Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira gets worried by a vision

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying the boys take the lineage ahead, only when the girl supports them, God must have blessed the girls with this big responsibility since girls are capable, you tell me, who is more imp, daughters or sons. Dadi cries and hugs her. She says forgive me, this has become my habit, I forgot when I was asked to just deliver sons, I got my sons and everyone praised me, I thought women can be happy if they give birth to sons, I forgot that daughters are also necessary, forgive me I have hurt you a lot. Kartik hugs her. Naira asks her to keep laddoos and keep in locker, else Kartik may steal it and eat. They smile. Kartik hugs Manish and Naira. He brings the papers and tears. They all hug. Music plays….

Naira, Lav and kush watch an action movie. Kartik switches it off. Naira switches the tv on. They fight for remote. Dadi says they are just kids. Kartik and Naira argue. He says you are pregnant. She asks Dadi to see what he is doing. Dadi says he is doing right, watch some religious channel. Manish says its loud and disturbing sound, I was scared, poor baby will be scared. Kartik says these kids are so spoilt. Lav and Kush say we don’t even watch tv. Kartik asks them to go and study. She says I never stop watching movie midway, are you going to break baby’s heart. Kartik says don’t do emotional blackmail, watch this channel, baby’s heart will be calm, else my baby will be born as a goon and police will keep reward for him. Dadi and Manish smile. He goes. Naira sleeps. She gets a vision of someone dead. She gets shocked and says what was that. Dadi was right, I shouldn’t watch all this.

Kirti talks to Naksh on call. Aditya and Vaishali come to her house. Kirti says I don’t care for Aditya. She sees Aditya twisting Vaishali’s hand. Kartik says see its done, why do you change nail paint every day. Naira says its my wish. He says I will paint your nails, see. He makes smileys on her toes. She says wow…. He kisses her foot and says happy feet will take you towards happiness. She says dancing feet in happiness. He clicks a pic. He says I forgot doctor’s appointment. She says its last date to fill form for correspondence. He says I m not against your education, the timing is…. She says nothing can be perfect than this, there is not much work in academy. He says there will be stress, I think you should enjoy pregnancy days. She says studies will relieve my stress, we are going to doctor, we will ask him and if he okays it, we will fill the form. He agrees. She sees the red nail paint and gets vision of a car accident.

He says see more of action films, that’s why I stop you. She says this is a strange feeling, like something is about to happen, no. Kirti talks to Vaishali. Vaishali says Aditya said we will marry soon, when will you make my wedding dress. Kirti says I will make it whenever you say, is your marriage love or arranged. Vaishali says its a love marriage, he loves me a lot, I feel lucky. Kirti says I have seen whatever has happened outside. Vaishali says you took it wrong, it was just our cute attitude, I do whatever I like, lets explain the design to tailors now. Kirti looks at her. Aditya looks at them from far. Naira thinks of the visions. She says who did this, interesting channels are blocked and wifi password is also blocked. Lav and Kush say Kartik did this, its okay for us. Kartik comes and says we will leave in some time to meet the doctor. Naira snatches the laddoo from him and says I m pregnant, why are you eating this. He says fine and goes.

Manish is on call. Kartik asks Manish to start giving paternity leaves. He says Naira needs me here. Manish says everyone is here with her, you know the workload, I will fall alone. Kartik says no, I will work from home, work will go on for life, is that fair to let go of this chance, I want to be with her. Dadi says you should ask Naira once, it becomes difficult to bear if husband cribs all the time. Kartik says I will help Naira in studies. Naira comes and says Kartik will teach me, its correspondence course. Manish says you don’t think at all. Dadi says my best wishes are with you. She gives a pen to Naira.

She says its a good idea, it will be difficult to pass time, its good if she studies. Naira thanks her and says Naitik gave me a similar pen when I started studying. She hugs Dadi. Dadi feeds her curd. Manish says all the best. Naira thanks them. Dadi says you will study, but not at the cost of your or baby’s health, I will keep rasam and puja for Naira and Kirti, I don’t want any excuse that time, I want a promise. Kartik and Naira promise. Kartik says we have to go to doctor, I have to pick up Kirti on the way. Manish says Kartik talks like a kid, everyone can take care of Naira, what’s the point in taking all the leaves. Dadi says some things are understood with time, we will see what to do when time comes, I agree with Naira’s studies, its better than watching stupid movies. Naira stumbles. Kartik holds her. Dadi looks on worried and prays.

Kartik and Naira are on the way and change the music. She sees the same car as seen in the vision. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haan wear heels watch action fulms eat d food watevr u want evn if it shouldnt.
    I dont knw y d hell naira wants children wen maturity s far frm her.
    Who d hell wl wear heels at preg tyms nd watch movies like dat.
    Yuck her voice cribbing shouting nd d so called cute arguemebt sucks nd sometymz feels like slapping kaira fr overacting
    Makers should hav made naira matured before makung her preg
    Its like watevr naira likes thinks she wl do dat no matters wat others think nd go through
    Dadi did bad bt is she so bad dat d great mahaan naira hav to give lecture
    Akshara would hav been regretted fr having a daughter like naira

  2. Ah so now naira madam wants to study again. She wants a baby asap because she’s scared she won’t be able to concieve later. And now she wants to study also. Even correspondence is not her cup of tea. Her mother was a classy woman, this girl is only shouting, and having her own way; undecided on anything. Studying to distract herself it seems, to keep herself busy it seems. Does she have any idea how much people struggle to study, pass, and get that degree? Is studying some kind of Best out of waste or craft competition? Oh I’m sorry, even all those require talent, something that this madam lacks.

    1. Don’t worry… Not only she Will study but even she will top the exam as mahaan naira is super talented too…”naira bilkul Akshara jaisi hai “

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