Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Munna and Pandit made Sameer realize his mistake, Dadi’s plan fails

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela asking Naina to lower the TV volume. Preeti says she will not listen now, as she is lost in her thoughts. Naina imagines herself dancing with Sameer around the trees in the garden. She imagines him in the house then. Preeti asks her if she is searching Salman Sameer Maheshwari in Aamir Khan. Naina’s voiceover tells that they were unaware that their life will become exciting like in films. Rakesh complains to Principal about Shanti. Principal calls Shanti. Shanti asks did you call me? She sees love letter on the table and recalls confronting Naina. Rakesh reads the love letter aloud and says she is ruining school environment and asks Principal to throw her out. He says Shanti had thrown this in the dustbin. Principal asks did you write this love letter. Naina tells Swati and Preeti that she will call Sameer and is worried about Munna and Pandit. Swati and Preeti tell that they can’t go in school hours, and says we will go after school.

Rohan gets ready. Vishaka comes and asks Sameer to get ready fast. Sameer asks if it is necessary to go. Rohan asks how did Dadi make sudden plan? Vishaka says she makes sudden plans. Rohan tells about Delhi’s fashionable girls and asks Sameer about girls of his place. Sameer says simple and says he saw Naina that day. Vishaka asks about Naina. Sameer says Arjun’s sister and tells that he stayed there for few days. Vishaka goes to Deepika and says she is looking like an angel. Mr. Sumani asks how is he looking? Vishaka says dashing. Dadi comes and says Deepika and Rohan are looking nice. They all sit in car, leaving Sameer. Vishaka asks Mr. Sumani to drive car and says Sameer can sit then. Dadi says Bobby has migraine problem and tells that she will not go, and asks Mrs Dhillion has invited her family only. Sameer asks Vishaka to go. Vishaka says how Sameer will manage alone and tells that even Keshav is not there today. Sameer sees phone lock not there and calls Naina, but Bela picks call.

Sameer asks if Hasmukh bhai is there. Bela says wrong number. Sameer calls his bad company friends home. They drink in his house. Keshav spies on him and thinks to call Dadi and tell her everything. It was Dadi’s plan to throw Sameer out of house. Tullu and his friend play the CD. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he needed someone’s support at this time. Door bell rings. Sameer asks Tullu and his friends to hide bottles and opens the door. He sees Munna and gets happy. He asks where is Pandit? Munna says he lied to his parents and came there. Sameer introduces his new friends to Munna. Munna says you made new friends, but we didn’t make any new friends. Pandit comes there. Sameer is very happy. Pandit hugs him. Munna and Pandit see Tullu and others watching adult video something and keeps eye on their eyes. Munna asks Sameer to come inside. Sameer praises his new friends and talks about Delhi.

Munna says our eyes are opened now. He slaps him. Sameer asks if you are gone mad? Munna says you have broken our and Naina’s trust. Pandit says you are breaking her promise and trust. He says we are not on talking terms because of you. Munna says now we understood that Naina sent us here so that we can meet you. He asks Pandit to come. Pandit gives flower to Sameer and says it was sent by Naina. Munna asks Sameer where is his flower? Sameer recalls Naina asking him to plant rose plant. Sameer looks at his rose plant and sees it dried. He feels guilty of his actions. He says sorry and tells that he has become lonely without them, Nana ji and Naina. He says I didn’t think what I am doing and with whom I am making friendship. Munna and Pandit ask him not to worry and says everyone does mistake. Sameer says I have done mistake and will rectify it now itself. He switches off TV and asks them to leave. Tullu and his friends ask what happened to him and asks if these boys filled your ears. They insult Munna and Pandit and tells that they are making him man.

Sameer says real man is the one who helps others and says this is the cheapness which you are doing. Tullu and his friends get angry. Pandit says three Ahmedabadi will change your thinking. Munna asks Pandit to take out cassette and call on 100 number. Tullu and his friend run away. Sameer, Munna and Pandit get happy. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was feeling proud of his friendship with Munna and Pandit, and he felt like coming out of suffocation and was laughing happily because of his friend. Door bell rings again. Sameer says it seems they came again. Munna says it seems they will agree after beating. Munna holds Chappal. Pandit holds stick and Sameer opens the door. They see Dadi, Mr. Sumani, Vishaka and others.

Shanti teacher is insulted and leaving from school. Naina feels bad and thinks love letter was of her. Rakesh shouts Naina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Nice episode,mundit rocks, they know very well how to handle any situation , feeling poor for Shanti mam, she heard a lot, and it will continue tomorrow to, dadi plan failed, and tullu company gone, gud story line , gud night guys .

  2. Khushnaseeb hote hain wo log jin ki zindagi main mundit jaise dost hote hain.Aj bahut dino baad yaaron ki yaari dekh kar maza the trio always.Naina b pheeki lagi un ki dosti k aage.salaam hai tumhari dosti ko.Naina ka dance bilkul acha nahi laga.was sounding very much awkward.

  3. Kahan ho sab gaye kya.aaj no comments.aaj to official friends reunion b tha aur ek tum log ho

  4. Hi yesterday I have written 2comments but my phone was not wroking. To day epi is good
    AHAMADHABADto dehli is far first munna and pandit how did they go by train or bus..bcz they couldn’t settle the canteen amount . ……
    Spending money and address …..
    Leave it but after I saw munna and pandit I was so happy ……
    Main reason .This condition for sameer dadi .
    Nanaji . Naina munna and pandit absence…..rohan and deepika closer with . Sumani irritating character…..camcha….so he needs some company that why he left out .
    I read in u tube dehli shooting was over but the full family is going to shift ahamadabad
    Rohan and preeti love starts

  5. Jagada secene was too enjoyable ……the worst creaper rakesh.poor shanti mam…

  6. Wow! Tx Hasan! Lokesh, Sheikh Feroz, AB! Great to see your comments. Please encourage others by your example. YUDKBH is #2 show now. Let’s keep commenting and watching. Hopefully creatives are watching and noting our comments.

  7. Wow it’s getting more interesting hoping this week would be a turning point loved it totally worth the wait

  8. Honest opinion

    When is the leap gonna happen? Anyone know?

    1. Don’t know but their offscreen masti pics n scenes are still with school uniform, might take some weeks…..

  9. hi guys,

    GM, sooooooooooooo happy to watch yesterday episode, Munna and pandit did a very good job,considering the previous episodes i have a plan to quit this serial but now the entire scenario changed just becoz of their bonding…………

    Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode…………………………….

  10. hiii guys, gud mrngng..
    wonderful episode.. just speechless

  11. Happy happy episode after a long time……. ❤loved that dream sequence n watched it multiple times…… This is the only serial where fandom are very happy to see the main lead to get a tight slap ?…… Hope this week will be filled with happy moments but feel sad for shanti teacher……..

  12. Such an emotional episode. Sameer and Munna nd Pandit share a wonderful bonding. But feeling bad for shanti teacher. She is leavingthe school. Loved her always a sincere teacher and guide

  13. May be u r right that our comments are being noted.

  14. Finally badtameez ladko chapter close.
    Loved the trio. I also decided to quit the show. But finally, I got a great relief ? yesterday.
    Dadi’s plan failed. Happy ? for Sameer. But sad ? for Shanti mam. The most adorable teacher. Due to the luv for her students, she gave her self respect. Nowadays, I couldn’t see a teacher like her. Liked the dream sequence. Waiting for today’s episode…

  15. Loved the dream sequence. One of my favorite songs. Happy for sameer. Finally their chapter got over. Now only I’m relieved. Dadi’s plan failed. Last scene was funny. But sad for Shanti mam. But, nowadays we can’t find a teacher like her. For her luv for her students she sacrificed her self respect. Hats off to her.

  16. Finally a wonderful episode after a long time.
    That dream sequence?❤❤aww
    Munna and Pandit are the best friends anyone can hope for. Kaash aise dost har insaan ko mile. The way they made Sameer realise his mistake, and consoled him later was… amazing. Their friendship is something to be inspired by. Sameer is really lucky to have Munna, Pandit and Naina in his life. ❤❤
    I hope those bad guys don’t trouble Sameer again.
    Precap… Shanti teacher sacrificed her respect for Naina’s sake? She is such a wonderful soul ??

  17. Such a wonderful episode and serial I have ever seen in my life. I hey guys I am only 15 years old and I am Telugu I don’t know Hindi and so I don’t understand serial while watching but later I will visit this page and see the dialogue and so the story I just love the story line and screenplay. Decided to learn Hindi in this Summer holidays and to see yeh un dinon ki baat hai. Thanks AB for the information waiting for Rohan and Preeti love story. Pls don’t misunderstand me because I am young I see this because I love great stories and love stories. Thank you to yeh un dinon ki baat hai team for such great touching serial.

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