Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 13: Riddhima’s upset.

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The episode starts as……

Riddhima goes to check the switch board. It’s all dark, when suddenly someone comes from behind and keeps hand on her shoulder. She says, “Sejal?” and turns back. She gets scared and hits her back to the wall. She blinked her eyes and what she saw had disappeared. She recalls seeing a very strange and scary mask. She runs to the living and finds no one there. She wonders if everyone has gone out. She goes to the door and tries to open it and later realises somebody locked the door from outside. She’s really scared. Suddenly strange voices start echoing in the room. She doesn’t understand where they originated from. She goes to search for a candle but doesn’t find any. She enters her room to search for candles and she finds a small candle kept on her bed. She doesn’t think and picks it up and comes back to the living room. She finds a gift box kept at the centre table. She talks to herself, “It wasn’t here all this while. I just took a minute to come here. How come this appeared so fast?” She comes near the gift box and opens it. She finds a note inside which says, ‘You shouldn’t have done that but now since you did, you are gonna go far away………….’ Riddhima goes into thinking and wonders what she shouldn’t have done. ‘Opened the gift box?’ Then suddenly she hears the sound of a glass falling near the dining table. She sights there and sees a person standing. The person’s back is facing her. She goes near and says(in a hesitant tone), “Vansh!” The person turns but there’s no face, it’s just a black mask. Riddhima is shocked. She runs near the door and tries to open it. She finds the person coming near her, she tries to avoid it by going further away. She starts shivering. She gets jitters all over her body. As she’s trying to run away, she throws objects over that person to keep the person at a distance and during this accidentally, her foot hits the table and she bangs her head to the wall. Her foot gets sprained and her head starts to bleed. But neither does she feel that pain in front of the fear that’s standing and nor can anyone else see it due to darkness. She’s standing near the window when she feels something tied to her waist, she looks at it and wonders if nobody is near her how come a rope got tied? She keeps her hands on the table for support. When she lifts them up; she feels blood over her palms. She’s terrified. She screams, “Vansh!!! Aryan!! Sejal!! Ishani!!. Please help me.” But to no avail. The person with the black mask comes near her. She breaks down and falls on his feet crying. And then suddenly the lights are switched on, everybody come out and say, “Surprise!” Aryan comes ahead and says, “It was a prank. The person with the black mask is Kabir. See.” Riddhima notices Kabir removing the mask. She’s shocked. Angre says, “You were sleepy, right? So this idea was given by Sejal of how to remove your sleep.” Riddhima looks at Sejal. Sejal says, “I know it was cool. So now since your sleep is gone, can we watch a movie?” Riddhima is shocked as none of them had any guilt regardless of what they had done to her but instead are smiling. She goes to her room and bangs the door. Everybody run to the door and ask, “Riddhima, are you okay?” They have no response. Riddhima cries bitterly in her room for all the incidents that took place with her a while ago. She lies in bed and finds the teddy which Aryan gave her a few days back. She holds the teddy and cries to sleep. Everybody outside is worried for her. Sejal says, “I guess she’s really sleepy and cannot avoid it. And so she’s not going to come out. We’ll watch it some other day.” But Vansh and Aryan aren’t satisfied with Sejal’s explanation. Everybody leaves the house and goes back to their respective houses and sleep.

Next morning at 09:00 am,

Sejal wakes up and goes to call Riddhima for breakfast. But Riddhima isn’t in her room. She wonders where she’s gone at this hour. She calls Vansh and Aryan to know if she is with them but they too don’t know. Vansh and Aryan are worried for Riddhima and recall the incidents that took place with her.

After an hour,

Everybody gathers at Sejal’s house. Vansh asks, “Did you come to know where Riddhima is?” Sejal disagrees and says, “Her phone is also switched off.” Aryan says, “Since I know Riddhima, she has never kept her phone switched off unless she’s completely upset. And I feel she’s upset because of yesterday.” Vansh says, “I too agree with you.” Sia says, “Why are we standing here and discussing? Let’s go and search her.” Everybody leaves. Vansh and Aryan go together. Ishani and Sejal go together while Kabir, Sia and Angre go together. They keep going at all places they thought Riddhima could be but she wasn’t. After a long search they come back disappointed but are surprised to see Riddhima alone at home. Aryan and Sejal run to Riddhima and hug her but she doesn’t react. Vansh asks, “Where were you since morning? We tried calling you also but you didn’t bother to answer. Your phone was switched off.” Riddhima answers, “Since morning I was with Rishi and if my phone was switched off how could I answer calls? Just think about it and for now let me go.” Riddhima leaves. Vansh follows her till outside. He stops her and asks her the reason for her anger. Riddhima asks him if it even matters to him or them if she’s present or not. Vansh asks, “what do you mean?” Riddhima says, “As if you don’t know. But now I need to go now.” Vansh asks, “With whom are you going and where?” Riddhima says, “I am going out with Rishi. That’s enough for you to know and inform the rest. Where to go, that I will decide on my way and what time I will return, that’s on my mood. Now let me go.” Before Vansh could ask anything further, Riddhima sits in the car and leaves. Vansh comes back to everyone and finds everyone upset. He tells them what Riddhima had told him. Ishani asks, “Who’s Rishi? Riddhima said that since morning she was with him.” Aryan says, “I don’t know. Sejal do you know? You and Riddhima are childhood friends.” Sejal is still and doesn’t respond. Aryan asks again. Sejal gets normal and is upset. Vansh asks, “What happened that after hearing Rishi’s name you got into thinking and so scared?” Sejal says, “Rishi…….. He was with us in the orphanage. He and Riddhima used to fight like cats and dogs. They hated each other until one day, Riddhima was really upset and crying to death. That time I couldn’t be next to her since I had no idea about what’s going on in her head and I had other work. That day Rishi was the one who consoled her. He was there by her side all night, they forgave each other that day, and became friends. He went out of Mumbai 4 years back and Riddhima had no connection with him all these years.” Vansh asks, “What was the reason for crying?” Sejal says, “Back in the orphanage, we were 8 years when something happened to her. But Riddhima never spoke to me about that incident and she didn’t tell me the reason for crying also. She asked me to forget it and move on.”

At the beach,

Riddhima is sitting on the beach and crying. Rishi comes from behind and gets two ice-creams, one for her, second for him. He asks her to have it but she refuses. He insists so she agrees. Even while having the ice-cream, she’s crying. She says, “How could they do that? I never told them anything about that day. Even Sejal doesn’t know anything about it. It was only between you and me.” Rishi says, “Riddhima, it was unintentional. They had no idea that you’d get so scared. If even they could have the slightest clue, they wouldn’t have done that. Don’t overthink and overreact.” Riddhima (crying but in an angry tone) says, “Now, even you think I am overthinking and overreacting. I didn’t expect you to say that. After knowing all what happened that time. You knew my condition. And yet you say I am overreacting. Seriously Rishi? You know what? Even you go, let me just stay alone. I don’t want anyone by my side.” Rishi says, “I am sorry Riddhima. I didn’t mean to hurt you but please don’t cry. I can understand your pain. I know what all you have gone through after that.” Riddhima keeps her head on his shoulder and continues crying. He tries to pacify her. She says, “Luckily, I met you today. Otherwise again I would have.” Rishi keeps his finger on her lips and tells her, “Shut up! Stop thinking that now. It’s over. Calm down. I am there with you.” Riddhima says, “Sorry. I won’t think that now. But, I don’t want to go home and see their face. Can we go somewhere else?” Rishi agrees and says, “But now I am really hungry, so can we go and have lunch first.” Riddhima nods and they leave from there and drive to a restaurant.

In the restaurant,

Riddhima is hardly eating anything. She recalls her evening with Vansh and thinks, “My evening was so adorable but my night was equally horrible.” Rishi calls out to her and asks her to have lunch. They complete their lunch and walk out. They reach the parking lot and suddenly Rishi says, “Riddhima, I guess I forgot my phone near the reception, I will get it and come, by the time you sit in the car.” Riddhima agrees. As she’s sitting in the car, she spots Vansh and Aryan outside. She ignores them. Rishi walks towards his car and Aryan notices him. He tells Vansh, “Vansh, see Rishi’s here. If he’s here, Riddhima has to be here.” They follow Rishi which leads them to Riddhima. Rishi opens his car’s door, he gets a touch on his back, it’s Aryan. Vansh opens the door for Riddhima and asks her to come out. Riddhima comes out. Aryan asks her, “Riddhu, what happened? You are ignoring me also. Why? Please tell me. I don’t like when you avoid me.” Riddhima refuses to answer, she looks at Rishi and says, “Can we leave? I don’t want to stay any longer.” But Vansh stops her and says, “Riddhima, what’s wrong? Please tell us atleast. It was just a small prank, you can’t take it seriously.” Riddhima says, “Y’all don’t know what it means to me. I never expected you both to be involved with Sejal’s stupid plan. I trusted you both the most, amongst all. But……… I was wrong to trust y’all. I thought atleast y’all would refuse to be a part of that plan but No, y’all had an equal contribution. So forget it and don’t block our way.” Riddhima leaves with Rishi, this upsets Vansh and Aryan. They come back home and inform others of the same. Sia says, “This means that prank really affected Riddhima, that’s why she isn’t willing to talk to any of us.” Kabir says, “Exactly. It was Sejal’s stupid plan.” Sejal(irritated) says, “Well, let me remind y’all, I didn’t force anyone to join in, I had just given a suggestion and all of you had agreed on first go.” Angre says, “Exactly. It’s our fault as well. We didn’t think about Riddhima even for once.” Suddenly everybody’s attention goes on Vansh and Aryan, who are sitting quietly. Ishani asks, “What happened? Why are y’all so silent?” Aryan says, “Ever since I became friends with Riddhima she has never ignored me. She keeps taunting, troubling, annoying but has never ignored me. It’s for the first time.” Ishani comes next to Aryan holds his hand and says, “I understand. But I think that Riddhima is seriously affected with what happened last night. We didn’t know about it.”

In Little Angels Orphanage,

Riddhima and Rishi reach Little Angels Orphanage, Riddhima comes to her room with Rishi and says, “This is the place where I had lost myself for the first time. I can’t forget that, at all.” Rishi holds her hand and says, “Riddhima, I know. But I don’t want you to stay here and recall all that. So please let’s go. Atleast for me. Walk out. Please!” He holds her hand and gets her out. They drive out far.

Rishi drops Riddhima at home and starts to leave when she says, “Thank you Rishi for being there. Atleast have dinner and go.” Rishi comes out and says, “You don’t need to thank me, you’re my friend and if you say, I will have dinner.” Rishi and Riddhima walk inside. When everybody notices them. Riddhima walks in the kitchen, ignoring everyone else. Aryan goes after her and says, “I am really hungry. Are you going to cook dinner? Please make ‘parathas’.” Riddhima doesn’t look at him but answers, “Yes. For Rishi and me, I will make.” Aryan gets upset on receiving Riddhima’s ignorance and doesn’t disturb her longer. He leaves. After he leaves Riddhima gets upset for being so rude. She cooks dinner for everyone. After it’s done she comes to Rishi and says, “We’ll have dinner in my room.” Sejal says, “Woah! All of us in your room. It would be fun.” Riddhima says, “No! Just Rishi and me.” She takes dinner for the two and gets in her room, followed by Rishi. Aryan gets sad that Riddhima didn’t listen to him. He goes to the kitchen and finds the parathas’ ready. He gets happy seeing them and starts eating without waiting for anyone. Vansh comes there and asks, “You are eating? There Riddhima’s upset and here you? Oh God!” Aryan says, “Taste them. They are made by Riddhima only.” Vansh takes a bite and eventually eats three parathas’. Aryan and Vansh together eat almost everything. After dinner, Rishi leaves from there greeting everyone in the room. Riddhima freshens and goes to sleep without uttering a word to them. Vansh secretly follows Rishi and asks him the reason behind Riddhima’s anger, sadness and ignorance. Rishi refuses to speak but later on Vansh’s insistence, answers. Vansh is sad and regrets for his doings.

Precap: Vansh comes closer to Riddhima and asks, “What’s my fiance making for breakfast?” Riddhima says, “Well…… your fiance is preparing garlic bread for breakfast.”

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