Ishq Subhan Allah 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara romances

Ishq Subhan Allah 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Scene 1
Ayesha asks Zeenat what are you saying? Zara was proven innocent in 5 days. Zeenat says no it happened in 6 days. Ayesha makes her count days. Zeenat says sun has gone down and 6th day have started. All are stunned. Zeenat says this is an islamic issue and I want to remind all that after sun goes down, new day starts in Islam so this is a 6th day and Kabir-Zara are divorced, right? Zara and Kabir are holding hands. Kabir leaves her hand and sadly looks at her. Ayesha says this cant happen, there must be some way, we will go to Irfan’s house right now, Shahbaz says its not a time to go there, Kabir and Zara have knowledge of religion and they are silent so I think Zeenat is right, we will go to Irfan tomorrow, go and pray for them coming back. Ayesha sadly

leaves. All leave. Zara is in tears.

Zara is sadly sitting, Zara says will Irfan find any solution? Kabir says I think divorce has happened, it shows that we should never use these words, they are bad and can never be taken back. Zara says we will go and ask Irfan for some solution. Kabir says there is a story that a man used to be angry with his wife going to her parents house, he was going out and said that if she went to her parents house then they will be divorced, when he left, wife’s father died and she had to go to her parents house. When husband cameback, he was sad, they asked many priests but all said that divorce happened but then Imam told them that their divorce didnt happen. Zara says how? Kabir says I am sleepy, Zara says no I want to know right now, Kabir says when wife went to her parent’s house, her father had already died and it was her brothers house then so divorce didnt happen. Zara gets elated and hugs him.

In morning, Zara and Kabir comes to Salma’s house. Zara sees prayers going on for Nargis’s death. Ayesha is there too. Salma says Irfan will get free soon, you all sit down. Zara starts going to her room and hints at Kabir to come, he shakes his head. Zara gets angry and leaves. Kabir goes behind her.

Kabir asks what you wanted to do here? Zara looks at her room and says there are many memories related to this room. Kabir says I remember a memory, you made me sleep on floor in this room. Zara says you were stubborn. Kabir says I am not stubborn anymore? Zara says you have become fine a little. Kabir says I am not a fool to stay away from my wife, Zara smiles and hugs him. Kabir says I really like this, Zara says me too, she turns but Kabir pulls her closer and is about to kiss her but Salma calls her. Zara smiles and leaves. Kabir sighs.

Irfan is tensed. Kabir and Zara hold hands. Irfan says after seeing all aspects, divorce happened but dont worry, God has given time between second and third divorce and let husband and wife to mend their relation, forget their two divorces and move on. All are elated. They all leave from there. Imran and Reema makes an excuse. Reema teases that we can sponsor your marriage night.

Scene 2
Zara is enjoying bike ride. Kabir hugs her from behind, Zara tries to leave her hold on bike but Kabir asks her to be careful, she asks him to hold her tightly. Kabir hugs her tightly. Zara stops at a corn shop. Zara sees seller burning all corn, she says I dont like burned corn. Kabir says its not burned, you want all grains to be good? I will steam it for you, I can do anything fro your love, I promise to not burn a single grain. Zara says I will remain away, what if my eyes get burned and I wont be able to see your beautiful face? Kabir laughs. Kabir starts steaming a corn, his eyes gets some dust, he tries to rub it but Zara comes to him and blows on his eyes, she wipes it with love, soch na sake plays, Kabir gives cooked corn to Zara, Zara enjoys her corn. Imran and Reema takes their pictures. Zara teases Kabir, Kabir kisses her cheek, she is surprised.

PRECAP- Ayesha says to Shahbaz that your son have decided to marry again so I will fulfill my dreams too in his wedding. Zeenat thinks that their wedding will not happen without any drama, I will create such a scene in their wedding that whole city will see.
Zara and Kabir are enjoying romance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Dis zeenat needs to b put in her place inmediately. Y she dont mind her damn business and study where.her husband is,for all she knows he could be carrying on an affair behind her back and she busy meddling in others lives. Her husband should just for a day come and says talaq and lets see how she feels for dat one day.

  2. DannyComments

    Here’s a spoiler..Ruksar is coming back for Kabir and she is crazy!!!

  3. This talaq drama is getting boring!!! Zeenat husband should give her talaq let’s see how you will react. Rukhsar is coming ba I and as usual try to kill Zara. Getting to be very boring and like all others.

  4. Rukhsar’s coming and she could well be the woman Shabaaz wants Kabir to marry, after all, Rukhsar’s husband is 6ft under so both would be free to remarry. It would be interesting to see if Zara could get pregnant after Kabir marries Rukhsar. …

  5. it is so funny that all this serials on zee tv have an on going villain that keeps on going on and on like an energizer battery and the leads never seem to lead a happy life neither does the show. The shows go on for years. the writers keep on running the same story lines over and over again. The Pakistani serials on the other hand actually have stories one can relate to and have a ending. Their do not have villains that keep on going like energizer batteries.

    1. Cathy

      I agree with you Beki, there is a more cohesion in the story telling, with a dash of redemption thrown in, i’m just finishing up “Khanni” Next to Bashir Momin this has to be one of my favourites.

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