Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Angre falls into trouble

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sara shouting for help. Vansh runs to her and sees her bleeding arm. He asks what happened, who shot you. She says I don’t know, that man was wearing a black colour hoodie, I tried to catch him, he has run away. He asks in which direction did he run. She says I caught him, I just got his shoe. Vansh checks the shoe and checks. He thinks its like shooter shoe size. He sees Sara wearing heels. She asks him to help her, she got shot. He says nothing will happen, come. She gets treated. Doctor says bullet just touched and passed, don’t worry. He goes. Sara asks was it a thief. Vansh says no, he was a killer. She says sorry Vansh, I was trying to help. He says don’t do again, you could have lost your life, take care. She thanks him. She recalls how she tricked Vansh by shooting on her arm. She says I don’t like anyone interfering in my work, I will take your life tomorrow. Vyom catches Dadi at knife’s point. She asks what are you doing here. He says nothing. She asks why is your leg bleeding. He says Vansh got me shot, don’t worry, this happens between us, he will bleed tomorrow. She says I will call a doctor. He says no, don’t get me caught, you will become my doctor. She says I will call Vansh.

He says no, you will be killed till he comes, don’t mess it, come on, remove the bullet. She says I really don’t know. He says I will assist you. He asks her to heat the knife. He asks her to boil some water. She gets hot water. He asks her to remove the bullet, knife will get cold, come on, heal a wound today. She turns away. He says come on, be strong. She removes the bullet. He asks her to get first aid box and do the dressing. Angre knocks the door and says open the door, its me, Angre, I got breakfast for you. Vyom says shoo him away, don’t act smart. He hides. She opens the door and asks what happened Angre. He says Vansh had sent breakfast for you, I will keep it. She says I will have it, you go. Vyom asks Dadi to have it. She says no, give it to me, I will have it. Vyom smiles seeing the bullet. He says Vansh cheated me and got me shot. She says he doesn’t do anything by cheat.

Vyom goes to Vansh. Vansh says you have called me here, I should call you daring. Vyom says our enmity has done a level upwards, it will be fun to kill you, you remember this, you got me attacked by behind. They fight. Vansh says you cheated me, you tried to steal my consignment, you thought you will come to my hotel and steal it, me and my men didn’t shoot, whoever shot has done really good, you surely deserved this. Vyom says fine, I will snatch everything from you. Vansh catches him and pushes him down. He asks Vyom to get back on his feet first and then talk of snatching his empire. He says if you try to interfere in my life, family or business, then I will shoot on your chest, you get that. He goes.

Vyom says you can’t kill me, I will kill you. Ishani comes to Angre. She argues with him. She gets angry and goes. She sees some packets in the bag. She checks and keeps it back. She says it looks like drugs, Angre… He goes to her and asks what happened, tell me. She shows the drugs. He asks how did you get it. She says I don’t know, I was swimming with you. She says I swear, I don’t know, you know I don’t take drugs, Vansh shouldn’t know it. He says no one will know. Inspector Ajay from Narcotics dept comes there and says we got a tip that someone is dealing drugs here. Vansh says I m also against drugs, you can check if you want.

Ishani says no one should know. Angre pacifies her. The officers say we didn’t get anything in the hotel. Vansh says like I said, you won’t get anything, you can check my staff too. He sees Angre going. Angre collides with a lady. The drugs packets fall down. Ajay sees this and calls him out. Ishani worries. Vansh and everyone go to see. Vansh thinks Vyom has done this. Ajay asks what’s all this. Angre signs Vansh. Ajay says no one can go out, until everyone’s tests happen, you can go to your rooms, but can’t go out, doctor will come from dept, once reports come, then you can go out. Vansh thinks where is Riddhima. The tests are done. Ajay says no one should enter evidence room, stand after Angre’s room, I will come. He calls someone. Ajay says I heard Vansh is clever, Angre is no less, Vansh will try to get him out, don’t let them meet, else they will escape. Vansh says I have to find out how did this happen, how shall I talk to Angre. He gets a card. He throws a vase and hides. The man goes to check. Vansh goes to the room.

Dadi says they took our blood samples, what if they go out. Vansh tells some plans. Aryan steals the samples. Vyom hands over some drugs and virus to Ajay. He says Vansh and his family should get jailed. Ishani records their conversation. She says we should put this live on media. Vansh claps and comes there. Vyom gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. But it seems Ajay is Vansh father

    1. That could be possible. We don’t know what he looks like

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    So looking forward to yesterday’s episode vansh was thinking about Riddhima it means she will be in trouble somehow
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    If vansh thinks about Riddhima randomly so on other side she is in danger

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      Well, you will surely recover from Covid just follow all the instructions which doctor suggested you and take your medicine on Time and also take proper rest, don’t panic. Wish you a speedy recovery. Take care.
      Yes, I agree whenever Vansh thinks of Riddhima, she’s in some danger… But I heard that Helly was not feeling well so she took off from shooting… But yes let’s see.. waiting for tomorrow episode.

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    8. @Simran20, it’s nice to hear from you after some time and I’m so sorry that you had to go through the ordeal of Covid. But, I’m glad to know that you’re feeling better and am hoping that your fever and cough will subside soon too. Hmm, as for RIddhima, I think she’s actually gone to make the arrangements to secure a better life for Sarah….she was only given 48 hours by Sarah, but I don’t know how she will do this, since she doesn’t have much money to her name besides maybe her previous salary from working as a physical theraprist, and that’s definitely not enough to secure the comfortable life Sarah was probably imagining haha! I don’t know if they’ll show RIddhima was kidnapped again….she was “kidnapped” by Vansh once before and held hostage by Vyom before, but let’s see!

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  14. DId they ever find a new location to shoot in? I obviously don’t expect Rrahul to shoot for some time given his family emergency, but I wonder if the rest of the cast is still shooting or not?

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      you MUST see it 😜😜😜

    2. @Gabriela, I just saw it and loved it and we got a glimpse of Rrahul too! Sorry, I posted the same link down below because your post didn’t show up on my page in time. In any case, I think the video was probably recorded a week or two ago, but it’s nice to see Rrahul in it, but he does seem a bit drained or tired. In any case, it’s nice to see them being a little family….I actually loved when Helly walked into Meenu Ji’s room and she was combing her hair and watching “Punyashlok Ahilyabai”….it reminded me of my mom…she likes that show too haha!

  15. More Helly content that she recently posted on her Youtube channel, and we see a glimpse of Rrahul in both videos….though I think the videos were recorded probably more than a week back:

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      Helly really did a beautiful thing, she tried to bring us joy during this time when so many terrible things are happening. I really like this Rrahul with ruffled hair. 🥰🥰🥰

    3. @Gabriela, yes the video gave me so much joy as well and it was nice seeing Helly’s fun side too! Yes, I loved Rrahul ruffled hair too….though I love his look in the show, I wish they added less product to his hair lol.

    4. Parita

      I love this Rrahul too with such hair, it makes him look cute, like a child😍😍😍

  16. It’s nice to see all of the cast members caring for Rrahul’s mom so much:

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  18. Hello everyone, I have not been in good mood this days, our brothers and sisters in India are going through a lot. Don’t worry will always remember you guys in my prayers 🙏.He said in Exodus 15, Verse 26:
    “I am the God that healeth thee”
    And we serve a God who cannot lie
    So I want you to hear God’s word tonight
    It’s His promise
    I am the God
    That healeth thee
    I am the Lord
    Your healer
    I sent My word
    And healed your disease
    I am the Lord
    Your healer.
    This is just some few quotes which will make you all strong and fight this virus 🦠. And I pray Rrahul’s mom will recover soon and bring that smile back on his face 🙏.

    Take care everyone and be safe.

    1. Gabriela

      Yes Akorfa sis, we must pray for all those in need. Thank you Akorfa for your beautiful thoughts and for the verse which you shared with us 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

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      Ridhima was kidnapped! 👿👿

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