Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds Anjali’s diary

Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara opens the video but it doesn’t play. Arohi looks for anything that can tell her about her parents in that house.
Tara sees video of puppets. She says what is this. Chawani looks at her and smiles. He giggles. Tara listens. TAra throttles Chawani and says you know what can I do? Virat shoves her.

Arohi says please God give me some signal. There must be something in this house. She breaks Anjali’s photo.
Virat says what were you doing tara? She says Arohi. Virat says only Tara can do something like this? Arohi says I as helping chawani get off that hair from his eyes. Chawani says yes she wasn’t doing anything. Virat says your behavior reminds me of Tara. She says you better keep an eye on your wife. She isn’t here and so isn’t Deep. Virat says I am sure they aren’t together.

Arohi wonders why Anjali killed her parents. Or tara did all this? Her car runs out of fuel. Arohi says I have to get a cab. A car stops near her. Its deep. He says come I can give you a life. You wont finds a taxi here. arohi sits in his car. Deep says you are hiding. She says you are the one with secrets. I wanna hide something. You are Virat’s gf. She says you can’t get what you want. He says remember anjali when we met at your place? We never go to talk again. Arohi cuts her hand. Deep holds her hand and dresses it. He says you are very careless. A girl was crossing road carelessly a truck came and hit her. Be careful or it can take your life. Arohi sees him wearing the bracelet. She says deep killed her. Thank God he doesn’t know Anjali is alive.

Tara says why dont you call Anjali. He says I trust her. Arohi and deep come in. Virat says where are you coming from? she says my car ran out of fuel. Deep was driving past there so he gave me a lift. She goes to her room.
Tara says to DEep you left me alone. He says I told you I had something important to do. You forced me to stay with you. You will get everything you want.
Tara comes to Arohi’s room and takes off screws from the mirror. Arohi comes out of shower and the mirror falls on her. Deep saves her. He says carelessness can take your life. Surekha says are you okay? I didn’t check the mirror was lose. You need to be careful. You have changed a lot. You used to love dressing. Where is your dressing? Didn’t you bring it with you? Arohi recalls she saw a diary at Anajli’s place. She says Surekha I have to go.

Arohi goes to Anjali’s place. Virat calls someone and says follow her.
Arohi comes home and sees that someone is taking all the stuff. Arohi says where are you taking all this? He says virat sir called and asked me clean this house. Arohi asks the man to go in. She looks in the stuff. The diary is there. Arohi takes it.
Arohi reads the diary and sees a logo and card no. on it. SHe says I have seen this logo. she recalls she saw it on his father’s certificate. The one he got from his company. She says what is all this have to do with deep and anajli?
Precap-Deep says you love calling media. So I called them here to announce that Anjali and virat will get engaged tomorrow. He says in heart now I will know if you are anjali or arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This is show disappointing me day by day

  2. Not at all interesting. Very boring.
    This week also we won’t get any answers.
    This stupid writers totally spoil our favorite show. No thrill.

    1. Hi rhivanya..
      not interested.. Not only this week I think next week also we won’t get any answer..

    2. Hi sravanthi. U r absolutely correct.
      I saw upcoming scenes on Instagram.
      Deep & arohi(nia) romance.I can’t bear that.why the writers can’t understand our feelings. I don’t understand wt’s going on writers mind.

    3. This writer has losted completely
      Im not getting one thing how arsha are accepted for doing this much stupid nonsense track.. Why can’t they quit

  3. What to say nothing.. ??

    1. Yes they said absolutely ryt.. Just now I have watched upcoming scenes on instagram.. this Nia dressing so ugly cheeeeeee im getting vomiting..

    2. Satya127

      Same naku alage anipinchundhi….
      Mari sense lekundha vundhi ento naku asalu ardam kadu
      Manam intha alla arisi cheptunte vinipinchu koruenti…. Crack people….

    3. Satya127

      Yes they said perfectly…. Guys let us also tag everyone on our each posts in fb insta Twitter you tube etc… and let’s them know our point view is we all could decide and start we can really raise our point high so that colors writers can listen to our point and our request….

  4. Satya127

    Hi guys
    How r u
    The show is soo boring and on top i really dont like arjun and nia chemistry…. They look like brother and sister to each other where nia is elder one….
    Guys if u watch the latest sbs update, I think it is better we stop watching the show
    Nia is in her worst look ever on the show
    Our arohi (alisha )always used to be soo simple and at the same time soo beautiful…
    Alisha always wears perfect decent costumes whether they r for arohi or tara whether it is traditional or modern clothes…. But this nia the worst dressing scence…
    Guys I everytime have one question r the writers production team and colors r blind they could see how much we hate the show now they could not even listen…. 98% of the audience only want alisha as their arohi but this point is not getting understood by them….
    I don’t know what kind of twist they call this where audiences itself hate it….
    For me alisha should come back as AROHI yaar and I really miss my ardeep my arsha they used to look soo perfect, cute….
    Wht is the need to destroy the most loved jodi ardeep and replace Alisha…
    Sometimes I feel this track is only for two months but the way they r dragging I feel very disappointed…. I don’t know anything yaar I just only want alisha back as arohi without her the show is lifeless..
    I sometimes question myself that r there any chances of alisha coming back as AROHI…. Guys wht do u all think about this….
    From starting of this track alisha is coming as arohi in flashbacks or in imagining scenes…. I feel like she is still playing arohi but sometimes I feel they r using alisha for developing nia character….
    Nia can do well as anjali and tara but she is worst choice for arohi I don’t understand they did not get any other actresses in the whole industry…. There r many others who can try to portray arohi who can wear decent costumes… And look better with arjun….
    This show is to be my stress buster but now it is stress loader….
    It would had been beat if they had end the show with ardeep shadi

    1. Hi satya…
      Nakite pichi kopam vastundi.. Nia ki koncham kuda sense ledu enni comments chusi kuda enka etla continue avtundi

  5. Hi satya.totally agree with you.
    Well explain our feelings. I don’t think Alisha will come back as arohi.
    Totally disappointed me. still am watch this show only for arjun and alisha.

  6. Where is 23 August 2018 written update.

    1. Hi rhivanya..
      I think no one is interested

  7. Oh god nooooooooo this stupid track is coming on Saturday also that too one hour.. ???? I hate the whole episode only Alisha is nice I hate arjun also
    this writer spoiled Tara character also why she tolerating nonsense deep n anjali.. Tara should have beaten deep..
    plzzzz Tara kill Nia.. Nia dressing hair style cheeee ??

    1. Then stop watching nahhh why you all time comment cheee Chee if you don’t like nia then save your time nd take a sleep

    2. Im still watching only for Alisha and arjun

    3. Satya127

      If u don’t like to see our comments then ignore them…. We will express our opinions with each other how we want….. Don’t waste ur time for our comments…..

    4. Hi satya.. Thank you so much for supporting me..

    5. Hi sravanthi. The stupid track is coming on Saturday. I think arjun play double role.

  8. Satya127

    This is the most stupid track I had seen amongst all the shows I had watched….. I just hate nia and arjun combination….. Guys I feel there should be done something to make them understand our point of view…. Because fans who gave this much of love and support to the show have equal right to protest if they do these kind of things with us….. I think I will comment the complete matter regarding this in the next episode………

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