stop watching or read this show

  2. Leisa s morris

    Kabir will never b able to look himself in d mirror or look into zaras eyes if he spends a night with ruksaar as he considers it a sin. Neither will zara ever forgive him or want to b with him if dats d rd he chooses it is best he divorces zara and b done with it. He is so right about ruksaar her luv is purely psychical and as a result she will never let him go. Zara it is time to put ruksaar in her place she already got one wish dont let her get another. Let her b married to kabir as u know now how he feels and she will b wife in name only. Time to u always have..time to defeat and end all of ruksaars games. Zeenat should b ashamed to have a sister like her.

  3. Kabir, Kabir Kabir apparently you cant the forrest because you are way to close to the tree. What really makes you think, knowing Rukhsar that she will keep her word even if you give into her demands. The whole reason you are in this debacle now is because the witch could’nt wait to let everyone know about your marriage even though she agree to keep quite until you were ready to tell everyone. Leisa Morris is very right. Has Kabir thought about how he will face himself or worse yet, face Zara the next morning.

  4. she’s a psychopath …. if Kabeer spends a night with her, then he’s a jerk and a fool.
    I hope Kabeer has a Plan!!

  5. I think Zeenat is disgusted by Rukhsa´s behavior

  6. instead of spending a night with her, he should let her spend a loveless life in his house.
    Please he cant spend a night with her……Zara will break

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Kabeer will make Rukshar speak truth about their “forced” marriage and record for Zara to hear … also, I think on that night, Rukshar will confess the real story behind Hamdan’s death (or apparent death) he may still be alive and hiding somewhere ?

  8. Friends… This is a painful episode even though almost the entire episode was a dream sequence. With that precap… I’m hoping Kabir spends the night with Rukhsar BUT with him sitting and staring at her or doing something of relevance, trimming his beard, speaking with Zara on the phone, cutting his nails, yawning etc. That could be classified as spending the night with someone, right? It doesn’t have to be physical… Sometimes I spend the night with friends and family members, talking and laughing and reliving old memories, that’s another way to spend the night too.. So, I’m just trying to console myself that things wouldn’t work out the way Rukhsar is dreaming of and that Kabir would have enough time to withdraw…pardon the pun…from physical activity with the witch because of some unexpected turn of events. Tomorrow is going to be a built up episode heading into the consummation chamber and since it’s weekend, we’ll have to wait until Monday to see if Rukhsar gets to taste the cake…and our BP would build up as well… What a torturous weekend it’s going to be for us!!!

  9. How pitiful it is to have to beg your husband to sleep with you as Rukhsar’s doing!! I knew it though, that Rukhsar is a self confessed s*xual predator, she didn’t hint as much but now she’s showing her true intentions…she wanted to bed Kabir since she was a little girl, how crazy is that? Since she was so young, she’s been dreaming of having Kabir to herself, which young girl thinks of those things at that age? Anyways… My heart is breaking for Zara.. This is how an authentic woman feels when faced with the possibility of her having to share her husband with another woman.. A commentator on a YouTube video used a very powerful line to describe the act of polygamy…having more than one wife is s*xual greed disguised as religious expectations… How apt this is… I’m forever grateful to be born in the West…. I can’t think of having a predicament like what Zara is faced with now, to have to share my husband with other women… What a torturous life!!!

  10. CATHY…. A message from Akituster, in case you don’t see comments from her on days, it’s because she is working on something, could be a project of some sort, she didn’t divulge much but to tell you that on Nov 9th to be in touch on the forum…hope that you read this message Cathy…

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