Mere Sai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Ganpat Rao’s Life and Lends His Monetory Help

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Mere Sai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpat Rao tells his drama troupe that he will sell whole drama company and pay their salary. After erything is sold, he pays troupe and walks on street sadly. Sai while feeding a bird asks if he can help him. Ganpat Rao yells why he is troubling him with repeating same question. Sai gives him Ganpat Rao’s given coins and says he needs them more than him. Ganpat Rao yells if he is insulting him and giving him charity with his own money, etc. People gather around them. Ganpat Rao continues he does not know why people love him, he wants to degrade him, he will take this money as it is his hard earned money, he will throw it than letting it with Sai who just waits for a chance to insult him. People angrily walk towards him to beat him, but Sai stops them. Ganpat Rao leaves. Sai smiles and

says pot is still raw.

Anta Panta stop Ganpat Rao. Ganpat Rao yells he knows that Kulkarni has called him. They say no, they pity on his condition, they like his acting, but work for Kularni and just obey his order. Ganpat Rao walks again. The walk behind him and say if they were in his situation, they would have consumed poison and killed themselves. They then go to Kulkarni and mimic what Ganpat Rao told Sai. Kulkarni laughs. They say they even suggested Ganpat Rao to suicide. Kulkarni says let us see what happens.

Ganpat Rao returns to drama tent, reminiscing Sai and Anta/Panta’s words. He consumes poison and starts addressing that he will perform his life’s biggest drama today, but there won’t be anyone to watch it. He continues venting out his frustration and collapse once poison starts its effect. Sai walks to him and touches his heart and cures him. Ganpat Rao opens eyes and sees Ballal Pant sprinkling water on him. Ganpat Rao opens eyes and emotionally hugging Pant asks how can he leave him alone. Pant says he himself told him to go as he does not need him anymore. Ganpat Rao says he knows his anger, how can he lave him. Pant says he saw in dream that Sai was curing him. He sees poison bottle and asks if he tried to suicide. Ganpat Rao says he did not have any other way and tells him whole story from lending money from Kulkarni’s aide, Kulkarni making him his slave, to Sai returning him 3 coins, etc. Pant says there is only one way to seek help from Sai. Ganpat Rao says he will never go to Sai as Sai insulted him by returning his 3 coins. Pant says then they should run away from this village. Ganpat Rao agrees.

Ganpat Rao packs his trunk and picks the bag in which he left Sai’s returned 3 coins, but finds it heavy, peeps in it and is shocked to see bag full of coins. He shows it to Pant and realizes Sai helped him with these coins, reminiscing the time he met Sai till now. He says let us meet Sai right now and with Pant reaches Dwarkamayi. Sai waiting for him says he came too late. Ganpat Rao feels guilty cries and apologizes Sai for misunderstanding him and thanking him for his help. Sai says he should repay Kulkarni’s debt and live a free life. Pant says he will prepare proper documents and return Kulkarni’s money. Sai asks Ganpat Rao to promise that he will not try to suicide whatever problem he may face in life. Ganpat Rao promises him. Anta and Panta hears thier conversation hiding and discuss they will inform sarkar in the morning.

Precap: Anta buys kumkum mixed laddoos to make Ganpat Rao aphasic. Kulkarni feeds laddoo to Ganpat Rao. Sai watches from a distance smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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