Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara tries to kill Arohi

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara hits Arohi and says poor girl.
Deep looks for Tara and Arohi everywhere. He says where is she. Tara says time to end you Anjali.
Deep gets a call from his men. He says I am outside. Tara says to Anjali time to go now.

Deep says where is Anjali? He gets a call and says the meeting is cancelled. Deep says how is this possible.
Tara picks Arohi and shoves her in the dig.
Deep asks mausi where is tara? Mausi says she tried to kill me. Maybe she is trying to kill Anjali as well. Deep says so is Tara behind Anjali missing?
Tara covers the grave and laughs. She says no more you around my deep. She leaves.

Arohi opens eyes and screams. She says I have to get out. My baby.. Deep sees Tara. she says in a hurry? deep says firs tell me where

are you coming from? She says don’t wanna tell you like you don’t tell me things. Deep says where is Anjali? Tara says really worried for her? Tara says I know your reality. Tara says I killed her. Deep is dazed. Tara says I killed her yes. SHe laughs. Deep throttles her and says what did you do? She says never saw you this worried for me. What does she have that I don’t. Deep says I want to know what you did. Police came for Nisha’s dead body too. Where is her body? Tara says no one will know where she is. she is far away from our lives.

Arohi tries to come out of the grave. She says I have to save myself and my baby. Arohi is fainting. She imagines someone taking her baby away from her. She tries to break the casket and come out.
Deep says cheers for killing that Anajli. You ended the whole game. Tara says are you actually happen? He asys don’t you see my happiness on my face? He hugs Tara.
Arohi comes out of the grave.
She walks out.
Deep dances with Tara. Deep says you did right. I am so happy. I am even closer to you now. Arohi wonders if deep was with her in all this.

Virat comes home and says where is Anjali? deep says how would I know? Virat hits him and says tell me where is Anjali. Tara says leave him. Deep says you would have killed her like you killed nisha. Virat says tell me where is Anjali.
Arohi walks out and says now you see what I do with you Deep.
Precap-Arohi takes out a knife and cuts his hand. He says Anjali or Arohi whoever you are, you can’t kill me. Arohi says I don’t wanna kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Tara acting was amazing????.????
    I like this psycho Tara.
    Today nia acting also was nice.(still I don’t feel nia as arohi).
    Deep is confusing me.
    If deep love arohi mean why change her face.
    If deep love Tara mean why he hide the arohi truth from her.

    1. ANSWER : deep love just himself

      i don’t want him with aarohi even if all what he did was for her, i wan’t him to die for aarohi and she finish alone with his family and friend

  2. You are right Rhivanya. Whom deep loves tara or arohi.
    This serial is going through soo many confusion but
    the episode was nice .?
    By the way I am new here.

    1. Hi Esha.welcome.

  3. DannyComments

    These storyline had better not make Deep and Arohi(nia) fall inlove again cause if that happens I will personally kill Arohi myself and make sure she is dead this time

  4. Arohi is powerful with all d attacks on her she and her child is still safe

    1. Mrs Sri Lanka


    2. Hi Priya.I know this series always shown illogical things.but this is too much.

  5. Plz writers end this nonsense drama

    1. Hi, Sravanthi how r u ?

      1. Hi Arjun..
        Im fine. How are you?

  6. I am good.

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