Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilip is deceiving everyone

Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes close to Deep and says you are my destination and my way. She takes his band aid off and replaces it. Arohi says you can’t lie to me. A glass comes in from window. deep sees her. He looks down the masked man runs. Aorhi says stop. Deep runs after him. Arohi goes towards Dilip’s room.
Arohi opens door and sees that dilip in not on his wheelchair. She says he is not on his wheelchair? That means.. Why would anyone pretend to me paralyzed for years? He did this to me? can’t believe he could do that.
Deep runs after the masked man. He drops his jacked and runs. Deep picks his jacked.

Roma pats on Arohi’s shoulder. Arohhi gets scared. Roma says what happened? I was think why are you looking at your dad and thinking? arohi says I was thinking about dad. She turns back Dilip is on his chair. Arohi is dazed. She says how is he here? He wasn’t here a moment ago. ROma says what are you thinking? She says thinking about the bruise on his hand. Roma says I applied anti- septic don’t worry. She leaves.

Deep calls someone and says you have to secure this child. And you have to protect a girl as well but stay away from here. Arohi comes in. Deep says I couldn’t catch than man. Arohi says I know. He says how? She says yes because he reached his home. Deep says hoomee? Arohi says yes this home. He lives here. I know who attacked us. Deep says Prithvi? Virat? Arohi says no papa ji. He says are you crazy. He is on wheelchair. You are saying he was running? She says I know its difficult. You saw that bruise on his hand? It was my nails when he attacked me. This is a big game. When you were following that man. I went to dilip’s room he was nowhere. I looked everywhere. In the same time you came back he came back too. deep says are you crazy? You are saying he is pretending? Deep says I took him to doctors they all said his muscles can’t work. Roma and Prithvi walk past and hear. ARohi says he is pretending all this. Deep says why would he pretend to be paralyzed? DOn’t act like crazy. He leaves.

Scene 2
Chawani sees the thug and runs. The thug stops him. Chawani says please leave me. You want to kill me. He says I am patel. Deep sent me to take care of you. I and my men are here. Whenever you are scared just do a whistle. He gives him a chocolate.
Roma says to Prithvi tara wont trust me. She should never know how dilip got that bruise. Why is she trying to do all this? She knows deep shouldn’t know all this. Prithvi says what is she is doing all this in deep’s love. Check that proof. It should be in its’ place. She opens envelope and says everything is here. Prithvi says we should be careful. If deep gets to know about his reality everything will be destroyed. Roma says lets talk to Tara. The deep she is doing for deep. she should understand that the same deep is gets to knw reality will kill her.
Arohi says maybe deep was right? Why would dilip pretend? Why would he try to attack me. Maybe this attack was for deep and not me? What is happening? Arohi sees in her phone and says this ways is right. I have to find these secrets.

Arohi makes soup and comes to dilip’s room. She says I made this soup for you. I will make you eat it. she spills it and says i am sorry. She pastes a pill on the floor. She says when it is exposed to air it will be on fire. I don’t wanna hurt him but I want to see after fire if he runs from his chair or not.
Arohi calls Deep and says please come I need you. He says I wont come anywhere. ARohi says for dilip you will have to come his life is in danger.
Dilip moves his chair. Deep comes to the house. The chip is on fire. Arohi turns back to look at Deep. She turns back and sees that dilip is not on his chair. Arohhi says he is gone. She says to deep come with me. see that dilip is not on his chair. Deep is dazed. Dilip isn’t there. arohi says you see now. Roma and Prithvi hear all this.

Precap-Anita says to Viranj I know all about you. Don’t try to do what you want. Tara calls Deep and says you have to die in love. Tara comes in the house. Arohi falls from stairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sahina

    Thank u Atiba for the quick update

  2. Sahina

    This week trp of #IMM is 1.5??

  3. Thanks Atiba for such a quick update first i hate this mahasangam week and second i am here after 3 daysso HELLO everyone dhara amaira rhivanya lutfe shifa savartgi arohi&deep and my other sweet friends(whom i forget to mention sorry for that) and i can’t believe whenever i miss 2-3 episodes the whole show became up and down and the track is changed into something else i can’t believe tara as arohi who is acccused of 2 or3 murders how could she get bail??? and these mahangam are for one person of a show is helping other but here they are creating more trouble for arohi .Virat is just vanished in shimla and finally Roma gave us a major hint that deep and dilip are related and if deep comes to know about it they are finished and why the hell the makers are making show unnecessary confusing now arohi thinks that dilip is behind everything which i am sure is wrong as someone is trying to frame him like they did with deep in london track to confuse arohi and arohi being arohi doesn’t use her brain and does something stupid

    1. Me too thinking Dilip is not negative but still he is hiding something

    2. Looking at the person thrice i realised that he can’t be dilip, the man is tall and slim while dilip is not, but the makers can do anything. On the other hands analyzing the hints of roma only suggested about dilip’s wound, while she thinks arohi as tara yet, and yes dilip knows that she is arohi, so he is not in roma team, well i am getting more intrtrested in it, hope that makers have something logical for us

  4. And happy that finally deep does something to protect chawani and arohi alsi and this tara is again back why the hell makers can’t keep her away for somedays and did arohi just forget that she is arohi and on a revenge mission or did she started enjoying tara’s life being tara i know forher deep is imp but what about her revenge sometimes both tara and arohi made me hell angry sorry if i hurt anyone personally i like arohi but not right now where she is behaving typically stupid and tara her character is being so negative day by day and i can’t bear so miuch hatred negativity and confusion

  5. oh my god dilip…. but if roma also knows dilip is well then.. priyhvi n roma were romancing (talking about vedika n their affair)one day infront of him saying any way he cannot talk… whats that??…

    in the process of thrill they are doing some rubbish things i “think”… dont know what will come in next episodes i dont know….

    1. Hi Saras,,, and also two episodes back Roma was saying to Prithvi that don’t worry how much ever Deep tries he cannot get well….
      So even Roma doesn’t know that Deep is pretending,, am so confused

    2. Sorry Dilip is pretending

  6. but one of our question is answered… howcome dilip appears suddenly anywhere in his wheelchair…?

    1. Exactly what came to my mind when I saw wheel chair empty ?

  7. This week its going nice

  8. Hello friends.
    Mujeh pehli si sir dharath hey.yeah sirdharathwaala mahasangam kab khatam honga.

    1. Hi Rhivanya,, how are you?

    2. Fine dear sathya,how r u?

    3. Hi fine dear. How r u?

    4. Am fine too dear ?

    5. hii rhivanya ye pura week mahasangam h jo bht irritating h

    6. Hi r u?

  9. Neha1

    OMG.! Seriously Dilipji(papaji) is not paralysed, From Yesterday’s episode I doubt on him… I think Aarohi was right Dilip is absolutely fine, but why he’s doing this drama…what’s the reason.??? And Roma – Prithvi knew everything…. what they’re hiding…and Roma said that they didn’t told Tara anything about Dilipji…but if she succeed to know then this will work against her…Now I’m curious, wanna know what’s the reason…what Raichand’s are hiding from Deep… I hope soon we get to know the mystery behind this….And where’s Virat…????

  10. Hi friends,, hope you all are doing good…

    Coming to the episode,,,, why can’t they keep Tara at jail for some more time,,,, we want to Deep’s past and the secret but before that Tara is back and started troubling Arohi….
    And Arohi became dump why can’t she keep the things secret until she finds out the truth fully,,,, now Roma and Prithvi are alerted,,, why Roma keeping that pic safe if she feels it would reveal something to Deep,,,, writers are making every character positive or negative at anytime,,,,,
    I hope now Tara will not live as Arohi with Deep lol,,,
    How much ever Deep put chawani safe Arohi will put him in trouble sooner,,, same thing she did with Nikku,,,
    There are lot of questions and confusions but before clearing up anything they are showing same thing Tara vs Arohi always…

    Sorry for the lengthy comments,,,

    1. Hii sathya…..
      I agree……I am fine……How r u…

    2. Hi Shifa,, am good ?

    3. Hi satya
      agree with you..

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Ok its going to be twist and turn and dilip will be either on chair or fall on floor as i doubt he heard aarohi or had idea about her planning… Aarohi is stupid instead of calling or searching for deep, she should have recorded all this in her phone..

    1. Exactly
      She shouldn’t have given even a second to him….

    2. Hi.. I feel the same one

  12. Hello guys……..
    My head is rolling after reading today’s episode…………This is not my immj that l was
    waiting. …………..Feeling really depressed………….And precap…..Who is anita and viranji
    (Actually l miss the episode )please anyone tell me……
    I am happy that deep arrange a bodyguard for chawani and arohi…..And cvs please don’t change that bodyguard on upcoming episode by saying he is send by tara not deep…..
    Prithvi. ……..Oooooooo………l think vedika is alive that’s why he is behaving normal
    to roma…..
    Now tara is back. ………Something big is on a way………..

    1. So precap its actually a mahasangam episode. …….
      Ooooooo……l can’t tolerate this anymore……..
      Why are they merging tu aashiqui with immj…..
      Why they are not showing normally like other serial…
      Once in week 3 days mahasangam…………
      Writers do one thing……Merge the both serial and make them in to one
      hour episode and shown them every day and change the name into
      “Tu aashiqui mein marjawan”……..And make deep as ahaan lost brother…Ahaan parents as deep parents too……Finally deep will change as deep dhanraj jir
      Ok perfect……..
      l hate this mahasangam episode……And please stop this…..(I don’t know why l am behaving like tara)
      Shifa be cool…Breath in and breath out…….
      Plz anyone inform colors to stop this mahasangam……

    2. lol…. u r too funny shifa… but yes agree with you abt mahasangam

  13. From this episode, following is the conclusion i drew:
    1)Does Google, Wikipedia or any other search engine give u the idea to check whether a person on a wheelchair actually walk? ?
    Arohi got it from her phone, so i think that is true.
    2) the chemistry of the writers is very very weak. Pure lead/ lead does not catch fire when exposed to air, however, the writers wrote something contradictory to the above mentioned fact.
    3) Both the shows TA n IMM, have a black hoodie mystery, u never know, they might end up having a connection ?
    4) This one is dedicated to dhara di n anvesha
    Finally virat’s absence was realized by deep, i think virat is enjoying spring in shimla
    5) Despite the weak chemistry, I believe that writers have enough confidence to apply farzi physics n r happily using wrong grammar.
    Arohi said that those pieces of lead will burn on exposure to air, now who will tell this gentle lady that all this while when she was placing the pieces on the floor n after she placed them, they were already exposed to air, how come they didn’t catch fire?
    Ok, somehow it didn’t catch fire, why do the pieces burn when the wheels put pressure on them. Again, y do we get to hear the electric spark sight n sound when something burns???
    A very poor performance, indeed!
    6) Deep’s reflexes are superfast, he shifts arohi so quickly before the acid bottle hits her head?
    7) Through which window are roma n prithvi peeping everytime? That corridor should have a window opening to the outside.
    What i feel n strongly recommend:
    Arohi should stop sticking to deep, it’s so hot nowadays, frustrated deep always pushes her away due to the extreme weather n yes the stupid behavior
    Roma’s acting is very natural, i appreciate that

    That’s all for now
    Hi everyone
    Hi Anvesha, shifa appi, dhara di n all

    1. Hiii amaira…….
      Your appi is fine dear……wht about u………I am laughing while reading your comments. ………Seems funny…l Agree with u……on each and every point

    2. Me too appi

    3. Sorry appi there’s some error i got ur name?

  14. One more thing, the precap was nothing new, all from the previous episodes ?
    Whether dillip is the antagonist or not isn’t confirmed, he might or might not be……..
    Actually writers don’t write the story in one go, they might make that hoodie man someone else or despite the different body built, they might make dillip the hoodie man

  15. Sonakshi5

    Hi everyone …
    When I read the title ,I was shocked..
    What nonsense is this ?…
    A man acting as paralyzed for years ???…
    Dilip was running infront of deep and he changed and came and sat on his wheelchair within a few minutes , before Arohi turns …is he a robot or what ???
    What is deep’s secret ? ..
    If Roma doesn’t want deep to see the proof then why doesn’t she district it ?
    About the precap …
    Of course Tara will come to kill deep but he won’t die.. Arohi will attack Tara and vice versa but none of them will die? .

  16. Hi frnds…
    Day by day this Show is too irritating

  17. I guess Dilip is Deeps father..

  18. the mansion in the photo is deeps house andthe boy sittingis him…

    but the secret is tara knows deeps secret n she never told him ..?? lets see if roma thinking its tara may tell the secrets to arohi…

    but in ydays episode i like tara giving back to the villian of tu ashiqui…. now one more dushman for arohi…

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