Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Angre falls into trouble

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sara shouting for help. Vansh runs to her and sees her bleeding arm. He asks what happened, who shot you. She says I don’t know, that man was wearing a black colour hoodie, I tried to catch him, he has run away. He asks in which direction did he run. She says I caught him, I just got his shoe. Vansh checks the shoe and checks. He thinks its like shooter shoe size. He sees Sara wearing heels. She asks him to help her, she got shot. He says nothing will happen, come. She gets treated. Doctor says bullet just touched and passed, don’t worry. He goes. Sara asks was it a thief. Vansh says no, he was a killer. She says sorry Vansh, I was trying to help. He says don’t do again, you could have lost your life, take care. She thanks him. She recalls how she tricked Vansh by shooting on her arm. She says I don’t like anyone interfering in my work, I will take your life tomorrow. Vyom catches Dadi at knife’s point. She asks what are you doing here. He says nothing. She asks why is your leg bleeding. He says Vansh got me shot, don’t worry, this happens between us, he will bleed tomorrow. She says I will call a doctor. He says no, don’t get me caught, you will become my doctor. She says I will call Vansh.

He says no, you will be killed till he comes, don’t mess it, come on, remove the bullet. She says I really don’t know. He says I will assist you. He asks her to heat the knife. He asks her to boil some water. She gets hot water. He asks her to remove the bullet, knife will get cold, come on, heal a wound today. She turns away. He says come on, be strong. She removes the bullet. He asks her to get first aid box and do the dressing. Angre knocks the door and says open the door, its me, Angre, I got breakfast for you. Vyom says shoo him away, don’t act smart. He hides. She opens the door and asks what happened Angre. He says Vansh had sent breakfast for you, I will keep it. She says I will have it, you go. Vyom asks Dadi to have it. She says no, give it to me, I will have it. Vyom smiles seeing the bullet. He says Vansh cheated me and got me shot. She says he doesn’t do anything by cheat.

Vyom goes to Vansh. Vansh says you have called me here, I should call you daring. Vyom says our enmity has done a level upwards, it will be fun to kill you, you remember this, you got me attacked by behind. They fight. Vansh says you cheated me, you tried to steal my consignment, you thought you will come to my hotel and steal it, me and my men didn’t shoot, whoever shot has done really good, you surely deserved this. Vyom says fine, I will snatch everything from you. Vansh catches him and pushes him down. He asks Vyom to get back on his feet first and then talk of snatching his empire. He says if you try to interfere in my life, family or business, then I will shoot on your chest, you get that. He goes.

Vyom says you can’t kill me, I will kill you. Ishani comes to Angre. She argues with him. She gets angry and goes. She sees some packets in the bag. She checks and keeps it back. She says it looks like drugs, Angre… He goes to her and asks what happened, tell me. She shows the drugs. He asks how did you get it. She says I don’t know, I was swimming with you. She says I swear, I don’t know, you know I don’t take drugs, Vansh shouldn’t know it. He says no one will know. Inspector Ajay from Narcotics dept comes there and says we got a tip that someone is dealing drugs here. Vansh says I m also against drugs, you can check if you want.

Ishani says no one should know. Angre pacifies her. The officers say we didn’t get anything in the hotel. Vansh says like I said, you won’t get anything, you can check my staff too. He sees Angre going. Angre collides with a lady. The drugs packets fall down. Ajay sees this and calls him out. Ishani worries. Vansh and everyone go to see. Vansh thinks Vyom has done this. Ajay asks what’s all this. Angre signs Vansh. Ajay says no one can go out, until everyone’s tests happen, you can go to your rooms, but can’t go out, doctor will come from dept, once reports come, then you can go out. Vansh thinks where is Riddhima. The tests are done. Ajay says no one should enter evidence room, stand after Angre’s room, I will come. He calls someone. Ajay says I heard Vansh is clever, Angre is no less, Vansh will try to get him out, don’t let them meet, else they will escape. Vansh says I have to find out how did this happen, how shall I talk to Angre. He gets a card. He throws a vase and hides. The man goes to check. Vansh goes to the room.

Dadi says they took our blood samples, what if they go out. Vansh tells some plans. Aryan steals the samples. Vyom hands over some drugs and virus to Ajay. He says Vansh and his family should get jailed. Ishani records their conversation. She says we should put this live on media. Vansh claps and comes there. Vyom gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    2. I am also not sad as the players are also humans only and don’t have any superpower to avoid covid even when so called Gods of temples are on holiday due to it, I feel if it didn’t start from starting then it was more healthy as BCCI now facing lot of criticism due to IPL Bubble Breach and just two days ago when Cricket Australia praised the Bio Bubble all this happened. I am definately not worried about the players as they can afford the best treatment and care which others may not. Many a thousands are dying daily and still I believe that Nationwide Lockdown should be implemented so that cases are controlled nationwide.

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      Yes.. that’s true….but nothing to watch now….(dont take it seriously!)

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  6. Is helly and rrahul not feeling well?

    1. I think Helly was sick earlier (so she’ll be missing for a few days in the recent episodes). but is shooting again now or ready to shoot again, once they find another location. As for Rrahul. just recently his mom was very sick and hospitalized with Covid, but luckily found a plasma donor….I hope she recovers quickly…..I don’t know if Rrahul will take a few days off to be with her or continue shooting…let’s see!

    2. @IMM Viewer I hope his mother recovers. Its lucky that they found plasma donor.
      Health comes first so they should be worrying about that instead

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      Even the precap is very intresting.

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      Waiting for Monday episode. The Raisinghanias are united to defeat their enemies. Aryan and Ishani is with Vansh to fight against Vyom.

  8. I don’t understand anything now.
    I just can’t with all this suspense.
    If someone can explain then please do!

    1. Snowflake

      They keep adding people to their cast n old things remained unsolved…according to me, the show has lost its charm…innocent riddhu n vansh romancing innocently n all….

    2. @Unnamed and @Snowflake, I understand both of your frustrations….I too don’t understand why they need to add new cast members, but besides that, I can understand why they haven’t shown us any major revelations…first of all, the 6 hours mystery may be tough to shoot without Kabir, Anupriya (who’s back in Mumbai with her little kid apparently), and RIansh of course….Also, I think Helly was sick for some days in Goa (so she couldn’t shoot) and Rrahul’s mother recently became ill, but is doing better now or at least got a plasma donor! I think perhaps during the first 3 weeks on the OTT platform, the makers were really trying to stretch the storyline, but for the past 2-3 weeks, even if they wanted to reveal the 6 hours or Dadi’s mysteries, they couldn’t because of the Mumbai lockdown and other factors related to the panademic, which limited their abilitity to shoot certain scenes…I think it’s best to remain patient as the makers/cast/crew are working through impossible conditions and perhaps personal tensions, just to provide us entertainment.

  9. @Snowflake I didn’t mean that at all! I think that episodes are fine and have lots of suspense. What I meant was that it was getting suspenseful and that I was getting a bit tangled by thinking too hard. I didn’t mean that the show lost its charm! I agree that many loopholes are still there but you can’t possibly expect the makers to solve every single loophole. It will take time so let the show progress and let the secrets get untangled!
    Please be patient and don’t use your mind too much. Just watch for enjoyment.

    1. Sorry this was a reply to @Snowflake but instead it became comment

    2. Snowflake

      Oh..yes..that was my POV

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    Yaar vansh finding out riddima and kabir’s truth took very less time and feeling betrayed and dieing also took less only , finding riddima innocent took almost 60 to 70 episodes and now this , yaar new story is adding and new cast is adding but no truth is revealed and this sara , god , better to read fanfictions , as they are like how we want , but okay as we have to pay patience but they are testing our patience , thank God that it is not airing on tv or else very less trp will come

    1. I totally agree with you aishu

    2. @Aisha if the show was the way we wanted then nothing about it would be suspenseful. We would already know what would happen.
      Be patient and watch for enjoyment. If you think too much and can’t control yourself then don’t think and watch for enjoyment. I know nothing is being revealed but that is due to corona restrictions. And on top of that they have to keep changing locations. That takes time you know!
      Have patience please!

    3. Samaila

      This Immj, god knows how much time it will take! The Deep-Raj ke maa ka raaz took a lot of time if I remember correctly.

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    Episode was nice. The precap looks interesting, very interesting.

    1. Gabriela

      I agree, and Monday’s episode will be a delight, the Raisinghania family united to defeat the enemies

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      Yes the Episode was nice can’t wait for Monday

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      I agree too, the episode was quite nice and the precap is what i’m really looking forward for

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    Guys my logo keeps on changing on its own. I don’t know why. But this is me only.

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  13. I found the episode a little boring..missing RiAnsh and Riddhima 😬

    1. Gabriela

      Clearly Riansh and Riddhima were missing, it would have made the episode more interesting, but I think on Monday we will have a great episode, and that, without Ridhima.

    2. Yeah, I missed our RIansh scenes and Riddhima a lot today…but perhaps, the story will be more interesting on Monday as the family tries to evade the police and trap Vyom!

  14. Hi all! Happy Saturday….Honestly, it doesn’t feel like a very happy Saturday. As I was going to bed last night (I suppose it was your morning/afternoon lol…I live 9.5 hours behind Indian time), I saw on social media and this forum, that Rrahul’s mother needed plasma as I imagine her health related to her Covid diagnosis took a turn for the worse….Luckily, through the power of the IMM2 fan family and I imagine tv celebs, they found a donor for his mother and I wish her a speedy recovery. That being said, I kind of felt a sense of malaise at the thought of watching the show….here I was hoping to watch more episodes, and there Rrahul and probably so much of the crew and cast are dealing with their own tensions and health crises as a result of the pandemic. Plus, even though I don’t know his mom or even him, I was rather affected by the news of her health because I don’t know anyone who has actually been in such a critical condition due to the virus (some of my relatives in India were diagnosed with Covid but are fine now) and I think the prospect of anyone losing their mother seems very scary to me (sorry I can be sensitive at times…but moms are truly the best)! In any case, as tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the US and India (though interestingly enough, I think it takes place on different days/Sundays in May in other countries), I just want to send lots of love and prayers to all mothers, children, and families struggling with this health crisis….let’s hope Rrahul can see his mom healthy and happy this Mother’s Day! Sorry again for my spiel…I just wanted to write my thoughts down. In any case, even if the series may not seem so interesting at the current moment or is devoid of revelations, let’s be patient….the IMM2 team is really dealing with such difficult conditions to provide us with entertainment (and to support their own livelihood too, of course)!

    As for the episode today, I don’t feel like really doing an in-depth analysis, especially with thinking about what’s going on in the other part of the world and because Riddhima was not in the episode today…..Honestly, I never understood her character’s importance until she came back all shady and strange at the start of the OTT version haha! In any case, as I’m a total sucker for the love story aspect, without my daily dose of a Riansh scene (however brief or light-hearted it is), the episode doesn’t feel complete to me. However, at least we had Vansh today (and lot’s of him) to sustain my interest in the episode! Additionally, the episode was interesting in that it provided a pivot point for a new story…Angre and the family being involved in a drug dealing/smuggling case and the precap hints that the family will work together to foil Vyom’s plan…..I absolutely love the idea of the Rai SInghanias sticking together for the right reasons! Plus, I have a feeling we won’t see so much negativity in the series in the coming days (as evidenced by Aryan and Ishani being portrayed in a much more positive light in recent episodes), as I think people are in such a bad mood already in India given the larger context that no one really wants to see RIansh constantly under attack or the villains being vile for no reason….though I could be wrong about this, and the writers may do something to shock us, but I would rather welcome more light-hearted and family moments!

    As for my thoughts on the episode, it was good overall and I’m excited for next week!
    1. The Sarah-Vansh scene: As I had expected, Sarah shot herself to avoid being suspected as the shooter by Vansh….however, I think her efforts were futile because based on his lack of concern for her and slight glance of suspicion or disbelief when she was telling him how she was shot, I believe he still suspects her of being the shooter. In fact I laughed because when she was bleeding profusely, Vansh was just examining his surroundings and questioning her about the shooter….I see his concern is only reserved for RIddhima haha.
    2. The Dadi-Vyom scene: Also, Vyom was very vile in today’s episode. Not only did he threaten Dadi at knifepoint to tend to his wounds, but he also confronted Vansh again, and (allegedly) planted drugs in Ishani’s bag (though I still doubt that Angre did this), and then he called the cops on the Rai SInghanias to involve them in a drug case…hell hath no fury like a penniless, Indian-Frenchman scorned haha! In any case, going back to the Dadi-Vyom scene, though I have mixed feelings about Dadi 2.0, I don’t like the image of an elderly woman being threatened at knifepoint like that….although as a side note, Dadi seemed like she dyed her hair and stepped into a fountain of youth…good for you girl lol! Also, I didn’t understand what Vyom meant when he said, “it’s your grandson, number 0, Vyom.” Perhaps, he’s just trying to say that he’s like her grandson (because of his age and earlier friendship with Vansh), but it again makes me think that perhaps Vyom may actually be her real grandson instead of Vansh…though I really hope not (not because I care for the Rai SInghanias one bit, but rather because I think this revelation would be heartbreaking for Vansh and I hate to see our guy sad). Besides that, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at how Vyom was forcing Dadi to remove the bullet from his leg….my strange mind kept on making parallels to the romantic scene when Vansh made RIddhima do the same thing for him after he was shot in the leg during the Chang diamond deal haha….Okay, this Dadi-Vyom scene was in no way romantic, but it just made me think of that earlier RIansh scene and how our two resident single fellas, Vyom and Aryan, are always after Dadi….can you guys just give this woman some time to herself lol! In any case, I liked how Dadi said that Vansh would never attack Vyom secretly….she understands his sense of ethics and honor!
    3. The Vansh-Vyom scene: Honestly, day by day, Vyom seems less menacing (and rather more pathetic) even as his threats against Vansh escalate. I like how Vansh fought him a bit and threw him to the ground…that’s the least the boy should get for nearly killing Vansh and putting RIddhima through so much emotional turmoil! Also, I liked how Vansh told Vyom none of his guards shot him and he seemed quite serious and threatening when he said that he would shoot Vyom straight in his chest if he ever tried to harm his family or business again….even though Vansh’s words didn’t really have much of an effect on Vyom, I like that he knows that Vansh still sticks by his principles and is not one to mess around with!
    4. The Ishangre scene: Okay, I did kind of feel bad for Ishani when she wanted to spend some fun time in the pool with Angre, but he was lost in his thoughts….I know he’s in Goa for work, but Ishani’s also a bit lonely and wants to have fun with her husband…..Vansh is dealing with so many stressors, but y’all know that if RIddhima suggested something even vaguely romantic, the man would drop everything to be with her lol…so maybe Angre could be a bit more understanding! In any case, when Ishani found the drugs in her bag, I instantly knew it was Vyom’s plan….but I still suspect Angre of being Black Mamba and perhaps this is an Angre-Vyom plan so that Angre can be caught by the “police” and then have some time away from the family to plot with Vyom against them….but maybe my imagination is running wild lol! In any case, I laughed at Ishani’s shocked and scared reaction at seeing the drugs….girl, you may have never taken drugs before, but you definitely have been to parties where such drugs have been circulated, so don’t act so shocked. Plus, why was she so scared of Vansh finding out, what’s the worst that he would do to you….you tried to force RIddhima to have an abortion and all he did was give you a slap on the face! In any case, Angre being her gallant hero promised to take care of the situation (though how was he so “sure” that the drugs weren’t Ishani’s…just saying)….at least Ishani has someone to depend on because we know Aryan would be useless in this situation!
    5. The Police/Family sequence: I love how Vansh was so open and “welcoming” to the police…despite being a criminal, I think he does have some respect for law enforcement and I like that he at least doesn’t deal with drug smuggling or worse human trafficking, otherwise that would of couse change my opinion of him! In any case, again, I’m suspicious of Angre…even if someone bumped into you, how could you let the envelope with the drugs fall down so easily….if I were in that situation, I would be clutching to it for dear life to avoid it being seen by the police! Needless to say, we’ll see if Vansh will be able to speak to Angre in the next episode and what would be the result of the family’s blood/drug tests!
    6. Precap: Okay, so obviously Vyom was behind this and now he’s stooped to bribing the police to tamper with the blood test results…luckily the Rai Singhanias are skilled in getting around the police and being framed for a variety of crimes….they decided to band together to devise a plan to catch Vyom….I love it (though I suppose Ishani and Aryan are so cooperative because their lives are also on the line lol…they aren’t that concerned about their family after all). Though I wonder if RIddhima was there, would Aryan and Ishani have been as ready to work with her as they seem to be with Vansh?
    7. Final thoughts: Okay, again I wrote more than I expected, but I’m getting better…I wrote a little less than yesterday, so I suppose it’s a start. All I can say is to be patient with the storyline/makers, and enjoy the ride. The series may not be super interesting at the moment, but there have been worse tracks, and this one isn’t that bad either! Please take care of yourselves and Happy Mother’s Day for anyone celebrating tomorrow! TIll next time!

    1. Yooo girl you are right over here in London Mother’s Day is in March but all around the world is tomorrow tho I will still celebrate both..🤗 again you nailed it with the review I haven’t watched the episode yet but honestly I don’t really feel like watching it without Riddhima in it tho I will still watch it for Rrahul since they are all always doing such a hardworking job to entertain all of us even in this pandemic. How’s your cold tho? And you too stay safe and a happy moms day to you and your mom too 🤗

    2. Priyanka Thakur

      Awesome review Agatha I really enjoyed it very much yeah I missed Riansh moments as there are no Riansh moments yeah I pray for Rrahul’s mom to recover soon and give all the strength to Rrahul I also think Vyom is behind it I’m eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

    3. @Thanks girl and thanks for the Mother’s day wishes…same to you and your mom! Yeah, I don’t know why the same holiday is celebrated on different days, but oh well I agree the episode felt incomplete without RIddu, but at least we had Vansh to occupy us lol! Yeah, I’m completely fine now…I just needed some rest and am well….thanks for asking!

    4. @Priyu, thanks girl! Yes, I too missed our RIansh moments…we were spoiled with them for the last two weeks haha, so now not having any is strange! I’m also excited for Monday’s episode!

    5. Priyanka Thakur

      Agatha wish Aunty Happy Mother’s Day from my side

    6. Great review Agatha (I think that’s your name. Others were calling you that)!
      I think you misunderstood me earlier. I wasn’t getting frustrated by plot and story. I was just a bit confused on how the police came and how Ishani had the drugs. I wasn’t annoyed by it I was just a bit confused.
      I really hope that Rahul’s mother gets better. I found out only today when @Jasmine made a post on TU. Its very lucky that they found the plasma donor. They shouldn’t go through more trouble as I heard Rahul’s uncle died a few days ago. I hope she recovers!
      I didn’t find the episode too interesting apart from police inspection and the #Ishangre scene. The precap was quite interesting but I didn’t really understand how posting their conversation on social media will help them.
      Was it so that the media would know about it and that would cause everyone to know and somehow it will reach police? Nevertheless it seems like a good plan. Ishani is finally doing something good for everyone even if she isn’t truly concerned about them.
      I felt that #Riansh were missing. I think that Rid is trying to help Sara which is why she isn’t in episode.
      I really liked your analysis and I wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day!
      I still need to do preparation. I thought that Mother’s Day was next Sunday. How stupid of me! I need to rush so if I’m not here then you’ll know why!
      Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

    7. Priyanka Thakur

      Unnamed her name is not Agatha actually Gabbs and me we both gave her name Agatha as her nickname you can also call her with that name

    8. Gabriela

      I really liked tonight’s review. You have made a habit of giving us details, explanations and scenarios. I can’t wait everyday to read your feedback about episodes.❤❤❤ And you never desappoint me!
      I was glad too that Vansh didn’t believe Sara and was suspicious of her all the time.
      Dadi seemed like she dyed her hair and stepped into a fountain of youth,🤣🤣🤣 I laughed a lot, I’m sorry but your metaphor made me laugh. And then you continued with the non-romantic scene Dadi – Vyom, God how I laughed only imagining in fact the romantic scene between them.🤨 🤨🤣🤣
      I’m glad that something was framed for Ishani as well and that she is terrified and has to defend herself even if all the evidence shows her guilty. She can also understand the situations Ridhima went through many times
      I’m worried that you might be right about Angre being Black Mumba, you gave me so many opinions that you convinced me.
      Monday’s episode looks so good, I’m so excited to watch it. It saddens me that we don’t have an episode tomorrow and that I have to wait until Monday 😥😥😥
      Thank you for the review it was wonderful! ❤❤❤

    9. @Priya oh okay, I thought that Agatha was her real name. It would be a coincidence if her name was Agatha and she was a fan of the writer Agatha Christie.
      You nicknamed her right? You and Gabriela di?

    10. @Unnamed, sorry, I must have misunderstood what you said before, but thanks for clearing it up! Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and you too…don’t worry girl, I still need to go to the supermarket to buy my groceries for the meal that I will prepare tomorrow for my mom, so I’m still behind too…..though if you don’t live in India or the U.S., Mother’s day may be on a different Sunday lol, so just double check….perhaps you thought it’s actually next weekend because it really is in your country lol…I would hate to mislead you haha! Also, thanks for reading the review and for your feedback! Yes, the episode was just okay, but I think Ishani’s logic about posting Vyom’s conversation on social media with the officer was to deter the officer from working with Vyom….if the video went viral, it could get to the police and the officer could be suspended or fired for corruption charges/tampering with evidence. Plus, I also missed RIansh…I think Helly was sick for some days before, so she didn’t shoot for a few episodes…let’s see what excuse they give us to explain her abscence in the show, but like you said, they could just mention how she was making the arrangements to help Sarah. Also, my name’s not actually Agatha, but I was nicknamed that by some dear, fellow viewers on this forum…feel free to call me that or whichever other nickname you prefer lol!

    11. @Gabriela, Thanks girl as always! I’m glad I could bring a smile to your face…but I’m right, right? lol….once you see the parallels between the romantic RIansh bullet wound scene and the Dadi-Vyom scene, you can’t unsee it haha…sorry, I’m being silly! Yes, you’re right, that in seeing Angre “taken away” by the cops (he was only locked in a hotel room lol), Ishani could at least experience a fraction of the pain that RIddhima did all the times Vansh was in danger…really interesting observation girl! I hope Angre isn’t Black Mamba, but I just can’t deny the mounting evidence against him (or perhaps I’m just overthinking things and unncessarily building a case against him lol)…but at the same time, it may be interesting for his backstory if he turns out to be a villain, but let’s see. Honestly, if they are not planning on bringing back Anupriya (I heard she has a baby/young child whom she can’t leave during the panademic) or Kabir during the lockdown, then who else could possibly be Black Mamba….it wouldn’t make sense for Dadi to be it (she does love Vansh, despite her tough exterior), and the revelation of Aryan or Ishani being it would be too lackluster….so that only leaves Angre, but let’s see…girl as I always say, I’m wrong 99% of the time lol. Yes, I’m excited for Monday’s episode too! Thanks again!

    12. Parita

      @IMM2 Viewer, I am very sorry for this late comment on your review, i had written one last night however i forgot to send and refreshed the page, so it all just went away😭🤦‍♀️ Anyway to your review, it was amazing to read. I haven’t watched the episode till now but i’m going to. You’ve summarized all points well and described every scene with perfection. Loved your review. After reading the episode i’m excited for tmr’s episode. Waiting to read more of your reviews. ❤

  15. IMM2 Viewer , is your real name Agatha. Because I also have a friend whose name is Agatha. And happy Mother’s day to everyone’s mother , let’s try that we will work hard ( atleast tomorrow) to make our mother happy and help her . I don’t know how to cook , but still i think i could make bread- butter for my mother tomorrow, the bread shouldn’t get over roasted 😋😅😫😩haahaa. And about the episode, today episode was average. I wish makers should halt the show for mother without risking our cast lives. The makers should end the episode by revealing all mysteries and then one month halt should be done
    ( for covid) . And new storyline should start with Kabir again . I think this will work much better . At the last happy Mother’s day to everyone mother and best regards to Rahul sir mother for her recovery.

    1. @Abhay, thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to your mother and you too! Yes, cooking something for your mom is a great idea (I was planning on doing the same thing). Don’t worry about not being very adept in the kitchen…although moms love to criticize their kids (or at least my mom does with regard to my cooking and most other things in life haha), they also appreciate these gestures the most….I’m sure your mom will love anything that you make! Also, my name is not actually Agatha, but I was nicknamed that by @Gabriela and @Thakur Priyanka during the Kiara murder mystery track because we were examining all of the elements of the murder like a detective would in an Agatha Christie novel lol! Yes, the episode was just okay, but let’s see how next week is. I do think they should pause shooting because I hate that the cast/crew are risking their lives and are probably emotionally drained by their own personal problems, but I think they are continuing the shooting not only with the sole purpose of entertaining us, but also for financial reasons….I’m not sure about this but I would imagine the producers would lose a lot of money by halting production and are probably under some financial strain/dealing with a reduced budget already with their shift to the OTT platform…I’m not condoning their decision entirely, but I do understand why the probably have to continue shooting.

  16. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!
    I have to salute all mother’s who work as doctors. They are working day and night to make sure that every person gets treated and still they don’t get the day off for mothers day. They won’t get to see their children or family on such a special day. They deserve some recognition!
    I wish all doctor mothers a great Mothers Day and I hope that corona will end so that you all will get the necessary love and rest!
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

    1. Gabriela

      Very beautiful and special wishes Unnamed, prescribe to your wishes.

    2. @Gabriela what do you mean by; prescribe to your wishes

    3. Gabriela

      Sorry, sorry subscribe

    4. @Unnamed, what a nice tribute to working mother’s in the medical field and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone too!

    5. Parita

      Happy Mother’s day to you too @Unnamed di and everyone!! Your wish for the mothers who aren’t recognized and are part of the front line workers during such a time, is absolutely true. A salute to them, not only them to all mothers around the world. They’ve done a lot for their children, keeping a child in a womb for 9 months and suffering continuously isn’t a small thing. That’s why they say that God couldn’t be everywhere at the same time that’s why he made mothers!!❤

  17. Priyanka Thakur

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of this forum every one wish to your mother’s from my side also

    1. Gabriela

      In Romania we have this holiday in March, but it is a beautiful celebration and I join you. Happy Mother’s Day Priyu for your mother, aunts and grandmothers 🌹🌹🌹

    2. @Priyu, Happy Mother’s Day to you too girl and to all the maternal figures in your life!

    3. Parita

      Happy mother’s day to you all tooo!!❤❤❤ To all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, everyone!!

    1. Haha, she’s so adorable….plus, I’m horrible with tongue twisters!

    1. Haha, so true…we get our weekly day of rest from the IMM2 craziness tomorrow!

  18. Neha1

    Today’s episode is interesting, I didn’t thought that Sara will fooled Vansh again.
    I knew it Vyom can’t keep quiet, he’s up to something and he did this to trap Ishani and kept drugs in her bag, but unfortunately, Angre got trapped. But I know Vansh is smart and he will talk to Angre and the family will Unite to save him…
    The hillarious🤣😂 thing is Dadi took out Vyom’s bullet, I find it funny coz I reminisced RiAnsh’s moments when Riddhima took Vansh’s bullet out when Chang’s attacked on Vansh….
    But I have a doubt that why Vyom’s addressed Dadi as Dr. Indrani Raisinghania, will he taunt her or she’s again hiding something… Don’t know.
    And I really missed Riddhima in today’s episode…. I think she took 2days off from the shoot as she wasn’t feeling well… That’s why she’s missing.
    Did anyone noticed that Vansh aka Rrahul seems tensed and lost coz he was worried for his mother’s health…. Seriously, it takes a lot of guts/courage to work in such conditions when his mother was ill. I Salute him and his courage. It’s not easy for him to work when his mother was ill and he’s far from her and working for our entertainment… Love you Rrahul Sudhir🤗😍🥰😘and I got more Respect for you.
    And I pray for your family well being and hopefully your mother will recovers fast.🤞
    Can’t wait for Monday episode.
    And on Sunday is a Mother’s Day….
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s.
    Mother is the Name of God in the lips and hearts of little children. Mother is the heartbeat in the home, and without her there seems to be no heartthrob. A Mother is your 1st friend, your best friend and your forever friend. Love your mom and Thank her for whatever she did and still for you and your family, daily without any holiday.
    So this Sunday make your mother feel special, infact mother’s day cannot be celebrate on one day but Daily… But still this Sunday get some time for your mother and spend some quality time with her, let her know that how much importance she hold in your life.
    Do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your Mother.
    And SAY I LOVE YOU MOM AND KISS HER 😍😘. I’m going to do it now …. Infact I did kiss my mom every now and then.

    1. Parita

      @Neha1, Happy mother’s day to you and your mum too!!❤❤ It is indeed a very courageous task for Rrahul Sudhir/ Vansh to act and be in his form during this hard time he went/going through. I pray for her health and hoping she will be fine as soon as possible.
      As for the episode, i’m still yet to watch it but i liked reading it.

  19. Parita

    Hello to all.
    (here) Mother’s day is tmr, there may be places where it’s already Sunday.
    So to all of your mothers and grandmothers and aunts, I wish them a happy Mother’s day!! A mother is the most important person in someone’s life, it isn’t easy to live without one. I’m grateful to all mothers who can cross any limit to keep her child safe from all problems. May God bless all mothers with extra years and all the love they deserve. Lets give them all the love they deserve tmr/today. ❤❤❤ Happy mothers day to everyone’s mother here!! Lots of love

    1. A very happy Mother’s day to your mother . Take care of her

    2. Parita

      Thank you @Abhay, same to you!1 Happy mother’s day to your mum too❤❤

    3. @Parita, Happy Mother’s Day to your mom too!

    4. Parita

      Thanks @IMM2 Viewer same to your mum!!❤

  20. Happy mother’s day to everyone’s mum here 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊. Wish all mothers good health, long life’s and may they be blessed with abandnce of grace 🙏❣️.lot of love to them.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Happy mother’s day to everyone’s mum here 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊. Wish all mothers good health, long life’s and may they be blessed with abundnce of grace 🙏❣️.lot of love to them.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Parita

      Thank you @Akorfa Linda, Wishing the same to you!! Happy mother’s day to your mum too!❤❤❤

  22. I know many of you found todays episode quite boring 🙄🙄due to riddhima’s absence and no riansh moments, me too🙄🙄 …. but at the same time I find it funny tooo 😅😅from the very first sceen itself.😄… Sara though it wss nice try to fool out our master mind vansh😎 by hurting yourself but trust me girl vansh has his baaz ki nazar 👀 mostly on active mode 😆( not all the time but I guess today he was 👀👀👀👀…)….. unlucky you(sara)😕…. he definetly noticed that sara had wore heels👠👠but I felt he even noticed the same mud of the footprints was present on her pants Bottoms👖👖 (if he not then it’s well and good for sara to gain some time but if he did then sara you are so dead🤪 … be ready.🤭🤭…)and at the same time I felt he even noticed the size of her sandal.👠.. what I found most funny about this sceen was😄😄, iresspective of whoever the girl was but she was bleeding like hell and instead helping her vansh was keen interested in knowing in which direction the shooter went 😆😆… and hadh tho tab hoagayi jab sara asked him to help her 🤣🤣and her just shrugged his shoulder as if he was forced to do that😅😅… I think his thorough gentlemen line is valid only for riddhima😎🤗🤗😎….. then comes Dadi and vyom wala sceen i just laughed through out the sceen😂😂😂… I know in this pandemic situation you cannot go to hospital … but vyom you didn’t find anybody else other than Dadi 😅😅(though it was freeking hellerious😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣)…. I just reminded me one of the riansh moments 😍😍🤗( I gusse to you all tooo )… but still must say I liked the confidence of Dadi😐😐 when she said that vansh never do anything cowardly🤨🤨…. coming to vansh and vyom second Sceen🙄🙄 … dare you boy(vyom) though you are injured to still manage to chalange vansh🤭🤭🤭 but anyways that was so stupid of you😏😏😏 … vansh said even he didn’t do it but you deserve it 😑😑( vansh ke sath uthana sab kuch karne ke bad ek goli tho banthi hai😐😐🙃)… ishangre 😶😶…. i will only say ishani you deserve this 😏😏… the tension and nervousness on your face was treat to watch🤩🤩 … but at the same time I feel sorry for angre😔😔 … iska tho ye hal hoagaya kahaya piya kuch nai glass toda bara aane ka☹😞… when angre was caught red handed and vansh, just even for a sec didn’t doubt on angre 😌(his straight doubt was on vyom😑) i was so mesmerized 🙂🙂by their bond👬👬 makers it’s an humble request plz don’t spoil this bond by Turing angre to be balckmamba😵😵 … .. the hand gestures that vansh gave to angre just assuring😌😌 him that he their with him whatever happen😌😌🙃 … I was really touched hear😢😢 … I really wish each and everyone of us should have such person who can assure us as vansh did to angre today 💕…I didn’t miss riddhima through out the episode 🤫but as the episode ended i realised that riddhima tho hai hi nai 😰😰… and then thought the way vansh was getting concerned about her, hope she is not kidnapped by vyom.😨😧😦…

    Precap… boom💣💣💣💥💥💥…. ishani and Aryan helping their brother 😳😳😳… intresting very intresting🤔🤨🧐… will be w8ng for the next episode 😝😝

    1. @RImsha…it was so nice to read your review after a long time….I loved it and agreed with everything that you said. Plus I thought it was very engaging and funny, and loved the emojis too!

    2. Parita

      Wonderful review @Rimsha!! Long time dear

    3. @ imm2 viewer and parita…. Yah after a long time …. actually am dealing with my end of semester… practical, vaiva, internals , externals …. so much of head ache … as it’s a week end so got some time hear …. hope will be free by end of this month

  23. how can Ridimma run with high heels when she is pregnant…….

    1. Girl, heels are the least of her problems…have you seen all the other stunts and tricks that she has done while pregnant haha! But yes, it defies all logic lol.

  24. Hi all I’m back with a review, hope everyone is fine and since it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow in most countries except here and in Europe, wish you all a Happy Mom’s day 🤗 here’s my review on today’s episode..
    – Sara/Vansh scene: I noticed here that Vansh did not really care about Sarah 😂😂😂 he is only loyal to his girl who is Riddhima that’s the best thing, from his expression he looks more annoyed at Sara than caring 😂 that was so funny to watch 😂 and she practically lied about her wound. Who even shoots herself to avoid suspicions? That is just a weird idea lol😂 and why is she in high heels? Sometimes I don’t get the outfits or the idea the writers even have nowadays 😂
    – Vyom/Dadi scene: 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Was this seriously necessary but tbh it’s the first time I enjoyed their scene while laughing 😂😂😂😂😂 immj2 really can’t afford doctors, anyone can remove a bullet. They pay so much for their business deal but can’t afford a doctor lol!!! 😂 But the parallel was that Riddhima too took a bullet out from Vansh’s leg 😂 she was way better and we got a RiAnsh scene but this one was so funny 😂 I could not stop laughing at all😂😂 and dadi’s expression made it worse, she looked like she was looking at something that was dirty instead of a bullet and blood. Okay maybe she was scared but still it was hilarious so so funny made my day 😂😂
    – Ishani/Angre: 🤦🏽‍♀️ Although I think Angre is a nice guy but he should seriously not buy into Ishani’s words. I really did not understand the drug scene at all. It looked like he just came out of nowhere. I guess because Helly was not well that they had to make do and added IshAngre scenes🤦🏽‍♀️ I skipped most of it.
    – Vyom/Vansh: this was nice I enjoyed watching this part too❤️ the way Vyom was limping got me laughing a little. Remember the parallel, when Vansh got shot after riddhima took the bullet out he still managed to stand up straight and even laid next to her to sleep while this vyom is straight up and going straight for Vansh 😂
    – The last scene again I didn’t get much🤷🏽‍♀️ It was a little strange but it was okay, and I am glad Vansh was thinking only about riddhima. What test was he talking about? Riddhima’s?? Didn’t get that part.
    Overall interesting episode and a complete comedy 😂😂😂😂 especially with Dadi and Vyom’s scene lol!! But excited for Monday seems something interesting coming up and what even happened to finding out about the 6 hours secret or the black box??

    1. @Khushi, I really liked your review and agree with what you said. Yes, I loved how Vansh demonstrated his loyalty to RIddhima by not being eager to help Sarah, though I expected more from our gentleman Vansh….but I suppose he’s suspicious of Sarah! And yes, who shoots themself like that lol? Yes, for some reason the Dadi-Vyom seem was very funny, and I could have done without the Ishangre scene lol. Your’re right…Vansh was up and about and even was intimate with his lady love after he was shot, while Vyom could barely stand up…..well, I suppose not everyone can be like VR. As for the last scene, I think they were talking about a blood/drug test to see if anyone in the family had consummed any drugs recently. In any case, I’m excited about Monday’s episode, even though I don’t think we will get any major revelations for some time!

    2. Great Review Khushi!!
      I think you went over everything in detail and I really liked it.
      I found the epi a little boring as #Riansh weren’t there. But precap was very interesting. Rid was probably trying to help Sara get away. Which is why is she wasn’t there.
      For the first time Ishani did something good. While it was for selfish reasons it would still benefit the entire family.
      It was obvious that Vyom was behind it but now I feel that Vyom really is Dadi’s grandson. Vyom said that he was Dadi’s grandson in today’s episode.
      I really liked your review and it has lots of detail
      Happy Mother’s Day to your mother, aunts and grandmothers!

    3. Parita

      Amazing review @Khushi. Haven’t watched the episode yet but i loved reading your review❤

    4. Thanks girls 😘❤️

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