Bepanah Pyaar 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati saves Raghbir’s life

Bepanah Pyaar 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghbir is drunk and says love makes you empty, if you lose love then you are a walking dead man, dont fall in love. Pragati hears it and is sad.

Pragati comes to her room and says I am sorry sir, I hurt you, I gave you more pain, I shouldnt make you believe that Bani is here but make you believe that she is no more. She hears noise from cupboard and goes to check it. Pragati touches Bani’s red saree and her hand gets smeared with blood.

Chacha asks Aditi why she stopped roka? Aditi says Akshay is not a good boy, I will find good boy for her, she leaves. Priya hears it. Chacha tells Chachi that I will keep bugging Aditi about it, hide gold gifts that were in lounge. Priya thinks nobody cares for me.

Bua talks to Aditi that Raghbir is behaving weirdly, its

not good for his image. They see Pragati coming there and scared. Harshit asks what happened? Pragati shows blood on her hand and says it was on saree. They come to her room. Harshit checks cupboard but there is no red saree there. Pragati says saree was here, see blood on my hand. Aditi says this is color. Dont fool us. Bua says tomorrow our investors are coming, Raghbir has to be sober, you are his wife so you can bring him to them sober? Aditi says she cant do anything, they leave. Harshit tells Pragati that I know you are not lying, someone must have joked with you, he leaves. Pragati cries.

In morning, Raghbir wakes up on balcony and imagines Bani. She asks him to wake up. Raghbir hugs her and jokes with her, he says my heart is yours only. She blindfolds him and ask him to find her.. Raghbir starts searching for Bani but she is not there.

Scene 2
Pragati is talking to her father, she sees a car outside house but it drives away. Pragati sees Raghbir walking on balcony wall. She runs to him and asks him to give hand. Raghbir loses balance and falls down, he is drunk but Pragati holds his hand. All family members are looking from ground. They are scared and run to balcony. Pragati uses her strength and pull Raghbir back up. Raghbir falls on her, rain starts. All family members come there. Shifali says Pragati got wound. Raghbir says why did you save me? I wanted to die. Beeji cries. Devraj thanks Pragati for saving him, all leave. Bua tells Aditi that we can control her to use.

Raghbir tells Harshit that I am not getting ready, I want to die but you dont even let me die. Pragati looks on as Shifali bandages her. Raghbir asks Harshit to get lost. Harshit asks Pragati to change his wet clothes, they all leave.

Devraj tells family that Raghbir’s life is in danger. Chacha says worry about business too, we can send him to mental asylum. Harshit says this is not a joke, Pragati had real red mark on her hand, she did see someone.
PRECAP- Devraj tells family that Raghbir or Pragati are not going anywhere. Beeji says how will you stop that? We all know what happened with Bani was not right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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