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Hye!!! Buddies…. Thank you sooooooo much for all the love you guys have sprinkled on me. I really am blessed….

Please do drop your views, they are my only motivation….

Well, right now I am all in praise for ishqbaaz and the way story is progressing….

Starting from the track where kids abandon their parents, followed by the track which puts light on a rear topic of andhwishwaas then a take on parenthood and finally woman molestation. The small versions of all this are so bewitching and hats off to the writer, the director, the producer and the entire star cast for their tremendous work. The amount of hard work and thought behind the story is totally spellbinding. I salute the spirits that have courage to get over the SaaS-bahu track and give audience a reality check even if they get low trp, no regrets as they are the heart stealers and all those who are missing this believe me you are missing something really outstanding. I really wanted to share this with you people since a long while so thought why not to pen it down now.

I believe, Fighting against a taboo needs guts and then speaking it out rightly in front of the entire worlds needs modesty and true spirits with a handful of courage. And I believe this time ishqbaaz deserves all the applause for standing out and standing upright.

With all my humility, I salute the entire team of ishqbaaz and the entire fandom for supporting the truest of the facts which have been put forward with such amazing and mind-blowing effort and above all I really love the fact that I follow ishqbaaz that has ability to think and portray things out of the box…..

Now here goes your update….

Enjoy guys!!!

And if you wish do share your view on the current track I shall be pleased.

@PART 36…


Anika: Suk leave your book now and eat something first.
Sukanya: Ary mumma, let me read this question, first.
Anika: Sukanya you will get late, Baccha.
Sukanya: No mumma I won’t. Chill.
Anika snatching her book away: Quietly eat your sandwiches and then read the question. How many times will you re revise. It’s enough relax your brain now and eat your sandwich.
Sukanya cribs: Mumma, I don’t want to eat anything please.
Anika: Sukanya eat this sandwich and no more argument over it. You have to sit in examination hall for three hours. Come on hurry up.
Sukanya eats her sandwich making faces but only half of it: Mumma please no more or I shall vomit it all out.
Anika: Fine, take your bag.
Sukanya takes her bag and her book and again starts reading.
Anika: Sukanya, leave your book.
Sukanya: Please mumma, let me read or I shall fail.
Manik coming in wearing school uniform and holding his bag: Ya babes and by reading in last moment she shall become an Einstein.
Sukanya: Shut up idiot.
Manik: Do you want to come or shall we leave because I don’t want to get late.
Sukanya: Coming na.
Anika walks to the main gate where Abeer and Meher were waiting, while Meher is helping Krish with his tie, Aryan is trying to cajole and ensure Aditi that her exam shall be good while she is all negative about her exam.
Manik: Adi, Krish let’s go.
Aditi in crying tone: I shall fail in exam.
Anika: Chup, pagal. Don’t say like that.
Aryan: Above that Adi you are thoroughly prepared, so don’t worry.
Krish: Leave her papa, she is mad. Look at me, am I even a little bit worried also.
Manik: Yo bro! These girls are mad.
Sukanya finally snapping her book close: Ya of course why will two of you be worried, after all we girls are there to help you but we girls can never depend on you boys.
Manik: You know what Suk, your sense of humour is genuinely going down, you need to really work over it.
Abeer: Guys cut it, aren’t you all getting late for your exam. And Aditi don’t worry your exam will be great.
Aditi: But I don’t remember anything.
Abeer: No Adu, it’s just pre exam jitters nothing else. Once, you sit to give your exam everything shall gush back in your mind.
Meher: He is right Adi, this use to happen with me also. I use to feel so nervous before my exams and then….
Sukanya: Then…. what beautiful!
Abeer and Aryan together: Chocolates….
They give four of the kids a chocolate.
Anika: Perfect stress releasing therapy. Now all of you leave. All the best. Close your eyes before exams and relax till you don’t get question paper and Suk don’t open your book again now, Aditi you too don’t worry everything will be alright. Try not leave any question. Be confident all of you are well prepared.
Manik: Babes, your instructions are even longer then the instruction on the question paper.
All giggle while Anika frowns.
Meher: Mani, Krish both of you please take some tension also.
All laugh and the kids leave to give their exam.
Aryan huffing in: I just hope Adi doesn’t gets nervous.
Abeer: Relax bro, she will do well don’t worry.
Aryan nods.
Meher: Aryan bhaiya, come let’s have breakfast.
All nod and walk towards garden when a voice makes them halt in mid way.
Voice: Can we too join, please.
All of them turn only to get shocked while Abeer chuckles and nods in disagreement.
Abeer: No bro, I am going to make you starve.
Shivaay with puppy face: Look Meher your hubby is such a Hitler.
Atharv: Well I am also hungry.
Anika with a wide smile: Athu….
Atharv nods and runs and hugs her: Mumma I missed you.
Anika: Me too.
Shivaay moves to Aryan and forwards his hand, Aryan looks at his hand and then at his face, Shivaay nods and hugs Aryan instead who too reciprocates.
Abeer: Come on guys, don’t start crying or I will end up saying Mere Karan Arjun aa gaye.
He ends up giving a highly melodramatic feel.
Shivaay hits him on head: Shut up! Gaddhe.
Abeer: Same to you bro.
Both chuckle and hug each other.
Anika: But two of you here….
Shivaay: What, shall we leave.
Anika: Ary I didn’t mean that, I mean all of a sudden.
Atharv: Yes mommy because this is called surprise.
Anika cupping his face: And I loved it.
Meher: Come on let’s have breakfast.
All nod and proceed inside but Shivaay pulls Anika.
Shivaay cupping Anika’s face: How are you?
Anika: Shivaay, we talked yesterday only. I am all good.
Shivaay nods and hugs her: But I know you aren’t.
Anika hugs him back tightly: I want you.
Shivaay: Now I am here, all for you.
Anika smiles shyly as Shivaay kisses her forehead.
Shivaay: O, ho I love it when my khidkitod Anika blushes.
Anika hitting him lightly on his chest: I am not blushing.
Shivaay with raised brows: Oh really, then maybe you are brushing.
Shivaay says remembering his blush lessons Anika looks at him by narrowing her eyes only to make him laugh and she too accompanies him as she is reminded how she had mixed blush and brush.
Shivaay: You are getting red again.
Anika blushing harder: Shivaay….
Shivaay huskily: Anika….
Meher from other side: This is no place to romance.
Both turn to her and move aside.
Anika: Meher….
Meher: What wrong did I say, go to your room. Suk isn’t coming back before 1 and I shall take Atharv around Dehradun. You both can do your hankie pankie….
Anika scrunches her forehead and smashing Meher’s shoulder walks away: You are too much Meher.
Shivaay: Thanks for the idea Meher. Being with Abeer you have turned too much romantic.
Meher: Of course, Shivaay what to do your friend is highly shameless.
Shivaay moving in with Meher continues: Ya I know…. But I wonder how are you handling him till date.
Meher: Don’t you think I should receive Oscar for that.
Shivaay: 10 in a row, girl.
Aryan: What 10 in a row?
Meher: Oscars, Oscars for handling The Abeer Malhotra.
Abeer: This is limit, guys…. Don’t you think 10 is too less, if it was in my hands I would have given every Oscar to you Meher.
He says moving towards Meher who pushes him back on the chair: Can’t you see around and do your nonsense Abeer. Atharv is also here.
Atharv: Never mind I shall close my eyes and ears too.
Abeer: Thanks for the favour young man.
Meher completes him: But that’s not needed Atharv, this man is born shameless.
Abeer: What to do wifey, I am one of a kind.
Meher gives him an irked look while rest chuckle seeing their small fight.
Meher to Aryan: Aryan bhaiya, when is Ayi coming.
Aryan: Today only.
Shivaay being confused: Ayi???

Meher: Shivaay bhaiya, Ayi is Aditi and Krish’s nani ma. Ragini’s mother but to be truthful more then Ragini, Aryan cares for her. Ragini even doesn’t bothers about her mother.

Aryan: Shivaay, Ayi has always taken care of Adi and Krish. She has always supported me even above her own daughter. For first time if I have ever felt a mother’s love it was given by Ayi.
Shivaay: Wooh! That’s great then she will also be coming with us to Mumbai. Right…

Shivaay says sensing Aryan’s intuitions and hesitation of taking her along but after hearing him Aryan feels relaxed and rather glad at his understanding. While Anika looks at Shivaay admiringly.

Atharv says sceptically raising his single eyebrow: Isn’t it strange that Ms. Ragini Malhotra is more concerned about her Chachi then her own mother.

Well, he had a point and that point had given rise to a tsunami of questions inside Shivaay, already Roop bua being Ragini’s Chachi is a strange fact and above that her being free is no where safe for his family.

Anika shushes the topic: Don’t run your brain too much Athu. Eat your breakfast already you people haven’t done less blunders earlier.

Atharv gulps and concentrates on his food avoiding his mother’s gaze. After all, the effect of previous blunder hadn’t really subsided yet.

The next few hours were spent chit-chatting and nobody really realised that it was time for kids to return as they were sitting and talking to each other after such a long time. There was so much to catch up, so much to talk, so much to tell and so much to listen that time flew.

Atharv looking at all the kids entering the house: Oh no they are here.
Anika: Go both of you go and hide behind the bushes.
Shivaay: Ary but why?
Anika: Stop questioning Shivaay and go. Run fast…
She makes them hide behind the bushes.

All the kids keep their bags on a chair and settle down being tired.
Abeer: How was the paper, guys?
Krish: Good.
Sukanya: It was fine.
Manik: Awesome.
Abeer: Oh really…. And if you get less marks then….
Manik: Ary papa don’t act like Hitler it doesn’t suits you.
Abeer: Not fair yaar…. You always take me non-seriously.
Manik: Papa I can’t help it. That’s how you are.
Aryan to Aditi who is still checking out her question paper: Adi…. How was your exam?
Aditi nods.
Krish snatches the paper making her boil in anger.
Aditi: What the hell idiot?
Krish: Di exam is over why are you still in this question paper. Papa is asking about your exam.
Aditi: Ya it was fine. I think so I will loose half marks.
Hearing this Krish almost faints, while Manik chokes.
Aryan: It’s just half marks.
Aditi: Ya but I want to top.
All kids smash their heads.
Manik: Yahan pass ho jayain toh vo bohaat badi baat hoti hai aur ise top karna hai.
Sukanya laughs out hearing him, while Krish gives you are impossible look to Aditi. Meher teasingly pinches Abeer who hides his face in his palm. While Aryan is looking at Aditi in disbelief.
Anika: Adi… Give your brain some rest.
Sukanya: Ya because next is Maths. Who will help me with it….
Shivaay: May I…
Sukanya gets slightly shocked and look at everyone in front of her with awkward look and then turns to see Shivaay, her chair almost stumbles as she runs into his arms and he swings her while kissing her cheeks.
Sukanya: Papa!!!!
Shivaay: Ary baap re…. Aram se doll.
Suk: What aram se and all. Nothing doing.
She says crushing him more in her hug for which he smiles as her hug convey to him that she had really missed him, even more then he can think or maybe her insecurities too were in play but for now he was to elated to be with her and with in next second he hears another voice and another girls hops into his embrace making him chuckle at his daughters antics.
Aditi runs and hugs him: Baba….
Atharv trying to grab the eyeballs: I am also here, guys….
Sukanya takes him in a bone crushing hugs: Bhai, I missed you…
Atharv: Me too.
Aditi and Krish, too hugs two of them.
Aditi excitedly asks: Baba, how come you both are here.
Atharv: Ary, Adi…. We were missing you guys so much that we came here.
Aditi hugging him: Love you bhai.
Atharv kissing her forehead: Love you more bhena…
Krish: Nobody loves me.
Shivaay picking him up: Why are you saying that I am here na.
Manik innocently: What about me?
Atharv: Ya… Nobody loves you bro…
Manik makes faces while everyone chuckle, he punches Atharv on his stomach lightly but Atharv makes a big O and shouts a loud ouch. But then the two hug each other.
Sukanya: Papa… Did you see around the house.
Shivaay nods in negative.
Sukanya: Bingo! Come I will take you around.
Manik holding Shivaay: No first my house.
Sukanya pulling Shivaay towards herself: It’s my idea and my papa… So you get lost.
Manik pulls Shivaay to himself: But my house comes first.
Suk pulling Shivaay towards herself: He is my papa, you idiot.
Manik pulls Shivaay to himself: But I am taking him first.
They pull Shivaay towards each other making everyone open their mouth in amusement and Shivaay feels like they are playing tug of war with him which irks him so he shouts pulling away from both.
Shivaay: Guys, why do you both fight so much.
Manik: She started.
Sukanya with her hands on her waist digs back: You liar… You started…
Manik to irk her more continues the rant: You….
Sukanya being vexed with Manik shouts: You…
Manik: You…
Sukanya: You…
Shivaay: Shut up, both of you. And I believe this is one same house. I mean three houses in one same estate.
Sukanya: Right, papa. First one is Aryan chachu’s house, middle one is buddy’s house and last one is mumma and mine house. Basically, when buddy bought this estate he liked the positioning of house and as you know mumma would have never taken any favour so keeping in mind buddy bought this house. At starting only we use to stay here but five years back Ayi shifted here with Adi and Krish too. So we all stay here together since then.
Manik: Are you done with narration. Come on Shivaay uncle, let’s go.
He quickly drags Shivaay with him irking Sukanya, who curses him under her breath.
Shivaay to Manik: Don’t call me uncle.
Manik: Oh! Then what shall I call you babes boyfriend.
Shivaay: Don’t call Anika babes.
Manik: I will…
Shivaay: Urgh… You have gone on your father only.
Manik laughs hearing it: Mumma too says that.
Shivaay nods in disbelief.

The house starts with the main hall where a huge family portrait was hung, the rest of living room had basic decoration and is both neat and classy.
Shivaay: Nice…. Of corse, Meher’s work.
Meher: What else…. Do you expect Abeer to do anything, accept spoiling.
Abeer: Not fair wifey…. Since you have met Shivaay you are complaining about me only.
Shivaay: After all, I am her only brother. So I am not going to spare you for making her suffer.
Meher dramatically: Thank God bhai nobody understands me better then you.
Sukanya slyly: Still you have left the word “BEST” for buddy only.
Meher looks her with wide eyes while all chuckle. Abeer winks at Sukanya for supporting him.
Abeer: That’s my bunny….
Sukanya: Aww…. Your wink is to die for, buddy…
Manik: Urgh…. He is my dad Suk.
Sukanya giving him a whatever look: So what you never stop flirting with my mom. So don’t even try saying anything to me, I will flirt with buddy…. Who are you?
Abeer rounding his hand around Sukanya’s shoulder: Of course, gf.
Sukanya: Yup! Bf…
Anika: Oh God, you all again began with your time pass. Come on wrap up with whatever you want to show to them so that we can have our lunch too.
Atharv: Ary chill-o-fy mom. I want to see Manik’s room. After all I got to avenge him for all the mess he has created in my room.
Sukanya: Poor idea bhai…. Manik’s room is always a big mess.
Manik: O hello! Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan don’t spread rumours.
Sukanya: Oh really…. Let’s see then.
Manik hesitantly: Uh….
Sukanya: What uhhh???
Manik: Fine…. Come.
Sukanya rushes to open Manik’s room and to her surprise finds it clean, she is shocked, while Manik has closed his eyes which he opens slowly to find his room clean and a rush of confidence runs back in his veins.
Manik: See….
Meher laughs seeing Suk’s shocked expression: Don’t be so shocked Suk, I have only cleaned it. Don’t expect Manik to be so good with cleanliness.
Sukanya: Right, beautiful.
Manik: Mumma…. Meri izaat ka keema karna zaroori tha.
Meher: Okay… Do whatever you want to do but come out in thirty minutes lunch will be ready and Sukanya, Adi and Krish go and change first.
Sukanya: Okay, beautiful.
While kids, Meher and Anika leave. Manik takes Shivaay and Atharv to Meher and Abeer’s room.
Shivaay: Not bad…
Abeer smiles.
Shivaay: I mean the self-obsessed Abeer Malhotra has turned into a love bird completely.
Abeer: Shut up, Shivaay. I was never self-obsessed.
Shivaay ignoring Abeer: You know Mani, during college Abeer’s entire room use to be filled by his pictures…. Only his. Whenever, Nitya use to tease him saying what will he do after marriage when he gets married and girl turns his entire room upside down. He use to get so angry that he use to stop talking to Nitya for an entire week. Look now that Mr. Malhotra has more photographs of his wife in his room.
Abeer shyly brushes his teeth as the boys laugh at him.
Manik pointing at the picture wall: This one is their college pic. Right.
Shivaay looking at the picture in which Abeer is sitting on stairs and Meher is sitting right above him with her arms around his neck and he was hugging her.
Shivaay: I clicked this one.
Abeer nods.
Shivaay looking at other picture of Abeer and Manik: Mani…
Manik: Yes…
Atharv: He is looking cute.
Manik: I am born cute.
Abeer: Don’t be in misconceptions bro.
Manik: Sssss….
Shivaay: Relax, Mani…. Your father will never grow up.
Manik: I know…. He is such a child.
Shivaay chuckles and then looking at another pic: This….
Abeer: Sukanya…. She always reminded me of you. I tried reaching you so many times but to no vail. You know whenever I use to look in her eyes I use to feel guilty. So guilty of keeping her away from her own father’s reality.
Shivaay presses Abeer’s shoulder, who smiles in return.
Shivaay: Sorry and thank you….
Abeer slightly pats his cheeks: Shut up idiot. I missed you. I missed you alot.

Shivaay takes him in a hug and doesn’t says a word. Abeer was one of those very few people who could give up anything for their friendship and Shivaay always found him fortunate for having such a friend but unfortunate of not knowing his virtue.

Anika coming in sees the two and fakes a cough: If you both are done with your Bharat milaap then come food is ready.
Both nod and walk outside where everyone dines together. After lunch, Sukanya shows Shivaay and Atharv around the house, it was simple yet beautiful. Not many pictures were present like at Malhotra’s place still it had a warmth.

Shivaay enters Sukanya’s room to find her studying, he smiles slightly and sits besides her.
Shivaay: Lines and Angles.
Sukanya smiles and nods in agreement.
Shivaay: So next exam is of maths. How do you find it?
Sukanya: I love it. But at times trigno goes a little over my head.
Shivaay: Trigno isn’t that bad. AP is…
Sukanya chuckles: You hate AP series.
Shivaay smiling at her: A lot.
Sukanya: But Mom told me you love maths.
Shivaay: So how does that means I love everything in maths… I love trigno, but AP isn’t that good.
Sukanya: Don’t tell me we are discussing maths.
Shivaay: Ya discussion over maths. Btw in this I forgot why I came here. Anika is asking for an extra blanket.
Sukanya pointing at a cupboard: It’s there.

Shivaay nods and walks to take it, he takes out the blanket but something in the door seemed off beat to him, so he pulls it a little more only to find a small space between it that’s another door. He opens that door and Sukanya looks up to see what’s taking him so long. She runs at lightening’s speed and closes the door only to get a sceptical look from Shivaay.

Shivaay: Hmm…. What’s that?
Sukanya: Nothing
Shivaay: Okay, I will ask Anika.
Sukanya holding him back: No…. No…. No…. Please….
Shivaay: Then what’s it.
Sukanya closing her eyes presses her lips and murmurs trying her luck: Please papa…
Shivaay in a serious tone: Get away and show me Sukanya…

Sukanya cribs nods in disagreement but one look from Shivaay and she closes her eyes and cursing her fate opens the door at snails pace only to reveal a portrait.

Shivaay widens his eyes seeing the portrait and scrutinises it from top to bottom: Oh!!! Handsome…. Hmm….

Sukanya covers her face and Shivaay laughs seeing her.
Shivaay: No… I really look handsome in this portrait.

Sukanya passes an annoyed, helpless look and hugs a laughing Shivaay.
Shivaay hugs her more tightly and pressing his lips says teasingly: Since when I am here….
He says pointing at the portrait.

Sukanya smiles delightfully and narrates: Since I was four…. You know how much I use to admire you since the time I had seen you in an old magazine. So it’s here since then.
Shivaay smiles realising his daughter’s craziness and fantasy for him since the age of four and slyly asks her: Shall I take it that Anika, knows nothing about this.

Sukanya nods in agreement, while Shivaay flushes with an unknown feeling. He felt proud and at the same time he was happy beyond the clouds.
Shivaay kisses Sukanya’s forehead: You love me so much.
Sukanya nods innocently to which Shivaay’s eyes well up but he covers it up well and creases his daughter’s face who is so innocent, full of life and an entire bunch of overloaded cuteness.

Sukanya: Okay, now go before mumma comes and starts her questionnaire.
Shivaay nods and wishing her leaves, while she closes her cupboard properly so that nobody gets to see that portrait again.

Exams overdose….

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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