Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi is about to attack Tara but ma comes in front. She faints. Deep says ma are you okay? Arohi runs. She says what did I do. Tara follows Arohi and says you will pay for attacking deep. Arohi hits her. Tara says I wont leave you alive. arohi shoves her and runs. Tara sends her men after Arohi.
Deep says to the doctor save my mom. He says she is fine. Please relax. Surekha says the girl who attacked ma fled. Guards are after her.
The guards stop Arohi. Arohi beats them down. She runs but Deep comes in front of her. He says I will kill her with my hands. He brings the sword and says I just wanted to know who this woman was. But now this fight is between us. You made a mistake by hurting my mom. I wont forgive you. I dont hit a woman but you deserve it. Arohi says in

heart he ruined my life and is talking about not hurting a woman

Deep and Arohi pick sword. Deep says no one will come between us. This life and death fight will end between us. Deep says in heart why do I feel like thats Arohi.
DEep and ARohi fight with each other. Deep throttles Arohi. She recalls when she was coughing. Deep gave her water. He said you can’t each things that would make you cough. Deep hugged her and says please take care of yourself and this baby.
Deep says I want to know who is behind this veil. Arohi shoves him. Abhi comes in between them. He fights with Arohi. Deep is confused. Arohi says in heart why is he fighting with me? Arohi runs.
Deep says why did you intervene in my fight? I would have defeated her. Abhi says you would have died. She would have killed you.

Doctor says to deep take care of your mom. Tara says I will bring the medicine. Deep asks Abhi what do you do? He says i protect jungle. Deep says will you be my body guard?
Arohi stops Abhi and says you trained me then why did you save that deep? You attacked me. Abhi says he is equally skilled. He would have killed you easily. I saw his attacks. Tara and Virat could shoot you too. You have to be calm and use your mind. He has given me offer to be his friend. We will be in front of them all the time to keep an eye on them. Arohi says sorry I got you wrong. Thanks for saving my life. He says it is not easy to win from deep. You have to win this fight. Arohhi says I am ready.
Deep says why do I feel like that girl is Arohi. Arohi says deep will die.

Precap-Deep says to Tara I will find out who that girl is. Arohi says Karwa chauth will be your last night deep.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salley145

    Stop it yaar Mamta and Yash for God’s sake, it’s my biggest mistake that I took decision of watching this serial, bring Alisha back u idiots, I will smash your ugly faces, stupid! 😣😣

    1. Satya127

      This is the same reaction of every fan salley….
      Today when i saw the new promo i really want to smash them Into pieces and i liberally laughed like anything that nia got her real look….Wht rubbish is that alisha as kesaru is one the times we loved it…We all r the fan of our kesari swag….But this nia she is just looking soo bad….
      Why i dont understand this mamtha and yash don’t get that one point that we alll want only alisha as arohi and we will accept only arsha as ardeep…..such a idiotic brainless people….

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is not ishq mein marjawana anymore…. Its Badla lete marjawana and maar dena…

    1. Satya127

      U r right…
      Hi shraddhasharma….
      How r u…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        I m f9… How are u

      2. Satya127

        I am fine….

  3. Satya127

    So hi friends….
    Coming to my favorite show today i loved two things finally deep raichand has recognized that arohi is not brainless but she is too smart….and he himself dont want tara to trouble arohi And deera cuteness finally thier past is out (but we this past is little bit contradictory when we proceed further in the story ) but still for now deep will be more cautious and will start planning some thing big so know what to is please watch ishq main marjawan only on ristey tv at 8:30pm….
    And now coming to this rotten khichidi….
    Wht yaar now this nia will tell i will kill deep for karwachut next diwali mein tume jaladungi next for Christmas she will tell i will hang u up on the tree deep and for new year 2019 she will tell like i will cut u into pieces and then again she will fall in love and recognize that deep is the only noble person on earth who should be worshiped as god and after few days again doubts on him and will be ready to take revenge and this time she will learn fighting like they do in w and w,and she will learn how to drive helicopters,trains and will be ready and give dialogues as she is the only one selected in all categories for Olympics….Wah to right such a stupid track do they really use brains….Now i understand this nia is not getting any show for her stupid acting and het sense of style (rubbish) so made these two yash and mamtha as her puppets( if anyone r hurt by this i am sorry but it’s nia fault that i am this much irritated ) please yash mamtha if u dont have any story or if u dont know how to respect actors work or ur viewers feelings please shut this show and if u r so interested in nia please do a web show where u can show all these things for wht u brought her….
    If they really want freshness in the show they coupd have showed like angry nia falling she realizes that deep has done this and to take revenge she could have secretly used the money that she brought from anjali account and of i remember she also brought the money that deep wanted ao from that she can use the money and get the same identity (alisha) stating that deep started the game for this face now i will show him how this face will end his game and the show will take leap where now all the problems of deera r solved and r shown as a nice perfect couple but on one day they watch it on tv that a famous business woman has just landed in Mumbai and there they show arohi(ALISHA) getting down with a perfect attitude and their arohi will have new name and everything different that confuses deep amd Tara then the show will be interesting and will have freshness in the show…..
    With this nia in the show the show may complete 1000 episodes but it will still be the worst show in earth….For completion of 200 episodes i was so excited i used to count the episodes that time everything is perfect the best show with talented lead pair with cutest offscreen but i did not realize that the show ended after 24 episodes soo sad
    But now completing 300 the show has got a crown of the worst show of tv without any story all the negative comments for the show and now latest new name is that it is a copycat show as it copied tapki track….Wah mamtha u and ur love nia had successfully turned the best unique show into the worst copycat show…..

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