Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep25


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Tara comes to them. Ruhi and Akash tries to free themselves from rope.
Akash- What do you want? Why have you tied us like this?
Tara- I was searching you two for last twenty years. So that what happened today didn’t happened. But you ( coming close to Ruhi) you did exactly what I did not want to happen.
Ruhi- So, you wanna kill me? By killing me you won’t get that property.
Akash- Ruhi, shut up. Let me handle this. (looking at Tara) Why are you doing this?
Ruhi- I don’t go by your instructions anymore.
Akash- And see what that have gotten us into. If you had followed my instructions this won’t happened. What do you want?
Tara- Shhhh. Shut up. (looking at Ruhi) you don’t have to worry about the property. I can handle it well. After all Deep has made it all for me. But you two, before messing with me, should have thought of one thing, I hate cheaters. And cheaters like you two… .
Tara starts to laugh.
Ruhi- (in a low voice) I will..

Akash- (in a low voice) shut up Ruhi. Whatever you did today, I have not said anything, but now don’t be stupid.
Tara is putting bullets in a gun.
Ruhi- (in a low voice) then who gave the slap? And who were giving the lecture a little while ago?
Akash- I.. (stops and looks at Tara) if I remember correctly then it was your voice which could be heard more.
Ruhi- What is your plan anyway? You are just asking her politely what she wants. How would that help?
Akash- Talking rudely would worsen the mater.
Ruhi- I can’t see how this matter could be more worse.

Tara turns to them. They stops talking.
Tara- So, who wanna want to die first?
Ruhi- (in low voice) ha ha, funny question. Akash do you wanna answer that?
Akash- You said you hate cheaters. Why do you think that we are cheaters?
Tara- look the biggest cheater is asking if he is a cheater. Let me start with you.
Tara points gun at Akash. Suddenly the room start to fill with smoke. Ruhi and Akash notice two masked men. They come hurriedly and help them being free. Tara is not able see anything because of the smoke. Both of them are freed. Ruhi accidentally hurt her toes. She makes a sound. Tara points at the sound and fires. All of them sat down. Both the masked person takes both of them different ways. The smoke gets cleared. Tara finds no one in the chairs. She screams in anger. The person who has got Akash, brings him to his room.
Akash- Ruhi, let me go. Ruhi.
-she is ok.
The person removes the mask. It’s Vani.
Vani- She is with Rehan, she is ok.
Akash sighs of relief. He sits down. Vani sits down too.

Rehan brings Ruhi to their room. Ruhi tries to free herself.
Rehan- Relax. (he removes his mask) it’s me.
They romance. Ishq mein marjawan romantic version plays.
Ruhi- I know it’s you. I would never mistook you to recognize. I was just pulling your leg.
Rehan- Oh really.
Ruhi smiles and tries to move but stops in pain. She tries to reach her toes but Rehan stops her. He makes her sit down on bed and puts ointment on her toes. Ruhi looks at Rehan. Rehan looks at Ruhi. He mistakenly press on the wrong place.
Ruhi- ouch!
Rehan- Sorry. Ruhi, I will be always with you in this fight, in every problem.
Ruhi- I know. You give me strength to fight.
Rehan notices Tara passing the room. He looks at Ruhi. Ruhi haven’t seen anything.
Rehan- One second.

Rehan leaves the room.
Vani is packing her bags.
Akash- What are you doing?
Vani- I am going to my own room.
Akash- Why?
Vani- Because I heard you and Ruhi talking. I know that you married for money. But it was not needed anyway, you know, cause you are the owner. Before playing with my emotions, you could just come and take over. Two days ago by this time I was thinking I have everything in the world and every happiness. But now I have nothing.

Akash- Oh so you asked me to talk with Ruhi so that you could hear our talk.
Vani- I was just passing by… anyway it doesn’t matter. You can think what you want. I shared my feelings with you but that doesn’t mean I will give you pressure. When you didn’t want this marriage, there is no mean of staying in a wrong relation. It’s better to end it. I have talk to lawyer. We have been married only for two days. Nothing can be happen until one year. I asked him to see if anything can happen earlier. Until then I’m gonna stay in my own room.
Vani leaves the room with her luggage. Akash kicks at things in anger.
Akash- Everyone wants to everything their ways. Here she (vani) wants to leave the room, there she (ruhi) wants to show that she can do anything she wants, she doesn’t need me anymore.
Akash calms down a bit. He looks at the door and then looks at window.
Akash- But if she have heard everything then why did she come in rescue of me and Ruhi?
Akash remembers Ruhi saying she is in the same position of Deep and Tara, Lakshya and Vani around him like Roma, Virat and Tara was around Deep.
Akash- No, she is nothing like Tara. If Tara was in this situation, she would have tried to murder. But here as soon as she learnt that this relation is a burden on me she left me. But why did she come in rescue of me?

Tara is going to her room. Rehan comes and stops her from behind.
Rehan- You looks disturb. Did something happen?
Tara turns, she smiles at Rehan.
Tara- And why would you think that?
Rehan- It seems like someone has taken away your prey from your mouth. I’m giving you a first and last warning. You should not repeat what you did today, otherwise it won’t be good for you.
Tara smiles and comes closer to him.
Tara- Your words are making me remembering of someone.
Rehan smiles and answers back

Rehan- Mother-in-law, you should not forget that I only look like Deep, but I am not him.
Tara- Even Raj looked like him, but does that I mean I cared for him? I don’t care about the face, I only loved Deep. You can bring 100 look alike of him before me, still I will choose only Deep. Cause there is no one like him. You can’t even stand before him, not even your father. Raj didn’t have any standard before Deep. That’s he died so poorly in his hand.
Rehan- What?
Tara- What? Haven’t your wife informed you? She seems to know everything then why she left this part out. You see, that Raj was flying high in the sky, he wanted to have a death race with Deep. But as I told, he had no status before him, so your dad died in Ruhi’s dad’s hand.
Rehan is puzzled. He leaves the room. Tara smirks. Tara’s whistle tune plays.
Tara- You think you can put on a mask and defeat me? I’m the most old player in this game. You can’t defeat in this game.

Akash is walking in the corridor. He stops before a room hearing noises. He looks inside the room. He sees Lakshya and Vani inside. Akash listens to them.
Vani- I won’t do it.
Lakshya- What do you mean you won’t do it? He is your husband. He will do it if you ask him.
Vani- I have doubt in that. But even if he listened to me, I won’t ask him. It’s his property and I would never ever ask him to hand it over to us.
Lakshya- Vani, do you understand what is at stake in here? We don’t own a single penny. Even our property at London is in their names. If they want they can throw us out ant time.
Vani- Whatever, I don’t care. I won’t ask him.
Vani leaves the room angrily. She doesn’t notice Akash. Lakshya comes out of the room asking Vani’s name. He notices Akash. He comes to him, Akash is looking at Vani.
Lakshya- I asked for only one thing from you. Always keep my sis happy. And you failed in two days.

Akash looks at him. He smiles.
Akash- You know Lakshya, since we met, I wanted to give you an answer. You see, it’s not my fault that your sister is unhappy, it’s your. You wanted to happen this marriage, you blackmailed me.
Both of them heard noises from Ruhi’s room. Akash looks disturb, Lakshya smiles.
Lakshya- It seems that your sister is also unhappy.
They both looks on.
Rehan- Ruhi, just tell me you knew about this or not.
Ruhi is in tears.
Ruhi- Yes but…..
Rehan- Come on, we were supposed to stay together for forever. And I got to know in the first day that you lied to me.
Ruhi- No, I didn’t lied. I just got scared to tell you the truth. I wasn’t able to understand how you will react.
Rehan- You know what it’s true. You are like your father. You just love to play with people’s emotions.
Ruhi- No, please….
Akash enters the room. He comes close to them.
Akash- I know I shouldn’t talk between you two, it’s your matter but if the situation is created because of me, I think I should say.
Ruhi wipes her eyes and looks at a different direction.
Ruhi- This has nothing to do with you. You can leave.

Akash- No, this is my mistake. Rehan, both of us have lived in fear since we were kid. Ruhi is very strong. But I was not that strong. I was always scared. It’s me who taught her that in this game truth, secrets are weapon. And you can’t reveal it all to everyone. Because of it she didn’t tell you the truth. It’s not her fault it’s mine. And as for Raj’s death then none noes how he died. Raj offered a race, while racing both the brothers went on a high building. When everyone reached in front of the building they found Raj lying down in front of the building, injured. Deep was also found deeply injured. No one knows what happened between them. Raj died because of those injuries. And Deep never talked about what had happened in the building. But whatever had happened it has nothing to do with Ruhi, nor you. And I know you are smart enough to understand that. I just wanted to say this.
Akash leaves the room. Ruhi again tries to talk with Rehan.
Ruhi- Rehan…

Rehan- Ruhi please, I need some alone time.
Ruhi nods and leaves the room.
Akash is sitting at the hall. Ruhi comes there. She sits beside Akash.
Ruhi- You didn’t have to say all those things.
Akash- Hm? Ruhi, can I ask you something?
Ruhi- No.
Akash looks at Ruhi.
Akash- Oh ho. I had forgotten that you don’t listen to me anymore. I have to make you understand in your language. You see, Ruhi back there, even if you are saying that I didn’t have to say all that but you have to accept one thing. That you would never able to say all those things so clearly to him. Do you accept?

Ruhi- What are you trying to say?
Akash- What I am trying to say is if this true then it means I helped you.
Ruhi- So?
Akash- So, as I helped you, you should also help me, you know. I mean now you don’t follow me in anything and in this situation you sure don’t wanna take any favors for me. And as I have already gave you a favor the only way to solve the problem is to return the favor. I mean… .
Ruhi- Oh, shut up. You want my help right? Just tell me what is it. Don’t make my head shake by these puzzling words.
Akash- Yeees. Listen, a really weird thing happened today and I don’t able to understand it. You see, when we were fighting, Vani listened everything and now she thinks I married her for money.
Ruhi- So, what’s wrong in that?
Akash- That’s not the problem. The problem is that even after knowing that, she came to rescue me! I’m not able to understand this act. Can you tell me why she did it?
Ruhi- How would I say? I don’t know her. I don’t know in which situation you guys get married.
Akash- Even I don’t know in which situation you guys get married.
Ruhi doesn’t answer. She starts reading a magazine.

Akash- Ok, Ruhi. Ruhi listen. You tell me how you guys got married, I will tell you how we get married. After that you answer that question.
Ruhi looks on.
Rehan is working in a laptop. Lakshya comes there.
Lakshya- Wow, you are working here?
Rehan- I’m not like you who forgets his duty and sits at home for property.
Lakshya- What do you mean?
Rehan- You know very well what I mean. You should solve the murder case asap. Otherwise if it comes to CBI, even you won’t be spared. You know who is the murder, yet you are not doing anything.
Lakshya- The case is still in police’s hand. You better not poke your nose in here.
Rehan- I didn’t expect much from you anyway. Like father like son. Just like your father was a corrupted officer, you are same.

Lakshya- You shouldn’t pick the father topic, cause your father was no saint. Even I heard some stories from bua today and they are true. He came here on Deep’s command but wanted to ruin him and had other plans. That’s why he hand shaked with bua. And with her he murdered a lot of people.
Rehan- Think before you say anything.
Lakshya- You are the most weak one you know. If you don’t believe ask your brother-in-law. Your father and bua together had even murdered his father Abhimanyu.
Rehan is shocked.
Rehan- What?
Lakshya smiles and leaves.
Akash- So that’s it. That’s how everything happened.
Ruhi stays silent. Akash shakes Ruhi.
Akash- Ruhi, say something.
Ruhi- What?
Akash- What! You were supposed to tell me why Vani came to rescue even after thinking I wronged her.
Ruhi stands up quickly and starts to leave. She says before leaving.

Ruhi- Are year, she loves you that’s why.
Akash keeps sitting being spellbound. Ruhi is about to leave but stops and calls him.
Ruhi- Hey listen, just because we have shared these memories and talked like this doesn’t mean everything is normal again. I am still angry at you.
Akash looks at Ruhi face to face.
Akash- By repeating one thing hundred times are you trying to prove it to me or to yourself? Anyway, even I am angry at you because of your foolishness. And just because I tried to make things good between you two doesn’t mean I have accepted Rehan.
Akash leaves. Ruhi also leaves. Ruhi comes to her room. She is disturbed hearing how Akash got married. Entering the room she sees Rehan standing alone.
Ruhi- Rehan I know you are hurt. And you need time. You can take all the time you need. But please talk to me.
Rehan turns and sees Ruhi.

Rehan- Ruhi.
Rehan comes running to him.
Rehan- Tell me something, did my dad and Tara had murdered Abhimanyu, Akash’s father?
Ruhi’s face gets sad.
Ruhi- Yes, it’s true.
Rehan- And Akash? Does he know?
Ruhi- He knows everything about everyone about last 30-40 years. He believes secret and truths are weapon in this game. And whoever knows the most, wins.
Rehan sits down.
Rehan- Then why didn’t he mentioned it?
Ruhi- What?

Rehan- When he was talking in your behalf he could have mention it, but he didn’t. Why?
Ruhi- Why is everyone asking me this type of question?
Ruhi sits beside him.
Ruhi- It’s because he believes that whatever happened in past it was there choice. It should not effect the present. Whatever they did in the past doesn’t say what we are today.
Rehan- He is right. He is also right about truth being weapon. Ruhi, I want to stay with you in this fight. But here one really need to know the truth. Otherwise other people use it as weapons against you. Ruhi don’t think how would I react. Just tell me everything. Don’t left out anything.
Ruhi smiles and press her hand over his hand.
Ruhi- I will. I will tell you every secret I know. Except for one, Akash bhaiya’s secret. I don’t own that, I don’t have any right to share it.

Rehan- You don’t have to. You have said about it earlier. I will never want to know about it. Just tell me the other left out parts.
Ruhi smiles, Rehan smiles too. They both look on.

Next ep- Akash and Ruhi are at the dining table face to face, silent war is going on. Tara is noticing them from a side. She thinks this fight will be the reason of your destruction. Rehan and Vani are noticing Akash and Ruhi from upstairs. They says we have to do something.

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  1. Yaar who was the mother of Akash ?

    1. Enoughshanti

      Well, as Akash is chavani as per my story, in the show as I remember they said chavani doesn’t have any parents, but he had mentioned about his mother to Aarohi once. And I just wanted to bring chavani’s character in Shoaib but not by any look-alike theory. So I just planned it like this way, before got ruined by the Deep and his mom, maybe Abhimanyu has a gf. But it’s not important to my story, so I have no clear answer in mind about Akash’s mother.

  2. Nice episode

  3. Like seriously i like how you are bringing out the whole story bro Ur a good writer
    Good job

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