Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 38)

Hey , here comes the next episode. Thank you to all silent readers who read my FF and thanks to readers who comment on the FF.

I have included some pictures for some characters. I will add pictures of other characters in coming episodes.

Episode 38:-

Game gets tougher day by day !

Scene starts from Dev asking an inebriated Sameeksha about her identity in Holi Celebrations . Sameeksha smiles with naughtiness in her face. Dev – “ Tell me Then Who you are ? I promise. If you answer me, I will take you to people dancing there”. Sameeksha ( inebriated) – “ Really?” . Dev smiles and nods ‘yes’. Sameeksha – “ Iam …” . Dev gets curious.

Dev and Sameeksha

Just then Mr. and Mrs. Chowdhary reach there and holds Sameeksha . Dev gets shocked seeing them.



Mrs. Chowdhary – “ What happened to Sam?” Dev – “ She drank bhang instead of normal thandai. She was behaving weird and I brought her here. I have asked waiter to bring some lemon juice”. Mr.Chowdhary ( tensed) – “ Oho my god! Its ok , we will take her home”. Dev – “ But so early..” . Mrs.Chowdhary – “ That’s ok . It’s good if anyone she her in this state. She doesn’t like such things “. Sameeksha (inebriated)- “ Mom, let’s dance, it’s fun here”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Sam, my dear . Lets go home and dance”. Dev gets disappointed as he couldn’t get anything. Mrs.Chowdhary tries to control Sameeksha . Dev – “ How did you know that we are here?” Mr.Chowdhary – “ Your Brother, Daksh told us that Sameeksha’s isn’t feeling well and you took here”. Dev gets shocked. Daksh is watching this from other side and he smiles. Daksh – “ My Brother, you should now realize that Iam elder to you. Thus I am smarter than you”. Mr and Mrs. Chowdhary takes Sameeksha with them. After walking a while , Sameeksha turns to Dev and says (inebriated state) – “ Iam my Daddy’s little princess!! “. Dev feels disappointed. Sameeksha smiles and her parents take her . Dev breaks a glass kept on the nearby table in anger.

Sameeksha is behaving like a child. They makes her get into car and drives off to their home.

Trisha see them going and comes to Dev. Trisha- “ Did our plan became successful?” Dev – “ No!! Big flop that’s it . All thanks to Daksh “. He sits angrily on the chair placed near to him. Trisha also gets disappointed .


Mr. Chowdhary (in anger) – “ What if we didn’t reached there on time ? She would have been caught”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I asked Sam to be careful. I expected something like this “. Suddenly Sameeksha talks from back seat. Sameeksha ( normal tone)- “I was sure that he will do something like this “. Mr. Chowdhary stops the car in shock . Mrs.Chowdhary gets surprised. Mr.Chowdhary – “ So you weren’t inebriated?” Sameeksha smiles and say – “ Do I seem so ? “  Mrs. Chowdhary- “ Sam! You scared us “. Sameeksha – “ So my acting was quite good”. Mr. Chowdhary- “ But how did all happen?”

Sameeksha smiles .

(Fb:- Few time ago…

Dev is shown talking to a waiter to bring bhang for Sameeksha and another waiter see this . He messages Sameeksha . Sameeksha ask him to change bhang mixed thandai with normal one . He does so. Dev was unaware that it was normal thandai and she had it . She acted like she is in effect of bhang”. )

Sameeksha – “ Dev doesn’t know that Iam always one step ahead of him.  Every time I enter Raichand Mansion, there is my team of people in different looks. Now he will understand how it feels when we try our best and still can’t achieve what we want”.  Mrs.Chowdhary – “ That was a great move. Now he will try harder. Because failures can lead to an obsession to win by any means. If he goes in that way, it can be problematic “. Sameeksha – “ Yeah, I know . Then he will be ready to take higher risk and that’s the point where we should trap him. But before that we should make everyone against him “. Mr.Chowdhary – “ His family and Trisha should suspect him. In case of Dhruv and Daksh it’s easy but Roma Raichand and Trisha won’t leave him easily. That is his strength”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ To make Trisha against him , she should feel completely cheated by Dev. None of his sweet coated words should influence her”. Sameeksha – “ Her only insecurity is that she suspects Dev is in love with Samika . Even after trying hard sometimes she fail to have trust on Dev’s love for her. That’s where we should strike on”. Mr.Chowdhary- “ But for that … “. Sameeksha – “ I should work hard for it , because my face will help in that mission. Trisha is still insecure even seeing Samika’s face. That’s reason why she can’t stand me . Mom, just see the irony. Dev did everything for Trisha but still couldn’t gain her complete trust and Samika who was trusting him blindly got cheat in return of her love for him”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Karma !! It gives it back everything what you give to others”.

Mr.Chowdhary turn back and start the car. He drives off to their home.

After holi Celebrations,

Daksh see Dev is in angry mood.




Trisha and Dev


Trisha is sitting near him. Daksh taunts him by saying- “ What happened young bro? You seem to be angry? “ Dev gives him a stern look and says – “ Whoever tries to make my plan fail , I would do same with them. Better take care of yourself and your stupid plans “. Dev gives a evil smile and leaves . Trisha to Daksh – “ Happy now!” Trisha leaves too. Daksh – “ Dev is over smart. Now I understand why Dhruv bro getting miffed with Dev”.

Next day , C Squares Office.

Dev and Sameeksha is talking about the resume construction of the project. Sameeksha – “ So that’s done. I hope you do that well”. Dev looks Sameeksha without blinking his eyes. Sameeksha finds it weird. Sameeksha- “ What happened? Why are you staring at me ?” Dev smiles and says – “ Nothing!” Sameeksha – “ Really?” Dev – “ I got to know something about you yesterday “. Sameeksha acts like being tensed . Sameeksha – “ What?” Dev- “Something, that you want to hide”. Sameeksha acts like getting worried by his statement . Dev smiles. Sameeksha – “ Are you trying to talk about yesterday’s incident? It was all your fault, you asked me to have that. Don’t think to tease me for yesterday’s behavior . Remember that Iam your investor”. Dev looks into her eyes and says – “ But I saw a soft hearted person behind this stubborn mask. You were cute”. Sameeksha tries not to smile . Dev – “ A smile in your face makes you more beautiful. You were so free yesterday, no baggage of attitude or style. I got to see your real glimpse “. Sameeksha – “ You are flirting with me now”. Dev with a naughty smile , says – “ Do you mind ? But I don’t “. Sameeksha turns to other side. Dev – “ If you are getting affected and being angry by any flirting , that means you are liking it “. Sameeksha – “ It’s nothing like that. I don’t like you and I don’t like you flirting with me “.

Dev smiles . Dev gets up and takes the file . He leaves. Dev( in mind )- “ I understand that recreating incidents that happened before 6 years won’t work with you. Now will get surprises ahead. Iam going to play a different game . Wait and watch”. Sameeksha ( in mind ) – “ His behavior is weird , Iam sure he is upto something “.  Dev (in mind ) – “ Let me see how you overcome my challenges. Your identity is still a mystery but you will get to see old Dev Raichand “. He smirks.

6years back , Shimla .

Samika is getting nightmares after her kidnapping incident. She is feeling scared every now and then. Dev and Menaka Raichand meets her but Samika isn’t feeling better. Mr.Kashyap is worried for Samika. Whole family is trying to make her mood better. Investigation is going on but it is done in a secretive manner. Since they suspect if it is done openly the culprits may escape.

After few days , Samika goes to college. Riya accompanies her and takes the responsibility of Samika . Riya assures that she won’t let Samika go alone from now on.Dev meets her on her way to college and encourage her to be strong and stay positive. Dev talks to her. He tries to make her energetic by saying some joke along with Riya . Samika tries to be positive and tries overcome her trauma. Everyone thinks that everything will be ok by time.

One day , Samika starts to get panic attack while listening to the lectures in her class. She starts to behave abnormal and starts to behave hysterically. Her classmates finds it strange. She throw books away and shouts everyone to go. Riya gets panic and feels helpless. Riya calls Samika’s father. Riya and their teacher tries to make her ok but it doesn’t work. After a while , Samika faints. Students starts say that Samika has gone mad. Riya gets angry hearing this and she tries to defend Samika.

Mr.Kashyap comes there and take her to hospital with help if Riya . Doctor treats her and he say that it can be because of the trauma of the past incident . He prescribes some medicines and he ask them to take her to a psychiatrist. He suggests that a counseling can help her. Mr.Kashyap brings Samika to home.

Principal enquirers about Samika’s behaviour. Mr.Kashyap gives some details and Principal assures him that he will take care of her atttendence and her exams. He ask him to get her treated and he wish him that she will be ok very soon.

Dev comes to home to know about Samika’s health. Samika is awake and she comes down . She doesn’t talk much to Dev.

They decide to consult a psychiatrist. They get appointment after 3 days.

Samika applies  leave for few days. Dev comes home to make Samika feel better. One day ,she gets panic attack again while talking to Dev. She starts to behave hysterical. She starts to throw things . She shouts loudly by holding her head. There is only her mother and Dev apart from her in her home . Dev tries to make her calm and Samika gets a knife . She hold it against him and Dev tries to grab it . He ask her to drop the knife but she doesn’t. Her mother gets worried. She calls her husband to inform about their daughter’s condition. Dev gets hold on her from back and takes the knife from her . He throws it away and hold her tightly from back. She tries to get out of his hold. She stamps her leg on the floor and ask him to leave her. Samika’s mother cries seeing her condition. Finally after a while, Samika faints. Dev make her lay on the sofa. Samika’s mother see his hand bleeding. She informs him and Dev notices it . He says that I wasn’t aware of it. She gets surprised seeing that he cares for her daughter more than himself. She does first aid for it.

Later Samika feels guilty over hurting Dev accidentally. Samika meets him to apologize. Samika- “ Dev, Iam Sorry. I don’t What is happening to me? “. Samika gets emotional. Dev consoles her. Dev – “ Please don’t apologize.It was accidental , I know you can’t hurt me intentionally”. Samika- “ But… I think you should not be with me , What if I does something more harmful to you next time ? I think I must be chained , so that I don’t hurt anyone else. You deserve a mad girl as your life partner”. Dev holds her to stop her blaming herself. Dev – “I love you, I can’t imagine a life without you. I will be there for you always , let it be good or bad . I don’t mind “. Dev and Samika hugs each other.

Samika and Dev

Next day , they take Samika to the psychiatrist. Mr.Kashyap , Mrs.Kashyap ,Samrat and Dev accompany her . Psychiatrist talks to her alone. Then he speaks to them by asking Samika to wait outside. Psychiatrist ask them to make her active any activities and make her feel happy. He prescribes some medicine. He ask Samika to have good sleep and to mediate regularly. Everyone feels relieved.

Dev goes to his home . Dev is checking some file . Someone come to him silently and  keeps a knife over his neck from back. He gets shocked. He pulls the person’s hand and it’s a lady . She falls to his lap. They smile at each other. He face is revealed. It’s Trisha . Trisha- “ Is your wife alright now ? “ Dev – “ Yeah . Afterall, my love is always for her “. Trisha and Dev laughs.

Trisha and Dev

Precap :- In Shimla ,Dev and Samika is going in bike. Samika is happy . Dev see her in the mirror. He smiles.

In present time, Daksh Raichand comes Roma Raichand and says that – “ I want you take my proposal to Sameeksha’s parents , officially. I want to marry her”. Roma Raichand gets shocked hearing this.

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