AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (7~Aditi Is A Ghost)

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As Neil unwrapped the clothe from the thing wrapped inside it, he widened his eyes as it was the photo frame with the photograph of Aditi smiling cutely, but one thing disturbed him greatly as the photo frame wore a garland. The frame and the clothe dropped from his hands instantly on the floor and he fell on his knees in a shock. He held his head as he felt that everything around him was spinning round and round. “Mujhse bara Bhoot or Kon hoga yahan par? Mujhse bara pianist bhi nahi hoga yahan, mujhse bara singer bhi nahi hai yahan. Her words echoed in his ears. Then it hit him, she was the ghost in the Angel Manor, she was the one who is trapped here for three long years, she is the piano girl, she is long dead, she is the living dead. He closed his eyes and he was shocked to what he saw in his visions, never in his life did he think that he will get a ghost caretaker who took care of him even before he had hired a caretaker.

The first night when Neil came to Angel Manor, Aditi was the one to play the piano and she vanished as he asked her about her identity thus scaring him unknowingly as she wasn’t aware of his presence in the house.

The candle chandelier fell and Neil moved out of the way to protect himself but unfortunately one piece of glass pierced his skin, he closed his eyes in pain. Aditi took advantage of his closed eyes and blew on the cut on his forearm thus healing his pain. Something about him attracted her towards him.

When Neil went to his room brushing everything off his mind, near the piano, darkness appeared and out of the light, a girl appeared and the girl was Aditi, she looked almost transparent, but she seemed to be glowing, she looked like a lost soul who haven’t reached her destination, her hair were coming on her face, they blew away a little. She smiled a little but then frowned and fell on her knees and laid on floor.

She drew her knees up to her chest and closed her eyes for a mere second but then opened them and a tear of blood fell from her eyes, she sat up and got on to her feet and disappeared.

Neil came back home after the interview the next day and took out his keys to unlock the door but stopped as he heard the piano play the same tune. He pressed his ear against the door and thrusted the key into the keyhole and opened the door all of a sudden to catch the one who’s playing the piano. Aditi had disappeared in order to not reveal herself. To his own surprise, there was no one there. He closed the door and walked to the dining table and pulled out a chair and sat burying his face in his palms breathing heavily, his eyes were closed.

He was sweating badly. Aditi once again took advantage of his closed eyes and saw that he was tired and poured a glass of water for him and placed it in front of him without his notice. Though she was invisible, she was still there. He drew his hand forward to pick the jug but his hand touched the glass and he picked it. He opened his eyes in a shock as he saw that the glass was filled. As far as he remembered, he didn’t fill up the glass. He kept looking at the glass and the water, he rotated the glass round and round again and again but then drank all of it and shrugged. Aditi smiled to herself.

When Aditi heard Neil hiring a caretaker for the house, she took it as an opportunity and decided to appear as the caretaker later that evening.

When Neil was playing guitar, Aditi started to play the piano at that time only and played at the same speed with which he played the guitar. He came out of his room to search for the intruder and once again he didn’t see her face. He decided to be rude to make the crazy intruder leave and spoke some angry words closing his eyes. For the third time, Aditi took advantage of his closed eyes simply by disappearing.

Visions end.

Neil opened his eyes and once again he felt as if everything was spinning before him, he held his head and let himself fall back on the floor, last thing he remembered before blacking out was the concerned look on Aditi’s face as his head fell in his lap instead of the floor.


Neil woke up on his bed and his head felt heavy, he lifted his head to see Aditi sitting near him on the chair. He was sure that whatever he saw (Aditi’s garland photo and visions) were for real. “Before you ask how you got here, it was me who got you here,” she answered.

Little flashback:
Aditi placed Neil’s head on the floor and stood up making him stand as well. She took his arm around her shoulders and kept her arm around his waist and both of their bodies lifted from the floor and floated till they reached Neil’s room and she placed him on the bed.

Flashback end.

“But… are you really a ghost?” he asked sitting up and began to fall as his head began to spin once again. She got hold of him and they both had an eye lock as his head fell in her lap. Soon he forgot about the whole ghost thing as he fell into a deep sleep which he got by Aditi’s hand which she used to palm his eyes to let him slip into deep slumber. “Neil, you have a good life and I don’t want to sadden you by my story so I am going, you’ll have to find it on your own,” she whispered to sleeping Neil and placed his head carefully on the pillow and disappeared into thin air.

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