Kaleerein 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera and Vivan’s Remarriage

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Meera eagerly waits for Vivan in temple. Sunny walks down wearing groom’s dress and shows her if she backs off from marrying him, Vivan’slife will be at risk. He lifts his sehra and asks if he is looking handsome, why don’t she marry him. She then realizes it is her imagination and Vivan is under sehra. She gets happy. Their pheras start. They finish pheras happily. Vivan applies sindhoor on Meera’s forhead and then fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Pandit says they are husband and wife now. Sunny tied in a room tries to free his hands in vain, but at last frees himself and looking at his neck injury fumes that Vivan gave this injury again, he will give much bigger injury to Vivan.

After Vivan and Meera’s wedding, they both are taken to a room. Nimmo taunts him to lock the door well from inside. Vivan locks room and walks to Meera and says he was waiting for this day since long and holding her says let him watch her thoroughly. Meera feels shy and says let her go, this is not the time for romance. Vivan says every time is perfect for romance and gets romantic with her. Mileho tum hamko…song..plays in the background. They continue their romance when door bell rings.

Vivan opens door. Sun walks in breaks bottle on Vivan’s head. Vivan collapses. Meera gets worried for Vivan. Sunny shows his schizophrenic side and laughs on Meera and kicks Vivan repeatedly. She pleads not to harm her Vivan. Sunny walks in wearing similar Sherwani and warns her to keep her mouth shut, else she will lose Vivan. Laali walks in with sweets and offers it to groom. Sunny lifts his sehra and asks to feed it to Meera first. She says she is so lucky to have such a good damad who keeps wife first. She feeds Meera sweets. Sunny feeds her sweets forcefully and smirks. Laaali walks away.

Precap: Meera sees Vivan missing from room and asks Sunny where is Vivan.
Sunny holds her hand and drags her. Vivan is seen lying on other side of room,

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  1. Meera and Vivaan could have waited for remarriage and Suhaag raat till Roma’s son , a dangerous criminal was exposed and handed over to the police….Instead Vivaan ,without even tying him up properly and locking the room ,has chosen to come out and remarry Meera….Atleast after the marriage ,both Meera and Vivaan should have made things clear to their family both about themselves and the fake guy…Amar’s friend and his wife whom the fake Sunny has been torturing by kidnapping their son , would have come out with the truth ,had Vivaan and Meera taken the initiative…..But as iis the usual norm of this serial,things went wrong and the criminal has outsmarted Vivaan and made him unconscious to don the groom’s clothes ….now no one would believe Meera if she tells that she is remarried to Vivaan and Sunny is infact fake….Hope Amar’s friend will muster enough courage to tell the truth that they have been threatened by this guy who is in the guise of their son…The spoilers are giving us some hope….they say that this track will be over shortly with Vivaan exposing Sunny….even if the spoilers are true ,what next????? Is another stupid track ready with another fresh antagonist ….

  2. Agree with u Lakshmi…Meera &Vivaan can easily expose Sunny after merriage but they choose long path….thx for spoiler update we can aspect some romantic track btn leads…

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