Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan leaves for the court

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Shrishti says that her hair got messy and that she needs that brush to correct they all ask her to stop, Dadi calls both of them and they leave, Rishab wonders if he should drop Preeta to her house, Karan runs after her and then falls at her, they hug and starts to tease each other.
Rishab is looking for the keys and after picking them up, he wonders if he would have said no at the time when she came to ask him to marry Sherlin, he wonders that she will leave Prithvi because he is not worthy of her, when he goes out, Karan and Preeta are together, she makes excuses and when she leaves, Karan thinks that she never lied and what happened to her, Preeta thinks that why did she lie, and not tell everyone the truth that is in her heart.
Rishab says to Karan that if she was a member in their

house then she would take care of him very much, Rishab leaves and Karan thinks of why he said this and that he will ask Preeta.
Sherlin is driving and wondering how to cheer Prithvi because now they have even more enemies to take care of, Sherlin is driving towards his house.
Preeta is in a hurry and leaving for the Luthra’s house, Sarla asks her tp eat fist but she says that she must not and that she has to leave, Sarla says that she must take Shrishti but she denies, Preeta leaves, Sarla asks her as to why is she not going and what she did, Shrishti says that she twisted the footy of Karina after that Sarla gets angry and so she punishes her, Shrishti does the sit ups after that she hugs Sarla.
Sarla enters the house thinking that’s he must give Prithvi surprise but then sees that he is giving all of his property to Manisha and Rithwick, she gets amazed and asks him to not do this, he does not listen to her and ask the lawyer to do what he says, when the lawyer leaves, he says that he has no choice because if he does not do this, they both will back out, he must do this, she does not believe in this plan, Prithvi does not listen to anything she has to say and leave.
Rakhi is with her servant who says that his mother always made him eat sugar before doing anything good, she also makes Karan eat the sugar, Preeta comes apologizing to Karina for being late, Rakhi says that there is no need to be sorry and she can go with both Karan and Rishab, she say that she must first take care of Karina but she says that she has no need to worry and must go with them.
Rishab asks Preeta s to why did Shrishti not come, she says that she will reach the court straight from home, when they leave Karina says that it is good that she did not come to their house because if she comes then they will have to face her again, she is adamant that she is not hurt, they all start to laugh, Karina says that she will not admit that she is hurt because she cannot even walk, Karina says that she will not lose to Shrishti.
Prithvi calls Rithwick asking if they are coming to the court, he say that they have not got the papers like he promised so they will not come, Prithvi handles the situation saying that they will get the papers as soon as they reach the court, Manisha says that she only trust him, they must call the lawyer to inspect the papers, she calls him, Manisha thinks that she hates Karan and will make both him and Preeta pay. Prithvi gets frustrated thinking that they both will make him mad.
Preeta is heading to the car, Karan suits with her, Rishab says that he is not the driver and Karan must come in the front, he says that he is in no mood to drive the car, Preeta says that is not a matter of concern and she will come to sit with him, when she comes, Karan gets mad and stat to tease him forcing him to sit in the back seat, when he sits he says that he took his position back, she says that’s he never understands him, Karan says that sometimes thing have to be taken from the heart.

Precap: Shrishti says that she wanted to catch he red handed, Preeta says that if she had used her head then they would have some clue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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