Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara shoots Arohi

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Police comes and says we have search warrant. We heard there was a murder here. She them video. She says where is dead body? She says why are there stains on these gloves. Virat says you can’t arrest my sister. She says she has killed Mahraj. Roma calls commissioner but he doesn’t pick. Inspector says no one can save her. they arrest her. arohi says please leave me. i haven’t killed anyone. The inspector says this knife shows you killed him. Virat says we can solve this here. He gives her suitcase of money. She says you think you can buy me? Your sister can’t be saved. they take Arohi. Roma says she wasn’t that kind. she says Deep please save my Tara. Deep sees Arohi going to jail.

A constable says we should have taken that money. Arohi says where are you taking me? Constable slaps her. Roma tries to contact her people to get Tara out. Virat says who sent it to police? Roma says Arohi of course. Arohi says please let me go.
The car stops. Arohi says why are we stopping here? Inspector says we stopped here to take you in front of judge. The judge madam is coming.
Roma says I will kill that Arohi. Virat says where is deep? Is he with arohi? Roma says she tried to kill him. Virat says he didn’t do anything. He is with Arohi. He plot all this. Roma says I know about his mom. He wont give us a chance. He wont go against us.
Deep is on his way. He called someone and asked police inspector about the arrest. he got to know the police wasn’t sent from here.
The inspector says madam judge is here. Tara comes out of her car. She says how are you? I am here you death. Arohi says so this was your game? You first said kill Prithvi and then sent these? Tara says i made plan B. I waited so long for this day. She points gun at herr. Tara says I will go back to my home. We will all celebrate your death. deep hates you because you betrayed him. deep loves me. I know all his weaknesses. After your death I will win him. The fake police grasp Arohi.

Roma says get my Tara back home. Arohi says stop Tara. You can kill me but first you have listen to my last wish. Where are my bhabhi and Chawani? Tara says you will never know that. The fake constable goes to pick bag from car. It is full of money. Arohi says to the woman I will pay you double this money. Tara says shut up. Arohi says three times more. tara says don’t listen to her. They open Arohi’s handcuffs. sHe says our contract with you is over. Tara says I will shoot you. she slaps Tara. The gun falls down. Arohi runs. Tara shoots her but Arohi runs. She says I have to call Deep. Tara is looking for her. Tara sees arohi. She shoots her on shoulder. Tara says this was my first attack. Deep looks for her everywhere. He says Tara where are you? Arohi hides. Deep sees blood. He sees Arohi fainted. He says Arohi please open your eyes. Nothing can happen to you. I am sorry for all this. He hugs her. Tara sees them together. She says this means Deep knows she is Arohi but didn’t tell anyone. He can’t do this. Deep cheated on me. Arohi opens eyes. Deep says are you okay? Roma calls Deep. Deep says Tara is with me I will bring her home. He picks Arohi. Tara says you can’t give my place to Arohi. She points gun at them. Deep goes towards the car but there are no bullets in Tara gun. they leave. Tara says how can you do this Deep. You love that Arohi.
Precap-Tara says I hate cheaters. I will kill them both.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In to days episode everything is so nice. There is no confusion about deep now its clear deep is having feelings for aarohi and he loves her..

    1. Hi sravanthi.yes there is no confusion.deep loves arohi.

      1. Hi rhivanya.. This was awesome im so happy for deep

  2. well done Aarohi

    1. Hi lutfa.

  3. Now that’s something I liked…….I didn’t see today’s episode, I regret that…
    Atta girl! That’s like my tara ? u did it…….. U go against two of them n then ur game is over….. Just can’t control myself…….. This was awesome…….. Dear tara… Just wait N WATCH!!!!

    1. I know even i cant control my emotions on todays epi…but i love tara she has different swag but i want ardeep?? and also loved her even more today as she made deep confess his feelings????

      1. Hey nabs yeah even I’ve got kinda special liking for tara……hats off to aalisha’s fantabulous portrayal of the 2 characters

    2. Hi also not control my emotions. Now starts real game…

  4. Tara unknowingly…… Finished the gap between the lead pair

    1. Yes yes.

  5. amazingggggggggggg this time deep really impressed me when tara see them it was so sad so hard but wouahhh the truth come out

    1. Finally the truth come out.

  6. Woooww loved the episode .
    Deep loves Aarohiii
    Am sooo happy.??????

    1. Me to happy.

  7. Hi All,,, i am so happy today,,, Deep helps Arohi ?
    Hope this continues but i doubt still he trust Roma will say about his parents…
    And Tara pls take some rest and meanwhile Ardeep will sort out their differences and patch up….
    Hope Nikku too alive i don’t want that little to be dead

    1. yes me too… by the way wheres chawanni?

      1. Hi Saras ? Tara kidnapped him but they haven’t shown him in yesterday’s episode,,, maybe Tara kept him in secret place to blackmail later…

    2. Hey sathya true i was excited too much i couldnt cintrol my emotions after seeing deeps expression seeing aarohis condition….and yah he might be and not trusting roma of his parents..i like his attitude towards roma too the cvs have made deeps character different as many didnt like him playing as a dog or negetive??

      1. True Nabs ? it was difficult to see Arjun in such role now it’s shaping better ?

    3. Hi sathya.same doubt here.I hope nikku is alive.

  8. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Very nice and amazing episode.
    My heartbeat increased in last part.finally deep save arohi. Ardeep scene is awesome.
    I hate Tara. But she hate cheaters.
    That means she first kill Roma.because 1.Roma is a first cheater.
    2.prithivi is second cheater.
    3.Virat is a third cheater.
    Tara only hate cheaters mean why she kill innocent peoples.
    Alisha acting is super.
    Good night friends.

    1. Good analysis dude

      1. Thanks.

    2. True but how does tara know she was born to a cheater family?? i mean she herself is cheated by sending aarohi for jail on taras crimes??

      1. Not is(it was typed mistakenly) she herself cheated*

      2. Yes unknowingly tara is also a cheater n with the ‘I hate cheaters ‘ theory… That slogan of hers, I feel she should stick herself with that same silvery tape n stab herself….. Hehehe ?

      3. Agree with you nabs.

    3. Yes Rhivanya,,, Tara should kill her family members first,,,,, she has not known she cannot make someone love her by forcing them,,,, Roma forced Deep to pretend like loving Tara,,,, but how come she has not realised this truth all these years,,, it’s good atleast she is clear Deep not loves her and he loves Arohi….

      1. Now deep not confuse us.

  9. Stupid day by day………arohi Tara arohi Tara arohi tara….and this is happening now…why isn’t Tara being killed in the show…..are there less villain in this show…. virat prithivi and chudail Roma..
    ..deep came to that spot like police come to spot after crime has done… And deep’s stupid unjustified anger

    1. Hi pks i dont think they can kill tara so easily she is the reason of deep and aarohi to meet and marry each other..if they must kill they should kill prithvi or roma.. but yah i felt aarohi taras cat fight was there filling the episode..but the last scene was the best deep anger was what he shows his concern to aarohi is hidden…its not his anger dear he just wants aarohi to feel the love the way he did i guess it sounded like u gave wounds to myself so you vet hurt seeing my wounds….which he wanted to see the real love inside aarohi?

      1. Yes tara’s got an important role… She’ll remain till the end

  10. nice episode… i told you guys.. deep loves arohi..

    i felt very bad for tara.. at the same time liked the twist in the story.

    now tara will be headon with deep n arohi… so they will get united in the process of fighting tara….

    i like tara more -:))

    1. Hi Saras I think the same one. For the first time I like Tara whatever she is going to do finally that effects Tara only..

    2. Haha saras completely agree with u? even i felt bad for tara n yah i was also allways telling deep loves aarohi its just he hides it and declines of loving her

    3. Hi Saras.I completely agree with you.

  11. Hii guyzzz..
    Stupendous episode… Arohi played her trump card….. Now everything is clear… Deep still have feelings for Arohi dear….. I hope they were playing together against their enemies….. Plzzz …….

    1. Hi hafsa.I want a same one.

  12. Amazing episode thanks Tara because of you deep forgive Aarohi you hate cheater first kill your mom then prithvi,Virat and after that think about Ardeep in today episode Aarohi seem intelligent that she offer money to fake police

    1. Hi zain true taras family filled with cheaters?? she should kill herself after killing all of them??

    2. AHAM123

      Yup zain you r ryt

  13. I dont have words for todays epi ✌??✋❤❤ ill make it short as possible?
    Tara looked really loveable in that dress?RED
    And deep?? he just became the limelight the highlight though he was shown only for the last scene and here and there a bit..his feelings?? but now aarohi and deep both have taras danger on their heads and loves?? waoting eagerly for what will haplen next
    Immjs trps has finaly increased from 1.5 to 1.8 again?? and in the 8 or 9th position?? soo happy hope it will come up and up with ots tgrillers and twists??

    1. Did u notice a TU immj is included in the popular shows list too!

  14. i think increase in trp is because of clarity on deeps character…. i wished deep acted as though he doesnt know its arohi in front of tara that will make arohi believe deep is shielding her…
    but it turned otherway…. tara came to know the truth….

  15. Mona146

    I felt nice to see arohi smartness in making deal with tara’s goons and deep when he said what did u do tara and expressed love for arohi. He knew arohi is shot by tara.
    but at the same time tara loved deep unlike her mother or anyone else. may not be true as caring as arohi but still she loved him. felt bad to see hurt as well. my feelings are all so mixed.

  16. Neha1

    Good to see that deep still loves Aarohi… and worried about her….He’s just pretending that he didn’t love her and didn’t care about her but in Yesterday’s episode it’s clear that Deep loves Aarohi….
    But Now Tara will become more Dangerous…!

  17. Agree with nabs,Saras,Mona,neha.

  18. After watching this episode and hearing last line ( pyaar mein wafa ki ummeed….) from Tara’s mouth which line was shown in initial promo of imm , I think that it’s Tara who will send Deep to jail and she can do this pretending to be arohi to make rift between them. Remember promo, there was one dressed as Tara , killing someone.

    1. correct.. tara wil send deep to jail pretending tobe arohi… very interesting-:))

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