Porus 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni and Puru Perform Kanishk’s Last Rights

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Dasyu raj says he will not agree that his son Sumer was a traitor. Chanakya enters and says Puru is telling truth and he has a shocking truth. Puru asks if he is fine. Chanakya says yes and says Kanishk and Sumer wanted to kill Puru during Puru’s wedding, but Kanishk died before confessing in front of everyone. Laachi says truth does not need proof, Puru never lies, he is he one who fought with whole Pourav army for truth and he is the one who threw his brother in jail for justice, she accepts Puru’s words, let us end this issue right here.

Kanishk’s last rights start. BVamnni keeps wooden logs on Kanishk and performs last right. Puru reminisces Kanishk’s last words and then dying. Kadika stands crying. Rajguru then gives fire torch to Bamni. Bamni is unable to set Kanishk’s body on fire. Puru holds his hand and performs last rights. Olympia watches from palace’s balcony and says this is just a beginning, Puru’s dear ones will die and then he will die, her son Alexander will kill Puru.

Mahanandini with Dasyu raj walks in with Sumer’s ash pot and reminds Bamni that not only he lost his son, even they did. Bamni says this is not the right time to talk about it. Mahanandini alleges Bamni that he killed his own son Kanishk to prove his wife innocent and Sumer a traitor. Laachi requests to watch out their words. Dasyu raj says they are telling truuth, they are Dasyus and loot people, but are not traitors, they will end relationship with Pouravs right now. Anusuya requests not to take any rash decision in anger. Mahanandini says they are right and returning to Dasyu lok right now and taking Laachi with them. Puru walks to her and says he agrees nobody was there except Bamni and Hasti with him when Kanishk confessed his crime, he does not have any proof, if they want they can return to Dasyu lok and Laachi will accompany them if they want.

Anusuya takes food for Olympia. Olympia says her son Alexander killed Kanishk, if Bharati’s have ritual to feed their enemies. Anusuya says they have ritual to feed guests even if they are enemies. Olympia says she is faltered with Bharathi’s nature, they hide their pain and act as serving their guests, they serve cheap tasteless Bharati food, she does not need it. Anusuya shows chicken, fruits, wine, and bread and says they serve guest’s desired food so that guest can return happy, it is their culture. Olympia says it is all drama and they cannot escape from Alexander’s wrath, so she should not waste time in hospitality, she has already lost 1 son and will lose another son, Alexander will cross Jhelum and will turn its water red with Puru’s blood. Anusuya says her son Puru has taken oath that he will kick out intruders far away from Jhelum and make them return empty handed. Olympia says she should inform Puru that they have brought her here so that Puru can think how to save his life, once Alexander will come to know about it, he will destroy Porus’ whole lineage.

Alexander guides soldiers build bridge on Jhelum river and signals. Soldiers pull heavy carts and animals on bride. Alexander says this is the only way to reach Pourav rastra with his army.

Precap: Chanakya informs Puru that he brought Olympia here to fail intruder Alexander’s plans. Puru meets Olympia.

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  1. amazing.

  2. In the precap who was with Puru,
    Anusuya or laachi??

  3. Puru is the perfect king… He is so polite and serene with everyone and loves Bamani so much. I was feeling so frustrating when Dasyu raja and Rani did not believe him. Had they forgotten that if Puru was not there then Sumer would have been dead long ago??? Laachi believes Puru and I believe even if her parents leave her she will be with him?

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