Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat shoots Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi runs from there. Tara sees Deep’s pictures. Tara throttles him and says why didn’t you stop them. she says I will kill them Deep. How dare he fool me. She breaks stuff in anger. She takes out her knife.

Deep is angry at his thugs. He says get out of here before I kill you. Tara says my love overcame all challenges but you still are with someone else deep. You can never see my love. I loved you truly. I changed my identity for you. I told you my love is dangerous. Deep comes home. He says what are you doing here? Why is there blood on my photos. She says I was coloring your photos. She hugs him an stabs him. Tara says how dare you cheap me. She was dreaming all this. Deep comes home. Tara hides the knife.

Arohi comes to Chawani and tells him everything. He is dazed. She says Anjali has a lot of money. Arohi says I hope nothing happened to my child. Chawani says are you okay? She says yes. Doctor calls Arohi and says your report is ready. Come here I want to tell you something important.

Tara hugs deep. She says you are only mine. They go upstairs. Deep says I wanna tell you something. She hugss says not now. She is about to stab him. Deep says I found who that girl is. Her name is anjali. She has a lot of money. She has so much wealth we can’t let her go like that. I will tell you everything. I want your help in all this. We never fail as a team. Tara drops the knife and says I love you. I know you love me only. Deep says in heart I am smarter tha you tara. SHe goes out. Deep gets a call and says we have found the girl.

Doctor says to Arohi you have blood deficiency. We have to find out blood group of his father. Arohi recalls when she was injured. DEep wanted to give her blood. She says his blood group is A+. Doctor says can you bring him? She says no. Arohi says he cn’t come. Arohi goes out and sees Virat. She is dazed. Virat says you hid it from me. Virat says to Arohi you re with someone else. SHe says no. He shoots her.
Precap-Arohi puts a gun on deep’s head. He says the game has just started.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mona146

    i swear i stop even reading this serial updates. they are just driving us crazy.

  2. i liked today’s episode a little better because it had less Nia scenes and more scenes of Tara. but seriously, CHAWANNI of all people telling Nia that cheques have numbers on them that can be used as identity or whatever?? chawanni? the boy who had never had a bank account, forget about handling cheques. the writers are not even trying anymore. and Nia should have lost her phone too when she dropped her purse right? but no, her phone was conveniently still in the hotel room with chawanni…. i swear, they are just showing anything and dragging the story now. just tell us what is happenning instead of showing stupid unnecessary scenes.
    p.s. i liked when Tara was drawing things on the goon’s hand crazily and the goon got real scared. and this fake mom is the new Dilip of the house, disappears for longtime and then suddenly reappears for one scene

    1. possible is that chawanni read somewhere/watch it is not too much caring knowing abt cheque book not means to have bank account.2d point is correct regarding phone

    2. hey Nakul… i guess you are right that chawanni might have heard about it in a video tutorial or even Deep might have told him about it someday or there might be other ways he knew about it and having bank account is not the only way of knowing it…. maybe i am just generally frustrated about how chawanni is used by writers to solve problems that a child like him cannot solve. before, it mainly was related to using street smarts and since he was an orphan and always looked after himself, it was acceptable. then the writers had chawanni using pen drives to hack cctv cameras during Tara/Arohi’s remarriage with Deep and it was jarring. i had always felt the writers use chawanni too much and that’s why today too it felt the same. specially with chawanni (a poor orphan who three months ago didnt have any education) telling Arohi (a relatively well settled and wealthy woman). but yeah, this point is not that big and can be ignored/explained

  3. i think arohi or his child have some disease that need lot of money that’s why deep did this maybe he know about his child or he want money to help arohi it’s clear that he don’t wan’t to be with tara. he say to tara i can go to any exten for my love for my obesion i think he was speaking about arohi and like always he want to do the work alone to not let arohi know about her disease mayba noooott ??? what do you think he was sending her above to get her best medecine

    1. hi… thats a very good explanation because people dont cough blood during pregnancy. i dont understand why the doctor didnt tell her about this or why Nia atleast didnt tell the doctor that i am coughing blood what might be the reason…. also, sending someone packed in a wooden box at the back of a truck is not the best way to treat diseased people lol…. i also dont understand why Deep just doesnt send Tara to jail though, why keep her outside? if it was to know his past then he should have been able to do it in these three months no? he isnt even asking Tara about it. all of a sudden he has forgotten about his dead mother

  4. Trp increased .I think most of the people love nia character. In my point of view she is not suits for arohi don’t like her dressing sense. Sry am not hate anyone.

    1. I think people are watching the show hoping alisha mam as arohi so Trp is increasing but suddenly it decreases because nia arohi ki role mein bilkul acha nahi lagta uska dressing bakwas hai as you said no one can replace alisha mam as arohi

    2. hey Rhivanya… i dont think anyone likes Nia’s entry. people are just curious to find out why Deep is doing this. everywhere people are just demanding for Alisha to be brought back as Arohi, but they also want to confirm that Deep’s apparent betrayal is false and he has actually done this for some other reason…. also hope that Alisha returns as Arohi, because come on, Nia doesnt suit this role. half the time it seems like overreaction (like when Virat pointed the gun at her and she screamed. Arohi has guns pointed at her every week lol, but Alisha never screamed like that) and i cant bear it when she cries.

  5. I just hope that Tara doesn’t get pregnant because if she does dont know how deep is going to handle his two wife’s who are pregnancy with his child. What do u guys think ?

  6. Virat not shoot arohi(anjali).he only save already watched on Instagram.
    I love Tara act.wt a performance.
    ????? Passionate love.deep you are lucky.arohi and Tara both are love you in unconditionally.but he….
    One thing common between arohi and tara.both are easily forgive deep mistake.again fall in love.
    Flashback scene was nice.I love deep character in flashback scenes only.
    Deep not love Tara.not happy with Tara.then why he stay with Tara.what she want from arohi(anjali).please tell me any one reason why deep betrayed arohi?
    Y deep y?

  7. Blood group ki baat hui. Is it possible ki he is not real deep. May be blood sample will disclose it.. It was such a nice show but ab kya halat kar di hai writer in iss show.

    1. seriously…two double character..3 months ke leap me hi puri story hai. arohi ka face change karane me bhi deep ka koi plan hi hoga(to avoid difficult condition for aarohi)..Abhi to Anjali ka hi story clear nahi hai..

  8. What is that baby made off ? Stone, iron? first semester of pregnancy is known for high risk of miscarriage. Here ”arohi” got her face, body, height changed, was in a box for days to be out of the county, had been thrown to mental asylum, had been aggressed by mental patient, is running more than a normal human runs, was kidnapped, manhandled, not forgetting the mental pressure and emotional breakdown. She is not having the chronic pregnancy symptoms, still her baby is alive. I seriously doubt this baby is human

    1. what i dont get is Nia is not at all concerned for this baby… i mean yeah, once an episode we get a dialogue like ‘i will protect my child’ but her actions dont show it. her body language is not at all protective or guarded. she is not careful about food or medicines. and she is running all over the place, searching for clues, pretending to get unconscious and repeatedly falling down. she had a car and phone and she uses it for following people instead of thinking if her baby is healthy after all this ordeal. whenever she does get some money she is spending it on autos (when the doc gave her the money. agreed she was running away from goons but did she need to give all the money to autowalla?) or big hotel rooms (what happened to chawanni’s old home or even his old friends??)

  9. shayad yeh deep nahi ye deep ka jurwa bhai hai.Danny ne kaha tha ki Deep ne uske maa ko nahi mara tha.Deep ke bhai ka zikr hua tha ekbaar.Mujhe lagtaa hain Deep ke jurwa bhai ne Deep ke ma ko mara tha. usnne deep ko fasaya tha

  10. Hi all, just got the news from tellychakkr or something like that now september month will be the deciding month as alisha continue this show or not or she may quit the show bcz her contract is for 1 year amd that is completing in month of september…as before she could not becz giving her main role and working as a supporting role doesn’t suits her and also trp is increasing due to not nia i think bcz of curiosity as what dhara said but if trp ll continue to increase the show will extension offcourse and there was written that if nia doesnt go to bb then alisha may quit the show dont know what is that bb???
    Does anyone no about it…
    Dont know what is going seriously makers are in big mistake they are thinking that people like starting nia but this isn’t true….??
    Somebody tell them alisha only suits better no doubt nia has more fan following than alisha but role of alisha as arohi is best

    1. bb is big boss i guess. everyone was saying that Nia might enter big boss house…. if Alisha leaves the show then no one will watch. it means they will kill Tara and Nia will continue playing Arohi. no interest. i cant believe the writers seriously think that people like Nia more in this role. anyways, hope it is a rumor…

    2. Dawn

      Don’t you know that an antagonist can be the main character of a show?

  11. Anamika nair

    Its not abt nia.. its all abt twist. All are waiting for the revealing of unknown facts.. nia fans kaun?? Trp is from the immj back up.. it is a popular show.. immj got good trps befor.. when they gave twists they got more trp.. but this time they change arohi we dont like that. but we the fans not dropped watching.. that is the problem.. if ib changed anika what they wii do?? They died for that.. then why we are not helping alisha? Pls i ask help from u all plz drop watching atleast one or two weekz…. alisha is a perfect actress in present industry.. makers did injustice her.. atleast we give a try for the justice of alisha.. can u give the supprt???

  12. Hipreet
    Bb is big boss .

  13. Nice episode… I like Tara acting.. awesome ???? deep part also nice.. he is smarter than Tara.. What he wants actually.. I think aarohi might have some disease..

    1. hi sravanthi… i loved Deep’s dialogue – ‘i have stayed with this mad woman for so long and still i am alive. the only reason is i am more cunning than her’ the way he delivered that line was very funny for me πŸ˜› also, in this show it seems Tara is the only one who can kill and die for love. the rest have too many other plots and priorities

    2. Hi sravanthi. In this show no sense and no logic and no meaning. But Always dialog is super.I love the dialog.

    3. hey Rhivanya… this is true lol. i still miss Virat dialogue delivery when he used to ridicule Deep. the best i remember is when Roma had sent Deep to murder ‘Arohi’ and Virat was following Deep in his car. Deep stopped the car in the middle of the road and was beating himself and Virat was like ‘ye kis pagal k peeche mujhe bhej diya. Mom, ye raste k beech khada hoke pata nhi kya tamasha kar raha hai…’ still makes me laugh.

    4. Hi rhivanya.. s.. no sense.. no logic..
      How are you..

    5. hi sravanthi, i am from west bengal. Dhara is not my real name though. i didnt feel comfortable using my real name here, so used this name instead. from which state are you? (if you dont mind my asking)

    6. Hi dhara.. thank you for giving reply.. im from south India.. Telangana state..

    7. Fine r u?

    8. fine dear…
      Happy Friendship Day.. ???

  14. Satya127

    Hi guys
    I am also like one of u all who watchs immj
    I started watching the show from very first promo for only arjun and for also its different story line as I only used to watch love hate stories but immj seemed different with love and betrayal revenge suspence and thrill….. At that time alisha was just an actress who is doing This as her first show as main lead but as the story progresssed alisha as just amazed Me with her acting both as arohi and as tara I love the acting of both the roles but as per the story i always support AROHI….. For me immj was a different show where u find thrill ans suspence along with the cute and twisted love story of ardeep…. Their cuteness is the soul and heart of the story which always used to overcome the negativity in the show….. And this only possible for arjun and alisha to look that cute and perfect as ardeep…… But now I could not believe what had happened to it…. They changed the most loved role of alisha and that role with which all the Fans r connected and supported in her each and every step may it for love or revenge…… And they brought nia who is 100 mils far from playung arohi nia acting is juat like overacting….. I feel she does not depict any traits of arohi which makes that role special like cuteness innocence smartness daring…… And frankly speaking I had watched many costars of arjun but nia does not suit arjun and as arohi so there is a big nooo…. And now the story is just a kichidi without any salt…. They just made the two most loved people as villains and an actress whom people cannot even tolerate for few minutes atlwast not even as anjali leave about being arohi as the main lead…. I don’t even know how the trp is increasing…. I had also stopped watching it for one week but truely I missed arjun and alisha a lot and with a view to watch them I started watching again from this week….. Guys someone is telling that alisha contract is coming to end but guys then it means arjun contract will also come to an end with thus September as the show gonna complete one year but i don’t feel like that because at every starting they will sign the contract which keeps changing accordingly….. And about nia I personaly feel she is best for big boss not for immj and I would suggest all the colors team and big boss selection team and nia to take nia in big boss..nowadays TRP of the ahow is only increasing because everyone wanted to clear their thought about deep and deep love…… It is not for nia at all…… I think all of us only watch it for ardeep cute flashbacks and to know why deep has taken this huge step…… I think every fan of immj who felt each and every emotion of arohi nowdays just don’t give any damn to that atalll…… I feel like we should clear to thise writers and colors team that we only want alisha as arohi and arsha as our ardeep.and this trp is only for arsha not for any nia by keep commenting this on each post of colors and immj and beyond dreams on their Facebook Twitter and instagram pages and prove that alisha is the soul and heart of immj……. What u say guys.

    1. agree with you…

    2. Hi satya.totally agree with you.

    3. i agree with you Satya, i have never seen Arohi before this and only started watching for Arjun. i am his fan from his ‘miley jab hum tum’ days and loved him in Naagin. Alisha i had never seen before, i did not even know her name. but the more i watched, the more i liked her. she is very good as Arohi and excellent as Tara. the fact that she could portray both the characters so differently and convincingly for so long is just commendable. Arohi has a heart of pure gold and it shows on her face. Tara is a violent killer and that too shows on her face. And now this Nia… i just cant even imagine Nia and Arjun having a ‘romantic scene’ together. so far also, the writers are only showing Ardeep in flashback. i dont have anything against Nia. if she gets her own show and it becomes popular then good for her. but this is show is Alisha’s hard work. even Arjun almost became a side character in-between when Arohi was getting her revenge and fooling the Raichands. at that time, Alisha ruled the screen and it was just so pleasurable watching her be brave, intelligent and still be good. Now Arjun has more role to play and i like it, but there is no way that Alisha should leave! then it wont even be the same show!! this new twist is interesting and good only as long as Nia’s character has a short role and Alisha returns as Arohi. Otherwise i will have no interest in this show. if they dont have a further story they can end it now and come back with season 2. that would be far better than replacing Alisha

    4. How you always express my feelings.I think my mind friend with your mind.

    5. Satya127

      U know dhara and rhivanya I everytime read all ur comments and I feel like we have same thoughts in simmilar….. I first saw arjun as sanaya friend and I accidentally saw the last sajan wedding and assumed mayank as a side character then next I saw him on tv playing with ayaan and I thought how adorable these bijlanis look…. Then I saw him in nagging for 2 or 3 episodes as my friend forced me to watch she used juat love him like anything then the show was also dubbed in my language then I used to watch randomly because I used be busy with my studies then suddenly one day before I saw parades promo so I was like let me support the best friends of sanaya and pmhmd seemed cute and sweet…. Day by day watching it I realized how cute he is… Then in my holidays I gave a try to watch mjht from then with each episode I loved mayank role like no other role and raghav at the side also made me love his character…. U know how eager and impatient I was to see him back as raghav in the show but he never came then I thought whatever be his next show I will watch it…. Then I met deep…… U know guys deep is soo confusing only because of arjun acting because deep’s smartness when he stands for truth or the way he plans and speaks intelligently he reminds me of mayank and when we get to watch emotional side or caring side I find raghav….but truely speaking deep is soo dashing and daring cute and romantic….. I think the track after the london and the way deep reacted when he assumed tara as arohi and shot her and how he is to live a life where he does not even wanted to live and the way he treats arohi just as a princess be it in flashback or real I trust deep is not a person who is greedy for money who can just use his love or he is not a mad person who want to live whole life with a physo there is some other reason which only deep can confess….. And talking about nia I feel like she is from other planet and if I think about her I will spoil my mood so let’s not but I feel like what u told of having a season 2 is a better option with arsha or I feel if they don’t have any story they should kill deep arohi and tara and revamp the show taking it like they will take another life to find their love then it would be nice how deep ( arjun) and arohi( alisha) will find each other again and their love story starts with tara being the villain again…. Then we can find the cute love story again played by arsha…….. Guys imagine how super it would be…..
      Nia just came now and cannot claim it is her show…. Alisha used to spend days working foe the show she made us believe that arohi and tarvatha two different people and now simply they can’t give the whole hardwork to nia…. Immj is immj only because of arsha and their cute chemistry soo it is better they bring alisha back as arohi with any stupid illogical twist they want but we want ALISHA back as arohi….. O know if nia goes to big boss I will vote for her

    6. Hi dhara..
      if you don’t mind may I know r u from which state..

    7. agree with you dhara.. if they don’t have story ending this season n come back with season 2 is better

    8. thank you Rhivanya πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
      Satya, i agree that Deep’s character is so confusing and interesting because of Arjun’s acting. every emotion he portrays so nicely that you cannot be sure which is true and which is false. even when he is acting to be evil, he will give one expression that will raise doubt in our minds that he is hiding something. i too feel that Deep isn’t a bad person, and at least not against Arohi. i just dont know how Arohi can have so little trust in Deep to think that Deep would try to harm her only for money. even when Virat was fighting with ‘Tara’ for property, Deep clearly said that he has no interest in money… so dont know what Deep’s real intentions are. i still want to know the mystery, but i cannot accept Nia. i just wish Arohi has another surgery and gets her face back. the doctor did the surgery for 10cr. after Nia gets 80cr from bank, i hope she goes for another surgery and gets her identity back
      i can even support a reincarnation story, where Arohi and Deep meet and fall in love and have some peace and trust first. then Tara enters and they remember everything that happened in previous life slowly while the game again starts. maybe even Chawanni grows up and comes to meet Ardeep and help them fight. still better than watching Nia

  15. Hi satya
    Loved reading your views

    Are u the same of bado bahu n Waaris,

    1. Satya127

      No renu I am very new…. I used to read each and every comment of u all to know wht others thinking about immj…. But now I gave it a try to comment to share my views with u guys……

    Alisha how much love this show.
    Arjun and Alisha both are looking cute and beautiful.
    I miss you Alisha in arohi role.
    Please come back.
    This is an old interview.

    1. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya I remember this interview of arsha that is on 200 the episode celebration here it is evident that how much alisha is attached to immj and with her roles….. Juat like her we want immj to continue but only with alisha and arjun being the main leads……

    2. Ss.That’s why am share with you guys.keep commenting satya.

  17. Helo everyone…
    Happy Friendship Day to all my dear friends..

    1. Same to you dear.

  18. Hello friends.
    Happy friendship day.

  19. Satya127

    Hi friends
    Happy friendship Day to u all
    May this year gives u all lots of friends which stand by ur side everytime…..

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