Ishq Subhan Allah 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara shy around each other

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Ishq Subhan Allah 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Reema and Shubratan are getting Zara ready. Zara says what you people are doing. Reema says its just for sometime. Shubratan says I will bring him. Zara says who photographer? Reema says yes come with me. She pushes Zara to her room and locks door. Zara sees Kabir there and asks Reema to open the door. Reema says this door will open tomorrow morning only, she leaves. Kabir smirks. Zara sees room decorated and says who did it? she says there is no sofa here. Kabir says I will sleep on bed, I let you sleep in my bed so you have to be nice. Zara says I will sleep on floor then. Kabir says never, I cant let a girl sleep on floor while I am on bed. Zara says then you sleep on floor. Kabir says I am your guest, would you like your guest to sleep on floor? Zara says then we have to share the bed? Kabir smirks.

In morning, Salma gives tea to Reema and ask her to take it to their room.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Reema comes in room and is disappointed to see two mattresses on floor. She says I did romantic setting which can make even enemies fall in love. Reema asks if they even said yes nikah? Kabir says we did say yes in a moment but it takes life to accept things. Zara says sorry for your hard work. Reema says I hate you, she leaves. Zara and Kabir moves to take tea, their hands touch. They share eyelock. Kabir asks her to take it first. Zara holds cup and offers it to him. Mana ke hum yaar nahi plays. Kabir glances at her. Zara takes her cup and leaves.

Ayesha comes to Salma’s house, she says Zara’s next ritual will be making kheer. Salma says please help her, she can do mistakes. Ayesha says she is our daughter so dont worry about it, we will take care of her.

Ruksaar offers namaz. Zeenat comes to her and smiles, she says what were you praying for? Ruksaar says I was for Kabir from God. Zeenat says may God bless you, you know I hate when they praise Zara, today that Zara will make kheer, I cant bear her praise. Ruksaar says this is our chance to insult her, she insulted you on first day here and now we can take revenge from her bu insulting her and her mother’s upbringing. She smirks.

Irfan gives Kabir a pen and says its my lucky pen, it has always allowed me to choose path of truth, hope it helps you too. Salma give new phone to Zara and says I broke your phone so I got a good one for you, call me daily. Zara says I will but promise to take your medicines on time. Salma says I will but take care of your life now, Ayesha’s house is yours now. Zara says you are right but relations doesnt change after marriage, kids should always take care of parents. Kabir says she is right Salma mom, miffed parents are like miffed God. Salma blesses him.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that be careful for your plan. Ruksaar says I have thought about it. Zeenat scolds a servant. Ruksaar says dont show your anger, show you are nice in front and attack them from behind. Zeenat says sometimes if you try to be too nice then they can take advantage of you.

Scene 2
Kabir, Zara and Ayesha stop car near dargha. Ayesha says I want to pray, Kabir says I dont believe in all this. Ayesha asks Zara if she believes in it? Zara says yes, God blesses his pious men. Kabir says those who are gone cant help anyone. Zara says only God can help men but pious people are the way to reach them.

Ayesha and Zara goes to dargha. They pray. Zara ties thread on wall, she sees Kabir standing outside, they share eyelock through thread wall. Zara smiles.
Ayesha and Zara comes to Kabir, she offers him darga food, he says I dont eat anything named other than on God. Zara says you can do few things for elders happiness. Kabir thinks I married you to make them happy. He says its about rules.

Kabir, Zara and Ayesha comes home. Zeenat says to Ayesha that Ruksaar prepared for everything. Zeenat asks Kabir how was his night, he says good and leaves. Ayesha says to Zara that you will prepare kheer for first time. Zeenat says we have prepared everything, you can check. Ayesha says I have to check as I want everyone to praise Zara.

Zara is making kheer. Ruksaar thinks Zara will only get insulted.

PRECAP- Ruksaar puts salt in Zara’s kheer. Zara doesnt know and serves it to guests. Alina comes to Zara and whispers that there is a lot of salt in kheer. Zara is confused. All guests taste her kheer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love it! But I that I am hating kabir by the day. Not going to dargha. Really kabir! Dose everything has to be un Islamic for you. Sometimes I wish kabir married ruksaar.
    Without these pious people, Islam would have not spend. Even our prophet Mohammed PBAH. Has mentioned them. They should be respected. Our prophet also said. In every each house. A mullah well be born. Allah has to build a separate hell for them. Zara was right about kabir. It well take a strong woman to stomach him.

    1. Ooshi

      It’s just that he is strict when it comes to Islam and in Zara’s company he will change for good

      1. I do hope so, I just find him annoying.
        I also know people are just like him. Trust me they well suck the life out of you.

  2. I love Reema’s character, she wants best for her friend but is a bit too cheeky but it’s not a problem, better that than an evil backstabber for a friend. Kabir Islamic phobia is just like my brother’s…..

    1. Ouch! Naz.
      How are you?
      I hope that you are well.
      I am finding kabir a bit to much. It like every day. He find something not Islamic. I know how you feel.

      1. Ooshi

        It’s Islamic but little strict

    2. Hi Naz,
      I feel that you are feeling very down. Please don’t be. About your brother’s, I fear that they are surround by the wrong crowds. These people are feeding them the wrong message of Islam.

      As a sister, you can pray, and ask Allah to bring them to the right path.I pray that your brothers, well find the right path, and Allah to guide them.

      I pray that Allah, well be kind to you, and answer your prayers.
      Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. Don’t lose heart, believe in Allah to sort this out for you. Only Allah knows what is best. Remember life is a test. We all have to pass our own test. Let Allah, deal with your brother’s. You just pray for them.

      1. Hi Sister, I’m doing well, thanks for your concern, greatly appreciated. As for my brother, well…he’s just 2 days under one year younger than me, meaning he was born on the 31st March and I’m 2nd April but while we are similar in temperament, we don’t think alike on certain levels. I’m all embracing of all humanity but he’s selective as to the people he interacts with…which is downright prejudiced on all counts. This is what I was alluding to in my comment above…… He puts a spin on almost everything and thinks smiling is probably not permissible, always preaching to the rest of us about everything that’s looks un Islamic in his eyes and I can’t stand it so I stay far from him if I could help it. Seriously.. I don’t know where the warped thinking of men started because my homeland has been proud to see its citizens live in harmony for most of my life but those who went to the Middle East to study Islamic knowledge, came back and taught others things not permissible according to the Holy Quran and as practiced by Muhammad ( PBUH). So now, we have much tension between us and this is sad. Sister, I’m not proud to say I’m not 100% religious but I practice what a lots of more religious people than myself, would not do, like my brothers. Isn’t it sunnat to take care of your parents, to never let them shed a tear on your behalf, to never utter a harsh word to them, if you can’t provide much financial support to them, can’t you take care of them in a different capacity? I apologize for saying so much but it’s just to let you know that I don’t allow my life to be dictated by extremism or by allowing my brother’s intolerance of the simple things in life, to affect me in ways I can’t handle, I tolerate him but I don’t agree with what he says ,it’s just that it’s sad to know that my younger brother has allowed others to influence him on a negative and extreme manner… Just like Kabir… He’s too damn serious but it’s going to be interesting to see him loosen up and enjoy the simple things in life, which are so lacking in the poor man’s life!!!

      2. Dear Naz.
        The more I understand your life, I that Allah well be kind to you. You are going thorough too much. I can only pray, that your brother, well find the light. That you have. Stay strong! Don’t lose hope!
        Oh Allah, please be, kind to our sister Nazreen. Please forgive, from her sins, which are known to her, and unknown to her. protect her, from hardship, also people who wish to do her harm. Protect her from the devil. Love her oh Allah in this life and the next .
        Please oh Allah show her brother the path, that you favour. Not the path which you anger. Only you oh Allah, can guides us. Ameen.
        I pray for you sister. Insha Allah. Your brother, well change his mind. Allah well bring him back to the light.
        Be patient!

  3. The moment of the same cup of tea was so pretty. I suppose that their love will able to draw in the whirlwind of the events.

  4. Hey ladies, I know Kabir is waaaaaaaayyyyyy too uptight and it’s going to take a lot for Zara to get him to loosen up. But I think he has a bit of a mischievousness himself. Did you see the look on his face after Zara suggested that they might have to share the bad. He was too cute. I loved the interaction between them in this episode, so sweet. Hope to see a few more episodes just like this.
    Hey Naz I love Reema’s character as well. She’s the type of crazy friend that every woman needs. Do you think that there might be a storyline where she and Kabir’s friend (his name slips me at the moment). Seeing as they are from different religions it could bring up some interesting issues.

  5. Cathy

    Hey Ladies…just an observation and perhaps a bit of a rant, I would have loved to see the development of Kabir and Zara without so much outside interference there is just to much negativity where i just want to watch their relationship develope.

    1. Bhaana

      Agree, even I wish to see development in their relationship instead of negativity
      Zara n Kabir look so cute ?

      1. Cathy

        Bhaana. They are a cute couple for sure!!

    2. Hi Cathy,
      I wasn’t ranting, I know that kabir well fall in love with zara first. Which I am happy about. Let him win zara over.

      I come from the same community as zara and kabir. I do know that this is entertainment. But this is what we disagree all the time. Kabir point of , also his father. Has nothing to do with Islam. They are people that don’t like things in life. There are a lot of dargha in Bangladesh. These pious people, had leave their life behind. Come to another country, and make their home. The reason is because one Allah has called them. Two because they had a different point of view of Islam. Dargah is the only place where everyone is welcomed. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. You don’t have to call Allah if your religion is not Islam. The dargahs has made a lot of people happy. I even find peace there. But there are Muslim people, who want them to be destroyed.
      Why because they use Islam, they are not Islamic. I don’t think that they know the meaning of Islam. People hate dargah because it open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe. How many places can you say, is welcoming ad the dargahs.
      I hope that zara well open kabir eye. Also tell him that, he is using Islam. We all have things that we don’t like in life. But to hind behind Islam is wrong!

      1. As Muslim, we should have asked questions. Why! Why is there no peace in the middle east. Also why is our so called protectors of Islam. Are killing Muslims.
        WE should ask ourselves these questions. An entertainment show, shouldn’t have made me think. There is too much of hate in my community. Too much of this is not Islamic!
        I believe if our holy site in the middle east. Was open as the dargha to everyone. Maybe Allah would have been happy with us. Maybe there would be peace in the middle east. The way we are now is not working for us.

      2. Cathy

        Sister: The rant was my own..,i was just venting out my frustration at the way the story was focusing on the negative family members instead of focusing on a budding love story..and the coming together of two view points, these writers just insist on dragging these serials through the muck instead of a positive story with maybe a few troubles thrown in later.

  6. I agree with you Cathy ,the newly married couple requires some space to develop that comfort zone and relationship as well …here Ka ir snd Zara are always surrounded by people,all of them their well wishes, except for a couple of witches and Kabir’s father…… and too many rituals…reminds me of joint families of olden days where the newly married couple would be the centre of attraction ,making them crave for privacy…..Any ways I feel that Zara will fall in love first,,,the way she was glancing at Kabir from inside the dargah,it is obvious …but I am loving the subtle signs of attraction between Zara and Kabir….no unnecessary gimmicks like falling on each other,meaningless eye locks….like we are seeing in Kaleerein between Vivan and Meera….
    And Naz,even I don’t like phobias in the name of religion……I know many from my own religion who have these phobias……they take the cover of scriptures saying that they are the staunch followers.,,,,and strangely we don’t find the basic humanity in them…..they visit temples three times a day …give huge dinations to the temple ,participate in meaningless rituals day and night but don’t give a meal to a hungry person or help a passer by in need ,leave alone donating to orphanages,giving sime time to social causes etc…nothing wrong in following one’s religion but they should not be so rigid that they can not even tolerate others who are good at heart but don’t follow the religious texts to the last letter….and the consequence is they always look down on others and can never be open minded……..

    1. Lakshmi, that’s the same thing happening here, they say they are staunch Muslims, I can attest to this but they won’t give a penny to a poor man, they would read namaaz 5 times a day, even Taahajud after midnight but before dawn but their hearts are black….every single word you’ve said in this comment, is 100% accurate!!! I know this for a fact..

  7. Bhaana

    Entertainment with learning of different people, culture will be interesting…
    Love Zara n Kabir nazariyaan, exactly don’t understand more about their points but with time will learn. I’m very curious….

  8. How right you are Lakshmi, many persons across all religions have this kinda phobias and rules yet still don’t show any sort of care or concern for their fellow human beings. They quote scripture and are so quick to judge others instead of showing any kind humanity.
    With Zara and Kabir I would have to disagree with you there. Kabir is already sliding down that slippery slope into love with Zara, ever since that meeting at the beauty parlor. Zara is now starting recognise that he is her husband and look at him in a different light. But they do need to be away from everyone to give things a chance to blossom between them. Hope the writers focus on building their relationship in the next few eposides

    1. I do hope so to, I hope zara well open kabir eyes. Bring colour to his life. But I still want him to fall in love with her first!

  9. zara hayat khan

    Salaam everyone.dostoo patanahi kheer ka kya maslaa rahega aaj.but ek baat ki khushi hai…..kabeer ne ruksaar ko khoob daanta…..mazaaa aayega…..dil ko raahat si milgayi………Allah kare kabir ne kheer badaldi ho. Ruksaar to shaitaan hai…..aane waale episodes mein alag alag tarkibein souchlegi kabir aur zaara ko door karne ke liye.per woh shaayad yeh nahi jaanti ki kabir zaara uski gandi herkatoon se aur bhi nazdeek aayeingein
    Gandhi naali mein koi pather phenke to bhi gande paani ki cheenkhein usi insaan ke chehre pe padhti hai.
    eagerly waiting for todays episode….
    Allahhaffiz everyone.

    1. Salaam Zara, please please please…say it in English, I’m sure you said wonderful things here but I don’t understand it… Hey, even I would love to visit Kashmir one day…in my dreams…i do, but in the movies… Lol…

      1. zara hayat khan

        Salaam naazreen,may I know from which country u belong…….I think u dont understand urdu or hindi…….anyway dear sister do visit kashmir……u r most welcome hr….tkcr and keep commenting….jazakallah khair

  10. zara hayat khan

    @Allybrew….suche pyar ki sshuruwaad hamesha gusse aur cute gusse waale knok jhok se hi hoti hai…….kabir aur zara mein pyaar to hona hi haiiiii.Enjoy….letts wait and watch.

  11. My thoughts, Lakshmi, Cathy, Allybrew..i think that there’s something happening already between Kabir and Zara. They’ve crossed the bridge of hatred and intolerance and are now on their way to friendship /love route. The reason why I think Kabir was so angry when Zara saw his childhood pics, it’s because he’s conscious of her as a woman and wife and is sensitive to her seeing him in vulunerable moments….and it’s only when these subconscious actions show itself, that one can tell that he or she is affected by what the other thinks , so he’s definitely falling for her but doesn’t realize it as yet and even Zara’s eyes speak volumes but doesn’t realize it as well. I laugh when Rukhsar is brainwashing herself to believe that Kabir and Zara would not tolerate each other, even vampy Zeenat and conniving Shabaaz is in for a rude awakening!!!

  12. I also can see that Kabir is loosening up and being a little playful, that’s wonderful.

    1. is this about todays episode. why is it not uploaded still i want to watch it so badly. by the way im comenting for the first time after ages . maybe 2 to 3 years.. im attracted to this drama..

  13. Looking forward to know who revealed to Kabir that the kheer cooked by Zara was tainted with namak…

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