You are only mine- Ragsan- Part 35

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Ragini was working in lappy. Sanskar was playing with pillow.

San: Ragini.

Rag without raising her head: yes baby.

San: I’ll ask u one thing. u shud not lie.

Rag: of course baby. Ask.

San: when I was angry and my company got that imp project.

Rag: ya. So?

San: till now u never loose any project. Then how can this time?

Rag: wat do you mean?

San: I mean did u do it purposely? So that I can win?

Rag: wat??

San: yes. Coz in first attempt only that too Infront of a successful business woman like u I got project. So I saw in movies also that lover does like this for her love.

Rag luks at him for sometime then says

Rag: I thought to. But dint.

San: ??

Rag: u were very angry on that time. U were like can do anything to make me loose. So I thought to take step back. But Karan told me to not do like that.

San: Karan?

Rag: I was crying that day and Thot to step back. So to tell that decision I called Karan. He told me that if I do then in future it may affect our relation. We will b in guilt for lifelong. So he says let it how it goes on. If he won also it’s gud. If he loose also he’ll try next time. If u do like this he’ll feel himself very low after knowing. So u better don’t go on movies. Leave it and let him do whatever he wants. I know him very well. He’ll come back to u.

San: so it was karan’s suggestion.

Rag: yes and m very thankful to him that he advised me that. Or else it wud b happened as he said.

San: Karan Ka bachha. I won’t leave him.

Rag: wat? Y? Wat he did?

San: he showed u rite path so I’ll not leave him. I’ll give him treat.

Ragini smiles.

……. …………

Nite all were having dinner.

Ram: ragsan. Can I tell u something?

San: dad y r u asking permission? It’s ur rite.

Ram: now as u r together so y don’t u work together? Merge ur companies.

Suj: I was also thinking same.

Ragsan at once: even I too..

They look at eachother and laugh.

Ram: so y late then. Do it soon.

San: yes dad.

.. … ……. …

Now ragsan r working together. Lucky has also joined them.

One day while they were in cabin

San: Ragini, I came to know abt a new company. It’s AS company. PA of that owner called me and took appointment to meet us both.

Rag: baby. U handle it.

San: he told both. I don’t know y. Today evng he’s gonna come. U be with me.

She goes and sits on his lap.

Rag: ok baby. As my baby says.

She was abt to kiss him laksh entered and saw then soon he turned around and closed his eyes.

Lak: I dint see anything. U carry on. Bye.

San: kabab me haddi.

Rag: but not anymore.

She luks at him romantically and both shared a passionate kiss.

….. ….. …… …

Ragsan were waiting for him. Man entered. Sanskar gets surprised.

San: Anand? After long time. How r u man?

Ana: m fine. U? U got married and dint invite me.

San: after college I lost many contacts. Wel leav it. Come I’ll introduce my wife. (To Ragini) Ragini he’s my college frnd Anand Sharma. Anand, she’s my wife Ragini maheshwari.

Both say hi to eachother.

San: so ur the owner of AS company. Anand Sharma company.

Ana: yes. When I came to know abt u I Thot to join u. I mean partners. We can do much things together.

San after a pause: give us some time to think.

Ana: of course bro. Y not? Give me a call k. This is my card.

San: don’t mind yar.

Ana: I dint yar. Professional is different personal is different. Whatever ur decision may b. Our frndshp shud not get affect. K. This weekend we’ll have dinner together in my home. Ok.

San: ok.

Anand left from there. After closing door he gave an evil smile.

Ana: this is just first step.

Rag: baby y did u take time? He’s ur frnd na.

San: yes. But I don’t want to take decision alone. We r together one rite.

Rag holds his hands with her both hands.

Rag: I trust u baby. I don’t have any prob with ur frnd.

……… …… …… …

At weekend ragsan visit anand’s home. Trio had dinner.

San: we r ready Anand. Let’s be partners.

Ana: thanku sanskar, thanks Ragini.

Both shakes hand and hugs.

……. ……. ….. ….

@ragsan room

Sanskar entered room and saw Ragini wearing attractive nightdress. She was in romantic mood. Sanskar gets mesmerized in her beauty. He was standing there itself without moving. He cudnt take his eyes off from her. She slowly comes to him holds his collar and gets close to him. Placing finger on his face

Rag: baby u r so unromantic. I’ve to teach u.

San holds her waist tightly

San: I already learned bossy.

He took her in his arms and took her to bed. They spent Thier nite with love.

……. …… ….

Anand make a call.

Ana: congratulations sir. Me and sanskar r partners now.

Op: weldone. Soon I’ll Tel u wat to do next.

Ana: ok sir.

He cut the call.

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