Ishq Subhan Allah 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara’s first night

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Ishq Subhan Allah 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ayesha asks Zara and Kabir to see their faces in mirror. Zeenat holds Quran over their heads and smirks. Suddenly chandelier breaks and falls over mirror, it breaks. Zeenat says oh God mirror breaking is not a good omen. Ayesha says mirror is a delicate thing, it can break, its not a big thing. Zeenat says but ritual wont be fulfilled but its okay. Zeenat says remove this broken mirror, poor Zara’s first step in house went wrong, Zara’s first ritual was not completed. All look on. Zeenat says its okay. She says bride and groom must be tired, bring tea for them. She moves Quran in her hands and all notice that its bending, so its not a Quran but some other thing covered in a cloth. Kabir is stunned. Zara notices it too. Ayesha takes Quran from her and opens cover to find some other book inside. All are shocked. Ayesha is in tears and slaps her infront of everyone. Ayesha says you destroyed my son and daughter in law’s first happiness, I always took my daughter in laws as my daughters but women like you force us to strict, you were fooling them, today I take all rights from you as an elder daughter in law, from today Zara will take duties of elder daughter in law. Zara says one minute, she is my sinner so I should punish her, rights should remain with people who should have them, I dont want anything, whatever she did was her thoughts but I forgive her and dont want anything. Ayesha says I am proud of you Zara. Zara says so what if my first step was not right but we can take right steps. She holds Zeenat’s hand and asks if she can show her room. Kashan asks her to take her. Zeenat clutches her hand and takes her.
Zeenat jerks her hand away from Zara and says dont do this drama, Zara says drama? Zeenat says yes, what did you say that you dont want to marry Kabir? you promised that Ruksaar will marry Kabir only, but you easily said yes in wedding, my sister didnt get what was her right so I will snatch it from you too, this is my right, I am elder daughter in law of this house, I will make your life hell, I promise that I will be present anywhere you go in this house, she leaves. Ruksaar comes there and says I am sorry Zara, she loves me a lot and cant bear me hurt, I will take you to your room. Zara says you are responsible for this, you made me engaged to Kabir. Ruksar recalls Shahbaz’s deal and says whatever happens happens for a reason. She takes Zara to a room and leaves.

Salma comes to Zara’s room and looks at her things. Irfan comes there and says sets things too, she says I will do it, he says like you, her things give me peace too. Salma says why did she have to marry so soon but you took my daughter away. irfan says you wanted too, you would have felt same if you married after 10 years too. Salma says you are right, daughters are just guests in their parents house, they both are in tears.

Shahbaz is tensed and recalls how Zara gave condition that they cant have instant divorce. Ruksaar brings tea for him. He thanks her and asks if she wants to say anything? Ruksaar says you have given me a path but this is hurtful path, I cant or can live with Kabir, when I see Kabir and Zara together, I cant bear it. Shahbaz says I understand, you did as I said, just control your emotions for sometime. Ruksar says what if their marriage becomes successful? Shahbaz says I have seen how they always fight, just let Kabir become head priest of city then he will be yours.

Scene 2
Ayesha says to Kabir that only few people can take all people with them to walk in life, first she saved Ruksar’s life and today she saved Zeenat from my wrath and stopped a storm in this house, I know this marriage is not what you wanted, you tried to stop it, I didnt say anything but I want to say that Zara is your wife now, you married her infront of us, go to your room and make her believe that she will get your love without any doubt in this house. Kabir leaves from there.

Kabir is going to his room when Alina stops him. Kabir says I want to go my room. Alina says this is our right, you have to give money. Ruksar says its their right, if you dont give them then I will take from your pocket. Kabir stops her and gives money to Alina, Ruksar says let him go, his bride must be waiting. Kabir goes to his room, ruksar is in tears to see it.

Kabir comes to his room and looks around, he doesnt see Zara anywhere and sits on bed. Zara comes there. Kabir stares at her and then at bed. He stands him. Zara have changed her clothes. She moves but bumps with Kabir, they both look in eyes but Zara looks away. Kabir throws away his wallet. Zara says you said you pity a guy whose wife I will be.. then why didnt you pity yourself when you said yes in nikah. Kabir is stunned.

PRECAP- Ayesha says to Kabir and Zara that we will put kheer on Zara’s hand and Kabir have to eat it from her hand. Then Kabir will put kheer on his hand and Zara have to eat it, the one who is able to eat it will win this. Salma says and that will keep in winning life against other. Reema says our Zara will win. Ruksaar says if I let Zara reach Kabir only then. Kabir puts kheer on his hand and moves hand towards Zara but Ruksaar grabs his hand and eats from it, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank u atiba for the updates..

  2. zara hayat khan

    Ruksaar is psycho.
    Shahbaaz is selfish.

    Gusse se hi pyaar ki shuruwaad hoti hai.
    Kabir and zara will fall in love very soon.
    Im excited they r planning thr honeymoon in my beautiful valley……… paradise on earth………the one and only……kashmir…kabir and zara r hvng sm cute knok jhok and soon they r going to become best friends and dats the beginning of thr love story…….ruksaar will become more evil and find ways to harm zaraa.

  3. Exactly itni aasani se Kabir ka peecha nahi chodegi ruksar aur tamasha dekhna baakhi hai………..
    Maine socha pehle Kabir puchega lekin zaara sawal Karne lagi poor kabir……………

  4. Naz ,just one query,is this practice of triple talaq still followed in your country,I know even many Muslim countries don’t follow this now…even in India it is legally abolished just recently but not without a protest…Infact the Muslim religious heads raised much hue and cry against the rule saying that it was against Islam but the govt got full support from our Muslim sisters …it will be interesting to see how they are going to deal with this rather controversial subject.Naz,as you know ,I missed watching many episodes…so one more doubt…as I understand ,Kabir’s father is keen on this marriage as he wants his son to get a prestigious religious post…for which marrying Zara is a must….and promises Ruksar that Once his ambition is fulfilled ,Kabir will take the path of triple talaq and divorce Zara…just I would like to know ,is Kabir privy to his father’s plan and does he have any feelings for Ruksar ……..has Shabaaz shared his infamous plan with his son…I know Kabir can not be so selfish and cold blooded… As you said Eisha is doing full justice to ths character … doubts she is a very talented actor and hope this time she won’t allow her whims and fancies affect the story as she did with ETRETR…

    1. Lakshmi ji.

      One small question. If evil woman like ruksaar get married to kabir. and making his life hell. what will be your suggestion..divorce..or as per Hindu culture abandon wife and have extra martial affair.or pay high alimony of half property. In Islam marriages and separation are made easy. but few people misuse that rules(triple talaq) so one should not blame religion its only few illiterate misusing the concept. triple talaq cant be given instant as per Shari ya (Islamic law)

    2. Hi Lakshmi, Kabir is not a willing participant of his fathers plan. He knows that his fathers aim is to have him take over from Zara’s father as in the early episodes he pulled a couple tricks to get Kabir on the board and then embarrass Zara’s dad into resigning. This is what lead to their spiritual leader demanding that Zara and Kabir get married as a means of resolving the differences between their fathers. Kabir’s father had basically agreed to a marriage between Kabir and Ruksar before he was given the mandate for Zara and Kabir’s wedding. So he has been scheming to have Zara call off the wedding and embarass her father enough to resign or it that fails scheme to bring about a divorce with the same results. He starting Ruksar for this purpose after she slit her wrist at the engagement party. This is the part Kabir does not know about.

  5. Hello Zara,happy to know that you are from Kashmir…indeed it s a beautiful place and truly deserves its tag…Paradise on Earth’.In the 90’s ,I stayed in Srinagar for two years and loved every minute of it…now settled in Bangalore,but can never forget the lovely valley and its equally lovely people….and you are right ,the more the initial hate is ,the more intense they fall for each other…looking forward to the honeymoon episodes.

    1. zara hayat khan

      Hello dear lakhmi, so nice to hr from u.u r most wc dear……but do visit , whenever u get time dear……….its safe to visit dear……dnt trust media…kuch zyaada fake dikhaati hai media…..itna kuch nahi hota.

  6. Prince ji, first of all,I would like to make it clear that this is not a debate over the merits and demerits of Hindu marriages /divorces compared to Muslim religion :every religion has its share of both…and as a practicing lawyer ,I have never come across anyone doing the things that you have mentioned like Hindu men abandoning wives or having extra marital affairs,…atleast not from urban regions……if it is so easy to get rid of a wife,then there is no need for courts and attorneys….there is a complete act in Indian law which deals with Hindu marriages and divorces…….I agree with you that people from rural background from both religions may be settling their scores in the way you mentioned due to their poverty snd ignorance but Hindu women /men from urban educated backgrounds know their rights and limitations as well and fight for them…Yes ,the recent trend is that men are also the aggrieved but the percentage is very less ….like evil Ruksar getting married to a gentleman like Kabir,in fact I know a young man trying to get divorce from his wife of just 45 days for the last 5 years but not succeeded yet, but except for these aberrations ,women are the suffererers in both religions particularly in India and husbands,according to Hindu law,if they want to divorce their wives ,have to prove that she is not fit to live with and the same is the case with a woman …the onus is on her to produce evidence against her husband but women petitioners are granted divorce a bit faster as courts tend to think that no woman approaches a court without a valid reason……yes , in this process some men may suffer but that can not be avoided….means getting rid of one’s spouse is not as easy as you said……….and I am not the one who is advocating or opposing this practice of triple talaq….the matter was thoroughly discussed with all the stake holders particularly with the Muslim women groups who had fiercely opposed it and finally the bill was passed in August last year…and I am not that immature or narrow minded to criticise other religions …. I have utmost regard for all the religions as I firmly believe that the god is one,it is we,who create these differences….I was just inquiring from my good friend and sister Naz,who is also a Muslim from Caribbeans ,about the practices followed there : since this serial is going to deal with these topics at some point in future,I think there is nothing wrong to be inquisitive… If still you feel that there is anything offensive in what I said ,I apologise,…at yhe same time you too should n’t have used such strong terms like Hindu men abandoning etc…no religion allows anyone to do these immoral things…and unethical men are not limited to just one region or religion…they are found everywhere …so no need to generalise things…if there is good ,there is bad also.

  7. Thank you Allybrew for clarifying and very happy to see you here….as of now this is the only serial on Zee that looks promising with a sensible storyline……Kaleerein ,I am watching but it is not at all impressive ….Meera’s mother really irritates with her over submissive attitude….let us see how Zara is going to handle her own feelings for Kabir and the spiteful sisters..Zeenat and Ruksar ….

    1. Hi Lakshmi, I am very happy to see you here as well and I agree this really is the only serial on Zee that’s holding my interest. I do look in on the others but right now I am kinda caught up in some of the others on Colors. I am more looking forward to how Kabir is going to handle his feeling for Zara. I really see him as the more uptight of the two. We already see him being drawn to Zara and looking bewildered as to what to do. It is too adorable. Looking forward to see what develops during the honeymoon.

  8. I love kabeer n zara a lot.they r cute couples.
    Zeenat, she is an idiot i wnt to kill her. I also want to kill ruksaar.she is a psycho.i HATE HER.

  9. I love kabeer n zara a lot.they r cute couples.
    Zeenat, she is an idiot i wnt to kill her. I also want to kill ruksaar.she is a psycho.i HATE HER.

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