Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima and Kabir get Ragini

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima coming downstairs and slipping. Anupriya asks Ishani to download an app for her. Riddhima goes. Ishani thinks what was that sound. Anupriya says I did my work, Vansh sealed the main door, but Riddhima went by other way. Kabir says very soon we will have Ragini. She says then we will do our incomplete work. Riddhima thinks to go through basement. Someone hits on her head. She faints. Mask person looks on. Riddhima opens eyes and sees everyone. Siya asks are you okay. Dadi says you were found unconscious in basement. Riddhima says maybe…. Ishani says she got weak, maybe she is weak, she doesn’t eat food well. Dadi says right, drink juice. Anupriya comes. She thinks this girl had to go out, she fainted.

Riddhima thinks I thought just Ishani is helping Vansh, now I feel there are others involved also. Riddhima says I don’t feel fine. Dadi says you have fever. Riddhima says check once. She checks the temperature. Dadi says its 103, take rest, Ishani call the doctor. Anupriya messages Kabir that Riddhima is still here, plan changed. Riddhima thinks Vansh said I can’t do this, I will leave from here and save Ragini also. Angre and Vansh smile.

Vansh says just 2 hours left, we have to reach Ragini. Anupriya says she always wastes such chance, she failed in her plan. Kabir says mom, I don’t think she is so weak that she will leave mission for fever, I think its part of her plan. She says its going to fail Kabir, Vansh already left, I can’t control Vansh. He says I will manage. He ends call and says what’s your plan. Dadi asks doctor to check Riddhima, she has fever. Doctor asks them to stay outside. Ishani thinks what’s wrong here. Doctor sends everyone out. He checks Riddhima. Riddhima prays.

Vansh says what happened to the car, why did it stop, Angre go and check. Riddhima recalls putting Sugar in the diesel tank. She says sugar won’t dissolve in diesel, Vansh’s car will stop on the way, I will get time to save Ragini. FB ends. Vansh sees time. Doctor says I think you took some stress, nurse give her the injection. He goes to wait in the hall. Riddhima shuts the door and picks a side decorative piece. She hits on the nurse’s head. She says I m sorry, I know I did wrong with you, I m going to save an innocent life. Riddhima calls Kabir and says wait for me at the temple road, we will save Ragini today. Kabir says yes, we will save her from a devil like Vansh. She ends call. He says you would be the first wife in the world who will be ruining her husband’s world, I m proud of you. Riddhima sees Vansh’s pic and says sorry, I can’t let you do anything wrong. Kabir says that’s right, that’s called dedication towards duty. Vansh says love is life, duty has to step back in front of love. Vansh and Kabir argue.

Kabir shouts you have to choose duty. Vansh shouts choose love, choose Vansh. She shouts stop it and throws a vase. They disappear. She says love is on the top for me, I will choose duty and justice in front of love, my duty is to save innocent Ragini. Vansh says every min is imp Angre, what happened to the car, what’s wrong, I can’t wait now, I will get another car. He gets number unreachable. He throws his phone. Riddhima wears the mask and ppe kit. Nurse is on the bed in her place. Riddhima comes downstairs. She thinks I can’t look tensed. Doctor says let Riddhima rest, she will get fine soon. Anupriya thinks Riddhima called Kabir, but she is sleeping here. She sees Riddhima and thinks wow, brilliant plan, you don’t know you are helping us. Riddhima goes with the doctor. Vansh says just half an hour, what is wrong with this car.

Angre says it looks fine, don’t know why its not starting. Vansh shouts help, stop the car. He says someone wants me to not reach Ragini, but I will reach her, nobody can stop me, I have 25 mins, I may reach there. He runs. Angre looks on. Riddhima says we have to hurry up Kabir. Kabir sees ppe kit and asks did you wear this and leave from the house. She says yes, show me the shortcut in map. She drives. Kabir thinks just 3 mins and Ragini will be in my clutches. Ishani thinks what is Riddhima planning now. Dadi says let her sleep, don’t disturb her. Curtain moves. They see someone sleeping on the bed. Dadi says see she is sleeping. Ishani goes. Anupriya says I had shut the door at the right time, else everyone would have known that Riddhima isn’t here, she is going to ruin Vansh. Vansh falls down. He gets hurt. His knee bleeds. He runs again. Kabir says Ragini is kept here, how did you know this location.

Riddhima says we have no time, Vansh’s car isn’t here, but he may come. They see Ragini. She says stop. He says I will handle the nurse, you take Ragini and come out. She says don’t harm her. They hide. He catches the nurse. Riddhima goes inside. She asks Ragini to open eyes. She says I have come to help you, we have to leave. Vansh puts the nurse on chair. His pen falls. He picks it. Vansh comes upstairs. Kabir hides. Vansh sees nurse unconscious. He says it means someone had come here. He shouts Ragini and runs inside. Kabir says Vansh didn’t see me, but Riddhima is inside, if Vansh catches her, then my hardwork will go waste. Riddhima says what shall I do. She takes Ragini. Vansh sees the empty bed and window. He throws away the bed in anger. He says how can she disappear, I kept her hidden since years, whoever did this will burn in my anger Riddhima and Kabir take Ragini in the car. Riddhima smiles.

Precap: Vansh comes home in anger. Riddhima sees him and says he will directly go to the room. Vansh doesn’t see Riddhima in the room and shouts. He says Riddhima, what you did today, you will get punished. He pushes Riddhima in the grave and says I think you deserve to be in this grave. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vernali Mohanty

    I was so mad at Riddhima today. Really she doesn’t deserve Vansh or his love. If she trusted him so much that even after seeing the video, she did not believe he killed Ragini then what happened now? She’ll always spy on him and misunderstand stuff and run back to kabir and then if Vansh doesn’t treat her well, she’ll call him haiwan. Wow. Amazing.

    1. Riansh Lover

      Exactly…Ohhh RIDDHIMA!….i dont even know why i was feeling sorry for her…Im sure he might kill riddhima …The precap says that

    2. I don’t think she will die

    3. No one should get a gf or wife like Riddhima. Else she’ll use her extra enthusiastic foolish brain to ruin his life.
      I was feeling so aggressive that if I could do something, I would broke a coconut on her stupid brain.

    4. I wish you should want to get a gf or wife like ridhu 🤣🤣
      Jaab haar din bahuth interesting sae ban jatha yaar. Buddy pls ek Baar soch loo, every day is going to be an interesting day after she enters into your life. 🤣🤣🤣
      GOOD LUCK 😂😂😂

  2. Am starting to hate Ridhima…i wish she could use her head sometimes!!! Even after knowing Vansh didnt kill Ragini still she doeubts & spy on him & to top it all partnering up with Kabir…seriously???? Am sure Anupriya & Kabir did something & Ragini was involved years back & Vansh is trying to get the info from Ragini thats why he didnt kill her all these years!!! Ridhima youll regret once the truth comes out!!!

  3. Every promo of ishq mein marjawan is dream. Even today’s precap will be a dream also.
    Today’s episode is a heart break.
    Kya kar diya bewakoof ne!!!Ay hay!!!!Kya kar diya!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Nerd and stupid Riddhima has no brain to identify the bluff of his ex boyfriend and his mom but has the brain to spoil everything what Vansh does…
    She deserves a slap for her misdeed.

    1. @ tonni what 😮😮😮
      Aap roo rahaehai….. Aap mere ijaathkoo naash kardiyae. Mere frnd hokar isi tharha royithoo kaise… Bolo….. Ham ronae Kae gang Nahi sabko irritate karnae kaa gang hai …..
      Yeah bagvan……….
      Saachi Mae little kid hee hoo

    2. Kabhi kabhi kuch episode dekhne ke baad mujhe lagta hai yaa to khud roo loon,ya to jaa kar writters ko kuch bol doon. Then,finally I blame myself for watching the show on the first place..

  4. Riansh Lover

    Oh no no no….oh god 😧😵..Riddhima…Why do you have to be so stupid..I have full faith in vansh and loads of disappointment for Riddhima…Vansh was not going to kill ragani …Im telling you guys …He might just end up killing Riddhima …😥😫😠

  5. Riddhima did a brave but foolish thing. I am very angry on riddhima😡😡. She never use her brain for good things and yes vansh, she deserves the grave for doing injustice to ur love and for doing such a foolish thing😤😤 . I am really concerned about ragini… kabir must not do anything to her as she is the one who can tell about vansh’s past and reveal kabir and anupriya’s truth

  6. If you see when some one hits Riddhima at her head she thinks vansh has some person for him at vr mansion.why does she don’t get a doubt when she gets a chit from Kabir or how come Kabir easily enters ,is any one helping Kabir,why that doesn’t come in her brain.flaws flaws…

    1. Vernali Mohanty

      Just like Vansh said agar tum itni smart ho ki tumhe yeh pata chal gaya ki Sejal iss ghar main hai Phir yeh kaise pata nahi chala ki Kabir Badrinath banke gussa tha. She is not smart. She is oversmart. She never doubted Kabir. Because she loves him. She doubts Vansh cause she doesn’t love him. That’s it.

  7. Why do i feel the mask person is siya and she isnt handicap after all vansh had told siya to keep watch on her, it isnt angre for sure

    1. @manali
      Yes, I think so too

    2. me too because among family members she is trustful person for Vansh i think. but if it is siya then for bringing Riddhima home for her treatment was Vansh’s plan. because masked person can walk.

    3. But then anupriya should know,that siya is not handicapped….because she’s been with the kids since their childhood..and through kabir she could have told Riddhima

    4. I also agree with you

  8. Ridhimma will never stop this her curiosity, she have stop loving kabir while is she still doubting Vansh? She was the main reason why the man who she thinks was Ragini’s father got killed and now she ll make Kabir kill ragini again. She is always spying and looking for Vansh’s fault. Pls can anyone tell me what the hell happened to Sejal because of Ridhimma’s foolishness? Am beginning to loose my intrest in the movie, ridima is just breaking people’s heart 🙄😟

    1. @fatima
      Currently Segal is hiding her by Kabir and now she will be Rajini too and all this is because of Redhima, but I think there is some relationship between Kabir and Rajini

    2. Exactly foolish girl i am confused how they change their lovers each day

  9. Riddhima is such a foolish gal….she is getting on my nerves…😠😠😠😠😠
    As vansh said she deserve to be in grave..

  10. The way Riddhima spies on Vansh , doubts him and tries to uncover his truth, why oh why doesn’t she ever have even a flicker of doubt on Kabir? There were so many instances where he had done so many stupid things almost giving himself away, but she never ever had the thought to question him.
    Nevertheless, I’m still eager to find out what happens next and what Vansh will exactly do to punish Riddhima. Because even though the makers have portrayed Vansh as a cruel and ruthless guy who doesn’t spare his enemies, he is not someone who would go as far as to murder someone. So I want to see how they’ll make Vansh to punish Riddhima.

    1. Riddhima’s brain never works on Kabir. Why doesn;t she ever think that every time when Anupriya calls someone, Kabir comes in disguise . So there maybe some sort of connection between them. Why she never thought of that?
      The only thing makers will show now is Riddhima somehow will get to know about Kabir or Anupriya’s truth. She’ll cry like an idiot. She’ll cry her heart, lunges , liver, kidneys out.
      Vansh will hate Riddhima and make her life hell with so much hatred.

    2. @Tonni Actually Riddhima’s brain works but only at the wrong places, which is worse than not working. 😂

  11. It’s time for laughter Ridhima saved Ragini from Vansh and ends up giving her a free and direct ticket to heaven.
    Why her brain always works super reactive when she wanted to spoil Vansh. And become super insensitive when it comes to Kabir. Does her brain was for a vacation in Goa?🤔🙄
    Vansh is also blameworthy worthy of why does he make these much dramas before Ridhima. He was sure that Ridhima will spy on him. He should be quiet before Ridhima and wants to stay as before. Now he ruined his own mission.

    1. yes exactly why vansh told Riddhima about what will happen this day and specialy the time. in my opinion Riddhima did this because Vansh’s word and behavior was like he is going to kill Ragini (i know it is misundrstanding and if she doubt vansh she should doubt kabir also because how he came to mansion and send that note to her) but Vansh can’t guarantee that Riddhima will stop her spying when he frighten her so why he told her like that.(does he have any plan and it was part of his plan ?)

  12. Ithink vanch does not trust Anupria because he did not tell her that Ragini is alive and does not know any secrets. So it is clear that vanch knows many facts about his family and I also think that the invisible person is Sia

  13. I’ll stop watching this serial

  14. It’s because vansh loves her too much that why she’s misbehaving, vansh just can’t help seeing her in danger but in her own case she decides to spy and doubt vansh and help his enemy.

  15. Seriously disappointed with the episode. I thought it was Vansh that could have won. I mean he was running when Riddhima was still at home so it doesn’t make sense and she really needs to stop helping Kabir. Once she finds out that Ragini is in more danger with Kabir then she will realise she choose to help the wrong person. Let’s see hopefully by Diwali storyline will get better

  16. Chicken brain riddhima.

  17. Vansh had a narcissistic personality disorder. Great story which shows how such people act in familie and work…

  18. I too hate riddhima today….. I think makers will not disclose ragini truth before ep 120….. hate this stupidity of riddhima….

  19. Damn it is just series why are you angry and I think it is exciting and fun series and I enjoy every day and I don’t piss about it but a series say drama people who have stress about this series

  20. I think the precap is also a dream

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