Dil Hi Toh Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik and Palak spend their wedding night in jail

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Dil Hi Toh Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Palak’s mom says she has wedding gift. Palak gets happy, but soon her smile turns into shock when she sees police coming. Palak’s mom asks police to arrest Ritwik. Palak tells her mom this is getting too much. She’s married to him now. Ritwik says he knows there were many misunderstandings, he can do anything so she can forgive him. He begs for forgiveness, but she is not ready to listen. She asks police to take him away.

VP tells Mamta she is so sick and Ritwik didn’t even come to see her. Mamta says he told her before going. He loves her a lot, but she didn’t know matter would come that far that he will get married. Rishabh says his priorities are changed now. Palak matters more to him than his family. Today he lost a brother and VP lost a son. Mamta can’t

believe Rishabh is saying that.

Palak follows police. She tells Ritwik not to worry. She will get him freed.

Mamta and VP are arguing. Bebe tells Taari and Shanaya sooner or later VP will need to accept Palak. They should do preparations to welcome their daughter in law. They decide to go to wedding, but Aman stops them and informs that Ritwik is arrested. They say too much melodrama is going inside. They rather be at Ritwik. Aman says he is in jail. They say they will go to jail then. Aman says his family is crazy.

Shivam tells Ritwik his wedding is getting so filmy. They are in police station now. Ritwik asks him to shut his mouth. Ananya comes and congratulates Ritwik. She asks how come he never got caught in past when he broke so many laws and today he ended up in jail. Shivam says this is all due to being in love.

Palak’s mom locks her in her room. She asks her mom to open the door. Palak’s dad opens the door. Manjeet says she doesn’t believe in this marriage. Palak’s dad says it doesn’t matter what she thinks, marriage is done. Manjeet tells Palak she can’t go, she will never be happy in this marriage. Palak’s dad asks this is what she will give her in blessings? Palak says she won’t let anything affect her marriage. No one can separate her and Ritwik now. She tells her mom, she is being childish now. They are adults, they know what’s good for them. She leaves to go to Ritwik. She can’t find an auto. Her dad gives her scooter’s key. Palak leaves. Manjeet asks her husband why did he let her go. He says she’s her daughter in end, she has to be stubborn.

Rohit informs Ritwik even if Palak takes her complaint back, he will have to spend tonight in jail. Other side, Setu and her dad inform that to Palak. Rohit tells Ritwik he feels bad for him. It’s his first wedding night and he will be in jail, Palak elsewhere. Ritwik asks he cares about his wedding night at this time? Rohit says he didn’t mean that. Ritwik asks did anyone even ask Palak how she is. Ananya says she is coming, he can ask himself. Ritwik asks why she is coming there. Ananya says no one can stop women in love.

Mamta comes to living room. She wonders where everyone is.

Shivam, Rohit, Ananya takes selfies with Ritwik in jail. Ritwik says to himself where he’s stuck between mad people. He asks Rohit to send Shivam back home. Shivam says he’s not going anywhere leaving this party. Ritwik asks what party? Bebe, Taari, and Shanaya arrive now with sweets. Aman also arrives and congratulates Ritwik. Now Palak comes. She asks police why they are stopping her from coming in. Police say there are already so many people. Palak says she doesn’t care. She got married to him and she will stay with her husband. She hugs Ritwik in front of everyone. Ananya teases her. Setu joins everyone now. They say it’s selfie time. Inspector says it’s not allowed here. Palak asks what they will do if they don’t listen to him? He says he’ll lock them all up. Palak slaps him and then says sorry. Inspector puts everyone in jail. Shivam, Shanaya, Taari are outside. They say they will order food and stuff. Ritwik’s shoes are missing. Setu says she stole them and asks for money. Rohit says that ritual is done in wedding, not in jail. Bebe says she always wanted to go to jail as Ritwik’s grand dad had gone many times. Now she is happy she finally made it. Shivam brings food. He says he wanted bigger party. Palak says they will have bigger party once this mess is over.

Ritwik and Palak blame themselves for being in jail on their wedding day. Setu tells Palak this will be such a cool story to tell to her children.

Shivam tells Ritwik a prankster is coming to see them. He makes family do more madness by telling ladies to fake there is snake in their cell. Inspector transfers ladies in same cell as guys. Prankster promotes his movie.

Next morning, everyone is released from jail. Ananya says being in jail was so cool. Ritwik and Palak look at each other.

Precap: VP doesn’t allow Ritwik to meet Mamta and tells him that he must choose either his family or Palak. Ritwik tells Palak they will go in that house only when everyone accepts them.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Tonight’s episode was fun. What should have been a romantic night has turned into an eventful funfilled Jail party…LoL, The two Grandmas were awesome. Thank you, Simmy for your update!

  2. Written update plzzzz

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