Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Arohi saves abhi and guru ma

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi gets up. She says this means deep shot this man.. She sees a masked guy dead. She says this man would have shot me. The man was behind me. Arohi says but why is he hiding that secret? If he loves me why he has so many secrets. For how long will I have all these questions? Arohi gets a text that guru ma and abhi are arrested.

Arohi comes home. Wasu says here is some jewelry for you. I couldn’t give when you were getting married. Wasu says yu can’t say anything against me to deep. He wont hear a word against his mom. Deep comes in. Wasu makes Arohi wear jewelry. ,Arohi says I have to show her reality to everyone. Arohi shoves the necklace and says stop this drama. Deep says what is this. Arohi says she attacked Guru ma so she doesn’t expose her. Stop this drama. Your hands are full of blood. Wasu puts gun on her head. She says if you accuse me I will shoot myself. Deep says ma please calm down. Wasu says I should have died before seeing this day. I can’t see my son doubting me. DEep says I trust you completely. I knw you can never do anything wrong. Deep takes Arohi out.

Deep says this is a game against my mom. Someone is doing this to provoke you against me and my mom. I only love two people you and my mom. Stop all this. Arohi says wasu was right. Deep wont trust me against her. Arohi says deep why is abhi your enemy? he said you killed his father. Deep says you think I can do that? Arohi says I knw you can never do that. Arohi says there must be something. I know you can’t kill him but there was truth in his eyes. I wanna know all truths. Deep says can we only think of each other and forget all these questions for a while? Deep comes close to her.

Scene 2
Wqasu says to TAra deep can never think against me. No matter what arohi does he wont trust her.
DEep says think about us only. All these things will separate us. ARohi says in heart guru ma and abhi saved me. I have to help them too.

Arohi comes to jail and says abhi I will take you and guru ma out of here. Opasna comes. SHe says you can’t do that till I am here. You are under arrest. Real arohi comes to abhi and guru ma. She takes them out.
opasna stops her. SHe says I will shoot you if you go out.. THe woman under helmet is tara. opasna says you.. You helped abhi and guru ma? She says I have a reason.

Abhi and guru ma come home. Arohi takes them to a secret place. She says abhi there must be something that you don’t know. We have to catch Mr. X before anything. Arohi says I have a tracking device in his coat. We will have our answers soon.
Precap-Arohi sees Mr. X location. She asks abhi to go there. Someone hits arohi with a truck.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In this show all are criminals and arohi is mahaan even police is grade 1 criminal

  2. I like Alisha panwar as arohi

  3. From the first episode till now there are many suspense and many secrets that are never answered like: –
    1. Why did deep changed Arohi’s face to Anjali’s face?
    2. Why he was saying that he wants arohi alive till the time baby is born?
    3. Where was Wasundhra till now and where are Arohi’s parents?
    4. What happened to Chavani & where is he (most probably killed)?
    And the most disturbing question
    5. What is Deep’s characterization sometimes he is bechara, sometimes clever, sometimes money minded or greedy and sometimes he just love and want Aarohi?
    Just irritated with this show at starting even before Plastic surgery it was good even after plastic surgery but then makers just complicated it instead of making it simple and answering all the questions in the viewers mind.

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