Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara is alive

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi looks for Deep. She says where are the bags. Inspector says all the proofs here show you were in this theft. You went there to take pictures. Arohi recalls deep asked her to do it with a fake Id card. She said I know you’re doing all this for us. arohi says this was our planning to save the state’s gold and money. Let me call Deep. He must be stuck somewhere. I am a CBI officer you know, I won’t’ go against Deep. Inspector gets a call. He says I didn’t know. He leaves.

Deep is in a house. He hugs someone. Deep says everything went as per the plan and Arohi didn’t get to know, I did the real theft as a fake one. She couldn’t get anything. I did all this for your love. There is one last thing to deep. Arohi tried contacting deep. She sees his locket is also on the bed.
Deep dances with the girl. The girl is Tara. She recalls her moments with Deep. Deep says you are my life I did all that for you. Deep kisses Tara’s hand. Deep says I faked your death and got you out of the hospital. Tara asked where am I? Deep said you’re safe. Tara said your eyes.. you can see everything. I am so happy. But everyone got to know? Deep said don’t worry I will handle. Deep said for the world you have to be dead. Tara said what are you planning? He said something big. And arohi would help me because she would do anything for her love and I for mine. Deep says Aorhi would keep thinking why I did all this.

Arohi looks at the locket and recalls the lies that deep told her. Arohi finds all the planning papers in deep’s closet. Arohi says deep planned all this?
Deep says I asked her not to come in my life. She kept interfering. She took those diamonds from me. Antra took them from her. and I married antra for it. I wanted you to get them. Antra was after them and she got to know our plan. Tara says so she had to die and I killed her.

Arohi is in a shock. She recalls Antra asked ehr to check all the proofs. Deep’s locket has Tara’s photo. Arohi says netra tried telling me. Deep says we could take everything. Arohi interfered in everything. She brought my father there. And then I melted her with how my father abused me. Then she did all that I asked. Tara laughs. ARohi recalls everything. She cries. She recalls Ranjit saying I am not the boss. Arohi says he must be in this house. Arohi breaks things in anger.

Deep and Tara are in car. Deep says I have converted all the gold and money in diamonds. Here they are. He gives them to Tara. A man comes and says boss, one last thing.
Arohi recalls her moments with deep. she cries. Arohi says deep fools me every time. I dance on his command like an idiot. Arohi says I loved and trusted him. Her conscience says the love that killed you.
Arohi’s dad and kiya come. He says what is all this? Arohi says I have to go and ask him why he did all this. Arohi runs. Randhir says arohi you will regret. Deep fooled you. Ranjit says I hope Arohi gets to know deep’s reality. there is no boss. Deep planned all this.

Deep says every moment I spent with you was a pain. Tara says when I saw another girl in your arms, I wanted to kill them. Depe says our love did all this. My love for you and Arohi’s for me. Her love is all bright. Your love is like blood, that runs in veins. And mine like a dark mountain that never hides. It can never have another color and your red love is like the stains that stay on the mountain forever. I would die for your love. Arohi is in the same market. She looks for deep. deep says I love you madly Tara or Arohi. He kisses her. Arohi is in front of their car.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why such an incomplete end???

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Is this was end??? Such an incomplete ending….
    Since Nia entry and repeating cheat of Deep made show lost its charm….

  3. Not satisfied with ending, worst ending ever

    1. Worst ending

  4. Has the serial ended? I mean this was the end? I had heard rumors that this would be the last episode and i watched just the last scene… Can anyone tell me why deep calls tara as arohi in the last scene? And they made arohi as an idiot who got used by deep her entire life and even now roaming like an idiot… So deep loved tara always? Well better tara than arohi. Deep has hurt and cheated and tortured arohi so much since the day he met her. And the only time he did something to tara was when he sent her to jail in arohi’s place… Other than that even when nia sharma got buried alive and deep knew about it, he did not care and was spending time with tara. When nia fell off the cliff, even then deep was did not look devastated and was searching her only for his kid. Itwould look so fake if after all this they showed deep loved only arohi. Hell, he burnt arohi while letting tara stay luxuriously in her place in raichand mansion. I havent watched the show or read updates in months, so was it ever explained why deep changed arohi’s face and was sending her to nepal?
    Anyways, the ending scenes were so bad. Even alisha looked completely disinterested. She is supposed to be tara but the passion and obsession for deep was completely gone from her personality. If this was truly the end and she really did get deep in the end, she would be elated. In the scene everything was so without chemistry.
    And idiot nia roaming around but not able to see the car right in front of her. I dislike nia’s entry in the show so much that i feel glad she got nothing in the end. Her entry spoiled my favorite show. Bedore that immj had a solid track and arohi was about to win. Then nia came and changed arohi’s character so much that i couldn’t even bear to watch her scenes. And i dont know why she followed deep for so long. Everyonse she loved and cared about died one by one only due to deep and still she would follow him with the same two dialogues ‘tum mujhse kya raax chupa rhe ho deep main pata laga k rahungi’ and ‘tumne mujhe fir se dhoka de diya deep’. Then leave na. Nope. I am so glad that she got nothing in the end
    Btw, what happened to virat? Did deep ever find out that tara and virat caused nia’s miscarriage? And deep lovea tara even after that? I didnt see vasundhara in the last scene. Deep always used to be mama’s boy. So is he not taking vasu wherever he is going?
    Just feel bad that the show took such an idiotic turn and ended like this. Earlier it used to top trp charts. Now many people dont know dont care that it has ended. (Btw, it has really ended right?)

  5. No one even knows where half of the characters went. Like what happened to virat ? And the real anjali sharma who was in coma?
    And many more thing were just left hanging in the middle of no where.

  6. it’s is the incomplete end….. Very disappointed with the seen….. The person who is alway good and pure at her own side had alway got betray….. On the other hand a person with knife and angry.. Ready to kill had get every thing which she wishes… Even the love… All these seems like always do bad so that v can get what v desire.. And deep… Tremendously! Is it a person who don’t see the true love…. Arohi does not want anything without deep’s love…. Where Tara wants diamond but even then also deep love Tara….. I though the ending should be beautiful but it is not even to be dislike it’s more then that

    1. Salley145

      Same feelings.. even I m happy that Nia got nothing in end.. n that two sentences irked me.. koi raaz hi nh khula.. Nia ek robot hai sirf.. not going to watch anymore shows of Nia

      1. Yeah, I too felt same..

      2. Truly, actually nia entrance in the show has destroyed everything, coz of her entry show became meaningless & ending was too, it would have been better if show ended when deep married arohi & burnt Tara, bcoz in that episode it’s very clear deep burnt Tara only..

  7. such an incomplete ending of such an awesome serial

  8. very disappointing ending. arohi is a very big fool in every thing. always follow and forgive deep. I find it disgusting. like she has no self respect.
    after seeing ending Idn where is karma ….. which is b*t*h that bite back.

  9. Such a disgusting ending. It ended without any solution. It was a story of Arohi & Deep. I don’t know how this can be an end. Just wasted my time watching this crap

    1. you are right

  10. End bhi acha nhi kia?????????does this mean that SO2 will also come??????????????no plz aisa mat krna bhagwan me lie??????????????????????????

  11. Shesha485

    The ending is digusting. I had expected that Aarohi would kill Deep for his mideeds and she lead her new life with Kia and her father. I am sure that Mr.X drama has ruined the complete story.

    What is the mystery of red diary? What is Netra’s past? What is Deep’s past? Nothing is revealed. Only confusions.

    Hope Choti Sardaarni will do well.

  12. Horrible ending, the people who killed and fooled others got away without any punishment. Now the whole story doesn’t even make sense.The writer seems confused…. From the beginning the story was about Deep and Arohi. Title Ishq mein marjawan but who died…

    1. You are absolutely right no sense i feel i have waste my time

  13. So discusting end. please i hope this show will be reported. ending is not nice. Just a tip. if you guys want to satisfy us Colors. please bring an Season 2 of Ishq Mein Marjawan. and give Arohi Justice. This was very injustice with Arohi. Please bring an Season 2

  14. Arjun let it be otherwise Deep will say I did all this for Aarohi and will show scenes which will confuse us and nothing. For so many months I didn’t watch even a single episode as I was not able to get anything like: –
    1. Why Deep changed Aarohi’s face?
    2. Where is Chavani?
    3. If Deep always loved Aarohi so why he sent Tara jail and proved her to be Aarohi so that he can live with Aarohi?
    4. If Deep really loved Tara then why was he never shown happy with Tara. Whenever it was used to show that Aarohi is not in deep’s life then he used to throw Tara away from him instead of romancing with her.
    I used to love IMM and my TV time used to be 7 to 8 (tu aashiqui + IMM). I watched IMM even after Nia’s entry cuz I liked her always and was hoping the makers will reveal real reasons of surgery but they didn’t. Then after miscarriage I watched IMM just hoping that deep will come to know that Tara and Virat did the Miscarriage but nothing happened. After all this everything was in repeat. blo*dy Hell makers just spoiled the show after miscarriage. They lost the charm of the show and start stretching it without any logic and sensible story

  15. yes stupid ending why bad and murdered people win everything? and good and honest loose? why they weren’t arrested????what is the message send by this show???be bad you win ????

    1. shame on the show

  16. Abida mughal

    Worst ending?

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