Mahek 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Swati dies

Mahek 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says will I look joker in the sehra? Rashmi says I wanted to talk to you. He says ma look here. I guess you are worried for preparations. what you have done is enough. She says I met your dad and dadi outside the house on mehdni. she said that Mahek isn’t fgood for you. Shaurya says you know they are liars. She says I asked Sajita for Mahek’s kundli. I showed it to pandit ji. He.. She sits down. shaurya says and what did pandit say? She says pandit said the same thing your dad and dadi said. Shaurya says this is all rubbish. You know how much we love each other. She always saves me. She can never hurt me. This is daddy’s game. He doesn’t like mahek. Rashmi says I know they were both wrong. He says they can never change. Rashmi says but I saw truth in her eyes. she wasn’t lying. I am a mother. No mother would want to risk her kid’s life. Shaurya says I will marry Mahek today and no one can stop me. Rashmi says please listen. He leaves.

Sajita says Swati was here? Where is she now? Mahek says ma you look for didi I am going inside. Sajita says stop. Mahek goes inside.
Mahe says she might be at the shop. Sajita goes out and looks fror swati. Swati buys gift for Mahek. There is a mug that says best sister. She says Mahek will love it. You are getting married. How will I live without you.

Swati sees Mahek going. She follows her.
Mahek sits in a rickshaw and says I forgot the phone. How will I talk to shaurya? Te rickshaw driver calls suvetlana and says I left here where you asked me to. Swati stops there too. she says Mahek’s auto came here. Wehre did she go? She finds Mahek’s ring on the ground. Suvetlana calls baba and says mahek is coming are you ready? He says yes I am ready.
Sajita comes to Shaurya and says both of them are lost. He says Mahek might have called me. He looks around for his phone. He says there is no call from Mahek’s number. There are no signals. Rashmi says don’t worry sajita. Everything will be fine. Sajita gets call. Its Hemlata from their neighborhood. She says I saw mahek sitting in an auto and she went towards Tegri. Mahek tells Shaurya. Sajita says why would she go there? Shaurya says I have to go. We can’t waste time. He takes Rashmi’s phone and runs out.

Mahek says Shaurya? She comes to baba’s place. Suvetlana’s thugs are ther.e Mahek says shaurya? Shaurya is on his way. He asks people if they have seen Mahek. Shaurya sees a temple and stops. He says please take care of my mahek God. Someone shoots in Mahek’s direction. She runs and hides. Mahek sees the baba.
The candle in the temple blows. A thug shoots at Mahek again. The gun shot Swati instead of Mahek. She screams didi.. She sees the cup swati brought for her. Mahek screams. She says why did you come here? Please open your eyes. Please.. mahek cries. She screams is there someone. A thug sets grass on fire.

The thug says to baba come lets go. Baba says that girl? Is her game over? Thug says she will be alight. Baba says I wanna see her with my own eyes.
Mahek and Swati are stuck in fire. Mahek screams. Sajita calls shaurya and says please find them.

Mahek tries to get out of that place and picks swati.
Precap-Mahek brings Swati to hospital. Doctor says she is dead. Mahek says you didn’t lose anyone. I lost my sister. Mahek says I will kill the one who harmed my sister. I wont see you now. Suvetlana says mahek and shaurya are apart now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. mehak s always stupid nd dumb n both seasons evn though shaurya s wrng nd arrogant he loves mehak truely nd always went behind her
    nd mehak evn in reincarnation she s still d same selfish nd need shaurya only fr own gudness

  2. Leisa s morris

    I cant believe mayek is goib down disroad knowib wat she knows bout svetlana so maybe dis is a plot between her and shaurya to trap svetlana..hmmm waitin to c

  3. Wow at least there is one comment sorry Swati died but Mehek will have to put on her thinking cap before Svetlana get the better of her.

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