Ishq Subhan Allah 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir comes Zara’s side

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Ishq Subhan Allah 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kashan comes to hospital and asks Kabir to sign on papers. Kabir sees them and says you are putting house on debt? Kashan says we need it for business, it doesnt concern you, you do religious work, just sign papers. Kabir says you are talking about our house, where we grew up, this isnt about business, I am not signing these papers. Kashan shouts that how dare you not sign them? you know nothing about business so just sign this form, its just a formality, I and Shahbaz have already signed and decision have already been made. Kabir tears form and says I will never sign it, this is my decision, I will not let you put my house on debt.

All servants come to Zara in her ward to ask about her health. Zara says you people here? Servant says you take care of us so much. All poor people from poor society comes there too. Kabir stands there. A man says to Kabir that we thank you so much for sending blankets, Zara even gave us job in her father’s printing press, we needed that a lot. Another woman says to Zara that we pray God you our lives too, you have made our lives easier. They all leave. Kabir looks on. Zara holds his hand and makes him sit down, she says did you see how you helped them through religion and I helped them for worldly things and together we brought happiness in their lives, I was telling you this that make life in world along with religion. Kabir looks on and leaves.

Kabir meets Shahbaz and says whats the big trouble that we have to put house on debt? what such a big deal? you didnt tell me because you wanted me to walk on religion path? but religion says that if we dont help our parents then everything else is useless. Shahbaz says this is my son, we can get back on track but I am lucky to have son like you. Kashan comes there and says to Kabir that you can just talk and cant earn a penny, your wife even left and live like poor in outhouse but he didnt earn a penny, I earn for this house, his wife did hunger strike, went to hospital but he didnt do anything, earn money for her treatment. Kabir says money can come and go but this house is our pride, its our ancestor’s house and I will never let is being sold. Kashan says why you have so much ego? let me show your worth, you are just a graduate from madarasa, you tore this form but go and earn even 1000 rs and then show me your worth. Shahbaz says enough, dont insult him, I stopped him from earning otherwise he can earn way more than you. Kashan gets angry and leaves. Kabir is hurt. Shahbaz caresses his shoulder and tries to console him.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to Zara’s ward. She asks where he was? Kabir recalls Kashan’s bitter words and then how Zara kept telling him to earn and stand on his own, he recalls his cruelty. He runs to her and hugs her tightly. She asks what happened? Kabir shows her ashes in a box and says this is ashes of clothes that I burned, I thought you will break when I burn your clothes, I thought you wont be able to live without them but I was wrong, this is proof of my hatred, touch this ash and turn it into love, pray that I start understanding your thoughts more easily. Zara touches it. Kabir says this is your victory. Zara says its our victory, there is no me and you in love. Kabir says you are right, today I got insulted by Kashan and learned my lesson, he is putting house on debt and I cant do anything. Zara is stunned. Kabir says you kept telling me to walk on world path as time can change anytime but it changed and I am not ready, you were right that religion and world can only run together, poor people were right, I just gave them clothes but you gave them opportunity to run their kitchens for life, you gave them source of food, you were right but I didnt understand, I didnt even listen to my wife, I gave my life to my nation but I didnt take care of my family, wish I listened to you before, I went against you, did so much against you but you didnt say a word, you didnt complain and you just kept bearing it. He touches her forehead and says forgive me, you will never lose again, from today I will involve religion and world both in my life, not just 1000, I will earn many thousands and show them everything. Kabir says to Zara that I am going to start walking on world path along with religion from now on. Zara smiles and hugs him. He clutches her fingers in his. She says I waited for this day, you made my trust win, this is your victory and your victory is my win. Zara says to Kabir that we are together now and nobody can make us lose now. Kabir hugs her and looks determined.

Zeenat shows video to Ruksaar to give her guide on how to take revenge from Zara. She says I chose hospital because she is away from family and doctor told me that they will injection to Zara before tests. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that Zara will be given injection, she will sleep then you have to scorpio in her bed and then go out, become scared and go to nurse then, its most poisonous scorpio, it will bite Zara over and over again and she will be dead before nurse can go to her. Ruksaar says I am scared of scorpio. Zeenat says dont worry, she shows her scorpio in a box and says this one doesnt have poison, I just brought it to take your fear away, I will do anything but make Kabir yours.

PRECAP- Doctor gives injection to Zara. Zara calls Kabir and says I will be asleep soon so I might not be able to pick your call. She ends call. Ruksaar comes there and leaves poisonous scorpio on bed, she sees it reaching Zara and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    This zeenat is even worst than ruksaar… atleast with ruksaar u knew where she was comin from but zeenat laughs with u and pretend to care all d while plannin zaras death. Zara who has never once hurt her but infact saved her life and her sisters life. I want both she and kashan to b disowned once all truth is out…ones a thief who is planning to leave his parents homeless and penniless and d other an evil murderer who is encouraging her sister to do her evil deed…didnt she accuse zara of not having ruksaars best interest at heart yet here she is using her sister smh. Does she really belief dat kabir will ever accept ruksaar even wit zara gone especially if it is found out dat ruksaar is responsible for her death… I just thk god kabir finally learn his lesson.

    1. Hi Leisa.. How are you dear? I haven’t been commenting much on these Indian serials, all are disappointing to say the least. I’ve been reading the updates however and I look forward to the comments section, they are more interesting. Every single serial is a downer, nothing inspiring. AKAJS is disappointing, haven’t watched since the new girl Pankti came in and the storyline has deviated from its original concept, I who loved Sahil so much, don’t feel like seeing him these days at all….and kkb is dog poop…the only thing I enjoy doing on that forum is writing nasty comments, that’s all is left to do. Anyways, keep well dear…have a great day today Thursday.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Hi naz nice to hear from u. Yes sometimes I refrain from commenting cause all we get is crap from these serials. Common sense and decency are out d door and in all theres a transgression from d main theme of each serial. Dat has been happenin awhile with a lot of finish serials. Not only do dey deviate from d plot but dey also kill out either one or both of d main characters and pair dem with someone else totally changing d original story. But wat can b done besides boycotting these shows as d writers never cares for their audience. Just keep safe and enjoy d new yr

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Bravo Zara ??? finally an end to Kabeer’s hate ?

    still wondering wth is Zeenat’s problem ?

  3. So, finally Kabir becomes enlightened, of all Zara’s sacrifices and his brother’s wicked intentions. Kashan and Zeenat, perfect couple, both toxic, they thrived on their negativity…i used to complain that Kashan was underutilized in the serial and didn’t even have a voice but look at how far he’s come, what can anyone expect from him, he is fashioned from his father’s mould… Shabaaz’s sons are just like him but with a wife like Zara, Kabir was bound to become a good husband one day but with a wife like Zeenat, Kashan should just self destruct. I also think that Zeenat is worse than Rukhsar, she can be read but Zeenat is a two faced lying b*t*h, smiling to your face but willing to cut Zara’s throat for her own benefits. Finally Kabir has realized his mistakes, I hope he remains a better husband to Zara from now on.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Nas shabbaz deserves a son like kashan ,one who is willing to leave him to rot in his own destruction. Yes we didnt used to c him and felt sorry dat he had yo walk in kabirs shadow but hes been silently plottin for awhile now and we r just starting to c his malicious intent. For his evil intention shabbaz sent him to get a proper education thinking dat he could use him and kabir to get rich of others but as it turns out hes d one being played and didnt know it. Now lets see how he handles d news bout kashan takin a loan without his knowledge.

  4. Zeenat is evil. Malicious. Covetous.Unrepentant. Chronic villain. What can we do? There must such antagonisms for challenges to be surmounted.But for a father too?????? wow!!!!!!!!!

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