Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranjit is boss

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ asks Trivedi who is boss? He says I will get killed if I tell his name. Rajit says we can kill you if you don’t tell either. He says only I know his name so you wont do that. Ranjit punches him and he faints. Deep says what did you do? He says we have to stop him from running. Arohi’s dad says we can’t keep doubting each other. We have to find out.
Arohi gives everyone tea. Arohi’s dad gets call. Ranjit says have the tea. Deep says the tea is good. Randhir says we arne’t drinking because the boss might have mixed poison in it. Since you’re boss so you won’t worry. deep hits him. Arohi says stop it you two.
Arohi’s dad gets call. Ranjit says who is it? He says the wrong number. Wasu says I have to go to the kitchen. Aroh

says I will go. Deep says no one should move from here until we find out who boss it.

Arohi wonders who boss is. Deep says what happened? Arohi says boss is between us and we never knew. I am getting mad thinking all this. He says do you trust me? Arohi says I trust you the most. He says we will find out who boss is and we will get them punished no matter who it is. Aroi says how will we find him? He says we have to think like boss to find him.

Arohi’s dad is going somwhere. Randhir stops him. He says where are you going with this bag? He says I am not well. Randhir says no one will move from here until we find out the boss.
deep says to Arohi I have planned who boss is. He will make a mistake and we will catch him. We wont hide anything from each other and we would stay careful. Arohi saysI didn’t tell you a thing. Your dad is a CBI officer he is working with me. Deep laughs. He says no this is a misunderstanding. They hear a gun shot. Randhir and Ranjit are fighting. deep says what’s happening here. Randhir says I heard him talking to someone. I found this crime record in his room. A person with crime record can’t be a CBI officer. He is a fraud. Wasu says what are you saying. This is a fake file. I ave the real one. It has all info related to his CBI experience. arohi checks it and says yes it has all the information. Ranjit says he accused a CBI officer. I will get him fired. DEep says we have to calm down. Wasu says I dont’ want more drama here. Ask everyone to leave. Deep says you all can go from here. Arohi and I will take Trivedi to police station tomorrow.

Scene 2
Deep shows Arohi a map trivedi gave. He says this room has all the money. Guards have ID cards to get it. they wear lockets. DEep says it has a sensor in it.
Arohi deep and trivedi are in the car. Arohi is thirsty. Deep goes to get her water. Trivedi runs from the car. DEep comes back. Arohi says it’s done. trivedi ran. Deep said to Arohi we have to make trivedi flee. Deep says we will track his location and see where is he going.

Deep and Arohi come where trivedi is. Trivedi calls boss and says I fled. tell me where to come. Boss comes to meet trivedi. Its’ Ranjit. Arohi says he is boss. Deep and Arohi are shocked.

Precap-Arohi and deep confront Randhir. He says the one who gets that money is the boss.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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